Dave Smith Passionately Opposes Vaccine Passports

Taken from JRE #1639 w/Dave Smith:




  • The party who claims to be anti-racist and anti-discriminatory can’t become discriminatory fast enough! It’s perfectly fine to be bigoted and discriminatory as long as enough people agree to it and justify it!

    Brent BryanBrent Bryan17 minutter siden
  • Whenever I hear talk of the vaccine passports, all I can think of is in any movie about World War II when the Nazis are always asking to see people's "papers." Scary.

    LaurenLaurenTime siden
  • Completely agree with you guys.

    JRJR2 timer siden
  • Passport is CCP model

    JZJZ5 timer siden
  • Do you want to go abroad? Most, if not all, countries will not let you enter if you don't have a vaccine passport. Don't want a passport? No problem. Just don't go abroad. What you do in your own country is up to you, but how are you going to influence these other countries...?

    spookmineerspookmineer9 timer siden
  • I've had a travel vaccine document for over 25 years. I can't understand a word of this liberal stuff.

    A Day In The LifeA Day In The Life9 timer siden
  • Glad to hear someone calling out this insanity.

    Dazed but Not ConfuzedDazed but Not Confuzed9 timer siden
  • They try to condition people to obey and follow rules that are not laws. Huge difference. Problem is the more the sheep caves in, the more they get away with this. Ppl have to wake the F up. But I'm sure they put crap in the jab that makes people even weaker and more obedient. Let's see if they have to get boosters soon. Each their own.

    Jacqueline Van BierkJacqueline Van Bierk10 timer siden
  • It’s all an attempt to microchip us in the name of safety/contact tracing. Stick their vaccines

    Justin R VargaJustin R Varga10 timer siden
  • It's cute seeing people from the US freak out over slightly losing their liberties when they're literally the reason some people are trapped under full on totalitarian regimes in their shit hole developing country and have to literally dedicate a third of their life to get out or live a remotely "normal" (considering the living standards in us/eu are normal) life.

    Terrard WheyTerrard Whey12 timer siden
  • I went to get a physical last week and was thrown out because I said I wasnt getting the shot. He wouldn't continue the physical when I said no I didnt get it and no I'm not going to get it. He then asked me where I went to college then said he couldn't cure ignorance. His name is Dr Alen Briker he went to Syracuse and his office is in Emerson, New Jersey.

    Shane FowlerShane Fowler14 timer siden
  • Well said. I re post all info on vaccine reactions and who is responsible to facebook. I have found a way to do it without getting banned.

    Liam PorterLiam Porter15 timer siden
  • I’m sure this guy hates outrage culture, unless he is the one being outraged. When he is the one being outraged, that is just called work.

    Richard HernandezRichard Hernandez15 timer siden
  • The great thing about these vaccine passports is the transfer of rights and opportunity from those who don't have them, and to us who do. I am a huge proponent of having more advantage in life than other people and if a vaccine passport can elevate my life at the cost of someone else's access to society, then that is an evolutionary victory. We human beings have been doing this to each other since the first ape punched another ape and stole his food. Anything to get ahead and a head.

    YouDontWantToHearThisYouDontWantToHearThis15 timer siden
  • How long can they oppress us for? China and Russia: "Indefinitely. Muhahaha."

    SpektacleSpektacle19 timer siden
  • I miss the old Joe 😪

    Alpha Koki SrAlpha Koki Sr19 timer siden
  • Those who have been vaxxed may not survive their next cold. I hope this is wrong thinking, but the spike protein scares me! My family has all been vaxxed!

    HIPNICITYHIPNICITY20 timer siden
  • Dog licenses! Rabies tags!

    HIPNICITYHIPNICITY20 timer siden
  • The vaccines don't work 100% even for the people that get them, so you depend on herd immunity to keep outbreaks from becoming pandemics. Not that I'm in favor of goofy authoritarianism. Frankly, most of you have taken 20 fucking years to get around to these views of yours. Welcome to sanity. Took you fuckers long enough. Meanwhile, CNN, Yahoo, Politics.com, and lots of other sites from the first 20 years that had the record of the discussions from those of us who were here first are being sanitized. And this goes for the UFO stuff.

    ReticuliReticuli20 timer siden
  • Love this!! Fuck the vaccine! Fuck masks! We demand our rights! Joe Biden is trying to implement this crap right now! It only about control! Not about safety! Don’t relinquish your right to choose what you can and can’t do with your body!

    OutlanderVideoOutlanderVideo21 time siden
  • The fact that this isnt insanely obvious to most people is terrifying. We need to start a nation wide event to have everyone openly claim that whatever day is deemed the day where the vaccine is available for everyone is the day that Covid is officially over and we demand to go back to normal.

    Bones12x2Bones12x221 time siden
  • This is the most important subject you have ever discussed and ever will discuss on your podcast.

    Kristina LillienekeKristina Lillieneke22 timer siden
  • Chinese fascist huh...

    The Flying GuillotineThe Flying GuillotineDag siden
  • Dave Smith’s voice sounds just like Ari Shaffir.

    Ross CampbellRoss CampbellDag siden
  • It’s astounding to me that people actually still trust our government.

    Ross CampbellRoss CampbellDag siden
    • Same here

      ryanCODMANryanCODMAN22 timer siden
  • If you refuse to get vaccinated and abide by government regulation, does that mean that the government has the right to refuse your Covid treatment?

    На ДънотоНа ДънотоDag siden
  • Haven’t you figured out that what ever Biden does he does the opposite or half way.

    Adam WeidlAdam WeidlDag siden
  • dave "I don't mean to be hyperbolic" smith

    Christel VinotChristel VinotDag siden
  • Jimmy Dore is exposing Faucci and how he funded the lab in Wuhan

    B DB DDag siden
  • This guy is golden. So correct in everyway not just about the states but alot of countries in the world. I live in Canada and they just extended our lockdown or "stay at home order". We no longer have rights and indeed this is all so fucked

    nigel sayahnigel sayahDag siden
  • George Carlin would have a field day with the pandemic... it would be some of his best material.

    Charles WilsonCharles WilsonDag siden
  • Thank you joe for not propagating the INSANE propaganda being forced on us right now. We need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doug JohnsonDoug JohnsonDag siden
  • sorry who ever you are on Joes this week person...Military has had to be vaccinated for years...along with many who work all over the world.

    David RodenbornDavid RodenbornDag siden
  • The people who support this are either tyrants who want to rule or sniveling bootlickers who want to be ruled.

    Bob KaiserBob KaiserDag siden
  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Tell fat people to lose weight and be a good citizen

    Ricco KayakerRicco KayakerDag siden
  • Fauci is an a$$

    Ricco KayakerRicco KayakerDag siden
  • Joe is sooo dumb...

    jmw611jmw611Dag siden
  • we know spotify is free joe we just dont care

    bob jonesbob jonesDag siden
  • Lol this guy.

    fellafellaDag siden
  • REMEMBER THAT?? HEY HEY REMEMBER??... Is this Joes way of shutting up serious topics ?? turning them into memories or jokes? nice try sell out!

    Jay GawdzillaJay GawdzillaDag siden
  • I want to see that Alex Jones was right meme... can't find it on the internet for some odd reason

    Titan and Tundra Jimenez-UrsoTitan and Tundra Jimenez-UrsoDag siden
  • Always glad to see this dialogue on NOcds. Too many people getting canceled over this stuff

    WavyPiggy97WavyPiggy97Dag siden

    fatpeterghotmailcomfatpeterghotmailcomDag siden
  • The government may “deny” that they will implement a vaccine passport, but they will get major cooperations to do their bidding. Companies are already making employees get vaccinated. And if they don’t, there are financial consequences.

    T KT KDag siden
  • If Joe is so concerned with the Truth why oh why did he allow 40 + of his shows to be erased by Spotify? His own opinion silenced and his guests as well. Are those guests allowed back on? Do they have to watch their mouths ? I was so disgusted to hear he took the cash and left his dignity as a truth sayer in the gutter... I won’t pay attention to an Elitist who’s invitation to Bohemian Grove is secure.

    Kevin ArcherKevin ArcherDag siden
  • Said the same people called me a conspiracy theorist A year ago . Sooner or later you will find out that the jab causes the variants ...

    MoMoDag siden
  • God I love Texas! I'm glad my state banned this shit.

    uta07maybeuta07maybeDag siden
  • I like this guy

    James HumfryJames HumfryDag siden
  • This whole episode is really good go watch it

    c mc mDag siden
  • after a year you have to show tests , pay for them to travel. and what is in the swab they are putting up your nose. They are making POEPLE TAKE it for WORK!!! THIS is FUCKED up

    Hope EastonHope EastonDag siden
  • If half of the scare tactics and propaganda Fauci was exposing had happened, we would all be dead by now, the trees would all be gone and cockroaches would be the only living thing left on earth. People HAVE GOT to learn that they cannot believe what the media tells us, it is all a verbatim script written by who knows.

    irishwench333irishwench333Dag siden
  • I guess the HEPA laws are suspended also .

    James OlivitoJames Olivito2 dager siden
  • Meu amigo ela não deu ela me acusou e destrói a minha cusando e destrói dentro do crime e me acusando do escândalo que

    Raimundo MedeirosRaimundo Medeiros2 dager siden
  • Teca amiga todos eu tô sempre na minha casa quando não estou na minha casa estou no meu trabalho e tomo meu café o meu suco do jeito que eu quiser eu estou eu estou sempre em nunca fico nunca entrei dentro do técnico desaforo boteco do c* dela só foi muito boteco que eu posso ir entrar o c* dela o pai dela o boteco que ela fala porque eu não tenho nada a ver

    Raimundo MedeirosRaimundo Medeiros2 dager siden
  • Eles estão eles fizeram a cena do crime a Laura criou o grupo dentro dos tribunais de justiça e ali dentro dos tribunais vistas tem alguém no grupo da Lara destruindo ela criou o grupo dentro do governo destrói junto pode ser que ela não

    Raimundo MedeirosRaimundo Medeiros2 dager siden
  • Faz isso que o tribunal de justiça São os tpppp se ela responde isso dentro dos tribunais de justiça os olhos e o juiz que o juiz não é juízo é um bando de bundão de b********* que sente o c* na cadeira para dizer que é juízo mas não sou igual às outras Luiza se ela responde isso dentro dos tribunais faz isso faz esses comentários dessas palavras destrói dentro do tribunal de justiça aos olhos do juiz o juiz não ela é uma mentira ela é uma mentira de juíza ela ela tá levando uma mentira por trás de juízo de autoridade não tem nenhuma autoridade é uma assim tá fazendo

    Raimundo MedeirosRaimundo Medeiros2 dager siden
  • Will never take this poison

    Don 22Don 222 dager siden
  • Here in South Australia, plain clothes police are fining people $1000 for not using QR code check in to the grocery stores. Expensive loaf of bread!

    Smoky RangerSmoky Ranger2 dager siden
    • wtf?

      Jacqueline Van BierkJacqueline Van Bierk10 timer siden
    • Is anyone pushing back?

      The Queen Of DreamsThe Queen Of Dreams17 timer siden
    • There were a few about at my local shops#hallettcove

      Icecube81Icecube81Dag siden
  • Who the fook is this guy?

    The DonThe Don2 dager siden

    lee lunklee lunk2 dager siden
  • The idea of vax passports is scary. They suppressed research on ivermectin, because if there’s a cure for a disease, you can’t have a vaccine for it. That’s how desperate they are to vaccinate people.

    Parizad SidhwaParizad Sidhwa2 dager siden
  • It's simple. Cell companies are supposed to collect only mass data not specific individual data. The 'vaccine passport' will completely remove that line. Personal cell data specific to you will be legally collected and shared.

    cabebetcabebet2 dager siden
  • People should be contacting their state reps and governors to ban vax passports. It has to work on a state level. Florida has officially banned them, and several other states are following suit. You can use Resist.bot and it will format a letter and send it to everyone in your state government. I have already received confirmation that my local reps and senators are working to block them in my state.

    Jeremy PodgurskyJeremy Podgursky2 dager siden
  • Nicely put Joe, didn't even think of it that way

    Braden 'OnThaDrop' FreedBraden 'OnThaDrop' Freed2 dager siden
  • I've waited a year to hear someone who thinks instead of following. How and when, and why did this collective mass hypnosis occur ? It must have been incubating for a very long time I can't be labelled as I haven't signed on to anything; and, yet ~ even my closest friends have tried to pin a Scarlet letter on me, simply for reminding them that whatever I do, or not with my own body is nobody's business. The chickens have come home to roost.

    caro lorbercaro lorber2 dager siden
  • Part of The Great Reset of the WEF.

    rounder355rounder3552 dager siden
  • God Bless you Joe !

    djm9276djm92762 dager siden
  • I hope im aloud to go to church again

  • This is possibly the best guest you have had on in a long time

    shane kellyshane kelly2 dager siden
  • Communism is here.

    Glenn WilliamsGlenn Williams2 dager siden
  • This is imparialism/capitalism at its finest. Dont come at me with saying otherwise this is big bussines for big pharma. Just like the war was for oil companies. This is capitalism at its finest! Profit profit profit

    Malik Abdul AzizMalik Abdul Aziz2 dager siden
  • Darn right they would

    HexacarbideHexacarbide2 dager siden
  • Start leaving your phone at home when you go out...problem at least partially solved

    claudia faheyclaudia fahey2 dager siden
  • if you have a smartphone you pretty much lost most of your true freedom. All these policies are just a way to legalize all the shit they already do.

    Dharma GuruDharma Guru2 dager siden
  • It's against HIPAA laws

    Koala ManKoala Man2 dager siden
  • Spotify is not free for me.

    ZGirlZGirl2 dager siden
  • He is 1000% correct if you let them take a little freedom they will take all of it !

  • I’m glad Rogan came back with this video to the more sensible side. I was getting worried about him for a hot second

    davidsonnowdavidsonnow3 dager siden
  • Funny that it’s only the Democrats doing all this crazy shit

    JFKennedy1961JFKennedy19613 dager siden
  • Oh god ffs immunisations are mandatory for children when they go to schools. Stop with this sovereign citizen ermagerd my rights bullshit.

    champ8605champ86053 dager siden
  • God says that he will give everyone their vain imaginations!!!

    Steven KhanSteven Khan3 dager siden
  • God says that he will make those that say they are wise confounded and confused and the foolish shall seem wise to them.

    Steven KhanSteven Khan3 dager siden
  • 28 days later imagined and happening!! Grown in a lab and escaped!! Terminator imagined and happening! The purge imagined and happening in all nations! The tree of good and evil! The device's, D Eve ices we use have the forbidden fruit symbol the apple 🍎 symbol with the bite mark out of it. Pick what is good and leave what is bad. God says that he will give everyone their vain imaginations. Everything that is in Hollywood entertainment industry is happening because of our vain imaginations!! From dust we came dust we return. Carbon dust. 666 6 electron's 6 protons 6 electron's The beast is inside us all and in our imaginations. May God almighty have mercy on us all in Jesus Christ's name I pray

    Steven KhanSteven Khan3 dager siden
  • Amen bro. Fuck those manipulative carrot danglers.

    Adrienne BAdrienne B3 dager siden
  • Do Americans really not have to show ID when they vote ?

    ashleigh parishashleigh parish3 dager siden
  • In Canada, I will simply tell the government "you want to spy on me ?, no problem just buy me the f'ing phone, I don't own one, and oh by the way, I lean toward Samsung, I really like the latest model.

    Frank MayerFrank Mayer3 dager siden
  • Lockdown causes cases to go up and freedom causes cases to go down.

    Chris SloanChris Sloan3 dager siden
  • Joe has been released from the the grips of the evil cabal! How do I know this, he is going against the mainstream media a he changed the studio from that eerie evil look to a fun look!!!!

    Brandon AndersonBrandon Anderson3 dager siden
  • Paperwork for proof... There's a reason you never learned the truth about HITLER!!!!

    Jason KirbyJason Kirby3 dager siden
  • I really wish Joe Rogan brings in a virologist or a molecular biologist to the podcast. Joe Rogan used to bring in alot of scientists earlier.

    Saumya HeendeniyaSaumya Heendeniya3 dager siden
  • "Stop cooperating with your own enslavement"; if you are complying with any of the bullshit then you are choosing it.

    Lisa MicheleLisa Michele3 dager siden
  • Is this guy really saying that we're going to have a caste system? What a Dweeboid. I bet the people oppressed by a real caste system in India wish they could get a helpful vaccination and that would allow them to raise their caste. facepalm. I'm going to decide to live under a bridge and claim I've been oppressed into joining the Troll-caste

    Generally TsoGenerally Tso3 dager siden
  • ?

    Zack HayesZack Hayes3 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the Charlie Chaplin film where the kid goes off about government and the need of passports for travel and how it isn't actually free

    st domitiusst domitius3 dager siden
  • If they implement vaccine passports, civil law suits r going to skyrocket.

    Fan BoyFan Boy3 dager siden
  • Fauci is a liar

    Sean BrennanSean Brennan3 dager siden
  • I identify as vaccinated... get fhacked

    Your NextYour Next3 dager siden
  • I agree...the vaccine passports is an Israeli innovation; its purposely meant to block certain people from certain privileges. The sole purpose. It should never be forced on people...any people of any color.

    Usha PrasadUsha Prasad3 dager siden
  • I am the furthest thing from a Bible Thumper, but when we start talking about COVID Passports and denying people the right to go a grocery store and travel and do business, that sounds a whole lot like something straight out of Revelations. It's only a little terrifying.

    Vaughn BlaylockVaughn Blaylock3 dager siden