Colion Noir Tackles Misconceptions About Gun Violence

Taken from JRE #1626 w/Colion Noir:




  • guns kill people people kill people with guns what's so hard to get when you have a gun the chances drop arm everyone case closed

    KRL ProductionsKRL Productions19 timer siden
  • That would be like outlawing sex during the 80's cuz of aids

    ThatOld Guy508ThatOld Guy508Dag siden
  • It concerns me that gun owners actually think they can protect themselves from a tyrannical government with their personal firearms. They should really turn in their guns because they’re not of sound mind.

    maegan lindseymaegan lindsey2 dager siden
  • RAP CULTURE is the #1 Problem with Violence!!!

    jpb1231000jpb12310002 dager siden
  • Saying that gun violence happens because of gang violence then saying it's a result of democratic rule enacting gun control is genuinely the dumbest argument you can make, that's litterally correlation not causation. Saying that democrats voting records on gun control is an ideological issue is also so dumb because imagine taking away partisan assumption/ expectations and just focus on the fact people are being murdered by guns exponentially then see if the republican voting record changes or stays the same. Obviously more GOP would vote if that wasn't so engrained in their party and they weren't worried about towing the party line for votes and reelection

    ChaseChase3 dager siden
  • I think he started to pick up on it towards the end, but he STILL didn't hit it as hard as he should. The big problem is jobs. It's damn near impossible to earn a living wage in America. If you can't earn a living wage, you can't afford college. Businesses want people to have a college degree to look at spreadsheets...for whatever reason. No degree means no job. You are now forced to work a minimum wage job. America refuses to pay a living wage to minimum wage workers. How the hell do you get by? How do you get food? How do you get clothes? How do you get medicine for your sick kid? Crime increases when jobs decrease. Final thought: If you read this and you keep thinking, "Nuh uh, I did it all by myself! If I can do it, anyone can do it," then you lack basic human decency. We are ALL different and have different situations. I can guarantee you didn't do EVERYTHING by yourself. You had help once. Someone watched your kid for free. Someone gave you a ride. Someone paid for your books. You didn't do it ALL by yourself. Guess what? Not everyone gets the help they NEED!

    Bernard BuckholtzBernard Buckholtz4 dager siden
  • Everyone wants less violence. That's why the left sells gun control. They can display virtue and enact more laws and regulations, growing government. They wont tell the public about past policies that had no statistically significant effect on violence. The people committing the crimes aren't going to follow the laws and so it leaves mostly lawful gun owners as the ones who deal with the consequences. The media almost fetishizes gun violence; giving the perpetrator what they want, attention. At the same time, this shows others what they can do to get acknowledged. Lives saved by guns, deaths from suicide, and deaths from gang and drug related violence is also never typically discussed.

    Glennus MaximusGlennus Maximus5 dager siden
  • Interesting how Joe connects not wanting a gun to be idealistic and out of touch with human nature. You could also flip it and say humans are nasty irrationional beings, who cant be trusted to always do the right thing with power, such as guns. Would I want a gun in a Dystopian "every man for himself" society? Yes.

    Bjorn RasmussenBjorn Rasmussen6 dager siden
  • I will agree on this. Democrats talk progressive but act regressive.

    SvvitchSvvitch7 dager siden
  • Democrats are racists.

    Wolf7 ElWolf7 El7 dager siden
  • Except banning guns won't give less violence just shifts it dope

    XxplicitXxplicit8 dager siden
  • One big difference between the modern left and right is that many (definitely not all) center or right wing political figures genuinely stand behind what they say and push for policies that they believe in. On the left however there’s a massive disconnect between the people and politicians that “represent” them. Sure there’s a lot of crooked republicans but many like Trump and Desantis for example, push for what is good for the people and what the people want.

    CTCT8 dager siden
  • Attacks on gun rights, assuming some good faith (as opposed to the obvious benefit to a government tyranny that a disarmed public provides) attempt to fix the problem, gun control is a smokescreen. Its an attempt to address the method, not the reason, for people arriving at a place that they are pushed to committing murder. Again, assuming that the problem isn't so much the "how" as the "why", then more gun control does nothing to address the issue. Its like giving an Advil to someone with terminal cancer, it only helps the symptom, not the root of the disease.

    Dark SaviorDark Savior8 dager siden
  • The only gun control legislation that has been signed in the last 20 years has been signed by republican presidents So there goes this entire argument by these guys.

    MrDewwwwwwwwwwwMrDewwwwwwwwwww9 dager siden
  • Democrats hate it when Black people think for themselves.

    Flyersfan 42Flyersfan 4210 dager siden
  • Finally a conversation without all the woke bs

    Mackenzie BarefootMackenzie Barefoot10 dager siden
  • The CDC keeps track of things that kill people. They track car crashes too.

    Rob FearonRob Fearon10 dager siden
  • Need Nicholas Irving in the studio for 3 hours

    James HeffernanJames Heffernan11 dager siden
  • Colion giving it to Joe straight about gun control. I don’t know why joe doesn’t come out as conservative already.

    Brian CortezBrian Cortez11 dager siden
  • I agree with the majority of what he is saying. What the democrats fail to realize in their push for control is this is far different that 1776 when civilians had modern weapons- again in 1812 in the battle of New Orleans - citizens and privateers had modern weapons and cannons to defend our nation against invaders - and were the most important and intricate part of Andrew Jackson's defense; civilians and pirates. Now modern warfare is so advanced that there is no uprising in the US that the military could not stop in a matter of days. People see the recent riots and think they can overthrow a government 🤣 its really funny. When the real death Squads- CAG, DEVGRU, Rangers, Army of Northern Virginia come then it would take them a few hours to clear the streets. Have any of you seen a B52 arclight strike on a neighborhood that is made of wood SMH - which the majority of America is. AR15s (Which is not a assault rifle) or whatever the citizen owned weapons cannot.and will not compete with the greatest Military ever fielded in battle. Democrats have nothing to fear from guns - unless they just want the criminals armed in these big cities. Which is kinda what it sounds like. In a republic- anything placed on prohibition will only be a come up for criminals and citizens will be helpless and brutalized- basically turning society into a Prison mentality where the most violent survive and thrive. We have become weak - and believe it is impossible for a enemy to come to our home soil because strategically we have always confronted our enemies at their homes - but that may change. Quicker than we think.

    USUS11 dager siden
  • Gang violence vs Mass shootings are two different issues. That’s why at the bare minimum, strict background checks and licensing is needed. It needs to be harder to obtain a gun legally than it currently is.

    livetiloctoberlivetiloctober12 dager siden
  • The podcast tag is wrong, it’s actually #1636.

    Jeremy SchmittJeremy Schmitt12 dager siden
  • Well I’m 29 now who grew up poor, grew up in a terrible neighborhood in central LA, been banged on, been around a lot but I’ve never had a gun, never dropped out, always been in school, never banged or carried nor shot anyone so is it possible to live in a ghetto without wanting to be what you saw or was “only around”?, the world and universe is big. Ive lost everything, ( I didn’t ignored the troubles in my community) but faced the problems and made solutions for them for myself. I’ve seen all types of violence but I’ve made good decisions and tried to make a provision and not a revision because I thought where I grew up can make me, but a provision because I wanted to be better than what I saw. This is for the ppl who generalize ppl who lived in the ghetto. THERES NOTHING KEEPING YOU FROM SUCCEEDING and not all black men are the same. 👍🏾

    Aaron McFlyAaron McFly13 dager siden
  • Look up gun murder rates per 100,000 people for each state. You'll be surprised at what you'll find.

    joe cookjoe cook13 dager siden
  • When crazy person does a "Mass shooting" it's the guns fault... When a cop shoots someone it's the cop's fault...

    John GromskieJohn Gromskie13 dager siden
  • But the thing is, taking away guns still helps for those issues. I come from France where there is quite a strict gun control law. We have ghettos, we have those inner cities where young folks only see drug dealing as an escape. But guess what, most of them don't carry. Because they're not afraid of their competitors coming at them with guns. That's the whole point of gun control. There are still some shootings but waaay less than what you can see in the US gangs and so less death on the streets. Now it doesn't solve all the violence and the poverty issue but it reduces the body count.

    Y KY K13 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan never has any integrity, he always sort of goes with who he's interviewing, Even if his views on the last interview was opposite! ....NO BALLS at all! ...What do people get out of listening to his crap? Can they not notice it? ----- ROGAN FORGETS THAT PEOPLE ARE SPREADING THIS CRAP & CREATING MORE VARIANTS! - IDIOCRACY! UNSUBSCRIBED!

    Crucial SpeaksCrucial Speaks13 dager siden
  • I haven’t listened to Joe since he went to Spotify

    Dan KarpukDan Karpuk13 dager siden
  • Why does europe not have high gun violence? Do they not have drugs in europe?

    Sun SeekerSun Seeker13 dager siden
  • What is the true solution by the republicans? More guns? Guns at schools and arming teachers?

    Mozzy AMozzy A14 dager siden
  • the rare mass shooter??

    rashad aljuniedrashad aljunied14 dager siden
  • OK 1st as someone who has spent the last 40 years working in the government I can tell you the government has always gotten bigger with Republican administrations. 2nd it is an oddity that democrats by an overwhelming majority are more interested in the safety of their kids at school than republicans.

    Blindspot SpotterBlindspot Spotter14 dager siden
  • Colion is so right

    Yeag MartYeag Mart15 dager siden
  • Colion comments were bang on point!

    Matt YMatt Y15 dager siden
  • Love this Podcast! Smart young man💯

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  • Fuck Spotify

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  • We need a gun when the education opportunities aren't there or you can't do them because -od- of the nature of biological variation... how good the movies make them depend on these factors.

    Darren SmithDarren Smith16 dager siden
  • Actually. Guns should be legal. There's no point banning guns. However I think there should be more checks in place and surely you don't need all these SMGs LMGs huge number of rounds etc. Just something to hunt with maybe a pistol and shotgun too. I do think the problems are deeper than just guns themselves. It's a violence problem or a city problem. Or a mental health problems

    Gary The SnailGary The Snail16 dager siden
  • yeah, im not scared of inner city violence cuz I avoid it.

    MoonawrathicMoonawrathic16 dager siden
  • I’m just sad because it’s true.

    DavidDavid16 dager siden
  • The tendency to make a zero sum assessment seems too common especially in this debate. Just because laws are proposed/enacted that wont "solve" a problem, doesn't mean they must have some other nefarious purpose. Speed limit laws didn't "solve" auto accident fatalities, but they play a part in reducing them. Just because some(or even many) will do what they want illegal or not, doesn't mean there's no good that can come of a law. To be clear, I don't stand firmly on one side or the other of the gun control debate. The is too much foolishness I see from some who claim to be firmly on one side or the other. But looking at conditions globally, its hard not to connect in some way the accessibility of firearms with gun violence in this country. And the ONLY way to impact that is with laws(govt). But that wont SOLVE the problem, and cannot be seen as the only/best way to deal with it. There are many other factors and many of those cant/shudnt be solved via laws.

    Capt HappyCapt Happy16 dager siden
  • I think it's less complicated. One side just rallies up the masses against the other. It's an unsaid truth between all parties involved. You say this, I'ma say that...see you at the polls. It's lazy govt. Basically one side just constantly snitching on the other. Believe me...both sides use guns and both sides need guns. Elitist need certain demographics to keep killing themselves and/or filling their private prisons and hospitals. Population control. And constant crisis to platform off of.

    J CastiJ Casti16 dager siden
  • Dictators love gun control

    Hank MoodyHank Moody16 dager siden
  • It’s funny someone mentioned they are trying to cancel joe Rogan right now and I was like oh crap I forgot about joe. So now I’m going to start watching again cause they are trying to cancel him. So what the left is doing now is making people want to watch the things they try and cancel

    David GarciaDavid Garcia17 dager siden
  • “Think COVID, it’s easier to sell it as a public health issue”😂😂 what an idiot. I wonder if he knows the history of the Republican party and the southern strategy

    Jaime JalapenoJaime Jalapeno17 dager siden
  • god bless u for changing the studio! Looks more like the old one... and also keeping the light off behind Joe! I get seizures and had stop watching the tanning bed 🙏🏼😘

    Elizabeth Ashley EverhartElizabeth Ashley Everhart17 dager siden
  • If you can blame guns, you can blame the individual. Then society is off the hook and you don't have to change it. If you blame society, people at the top might lose money, so that isn't allowed. Don't blame the social systems that throw people into poverty, violence, and mental illness and encourage violence as a way to make a living. There are no problems with society! Let's just blame guns.

    Dingfelder SmurfalotDingfelder Smurfalot17 dager siden
  • Good to hear someone talking sensible

    Kevin KingsleyKevin Kingsley17 dager siden

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  • I am sorry but I am not going to get my info from a guy who that "bore axis" was "bore access".

    Carter SCarter S17 dager siden
  • Imagine thinking that being only better then a few gang ridden poverty stricken countries is something to be proud of. You are highest by a mile out of any developed nation

    jamiejoshjamiejosh17 dager siden
  • The way I see it, if everyone is strapped then no one would dare do something that stupid, and the most insane people would be stopped before being able to kill too many people.

    Gewish WormGewish Worm17 dager siden
  • I have Spotify but I have it for music. Spotify's video presentation and clips are not seamless so I never f****** use it

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  • #BOOM!! Well said "Colion Noir"!! When Joe Rogan said, I think it's that they want less violence, you came back and said "I think the people who vote Democrat, believe that..... I think the people in power, have a "different agenda"..... IF THE WORLD COULD JUST COME TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONE SINGLE CAVEAT OF #TRUTH........ The Democratic party would be completely wiped of its current TOXIC leaders, and replaced with truer leaders that reflects the voice of the people.... I am STUNNED as to the blindness so easily seen within the corruption of the Liberal movement right now... Let's go look up the term "Liberalism" and then take a litmus test... IS the party of today, even within the same galaxy of this definition!? The answer, should be the FIRST CLUE!! And, before someone thinks I'm just brow-beating the Liberal Party, let me say this.... The Conservative party is more divided than ever! We have some of the most corrupt leaders ever! The Mitt Romneys, Liz Cheney, Marco Rubio, and Mitch McConnell, etc - Trump didn't win because "he" brought about the values needing changed. The stench of politicians in general is what gave rise to a Trump-like movement!

    Chris BanzetChris Banzet17 dager siden
  • Why doesn’t the ATF arrest underage drinkers and stuff why do we have a control board also ?

    Bud GibsonBud Gibson18 dager siden
  • Let’s bring up some stats

    Slippery GypsySlippery Gypsy18 dager siden
  • Come back to you NOcds Joe

    Dangerous FreedomDangerous Freedom18 dager siden
  • Legalize drugs and let the atf tax the suppliers and tax the dealers if they make it legal and tax it at every transaction it will end the majority of the crime and violence in the inner cities

    joewaynejoewayne18 dager siden
  • This Man Is On Point.

    jared seelsjared seels18 dager siden
  • Love the new studio. That red thing you had previously just hurt my eyes which made me watch something else.

    Allen WatsonAllen Watson18 dager siden
  • If we took black people's guns away, gun violence would all but disappear. Really what we need is sensible black people control.

    James MatthewJames Matthew18 dager siden
  • Hey Joe, when are you bringing Ryan Long on the show?

    B0hd1B0hd118 dager siden
  • Gun violence is a public health issue. Perpetrators and likely mentally ill, and victims are going to have loads of health issues. Maybe we should be concerned about the 80+ million people in this country that don't have access to mental health care and are lacking adequate health insurance.

    Timmeh1kTimmeh1k18 dager siden
  • Congress should be made up of gentleman like this! If our politicians and people in power had the sense that this guy has then our government would be trustworthy and our country would be a much better place!

    Todd MilesTodd Miles18 dager siden
  • This dude said nothing and proposed zero solutions.

    RankorsandwhichRankorsandwhich18 dager siden
  • conservatives: dems are going to enact gun control. Also conservatives: Trump enacted more gun control in 1 year than obama did in 8, but we don't need to talk about that. lul

    Ryan KrauseRyan Krause18 dager siden
  • I like how Colion Noir explains issues with simplicity.

    HankHank18 dager siden
  • preach

    AkioAkio18 dager siden
  • Let’s be honest here. Democrats as voters want to help people. The politicians sell that so they can take guns so they can expand their power with no fear of opposition. Democrat politicians have perfected the art of manipulating the feelings of their voter base. None of it is based in facts. It’s all emotional manipulation. Using the good intentions of people against them. Happens all the time in other countries. They don’t want to solve any problems. They rely on these issues to get votes. If they solved the problems they campaign on then no one would vote for them.

    KateLady13KateLady1319 dager siden
  • Damn he articulated this so well. This needs to be heard by far more. Great intelligent insight. 👏

    JonJon19 dager siden
    • He really didn't. Plenty of cities in europe have drug problems but they aren't shooting each other. Why's that? Cos they don't have access to guns.

      Sun SeekerSun Seeker13 dager siden

    Swag on 1000 JamesonSwag on 1000 Jameson19 dager siden
  • If we really want to be honest, the ATF has become nothing but a bloated bureaucracy. The original intent of the ATF was technically to be tax collectors, not an all-out LEO arm of the democrat party.

    Nitro JunkieNitro Junkie19 dager siden

    Hanna ColemanHanna Coleman19 dager siden
  • This guy lost me when he said democrats just want to keep the citizens unarmed, and neglecting the fact that the republicans don't care who has guns, sensible people are in the middle and recognize the solution contains elements of both.

    DENNIS vanDENNIS van19 dager siden
  • I grew up in a bad neighborhood carried a hand gun at 15 16 just to protect myself

    Adam FitzpatrickAdam Fitzpatrick19 dager siden
  • The Democrat philosophy is of dependence. They do not want self reliant, independent people, they despise autonomy. Literally everything they propose increases dependency in some manner.

    Jeremy TeglandJeremy Tegland20 dager siden
  • statistical murder rate vs gun control vs cities where no crazy suicidal people can easily buy heavy weaponry like australia and europe

    Dan MDan M20 dager siden
  • Thank you for always wearing a different hat

    MarcoMarco20 dager siden
  • This dude is speaking facts fr💯

    M_357 RexM_357 Rex20 dager siden
  • The fact that Joe is a Dem shows he's so conflicted to be cool. There is no excuse at this point. You just look like a pawn at this point.

    Justin WeeterJustin Weeter20 dager siden
  • We should all know by now that this is the case now let's stop talking about it and do something

    allisontpowellallisontpowell20 dager siden
  • LAST 🤬💩

    Scott SimonScott Simon20 dager siden
  • Joe stop talking, the left wing radicals aren’t out here looking to help. The want to take everything away so they control everything in our lives.

    Daniel SmithDaniel Smith20 dager siden
  • I think people who want gun control, look to other democratic, allied countries, that excel in this measure and succeed in it think 'why are we not following in this example'. The US is the only 'first world' democratic country of the allies that fails on this issue!!

    Silverbullet96Silverbullet9620 dager siden
  • This guy talks so much sense

    Rohan MageeRohan Magee20 dager siden
  • Also, republicans actively work against most government agencies from within to make them less effective, like the post office because they are paid by lobbyists from UPS and Fedex to try and privatize them and that has led to massive over incarceration for non violent offenders by lobbyists for for profit prison industrial complex. The republicans have no platform other than tax cuts because they are paid to get all the tax dollars we pay into the pockets of one or another corporation to ruin said system like the failure of charter schools that rather than educate students the close down keep the profits and move a cite over. there are a few exeptions but if the public educational system was fair and not based on property taxes like the schools in Sweden and Finland where all schools are funded the same you get a far better outcome.

    Wolfgang ShaferWolfgang Shafer20 dager siden
  • Those cities are near states that have no gun laws. so the laws that regulate those cities don't mean shit when you can drive 20 mins out of town and avoid them by crossing a state line. Also the inequality that currently exists further exaserbates the poverty rate and most people who live in the areas that get the least social service assistance are mostly colored parts of the cities. Look at the locations that have the most gun violence and then see how close they are to state lines where gun laws are lax at best, it's all theer

    Wolfgang ShaferWolfgang Shafer20 dager siden
  • Woah they got rid of the whale colon?

    Jesse H.Jesse H.20 dager siden
  • Gun violence in Urban areas is always higher (period). North Dallas area has shootings almost daily... South Dallas also has shooting, but mostly on the weekends.

    Alexander RAlexander R20 dager siden
  • I love how this comment section could be the definition of brain damage. "KKonaClap, yeehaw! I ain't no need no gawd daymn cricticle thinkin!"

    Greg SomlaiGreg Somlai20 dager siden
  • "Ineptitude" is the achilles head of humans.

    spunkitydodaspunkitydoda20 dager siden
  • This guy is very smart I would hope what they can meet him

    Jon FriedJon Fried20 dager siden
  • It should go without saying that gun nuts are the last people you should take seriously in a discussion about gun violence. The numbers simply don't lie. If you give people easier means to kill each other, they're going to kill each other more often. It's as simple as that. This guy thinks society must first abolish all kinds of human conflict before we can start a discussion about guns, which of course will never happen. Pathetic. Pure whataboutism. I don't understand why Joe Rogan keeps inviting people who are so obviously either paid by special interests or so overly political that you just know they will never admit to being wrong if they found out they actually were. What does this guy even do in life besides shilling gun ownership and constant mental gymnastics?

    Takkie JakkieTakkie Jakkie21 dag siden
  • Americas media a got to be invastigated for all of the nonsense they spread. The issues they push are only by the minority and payed actors. Spreading hate and delusion. The real threat is the mainstream media

    Me myself And IMe myself And I21 dag siden
  • It’s funny, Joe rogan goes on about how leftist are more prevalent in the mindset that they put there issues and concerns on realist happenings on life. Personally I think that is a bunch of shit. The majority of people who have been through real life situations and who have been through the struggle are more right leaning because they have been molded into a stronger person then they were before. Leftist are either house bound or sorry to say “Drug fucked” as there minds are not in a realist state. They are easily manipulated by the mainstream media and have no realistic solutions to 1st world problems. You can evaluate all of this in the recent election. I think it is utterly retarded the way the left and again drug fucked and houseed there whole life.

    Me myself And IMe myself And I21 dag siden
  • Protect guns not politicians that have violated their oath of office that is a sign I'd like to see displayed .....

    Ray MclaughlinRay Mclaughlin21 dag siden
  • Joe Rogan sold out, fuck Spotify

    Ancient ChiAncient Chi21 dag siden
  • This is not a smart man

    MrHamtitsMrHamtits21 dag siden
  • This guy gets paid well by the NRA

    InternetGuyInternetGuy21 dag siden
    • He actually isn't anymore and he's stated he's not a fan of them anymore.

      DaveDahuhDaveDahuh9 timer siden
  • This is spot on.

    Derek RaymentDerek Rayment21 dag siden