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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast



  • If by “cultural shift” you mean “we’re fucked” then yes

    TJ MorrisonTJ Morrison20 timer siden
  • “Oh by chopping our sons balls off” Lmaoooo I fucking died of laughter when Alex said that

    HusseinHussein20 timer siden
  • I would like to see it in Spanish

    Damy HzDamy Hz20 timer siden
  • His Chinese is actually quite good. I must say he almost sounds like a person with that speaks perfect Chinese but with a slight Korean accent

    Jack liuJack liu20 timer siden
  • I have thought myself liberal and leftist my whole life but seeing this kind of mentality, defending everything that your side does, makes me sick. Now the right is thinking "should we inject chemicals into our DNA and our babies dna?". Now I'm thinking am I a conservative?

    Danishta SteeleDanishta Steele20 timer siden
  • A New Acronym: MINOs, monarchs in name only.

    Mel ThompsonMel Thompson20 timer siden
  • Trump sounds like a nice person with common sense and empathy.

    Adam BarbaraAdam Barbara20 timer siden
  • Who is this Joe Further?

    Umbra. XCVIIUmbra. XCVII20 timer siden
  • Joe rogan “ can I get a bottle of Jesus “

    ND ReactsND Reacts20 timer siden
  • Taiwan is a country and Mainland China (remember that term?) should be nuked for leaking the Wuhan Flu...

    Mahmoud ibn EmirMahmoud ibn Emir20 timer siden
  • Joe: Did you read the emails? Tom: Yeah. Joe:Can't believe he said masks don't work and lied about the lab Tom: Whaaaa? Joe later in the conversation: you gotta read these emails Tom: Yeah. You're right

    professional motionprofessional motion20 timer siden
  • 56:00

    ND ReactsND Reacts20 timer siden
  • Woke Hollywood, pausing their Wokeness, for Chinese cash. Hypocrites.

    Marty McKMarty McK20 timer siden
  • LSD was designed by Hoffman using Nikethamide’s diethylamyde addition as a template. Nikethamide was also used by Hitler.

    Tamper TantrumTamper Tantrum20 timer siden
  • As a fan of JRE and a ethnic chinese myself, the ignorance in this video is heartbreaking.

    notionnotion20 timer siden
  • Dangerous times we live in. Such fear he doesnt care of ANY side affects he will take it without any research. This guys a joke

    Justinb JustinbJustinb Justinb20 timer siden
  • China? You mean West Taiwan?

    GoatmanGoatman20 timer siden
  • I want to focus on what Joe is saying but him playing with his hair cracks me up every time I see it.

    Luis ELuis E20 timer siden
  • "Is a leetle bit of a poosh"......hahaha I can listen to him all day.

    jack squatjack squat20 timer siden
  • Lmao that would have been soooo fucking funny if he pulled up in like the dinghy that was for Conors boat! 😂🤣

    Steve McVaySteve McVay20 timer siden
  • Who’s here after Izzy destroyed Marvin for the second time?

    Alexi Mazique-StöcklinAlexi Mazique-Stöcklin20 timer siden
  • 03:11 One day, Joe, in a past not so distant, a guy took a skateboard to the pool… the pool was empty. Someone remember that movie???!

    Louis HartLouis Hart20 timer siden
  • yea but if it was Mike Tyson in his prime . never days

    Gewayne EdwardesGewayne Edwardes20 timer siden
  • The woke movement is a Cult ! It's feed on insanity , manipulation , hate , and negativity ! It all started with good intentions but now corrupted and rotten to the core

    jim vermeerjim vermeer20 timer siden
  • No way I’m signing up To Spotify right now 😂😂😂

    Sonny MartellSonny Martell20 timer siden
  • Stoned is the way the Walk . God gave every herb to eat or smoke ( without tobacco ) .

    jim vermeerjim vermeer20 timer siden
  • The Left is full of sellouts.

    Jerry WhidbyJerry Whidby20 timer siden
  • This proves money is worth nothing.

    Dragan PetrovicDragan Petrovic20 timer siden
  • Cena is apologizing because he is betting against the West. Zero honor, zero loyalty.

    D AD A20 timer siden
  • Meanwhile Joe Exotic is still waiting for his presidential pardon from Trump 😂

    08aoc08aoc20 timer siden
  • well I loved the way he spoke nepali love from Nepal Joe.

    Pawnesh ChaudharyPawnesh Chaudhary20 timer siden
  • oh shit is that the midnight gospel guy???? edit: goddamn it is

    kenken20 timer siden
  • Thank you Bob Lazar Genius I can't get enough!!! George Knapp, Jeremy even Joe Rogan, thank you for getting this out there. There are things we can't explain, that are out there. The conversation has more importance than ever before amongst Heads of States. I think only time stands between what Bob Knew and would have known by now....cause all that matters is the science as the true prize..."Roswell" declassified will help everyone's thoughts and feelings.

    Theatre of Dreams Old TraffordTheatre of Dreams Old Trafford20 timer siden
  • Sounds good buddy but fb is not the one Chosing President it’s the people paying him to make us favor a candidate either he takes the millions or he wil be disappeared swiftly

  • John Cena looks like he's looking more and more like Ernest goes back to school guy lol he's face is melting like Ernest lololol

    Shawn QuesnelShawn Quesnel20 timer siden
  • So usage should be modulated? In the same sense as balance and moderation. The social aspects important too, well said. I've been drinking alone, even possibly b4 covid. It's dangerous man. Thanks for the facts. Love evolutionary stories.

    alextclulzalextclulz20 timer siden

  • 500 mg will put you on another universe... I’ll do 100 mg and find myself questioning my sanity

    Matt SivitsMatt Sivits20 timer siden
  • “Cocaine is a helluva drug...” - Rick James (Chappelle Show)

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B20 timer siden
  • How About we just make the 1% of ppl That own Us disappear split their wealth it be enough to make us all millionaires but then millionaire wouldn’t Have the social status and we’ll spiral out of control Again obviously humans were made to be easily manipulated and this world has a system to benefit those who made the system and if you were in their position most would rig the system to their benefit themselves as well it’s not right but it’s truth

  • Is that the cougar Clorox guy?

    Black Mask News NetworkBlack Mask News Network20 timer siden
  • C'mon folks, it's all about money and nothing else.

    Danich IvanovDanich Ivanov20 timer siden
  • China is the worst country in the world. Ban my comment now

    Satish KhotSatish Khot20 timer siden
  • I could listen to this stuff for days..Then sleep then listen to this stuff for days again

    Melissa WindleMelissa Windle20 timer siden
  • He’s adorable??? you fool!!!!! I lost 3 of my family members to his research and his virus!!!! This man completely covered this up when the truth was being said by the person that should of been saying the truth. Our president and that he did and tech and media called him crazy as we died! Trump told the truth. I know you “he’s adorable and would never do anything “thinking people can’t take truth but it’s clear and confirmed. Trump told truth when you all cried lies!

    The GreatestThe Greatest20 timer siden
  • Logan Paul vs Tyson

    Cliff SauerCliff Sauer21 time siden
  • The guest's wig is soooo distracting.

    sisi21 time siden
  • Joe it's called liberalism it's what you represent have you forgotten your a liberal Joe

    HI- QHI- Q21 time siden
  • Love how liberals will bend over backwards to pardon and give a pass to every clear failure that are facts of their people but will lose their shit when they hear fake news. Zero research. All you hear this fool say is, “I don’t feel he would do this”. Just make the facts speak for himself

    The GreatestThe Greatest21 time siden
  • I like that he pronounces his Gs at the end of words: "livinG."

    crab basketcrab basket21 time siden
  • Starts with kpop sissyfying our men

  • Wait a min you honestly think white people are mostly racist to lower class whites?? According to Trump and most whites the other races on welfare are the problem in this country but rich people that use technically legal tax tricks to avoid paying what We agreed is Reasonable arent a issue its loony socialist that think that right?! plus If wealth is just dependent on right vs wrong choice why isn’t a some what similar amount of each race getting rich?? Or are other races just dumber? And are you guys considering a “non white” person with a successful business that can afford support his family and some luxuries the same as (mostly white) 1% of people that are so rich we can’t comprehend to what level they own lower class they can go multiple generations without making any money and continue live beyond lavish lifestyle and not dent their bank accounts?? Common now??? @jre if I’m missing something I honestly would like to hear it

  • What a great story teller. I’ve watched this like 3 times 😂😂

    DarioxixDarioxix21 time siden
  • Same mass event they are blinding us with now ...they sacrifice our people to create fear and then use it to gain another piece of the comm..i mean control pie. ..when the "reset" happens it will be for them ....not us !!!

    Balls OnyaBalls Onya21 time siden
  • 2:04- 2:08 best part of the whole podcast

    Meagan SeamonMeagan Seamon21 time siden
  • Duncan is the connection between the meme lords and JRE

    jjiiijjjjiiijj21 time siden
  • The parsimonious lunge secondly deserve because waste rahilly change before a legal hovercraft. clammy, nine bird

    Trevor HarperTrevor Harper21 time siden
  • I've never seen Joe play with his hair so much!

    777K777K21 time siden
  • 1666 , interesting some would say sell out k’nt , controlled opposition, satanic ritual muppets , consistent ritual performance off the 666 ,, since beginning of podcasts always , 666 symbolism look at the history of photos then Duncan a treasure! Well b4 #1444 # 1666 etc never mind the 666 symbolism the constant signs , &?allegiance to the Anton levay agenda and oh just happened to be at the black mass parties or Antons private party- parties ..Joe throwing the signs in company .. or just a vile guest there posing with 🤟🤘👌 or coincidence hence the gargoyle troll f’ck s and the flip flop attitude,, $100,000000 + much more , what a great guy ! Disney loves him Disney star, sit coms love him oh news radio , A Comic darling .. such an asset! 🤘👌,, worth every cent ,, AWESOME just a great guy hey enjoy it , sending so much love ❤️ 🥰😘

    John ConnerJohn Conner21 time siden
  • Joe looks high as fuck, and it was a shit show, nothing to do with skill and everything to do with money. A BIG THANK YOU to all the suckers who bought into it.

    Noobface GamezNoobface Gamez21 time siden
  • *The things they have said and realized…but the implications of which...they haven’t.* “We now have the technology to take ET home.” - *_Ben Rich_* *Former Director, Lockheed Skunkworks* In order to take ET home they have to be here already!

    Point ManPoint Man21 time siden
  • Conflict will have if you don't grow equally

    Nicolas sNicolas s21 time siden
  • Hitler has become a bizarre obsession of the last 10 years or so. There isn't any particular reason that modern America should be obsessed with WW2 the way we seem to be.

    BennyOceanBennyOcean21 time siden
  • Russell still shopping at the Plunging neckline store, I see. 🙄

    Benny2ToesBenny2Toes21 time siden
  • I awoke for this here.... 😂...yaaass Joe....yaasss

    Xander OneXander One21 time siden
  • Jeez, it sounds like Tom is being unreasonably dismissive of Joe Rogan's points.

    KylorkKylork21 time siden
  • The fact that Dave went str8 to comedy clubs immediately after his show means he was totally oblivious to how big he was lol...Love it!

    antwan campbellantwan campbell21 time siden
  • No, men are EXACTLY the same as women, it´s a 1:1 comparison, they´re IDENTICAL!! lol (nocds.info/border/video/fZZ8hIt1an6TbNM) Edit: OK, for some reson, this fucking timestamp link doesn´t work. 445 seconds equal 7 minutes and 25 seconds, right? THAT´s the point in the video, I want you to see. But oddly enough, I reached all kinds of different times, 7:12, 6:53, ... when I clicked on my link, just NEVER the 7:25, I really wanted......

    ChanCeNecKChanCeNecK21 time siden
  • Great podcast. It awares you of how many of us are very insecure, and how each of us can choose to cope with it and how. Thanks Joe!

    speedygonzales77speedygonzales7721 time siden
  • ehem manny pacqiauo

    SerpentofLoreSerpentofLore21 time siden
  • “Design is where the left brain and the right brain meet each other.” “Over the last one hundred years in order to avoid being hit by cars, birds are evolving shorter wingspans to improve aerodynamic efficiency.” “In order to avoid detection by RADAR, aircraft fuselage and coatings are constantly evolving.” - *_Kolby Rowe_* *Conceptual Designer, Lockheed Skunkworks* “The most evolved ET’s are those who have direct conscious contact with the Source and do not require craft [of any kind] in order to 'travel'." - *_Emissary for the _ _ _ _ _ _ __*

    The EmissaryThe Emissary21 time siden
  • The illegal client pathogenetically calculate because software singly pinch athwart a wild blinker. tenuous, literate chronometer

    Jayden BellJayden Bell21 time siden
  • They went full Van Damme on this one… I love when joe gets hammered with his friends 😄

    Thomas ZOBRISTThomas ZOBRIST21 time siden
  • This has been going on for a long time. China is buying up housing in america and pushing prices up. (and profiting off it) they are in our universities and medical research -- directing it and making profits off it. People are forced to be spys and some do it willingly ... if you follow some of the DOJ prosecutions in the last 20 years you will see it and it is merely the tip of the iceberg. And now our traitors media is pushing the "asian hate" storyline. Trying to make sure no one calls this out less they be called racist.

    Jane BingleyJane Bingley21 time siden
  • Neil definitely didn’t have friends at school nobody liked a know it all

    David EsquerDavid Esquer21 time siden
  • The song "Round Here" got me through some tuff times - It still up there as one of the best .

    A FezA Fez21 time siden
  • Please check out the RPM ACT!!!!

    jtaheri223jtaheri22321 time siden
  • The CCP is a parasite. We feel like nothing is changing here in America when it really has ever since they helped the democrats steal the election to install CCP sympathizers into power. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

    Kay InMaineKay InMaine21 time siden
  • The president is not the most powerful person in the country

    Bush WackerBush Wacker21 time siden