Daniel Cormier Calling Out Jake Paul

Taken from JRE #1642 w/Andrew Santino:




  • Hahaha i love Joe Rogan, in a very confident voice he goes "So here's what happened dude" then he goes "btw I don't know it that's true, check it out" 😀😀😀

    otuzdortistanbulotuzdortistanbulDag siden
  • "My friend is very smart" Well that checks out then

    Mikey DMikey D3 dager siden
  • *Notice Danial Cormier's aggression, the threatening demeanor, his lack of conscious, the lack of respect for other people's boundaries, his fake laugh to mask real anger. His manipulative behavior over fans. He knows how to turn on the charm when he needs to but he can't always contain his sociopath traits and behavior that are always pushing him to be let out. These are clear signs that Daniel Cormier is a sociopath.*

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams3 dager siden
    • What he said.

      James LoucksJames LoucksDag siden
    • Take your meds

      Insert unoriginal name hereInsert unoriginal name hereDag siden
  • Jake Paul is gonna put his life and health at risk every chance he get for a dollar. An whats the purpose if he cant count his 💰 he gets hurt, if not worse. An i promise after Mayweather beat up his brother for trolling first !He'll think twice!

    Carl C'QCarl C'Q4 dager siden
  • phenomenal podcast

    Michael Maher ShowMichael Maher Show5 dager siden
  • “A lot of people will give their money to see someone shut your mouth” - pro wrestling legend Gorgeous George giving advice to a young Muhammad Ali on how to sell a fight

    big boss bob rossbig boss bob ross6 dager siden
  • "my friend is very smart" I've seen ur friends, I doubt it.

    Flex RumblecrunchFlex Rumblecrunch6 dager siden
  • Joe realize it’s all about money because he is also all about money.... Spotify

    Noob saibotNoob saibot7 dager siden
  • Joe is such a meat head he doesn’t even realize that his two interviews with Tyson alone, especially his last one. Sold that Fucken fight like MAD.. TRILLER... OWES JOE SOME CASH YO

    Adam WeidlAdam Weidl7 dager siden
  • yeah, he's making money off of you Joe, just by talking about him in your podcast. your'e giving him the attention he wants.

    OrcasOrcas7 dager siden
  • @Eagle Lewis was in the 86 Olympics and that’s the year Tyson became the youngest heavyweight ever. Lol I was alive as child watching most of Tyso’s fight. There was no Lewis until the 90’s post prime Tyson. Lol you must be young.

    adrien2323adrien23237 dager siden
  • Ghu.. ghu. gha.. gha..🙉

    dex räikkönendex räikkönen8 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan should fight jake Paul he would destroy jake

    Bradley BleecherBradley Bleecher8 dager siden
  • Hold on. The set up?? Love it

    pomat22pomat228 dager siden
  • I can’t stand when someone says someone is so good at pissing people off, as if it is an art form. It’s not hard to be an asshole

  • If he invites Khabib and DC i will install spotify otherwise never.

    Siraj ShahSiraj Shah9 dager siden
  • cormier should come on the podcast with khabib

    T GT G9 dager siden
  • Jake Paul wins Cormier

    Maintenance ManagerMaintenance Manager9 dager siden
  • Jake paul is like Neo. Neo Hitler

    Jeremy KurtJeremy Kurt9 dager siden
  • Jake Paul Vs. Tyson July 4th 2021

    David LindleyDavid Lindley9 dager siden
  • Thank fucking God you found your way out of Hell. This room is definitely better🤣

    EitherStonedorDrunkEitherStonedorDrunk9 dager siden
  • You must interview this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd who can talk about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab. open.spotify.com/episode/3K59YNpZZZ5azVJ6ifQs6d?si=x_pPACD_Q2Oc9VEoSbOGyg

    Chilly WizardChilly Wizard9 dager siden
  • Joe rogan vs jake paul that a good one

  • Joe you are 🔥

    V BV B9 dager siden
  • i believe jake paul made 1.5 million i thought it would of been way more.

    travis reitantravis reitan10 dager siden
    • 1.5million customers not $ It's 1.5 million x $50 or what ever the cost was

      Matthew MMatthew M4 dager siden
  • I hope he gets someone who has at least SOME boxing skills next time

    AXDL44AXDL4410 dager siden
  • Love the backdrop now it's awesome 👌🔥

    Chad MaskellChad Maskell10 dager siden
  • Maybe they didn't do Mike Tyson justice, whatever the circumstances Mike and Roy both put up a pitiful fight that night. They were literally hugging each other most of the time. It was a better fight then Jake's by a loooooooong shot, but still it was pretty terrible. This company is getting a lot of money out of getting big names alone but they're wasting everybody's money and time. Like Dustin Vs Connor was legitimately enjoyable and it was talented and the right guy won the fight, that's a fight you pay for. Jake's fight with Ben was some-what staged at least. They told that referee to be real stupid that night. I bet they told him the second Ben goes down you call the fight. Dustin and Conner are featherweights and they put on a WAYY better show. There are big dudes in MMA who don't get much big media attention who are doing way more awesome s***. I get that boxing is different but Suger Ray from the 30s was way more talented at boxing, like my god dude. If this fight really was one of the highest-paid fights in history I give up on thinking highly of the majority of the general human intelligence of the population. I mean, I should have gave up on that when our President told people to go vandalize his yard. But here I am still thinkin y'all are better than this hell. I must be stupid for ever thinkin highly of professionals. There's no such thing as a professional I guess. The thing that really kills me is that the sport's funding is reliant on views from an idiotic and helpless society. So no fighter can just only focus on his opponent and just improving themselves while the actual fight is happening, cuz the audience isn't respectful or educated enough to care about any of that so business people come in and say you can't do it the right way cuz it's not going to make them so much money. A lot of MMA fighters (not all of the my any means) have to be caught up in this illusion that they play to their audience. Yeah they can still be outstanding sometimes. But if everybody was allowed to buckle down Focus and still get the funding and just put on the show we would be seeing so much more talent and violence. Like the cuz the Japanese audiences is so respectful the Japanese Legend Tiger Mask does way more entertaining wrestling than anybody in the WWE. That's backed by Stone Cold Steve Austin's statement about the audience in Japan in his interview on Hot Ones. I getting really sick of amateur trolls with too much money making the future of the sport into staged fights with all bark and no bite man. It's shameful to the intelligence of the human race honestly it's an offense to the intelligence of the human race. Anybody who paid for that Jake vs. Ben fight should have the right to sue him for not delivering what they were promised. That wasn't a fight, they lied about what they were marketing. It doesn't matter, if the fight doesn't live up to actually being a fight it's not a fight, you ripped people off. BIG TIME. I understand how some people can be like, "if the kid wants to get knocked out and try to prove himself left him do it". But the thing is that he's not even trying. He's manipulating the audience of the sport and the respect of the sport and the kid is straight-up delusional. You know he has serious problems when he's bawling like a baby after a fight that wasn't even a hard-fought fight. He was just crying cuz he's mad in love with himself. Like if I use my brain and my eyes and put 2-&-2-together yeah, I actually believe the accusations against him for 2 reasons. The girl seemed *so* uneducated she probably couldn't fabricate a story like that and Jake comes off like a guy who throws a hissy fit behind closed doors when he doesn't get his way. That's why Floyd Mayweather called her a kid, anybody with that brain can see that she's inexperienced AF on life in general. Jake totally took that and she was likely too scared to bite the thing off and y'all Jake Paul Stans are going out of your way to further try to abused a kid's mental state.

    天Giygas64天天Giygas64天10 dager siden
  • Joe "-and my friend's very smart" Rogan

    Al IAl I10 dager siden
  • DC falling for Jake Paul’s bait was hilarious.

    Pro Fights InfoPro Fights Info10 dager siden
  • Canelo is filthy rich, Mayweather!! in the Power 105.1 Soulja Boy voice. lol

    Frank BellFrank Bell10 dager siden
  • Jake Pauls ppv is half the price of the UFC’s.

    sonnyblack0870sonnyblack087010 dager siden
    • @sonnyblack0870 1,500,000 x $30

      Matthew MMatthew M4 dager siden
    • @Matthew M $29.99

      sonnyblack0870sonnyblack08704 dager siden
    • How much

      Matthew MMatthew M4 dager siden
  • As my man youngrippa59 says “monetize your haters”, Jake Paul has learned this lesson well. More hate, more coin for him.

    Ian LassitterIan Lassitter10 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan logic if he lying why didn't he say 2 million lol

    banned for nothingbanned for nothing10 dager siden
  • Did Joe change his studios again? I"m glad he did cause the new one at his new place (after the move to Texas) was way too dark!!

    Marky MarcMarky Marc10 dager siden
  • The whole event streamed free on NOcds... no one bought 1.5 mill......

    Jarod LeightonJarod Leighton10 dager siden
  • Dumb teen idols need to be outlawed.

    Alex MacdonaldAlex Macdonald10 dager siden
  • Of course Dana will not admit that payperviews for Askren vs Paul were bigger from his show were there were 3 championship fights or two. Even if it is true. He has 100 million followers on youtube. That's a lot . Why not 1.5 million payperviews than? I don't like the guy but he is good in making money . Gotta give it to him. Uses his popularity.

    Piotr WolskiPiotr Wolski10 dager siden
  • Spotify is Lame

    Nick nack patty wack showNick nack patty wack show10 dager siden
  • MMA Fans and Boxing fans get the trash superstars they deserve. All they have to do is ignore these guys. Rogan is s sock jock too. He pumps this mess more than anybody.

    Nick SanfordNick Sanford10 dager siden
  • How is spotify working for joe ? He's getting more views on NOcds for clips !!!!!

    APM MAPM M10 dager siden
  • Spotify is currently not available in your country.

    Kedir YebreKedir Yebre11 dager siden
  • Daniel needs to call out his personal trainer.

    FigBat DiggerNickFigBat DiggerNick11 dager siden
  • UFC bearly entertaining anymore fuck I look like paying for a NOcds guy. Shit I didn't even pay for that Mayweather vs McGregor fight. People are sheep smh

    Lance Speaks-MundyLance Speaks-Mundy11 dager siden
  • It's all staged man.... likely DC is already in talks to do a fight with him. DC wants to get paid too.

    Vale TudoVale Tudo11 dager siden
  • I feel like joe Rogan is interviewing joe rogan 😂

    B KB K11 dager siden
  • Oooooooh Jake Paul whooaaah. Keep my name out. of your thin mouth.

    Eric FletcherEric Fletcher11 dager siden
  • Jake paul's career needs to end, so tired of seeing him.

    ff11 dager siden
    • I like how nobody gives a f to verified user *mission accomplished: bully a verified channel*

      Sahel AmiriSahel Amiri10 dager siden
  • Paul doesn't want to fight a fighter or box a boxer. No one currently active anyway

    askani79705askani7970511 dager siden
  • Bring on the Paul brothers

    M GM G11 dager siden
  • Did joe get a new studio?

    Jacob LascJacob Lasc11 dager siden
  • What is your thoughts on Predictmedix pmed.cn or pmedf a Covid-19 and Drug impairment screening A.I. Technology that was used in Tampa at the Super Bowl.

    Viper69 Viper69Viper69 Viper6911 dager siden
  • Isn't Santino the guy lied about how he got Covid to keep a "moral" highground?

    Andrew BishopAndrew Bishop11 dager siden
  • Yikes is right completely contradicting Dana White…. Maybe Joe Rogan is trying to get in on there scam….I mean show

    Always a Good laughAlways a Good laugh11 dager siden
  • Joes a sellout . Hard to watch after his bold face lies. Lost a lot of respect for him as a man.

    David DrechselDavid Drechsel11 dager siden
  • Jake Paul really out of the line.. DC would literally KILL this kid.. DC isn't a WWE wrestler.. WTF is JAKE PAUL THINKING

    Matt CMatt C11 dager siden
  • I could have sworn triller has been around for a while tho

    The Only OctoberThe Only October11 dager siden
  • Pokerstars is rigged

    peter raynerpeter rayner11 dager siden
  • Joe’’verify that’’ Rogan

    NathanNathan11 dager siden
  • Jake would KO Cormier.

    RaulRaul11 dager siden
  • Joe “ my very smart friend told me this “ Rogan

    Ralph PagluccaRalph Paglucca11 dager siden
  • i'm not hearing it. i'm a theo von kind of guy now.

    fuck youfuck you11 dager siden
  • Jkae paul logic: *I beat up old and/or experienced men who dont know how to box therefore i am a CHAMPION*

    Ben ArBen Ar11 dager siden
  • What's the point? He's just gonna take a dive for the money like Askren did.

    King Nexus MOCsKing Nexus MOCs11 dager siden
  • Triller is basically where local rappers make “tiktoks” for they mixtapes 😂 at least thats how it be in my city

    RCRC11 dager siden
  • Thank God that fucking red tampon cave pod is gone i couldn't watch it was a red coffin. Damn.

    Robert McNeillRobert McNeill11 dager siden
  • "Why wouldn’t he say 3 million" Not saying he's necessarily lying but obviously he would try to keep it believable if he was silly Joe

    Griffin EllisonGriffin Ellison11 dager siden
  • Fuck spotify, the fact that they deleted or are supposed to delete like 40 something episodes is disgusting. The fact that Joe isn't doing shit about being censored makes me not even really care what he has to say anymore, for the most part I don't even watch the clips anymore. Sad.

    MinutesToDazeMinutesToDaze11 dager siden
  • Joe Tik Toks Still Here Rogan

    Jeffrey Frattini-CoxJeffrey Frattini-Cox11 dager siden
  • Too much swearing

    Umair IdreesUmair Idrees11 dager siden
  • My friend told me. He is smart.

    Stephen LawsonStephen Lawson11 dager siden
  • Who is this Paul guy? Nvr heard of him

    Stephen LawsonStephen Lawson11 dager siden
  • I can't believe DC fell right into Jake Paul's troll trap. I guess that shows you what a boomer he is. Honestly, if they were to box I'd put my money on Paul, no hesitation. DC is a fat old chunky boy who's MMA success far exceeds his actual skills. Only won LHW cause of a DQ, only won HW because that division was weak af at the time.

    phalanger1phalanger111 dager siden
  • Why does Rogan have black eyes

    Philip WalkerPhilip Walker12 dager siden
  • Cormier would body Paul and his bodyguards.

    Mac AttackMac Attack12 dager siden
  • DC can't box. Without the threat of a takedown he's just a plodder. Jake Paul would knock him stiff.

    Robert McleanRobert Mclean12 dager siden
  • UFCs about how to make big bucks instead of sportsmanship nowadays just like boxing

    Mr. JoshuaMr. Joshua12 dager siden
  • Jake Paul learned how to piss people off from 69

    GandalfThe PotatoGandalfThe Potato12 dager siden
  • Rogan is braindead he wants free healthcare and free basic income. People who want that don't deserve this life at all! People can do what they want and need to be responsible and work and pay for their worthless lives its all their own faults they are a failure, lazy never do anything just want hand outs everything free! Stop free money never free stuff and the worthless people will die we get rid of the trash. Rogan parents failed hard!

    Oliver SmithOliver Smith12 dager siden
  • I used to love watching Joe man, I feel like he has changed so much and I am sad

    Michael MarquezMichael Marquez12 dager siden
  • Shut up. No one cares. Boycott this character now.

    zezuntxiduntxizezuntxiduntxi12 dager siden
  • The reason why they dint just lie about getting 2-3 billion is because 1 billion the the only realistic number without being called out

    起床う圭敏起床う圭敏12 dager siden
  • Anyone else waiting for this episode to hit spotify?

    Smokey HeatersonSmokey Heaterson12 dager siden
  • Joe “my friend” Rogan

    Danny CarvajalDanny Carvajal12 dager siden
  • Stop fucking saying spotify is a smooth experience. It sucks donkey balls. It's the most unsmooth streaming experience I've ever had.

    mentalmeltmentalmelt12 dager siden
  • Jake Paul takin shots at DC makes all the sense in the world. People love DC. And people love hating Jake Paul. And most importantly, Jake Paul loves people hating Jake Paul.

    Mathu RexMathu Rex12 dager siden
  • I hated this kid until I saw how everyone else hates him...now I kinda like him. He's got a good bit going and he's going to make allot money before it's over.

    Clyde HydeClyde Hyde12 dager siden
  • I believe this kid, and I’m sure most people bought it to see him get knocked out. I’d say he will make that much or more in his next fight. Good for this kid. That’s just my opinion.

    fluffyfeetbmffluffyfeetbmf12 dager siden
  • Oh i would pay to see DC fuck up Jake Paul

    Jannie GroenewaldJannie Groenewald12 dager siden
  • Triller was popping before Tik Tok

    Jay Against HumanityJay Against Humanity12 dager siden
  • Jake should act out what he filmed in Japan..

    Andy EAndy E12 dager siden
  • IKES 😆

    Dark KnightDark Knight12 dager siden
  • Dc

    frawldogfrawldog12 dager siden
  • Real talk. I went to the Logan Paul vs KSI fight. I posted on Instagram and my viewership went up 30x. These dudes have a heavy viewership. Trust.

    dejesus32dejesus3212 dager siden
  • I payed for the Jake Paul fight , will never watch anything for that thriller company again such rubish

    Mongo GamingMongo Gaming12 dager siden
  • Joe ‘my friend is very smart’ rogan

    JonoelevansJonoelevans12 dager siden
  • At the end of the day they all are Tik tok kids

    DynastyDynasty12 dager siden
  • With the right novelty and Promotion, I'm learning that there's endless possibilities with what will make money. Imo if you put up a Big promotion for no holds barred type Grappling matches they'd make Big money as well. Like let's just say Rickson Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba!!. Or can you imagine the novelty of a MMA promotion for Steven Seagal vs Jean Claude Van Damme?? As lame as that sounds, that shit would make money 💯 guaranteed. Have it old UFC rules which are basically just (no eye gouging & no biting) that's it. Could have DC, Anderson Silva and Machida vouche for and promote the legitimacy of Seagal, could have Stallone tell his story about how Van Damme called out Seagal to fight back in 1997 at Stallone's house but Seagal wouldn't go outside, etc.. my point is yeah if this blonde goofball Jake Paul can make so much money beating on a retired hip replaced Ben Askren in a boxing match 🙄 then I would think Seagal vs Van Damme would sell like crazy.. being as they were both 90's Action/Martial Arts Superstars.

    Ryan KollenbornRyan Kollenborn12 dager siden
  • He may have a good future in WWE. Perfect villain.

    JT BoehlerJT Boehler12 dager siden
  • JAMIE: lower the brightness on the tv so it comes out with the correct exposure on the full room camera. Still should be bright enough for Joe to read.

    Jayson EscalonaJayson Escalona12 dager siden