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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast



  • If u think the new Borat was funny then u suck

    weasley potterweasley potter6 timer siden
  • GGG won first, 2nd fight look more like a draw

    colin cahillcolin cahill6 timer siden
  • The claims that this cat is making, yet says. I don't know". WTF???

    Marlon PaganMarlon Pagan6 timer siden
  • 1:18:00 still more intelligent than Jack Ma

    Spam AnshSpam Ansh6 timer siden
  • Tune up ?! No , he has illegal metal implanted in his right hand. He ll be fine

    dale tradedale trade6 timer siden
  • What do they mean with "asian"? It is a huge continent. There are all kinds of races in Asia. White and black people too.

    Per RoPer Ro6 timer siden
  • Nobody should let CCP people in.

    dee duhhdee duhh6 timer siden
  • Borat only goes for easy targets i.e. right-wingers He’s held up to be brave Truth is he only punches down

    Steven TindallSteven Tindall6 timer siden
  • I thought the rave scene was dead in 96

    sheltav64sheltav646 timer siden
  • Olive juice, Joe??? Fuckin gross,man!!!!!!

    wildazcat25wildazcat256 timer siden
  • Joe, please have 1 or both of these guys onnocds.info/border/video/fNSNpaaZp3qge88 The think about loury and McWhorter is they are fuckin ivy league. They are swept under the rug. But these guys are so credentialed but couldn't disagreaa more with the critical race post modern bulshit more.

    Richard TalbotRichard Talbot6 timer siden
  • .. run Forrest ... RUN !

    Peter GrantPeter Grant6 timer siden
  • That Look Tho on Davids Face When Joe Asked" How did he Die"? 😆😂

    Tuffy YakimTuffy Yakim6 timer siden
  • Technically the verse in the Bible says so as it was in the days of noah, so shall it be at the time of the coming of the son of man Jesus christ. They were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage and in the self same day the waters came, the springs of the deep broke open in the heavens were opened and it washed them all the way.

    Big Country Mountain ManBig Country Mountain Man6 timer siden
  • Nothing wrong here with this video. But you better do a piece how MSNBC and Fox News are just as guilty... WTF?

    Marlon PaganMarlon Pagan6 timer siden
  • Abusing ones comfort zone

    Edgar MEdgar M6 timer siden
  • They are not interstellar they are in the sky under the dome and they are not extraterrestrial, you all seem to forget you are in an open prison

    Michael BoyersMichael Boyers6 timer siden
  • This shit warms my heart. Opie and Anthony was such an important show and I have always felt that the framework those guys created together has had a huge influence on what podcasting has become, but it never felt like they got any recognition for that. To now hear rogan, who has the biggest podcast in the world, say this shit is amazing. Whatever you think about opie or Anthony or Jim or the show, or even radio as a medium, there is no doubt that the show those guys put together is a significant part of entertainment and comedy history. I just hope they get the credit they so deeply deserve in a more mainstream way some day.

    PunPun6 timer siden
  • “Joey was translating from Cuban to English.” 😂🤣 18:55

    Ride MTBRide MTB6 timer siden
  • 2 1/2 hours.. 3 gallons of Water and No Piss Break.. Now that's Magic ✨!

    Tuffy YakimTuffy Yakim6 timer siden
  • You couldn't even make the Office today. Nothing is funny anymore. Good job guys

    APlaceToBeWithMyThoughtsAPlaceToBeWithMyThoughts6 timer siden
  • RunJitsu. Growing to love Rogan more and more - such a kind and thoughtful human, making that guy feel better about himself and offering to pick him up too. Legend behaviour

    James DriscollJames Driscoll6 timer siden
  • RIP Tosh. O

    Ryan EmblerRyan Embler6 timer siden
  • Joe you should hire a mic adjuster. That shit would be hilarious

    AirHeathAirHeath6 timer siden
  • Steps of self defense- Walk, Talk, and Toe tag. -walk - walk away, live your life. -talk - if you’re not able to walk away, try reason/lie/whatever to get out of there -toe tag - you gave them every chance. Call your lawyer, don’t talk to the cops.

    Rosscoe MacRosscoe Mac6 timer siden
  • It's gotta be shiny!!!

    Josh SchaufeleJosh Schaufele6 timer siden
  • Superbad is my All-time favorite movie

    Ryan NunnRyan Nunn6 timer siden
  • Anthony cumia is the funniest person you've never heard of

    Daniel ParkerDaniel Parker6 timer siden
  • Cumia is a legend.

    Byron ‘92Byron ‘926 timer siden
  • Watch new episodes of the jre on Spotify...am,,,no one wants to anymore Joe. Uv fucked the show up bro...factz,,,

    stevey Nixonstevey Nixon6 timer siden
  • Writings on the wall bro they even got sleeper agents here

    PanaJack12PanaJack126 timer siden
  • Chooch joe. You were thinking about chooch

    Thomas StoneThomas Stone6 timer siden
  • Me high af realizing joe hasn’t talked in 27 minutes

    cherrypitcherrypit6 timer siden
  • This is what happens when you emphasize emotion and devalue logic.

    Sneering ImperialistSneering Imperialist6 timer siden

    Colin SoderColin Soder6 timer siden
  • world war 3 will be China and whoever is on their side against US and every other nation.

    Thomas KunzThomas Kunz6 timer siden
  • Are you kidding me a comedy like Superbad today would be shot down in a second it would be deemed racist sexist offensive and whatever else the radical left wants to label it. It’s sad really because their ruining everything literally

    Muff LagerMuff Lager6 timer siden
  • Steel sharpens steel

    Jim DugganJim Duggan6 timer siden
  • One of my Top 5 Joe rogan episodes

    Internet JesusInternet Jesus6 timer siden
  • What a squeaky rat So fitting Lmao

    Sam adamsonSam adamson6 timer siden
  • Omg somebody tell Nickelodeon Alex Jones to get a life.

    M LyleM Lyle6 timer siden
  • It's hard to make a comedy when no one has a sense of humor anymore.

    Sneering ImperialistSneering Imperialist6 timer siden
  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that Lightning McQueen blew a 1 lap lead at the Piston Cup and in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and every ones opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

    Psychotic BastardPsychotic Bastard6 timer siden
  • Life lesson #8 When you have to walk in the hood , walk like you are supposed to be in the hood .

    Robert SmithRobert Smith6 timer siden
  • Ironically, talk about whatever you want, but some episodes aren't on spotify.

    franciscomoutinho1franciscomoutinho16 timer siden
  • Alex jone is either stupid or a liar, take your pick...btw tyt is a corporate news platform and are screaming for more censorship. They applauded removing jones

    Rick StevensRick Stevens6 timer siden
  • This video touches a VERY important subject. Men are not represented. We are not allowed. This is sexism.

    Feek AlphabeetFeek Alphabeet6 timer siden
  • AUSTIN!!!!! You guys have the best fricken’ previously chronically homeless community in the world!!!! NOcds “Community First Village” (and “Mobile Loaves & Fishes”). I’m hoping the sh!+ show in California will learn how to remedy the situation via Austin’s Community First model!!!

    Indi GillIndi Gill6 timer siden
  • I might actaully have to pull up spotty-cry to watch this whole thing for once... .............. nah, I change my mind

    calhollicalholli6 timer siden
  • Is it weird i fall asleep listening to this when I can't sleep. Elon is fascinating and makes me sleep lol

    Marc MukeMarc Muke6 timer siden
  • Oh man, first mark has to be his therapist now rogan? List, your a great dood, but Jesus christ

    elel6 timer siden
  • I was view 1 million 😳

    Faysal MohamedFaysal Mohamed6 timer siden
  • why does joey diaz younger animation also look like a young Jeffrey Epstein lol

    sam torrsam torr6 timer siden
  • I'm 32 born and raised in South Austin it's just crazy hearing my city on such a huge platform 😂

    Its Randolph BischhhIts Randolph Bischhh6 timer siden
  • Guys, don’t let this pussy scare you. Just got back from Austin a couple weeks back, 6th street is a blast. Had zero altercations.

    Stanley6.0Stanley6.06 timer siden
  • This makes me think of that zombie movie from a few years ago that turns humans into a fungi or a plant root system. Crazy scary stuff when you think about it.......

    David B. IIIDavid B. III6 timer siden
  • I disagree with the notion that edgy comedy wouldn't be possible today... I constantly see new movies being released that would be considered offensive or reprehensible by various groups. I'm not denying that cancel culture exists, but often it doesn't extend past the article written by a vulturous journalist, resulting in irrelevant people arguing in the comment sections regarding it. The content is still released and the content still sells well.

    Cereal SpillerCereal Spiller6 timer siden
  • this guy seems like the kind of guy who would apologize to his girlfriend after catching her cheating on him.

    MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90MRHappyHappyjoyjoy906 timer siden
  • I think our masculinity is scary to some people because it reminds them that humans have not evolved at all and that this whole fancy society of laws we have built could regress back into a barbaric dark age at the touch of a button. Maybe it's good to be reminded of that so we stay on our toes.

    Stefan MidjichStefan Midjich6 timer siden
  • When you see the old timely photos… things looked so bleak. Yeah, no shit! Lol, all races lives a pretty bleak existence back then😂 Life was _hard_ back in those days

    Dr. BootsDr. Boots6 timer siden
  • Dude. Joe is a phukin komunist

    Vaughn EddyVaughn Eddy6 timer siden
  • Joe List's Another expensive advertisement

    apple sauceapple sauce6 timer siden
  • Agreed, I could careless about the BS politics of the world and our corrupt government. That will never change and we are reminded of it everyday of you watch TV or listen to the news. So with that said, I enjoy these kinds interviews where I learn something and it's worth knowing the topic of discussion. 👍

    David B. IIIDavid B. III6 timer siden
  • Isn't affirmative action fun? Where you're judged not by your credentials but by your skin tone?

    APlaceToBeWithMyThoughtsAPlaceToBeWithMyThoughts6 timer siden
  • The first half was way better when beard guy wasn’t part of the conversation

    lllCloWnBabyllllllCloWnBabylll6 timer siden
  • America is soo racist but it’s only okay if they do it

    Akech TengAkech Teng6 timer siden
  • 🍾🍾🍾 🍾 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 message In a bottle from the land down under Mid North coast.....Hey joe love your work , never been or commented before on anything bro, 46 fem Australia, the next gen put me on to your pod cast again never have I ever. You and some of your peeps, interviews have just got me through one of the hardest hell years my life😜❤️( shot out Jocko , may of crossed passed with a mate of mine since 8 yrs old Flynn Peter snniper, slight stutter fast on his feet 100 m in under 10 sec, now retired wife two children 👍 thanks for being you never doubt how far you words reach) any how I just wanted to say( as often while viewing I'd love to be seated at your table, ) the word your looking for JOE is........... Molly coddle, wicklapidea, or what we call were I'm from( not mec ic O,) breeding pussie ' s . Thanks again to you your work and all the b r I l l a n t people you interview......💌 Mr Diaz Joey, an Theo bro for real🤣 what ever gets you through the night it's all right good old tune..

    Jodie CostelloJodie Costello6 timer siden
  • But would we watch if he wasnt famous for roles like the fat kid from boy meets world , a role he got, im gona assume, cuz they were casting the fat kid? 🤔

    BG L.BG L.6 timer siden
  • I subscribe to Compound Media and watch Ant fairly often but it’s never been the same and I’ve subscribed since day 1 so I was there for Arties meltdown and Dave, who was funny but never really destroyed me. But then he’s had world class guys on there and the formats just not conducive to kill like the old show did (and no, it has nothing to do with Op not being there, I always hated the Opster). Jimmy comes on sometimes but he’s never funny anymore. He used to kill me on the old show with Mr. Paul and such. There was something about not being able to see them that made it better. But back then I always wanted to watch the clips along with them. Funny how that worked. on the radio, they’d have like 5/6 dudes riffing and it would just culminate to one lightning quick response by Ant and I would lose my shit, crying. Ephemeral like lightning. One of the quickest minds in the business when he’s in the right element around the right people. Patrice and Ant could’ve been one of the best comedy duo’s of all time and it woulda happened, no doubt if P didn’t die. So much talent, so much diabetes.

    Phuck CensorshipPhuck Censorship6 timer siden
    • Check out redbar if you like old school O&A

      yodathehutt 1yodathehutt 16 timer siden
  • It's no secret that Asians (South Asians and South East Asians) are far superior academically. It also isn't suprising to hear that western countries are trying their best to stay relevant with these tactics 😂.

    Martin Wang KerrMartin Wang Kerr6 timer siden
  • We have been castrated as white men...or even white wo men ...pathetic...

    John ConnollyJohn Connolly7 timer siden
  • Hmm same shape and look of the UFO as Bob Lazar. And he says that there were three aliens which Bob also states that the UFO only had three tiny seats the size of little kids.

    Shaun BangShaun Bang7 timer siden
  • Redbar

    yodathehutt 1yodathehutt 17 timer siden
  • Haha, getting out in 03 was an excellent decision. 👌

    Luis JRLuis JR7 timer siden
  • Great interview of THE CHAMP

    David JonesDavid Jones7 timer siden
  • The part with both guys wanking Musk is fucking cringe.

    WarLassoWarLasso7 timer siden
  • This would have been 100x better without beard guy

    lllCloWnBabyllllllCloWnBabylll7 timer siden
  • Andrew really knows a lot about the fight game like I can tell he knows what he's talking about when it comes to fighting

    Ricardo MasvidalRicardo Masvidal7 timer siden
  • This dude has no idea what his talking about

    Fernando OrozcoFernando Orozco7 timer siden