Dr. Shanna Swan on How Plastics in Food are Affecting Our Hormone Levels

Taken from JRE #1638 w/Dr. Shanna Swan:




  • Chooch joe. You were thinking about chooch

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  • Crazy shit playa!

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  • Did anyone else start paying 11 bucks a month for Spotify only to watch it just a few times on that platform? It’s too much of a pain in the butt to hook my computer up to my TV with an HDMI cable -cuz that’s the only way to watch it on my TV right now. I find I only use Spotify when I take a shower really. I find that I just watch whatever Joe Rogan is available on NOcds and if it’s a really interesting clip then I will go to Spotify and listen to the episode-but like I said, only in the bathroom. So unless Spotify figures out a way for me to cast my Apple iphone onto my TV (or just any easier way to watch it on TV) it’s not worth it for me. I thought they were working on it… Big fan of Joe’s, regardless, tho!🥰👏🤩

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  • Alex Jones has been saying this for years

    C GC G11 timer siden
  • You’d think putting plastic in food is obviously not healthy call me crazy 🤪

    Astral FluxAstral Flux12 timer siden
  • So uh, I was born prematurely and I have really small hands, I'm only 5'6 and I was born with life-threatening food allergies to dairy, tree nuts, eggs and a few other allergens that are less severe. I also went bald at the age of 20 because male patter baldness runs in my family. I have had a whole slew of health issues as I've aged, from thyroid disease to having my gallbladder removed at 22. I started getting really bad nose bleeds out of my left nostril at 24 and I'm now 28 struggling with anemia, iron deficiency and low blood platelets as well as hyper thyroid disease. I weigh 163 lbs and I'm 5'6. Now that I got all of that out of the way, I have a small AGD and yet my taint is above 3 inches. So am I an outlier? or is this all a bunch of bullshit.

    John DoeeJohn Doee20 timer siden
  • Is this the reason why I don't have a bbc as a white man?

    John DoeeJohn Doee20 timer siden
  • Taint sounds like a new European rave drug that just hit the streets

    Moose StubbingsMoose StubbingsDag siden
  • We call it the squishy fleshy fun bridge

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  • By design folks. It's all by design.

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  • After listening to this podcast I had to stop and pause it to measure my "taint".... Fortunately I'm above the 2'' marker by over half an inch... So phew.... 4,5,1,2 The rest of them are bad for you.. I will definitely be looking out for those, and the next time my S/O is pregnant.. I'm going to make her avoid those other plastics like the plague!

    Red PillRed Pill2 dager siden
  • Her study was for the good of science...what and why did the NIH fund her research AGAIN? Perhaps this information was used for nefarious reasons.... we need sick people to fund big pharm don't we?

    Michelle GhissonMichelle Ghisson2 dager siden
  • Imma stop smoking this time for real…

    S MS M3 dager siden
  • Did anyone else quickly check the AGD to see if you're longer than 2"? No? Uhhh.... Me neither...

    Mean Bean ComedyMean Bean Comedy3 dager siden
  • She's a one-in-a-million researcher! Glad to see SOMEONE gives a shit about these things. Soooo.... Now what do we do?

    Mean Bean ComedyMean Bean Comedy3 dager siden
  • TRUE! Fucked me up... Still trying to repair, but I'll get there! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻✊🏻✊🏻👌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

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  • Hemp can replace all plastic. Read that again Hemp can replace all lumber Read that again Hemp can replace all cotton Read that again

    Adrian TorresAdrian Torres3 dager siden
  • No they'll just say she's just being bigoted and phobic against certain groups of people.

    Justin LaTourJustin LaTour3 dager siden
  • what a Spotify sellout :(

    Steve TheaSteve Thea3 dager siden

  • Wait a minute, are these chemicals in plastic water bottles?!

    SSj CronoSSj Crono4 dager siden
  • Time for that selfie.... Joe drops pants and smiles through legs “am I big enough doc?”

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  • I believe Joe was thinking of Marla Hooch from "League of Their Own" LOL

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  • Why isn't this treated like a major national/international issue?

    JCJRJCJR4 dager siden
  • I remember watching a conspiracy video 10-15 years ago about how the chinese who are/were making our water bottles were gonna feminize us with the plastic

    Lethal ShotsLethal Shots4 dager siden
  • So, the goverment is trying to blame us public on climate change and the way the world is, when they are letting these food companies use immense amounts of plastic for packaging and putting in chemicals and water to increase weight and size and now from this, it looks like they use plastic inside and outside the products!! Way forward....don't use supermarkets food and go straight to the farmers!! In another sense the fact that this world "depopulises" every so often, make me think that from this study of reduced male reproductive productivity (because men can't keep it in their pants 🤭) because there are plastics in food etc.. makes me think its been done on purpose, like they do with our water and the flouride being put into our water treatment centres for supposed teeth upkeep (🤫 so they say) don't forget, the earth was meant to hold millions not billions! How do you stop global reproduction levels put it in the food and water of unaware people! Because people will not stop having sex ha! People donruin their teeth regardless of how lol! I don't see the public leaving rocket rubbish in orbit and the sea, or storing nuclear weapons that could ultimately kill us all and the planet, the rich draining our earths resources when there is more capable ways of providing energy....the goverment and the industry companies are to blame for it all! But there is a huge depopulising event happening on a global stage! But there is better ways of doing it for god sake! In a nut shell (😅) they are shrinking your man wands boys to stop over population! Maybe the way the goverment is thinking is that by shrinking the string bean will push for artificial insemination reproduction and control of births!

    angang5 dager siden
  • Good move getting the scientists back on after the vaccine comments

    shashwat tiwarishashwat tiwari5 dager siden
  • Yeah but if your young, eat right, and exercise you don't have to worry about any of this.

    Zimmothy DZimmothy D5 dager siden
  • It's a mind stretcher for sure but the Rothschild/Rockefeller Mafia runs this Planet. They have been committed to cutting the world population at least by half since the first Bilderburg Group met in 1954. Pollute Water and Food, Destroy Soil, Push Sugar and Fake Sugars, Aluminum in Deodorants, Chem Trails, Vaccines, in and on. Hormone disruptors in Plastics. There are no coincidences with these people. They control everything.

    Bruce WilsonBruce Wilson5 dager siden
  • So Alex Jones was right, they are making frogs gay!

    Artjom ŠatalinArtjom Šatalin5 dager siden
  • no wonder my shit so damn small

    tasty savagetasty savage5 dager siden
  • She's a hack. Boy she's enjoying taking Joe for a ride... She's gonna tell how she showed it...

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  • Don't worry Joe. Juicers don't need to worry. They have other problems

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  • I love that she carries a taint measuring device.

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  • So how do we know what to look for while shopping? Genuine question

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  • Can anyone help me figure the spotify situation out? I’ve tried many times to find the podcast but it won’t open. With my IPhone it says “couldn’t open on this device” with an android I just kept tabbing and nothing happens, with PC the same thing. I uninstalled the app and tried again still won’t work. There are some really good episodes that I missed.

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  • Alex jones should've said they are turning frogs into sissys.

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  • Toxic masculinity is just a lack of masculinity

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  • Remember when Joe wasn't Paywalled...

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  • So basically everything is tainted !

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  • Guard your balls mates

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  • I think my mother had that

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  • Chicks hot

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  • This lady is fun. Great personality

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  • "Can I get a selfie?"

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  • I wish I was as Intelligent as this woman, she just PHD us into submittion with such finesse that we loved it!

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  • 5:06 .. What an awkward moment lol

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  • I died when Joe said "Jamie volunteered to get his taint measured" I didn't think I'd laugh in a more serious episode

    Javier HerreraJavier Herrera7 dager siden
    • @psifiusc I tried but couldn't make out what he said. Even with subtitles on.

      Javier HerreraJavier Herrera7 dager siden
    • Did anyone catch Jamie’s response that cracked Joe up? I can’t make it out.

      psifiuscpsifiusc7 dager siden
  • She couldn't remember the perineum?

    Jay StoneJay Stone7 dager siden
  • if you grew up watching jackass you know what a gouche is. ive never heard of taint i was so confused

    gabriel kanaangabriel kanaan7 dager siden
  • got spotify just to watch this. must see for everyone.

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  • My daughter-in-law grandfather was a nazi scientist, when he was alive, he avoided the use of plastic in his food and drink. My thoughts; he probably was involved in experiments on human beings.

    D CD C8 dager siden
  • turning the FROG GAY

    Cameron Arreola :]Cameron Arreola :]8 dager siden
  • Steven Pinker said Capitalism has improved every metric of life. He must be an anti natalist.

    peter john kattzpeter john kattz8 dager siden
  • Color dyes are just plastics in your food.

    Ace Da GameAce Da Game8 dager siden
  • Forage Is Power!!

    Forage For KnowledgeForage For Knowledge8 dager siden
  • Just had to chime in, at some point in the whole podcast episode they bring up massive fields not being good for us. Massive fields of corn are primarily grown for fuel and feed, it is not the sweet corn we eat. This is still introducing the phthalates and pesticides to the food chain that will be fed to beef, pigs, fowls and other food animals.

    Matt ZackMatt Zack9 dager siden
  • Spotify sucks I watched one 2 and a half hour pod cast and it ate almost 3gigs of data WTF im never using it again they are ment for listening to a song not a podcast Joe just need to get back to Utube it's not like 300,000 an episode was shit payment

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  • Joe rogan commenters be like: ThEre wErE nO gAY pEoPlE bEfOrE pLaStiC

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  • How many guys here are racing to the bathroom with the vernier calipers?😂👍🏻

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  • I read a bit of an article waiting at the Dr. and apparently they've found microscopic plastic particles in the ice at the poles and the ocean. If that's true it may be soon humans can no longer reproduce and AOC won't have to worry about the climate.

    DrH3300DrH33009 dager siden
  • So these so called "scientists" didn't feed the lab rats human food what we eat then??? They fed them food "contaminated" with plastic, whatever they mean by that 🤨 So I assume they basically fed them plastic and thought that replicates our reality 🤦 These so called "scientists" literally just make up bullshit based on bullshit!!!

    Philip GlancyPhilip Glancy9 dager siden
  • She was quite charming 👌

    Xavier BermeoXavier Bermeo9 dager siden
  • I hope, thanks to this lady, Joe has changed his eurocentric view that the world is overpopulated.

    ppaw tallywackerppaw tallywacker9 dager siden
  • So how long should an adult males taint be? Asking for a friend.

    Young HerculesYoung Hercules9 dager siden
  • Biffins Bridge... one slip and you are in the shit.

    G J PG J P9 dager siden
  • We should Boycott science!!! It’s Just a bunch of Evil Geniuses ruining the world

    Waldo BloMoneyWaldo BloMoney9 dager siden
  • He’s thinking of Chooch, Carlos Ruiz

    V.V.V.V.9 dager siden
  • Short: No plastic is big dick.

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  • It’s the gooch

    Jackson VegaJackson Vega10 dager siden
  • We feared Petrol Chemicals were making the Earth uninhabitable, no no, it will be small taint sizes and low sperm counts that will lead to our destruction. Nice!

    WakeUpDeadWakeUpDead10 dager siden
  • I don't see body hair anymore in guys under 40-50.

    AlternativepopeAlternativepope10 dager siden
  • ...I find Dr Frankenstein's cavalier approach a bit...creepy...

    Christopher RaymondChristopher Raymond10 dager siden
  • This is actually VERY SERIOUS. We need to take care of this plastic addiction.

    lime piperlime piper10 dager siden
  • The chemicals are added on purpose for population control, if you don't think so you're naive. Let me guess Bill Gates is behind it.

    John PruettJohn Pruett10 dager siden
  • hahahahah she called it a gooch

    Billy the KidBilly the Kid10 dager siden
  • Now you know the mothers of all the SJWs were chowing down plastic 25 years ago.

    J LJ L10 dager siden
  • "...something you might know by the name of the taint" "Mmmhmmm"

    J LJ L10 dager siden
  • Woah. So the gender dysphoria and feeling of being born in the wrong body is entirely real, and its tragic. They never had a chance. Now I kind of feel sorry for them and feel like there needs to be some kind of justice for our boys.

    Cosmic JeredCosmic Jered10 dager siden
  • In 1997s Total Breast Health by Robin Keuneke she talks about xeno estrogens (toxic estrogen mimickers in the environment) in plastics are disrupting hormones.

    Maria GMaria G11 dager siden
  • You know here hands are cold 🥶

    Enri ¿Enri ¿11 dager siden
  • This set is better than the red toaster oven but that Neon Sign is way too much right behind him. He should have just gone with the old look with the brick.

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  • Cool as lady

    Ben LopezBen Lopez11 dager siden
  • She's funny.

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  • Alex Jones wins AGAIN!

    Miami HurricaneMiami Hurricane11 dager siden
  • BPA in water bottles lower testosterone😳

    Orlando CortezOrlando Cortez11 dager siden
  • It's as easy as abc 123, the ol' ass balls connecter never disappoints Joe was like, for a woman? And she was like nah g 2:53

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  • Thats different than my taint measuring device.

    Artemas WardArtemas Ward11 dager siden
  • and this is why there are so many trans people in Asia. Asia's tap water is undrinkable. so they all drink from plastic bottles that sit in the sun all day. BPAs and phalates all day make messed up hormone babies.

    FreelectronFreelectron11 dager siden
  • [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620087387Tuesday

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  • It’d be an APC in women.

    Nag DastyNag Dasty11 dager siden
  • She said gooch hahaha

    Slim JimmySlim Jimmy11 dager siden
  • people are such fickle sheep, alex jones was talking about this shit for years and now people think it's an educated view because they heard some lady with a degree talk about it

    Shred KaczynskiShred Kaczynski11 dager siden
  • Anyone else rewatching Handmaids Tale while coming across this for the first time? Has me sitting over here like 😳

    Vinny JVinny J11 dager siden
    • Yes as a matter of fact

      eder federeder feder10 dager siden
  • bisphenol A is also a problem, we have known testosterone levels have been dropping for at least 50-100yrs. Up to 50%!!!

    AnonymousAnonymous11 dager siden
  • Never heard of the best Kerry footballer of all time? 🤣🇮🇪

    aidan obrienaidan obrien11 dager siden
  • Welcome to Planet Earth - You will be destroyed.

    Great SolGreat Sol11 dager siden
  • Yeah i checked it . i have 2.75-8 inches. I'm good. our next generation is fucked

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali11 dager siden