Former CIA Agent Mike Baker on China's 2049 Plan

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience with Mike Baker.




  • This is the guy in charge of our safety? He hasn't even figured out in the last 30 years that smoking kills.

    Sam GSam G3 timer siden
  • China eats its own people, literally, they devour them, if all you can do is steal and copy and torment, you will never lead anything, ever. No one will ever look to china for more than cheap oppressive labour. Then When robots begin making everything they will blood let on a biblical scale . They must have US as dominat currency, thier wealth depends and relies on it .. think this through.

    Chris McCaffreyChris McCaffrey4 timer siden
  • CCP will takeover the world.

    Jeanny TseJeanny Tse7 timer siden
  • World war 3. China. Russia. Iran. .. looks like axis. .

    Steven DalySteven Daly11 timer siden
  • Conflict will have if you don't grow equally

    Nicolas sNicolas s20 timer siden
  • It's funny how he acts like China did this by themselves. In the 1990s there were media publications stating "The next century belongs to China" with banking dynasties and media groups promoting one sided trade deals and human rights legislation being overlooked. China is similar to the Afghanistan goat farmers in the hills being given funds, arms and Intel. Take away the support and they are crippled. But this "expert" doesn't know any of this. Pathetic.

    Paul HastingsPaul Hastings20 timer siden
  • I think the reasoning for pollution is that developing countries have no choice but to pollute to develop. USA in 50s also polluted. London in the industrial age was a big chimney. So expecting underdeveloped countries to meet world standards is a bit tricky. Now the question is - what defined a developed country and whether China has already reached that state.

    Arturs VancansArturs Vancans22 timer siden
  • Might aswell start learning Chinese

    Will NateWill NateDag siden
  • Catholic Intelligence Agency 🙄

    Commie TubeCommie TubeDag siden
  • China is gonna ruin the planet before they can rule it.

    Emil JohanssonEmil JohanssonDag siden
  • China has patience to wait an adversary out. LOOK AT THE GREAT WALL .

    Mike FitzgeraldMike FitzgeraldDag siden
  • This guy should have been a character on the A-Team

    Randy PoffoRandy PoffoDag siden
  • Enough hippie mindset. .We need to mine for total dominance of resources..Going to clean energy sounds great and gets many voters due to climate scare media..China in the meantime is controlling the cards on all levels while America squabbles in our own vomit of drunkedness.

    Mike FitzgeraldMike FitzgeraldDag siden
  • Here is why you should never fear China. They are not creative at all! The West has invented 95% of everything in the world! All China has done is replicate. They cannot lead on anything if they cannot invent!

    Danny PDanny PDag siden
  • Joe Biden had zero plan for China , if it gets bad.

    Upgrade 101Upgrade 101Dag siden
  • If the CCP is in power, there will be constant battle between China and the west. CCP is the evil empire. The regime must change in China before we can have peace.

    Henry ShenHenry ShenDag siden
  • CIA STOOGE PUSHING CIA PROPAGANDA. This man cant speak without authorization and told what he is to talk about...more important, what NOT to talk about. The CIA has an wing dedicated to false flag attacks aimed at looking like someone else did it. Sooooo what the hell are we supposed to believe from Mike "CIA FOR LIFE" Baker!

    John InphxJohn InphxDag siden
  • Mike Baker looks like Stringfellow Hawk from Airwolf.

    MB STAXMB STAXDag siden
  • Why would china steal from less advanced country like usa 🤔

    H TH TDag siden
  • Not every other nation. Western Europe is apologizing too. And that`s not a sign of weakness btu of strength. It`s why the west sill has the most soft power and global influence, being human and open brings creativity and innovation. People around the world are more good than bad. The bad people say everybody is bad and saying something about human rights and stuff is always a lie and that`s why everybody must act in bad faith. But it`s not true, hopefully the western democracies don`t go for that narrative. Trump tried it but was too incompetent to make a long term policy shift out of it. The Bush fiasco was a hard blow for credibility of course. Greetings from Germany.

    densdensDag siden
    • The West is soft and weak, that's the only reason China can grow like this.

      Dime BolsoDime Bolso2 timer siden
  • It happened in Porkistan not India

    Rajyavardhan SinghRajyavardhan SinghDag siden
  • Couldn't this guy be Brian Cranston's brother 😳🤣

    Chris SmoyerChris Smoyer2 dager siden
  • The foundation of industrial pollution was established by colonial empire building nstions eho syole tech from natives ( think textile loom technology from India and shifter to Manchester AFTER CUTTING OFF THE THUMBS OF LOOM WORKERS DO THEY COULD NOT REBUILD AFTER THE LOOT) & many others. Now that nations are emerging strong after being subjects directly or indirectly through the CIA's global coup creating fckery(s), here comes another drama to keep them poor and inward looking. Man up and accept what is coming. Learn to be good subjects of the new economic powers.

    Najaf JafriNajaf Jafri2 dager siden
  • Next thing you know china will have Naval exercise near Florida.

    dssample 123dssample 1232 dager siden
  • Man I hope I can score a Chinese girlfriend. Totally dig Chinese and Korean chics but Asian women in genero…with big boobs too. I’ll be 80 in 2049 so I hope the older guy thing is still a thing then.

    Leroy BrownLeroy Brown2 dager siden
  • America is unapologetic in its support of 75% of the dictators in the world

    Troy BrownTroy Brown2 dager siden
  • My favorite guest. Love Mike

    Patrick ByrdPatrick Byrd2 dager siden
  • hi im ccp active agent and im telling you all, this former cia agent only know about china less than 10%... i just laugh basically he know nothing 🤣🤣 no wonder usa dominance will over soon 🤣 our plan is beyond than normie can imagine . enjoy the show 😎🍿

  • if only we listened to General MacArthur.

    ORION2180ORION21802 dager siden
  • The yellow guys make the nazis look like telletubbies.

    Marem KhasidMarem Khasid2 dager siden
  • What about the American regime? Us against them. We're the good guys, of course. They're the bad guys, naturally.

    RayRay2 dager siden
    • Lmao…. “Our warlord is just as bad” says the subject getting pillaged by a rival warlord

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
  • Pot calling the Kettle black. When is the last time China started a war with 3rd world countries, murdering their people and stealing their resources? This is just like CNN propaganda

    Jrg VsqzJrg Vsqz2 dager siden
  • Former CIA Agent, wearing The Griddle T-Shirt. This dude loves his Pancakes.

    lah lahhlah lahh2 dager siden
  • Teamup with india... Politicians r stupid tho

    poolverinepoolverine2 dager siden
  • We are stupid. We allowed the Chinese into our house. Now they learned to play the victim and we will let them in further..... Why are there no caucasians represented in the CCP? I'm serious. Why does the west have to be multicultural but china does not?

    blupheonix44blupheonix442 dager siden
    • So you want to live under racially homogenous authoritarianism

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
  • America doesn't 'deserve' to be 'the super power', no country does. Super powers screw the little guys.

    otaliesinotaliesin2 dager siden
  • Didn't know generator needed oil. Wants old vehicle so he can work on it??? Watch whole episode..

    Jeff TolbertJeff Tolbert2 dager siden
  • We need you Rogen keep pushing

    JWF MechanicalJWF Mechanical2 dager siden

    AiAi3 dager siden
  • Dirty joe Biden is part of China’s big plan.

    SJ DK FLSJ DK FL3 dager siden
  • People gotta quit think China is some sort of threat, in fact it’s no more of a threat than USA to the world, just buncha people wants to live better and enjoy their lives, you don’t live in a country which sitting at the throne of military spending and call other countries who had tiny portion of it compare to yours and call them some how a “threat”, China is beefed up and in a lot areas whether military, economy or technology today is beating USA, but just base on that simple fact then somehow we collectively have to think of it as a threat?? Just can’t stand when others are better than you huh?

    AiAi3 dager siden
  • That's cool now do Israel

    World WarcraftWorld Warcraft3 dager siden
  • No idea what he's going on about but I could listen to him all day 🤣

    Daniel WrightDaniel Wright3 dager siden
  • altruistic is not imperialism and systematic racism.

    Michael BassMichael Bass3 dager siden
    • @Chris Palmer slavery is systematic racism, so is the incarceration and police brutality against black people today

      Michael BassMichael Bass5 timer siden
    • Systemic* 😂😂😂 do you even know what you’re talking about?

      Chris PalmerChris Palmer18 timer siden
  • Everything on Amazon is made in China, That’s when I knew they wanted world dominance! F-it I’ve got stock in NIO!

    Lorenzo B.Lorenzo B.3 dager siden
  • Yep he is aware, good guest,thanks.

    Chi Quita FeldbergChi Quita Feldberg3 dager siden
  • A nation of immigrants is a nation of possible spy’s. 🤷🏼‍♂️.

    Doug DayDoug Day3 dager siden
  • Why is it that the Us government allows their citizens to be tortured with hypnosis?

    Cheese MigrationCheese Migration3 dager siden
  • Biden's first speech had a few lines abiut how the autocracies of the world think democeacy is too slow and messy to progress and how we must strive to proove that democracy is a better system. I think thats a winning rallying call, but bideyboy aint done nothing to back up his words of course 😬

    Cesar the CleverCesar the Clever3 dager siden
  • Basically Arasaka vs Militech

    Yung Trap DadYung Trap Dad3 dager siden
  • We need kim jong un on JRE who agrees?

    Arran SullArran Sull3 dager siden
  • An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one that crumbles from within, that's dead. Forever. Baron Zemo

    Christian BarronChristian Barron3 dager siden
    • Just look at Rome or the British Empire

      Rowan MeltonRowan Melton2 dager siden
  • China has recently stolen some of our Chinese-American scientists, that made the mistake of visiting family and never came back.

    Avery JohnstonAvery Johnston3 dager siden
  • Average per capita income of a Chinese citizen is less than $8k USD a year. You cannot afford the average US college/university without having some connection/tie to the CCP. It is that simple. This CIA agent knows this and every American citizen should understand this.

    TheHoosier1972TheHoosier19723 dager siden
    • @TheHoosier1972 Not every Chinese person goes to American university. Even 1% of China = 10 million people so I’m not sure why you’re acting like some minuscule amount of people there make enough to pay for tuition or why you’re ignoring the fact that they could be getting grants and scholarships from those colleges. But reality is boring, it’s much more interesting to tell yourself every Chinese student is a spy sent by the government.

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
    • @Bert Hubnip statistically, if the average per capita income is $8k USD what percentage of the population do you believe can afford out of state tuition to our institutions? Can a family in the US with a per capita income of $35K afford it with 'in state' tuition? Educate yourself on what "per capita" means. The point is the Chinese Communist Party provides funding, just like this retired CIA agent stated, with a requirement of something in return. Does your Federal Student Loan come with disclaimers such as this?

      TheHoosier1972TheHoosier19722 dager siden
    • ……. So because the AVERAGE income is $8k… Chinese person could afford American college on their own….every person in China makes $8k a year…

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
  • One day your children will be made in China

    Voodoo IllusionVoodoo Illusion3 dager siden
  • 👍

    AQUAZINAQUAZIN3 dager siden
  • Interesting man.

    Roelina MackintoshRoelina Mackintosh3 dager siden
  • This guy is Kevin Bacon's older brother -- Kevin Bacon 🥓 is a douche

    WillWill4 dager siden
  • Oh great the guy who talks for 3 hrs and says nothing really at all...

    Trav McHenryTrav McHenry4 dager siden
  • Being made great by stealing tech, means you’re always 1 step behind. You need others to come up with the next tech, in order to steal, and have any view on anything. They will never be great while stealing tech. And, in the end, they are condoning others to steal tech from China, if they ever do rise to the top.

    Michael WMichael W4 dager siden
  • The CIA dude is everything that’s wrong with government. Fuck that guy.

    Aaron DayAaron Day4 dager siden
  • The virus was intentionally and deliberately released from the china lab. Not a leak. And, it is still being intentionally released to targeted countries.... Besides Chinese money in Fauci pockets and all western politicians, china is continually sending its young daughters to trap influential western men, especially Americans. Beijing Biden must remove China loving Fauci

    Reak DomanReak Doman4 dager siden
    • Dude you can’t just say random things are true just because you think they are

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
  • I think they already are the most powerful country in the world however their cultural influence is basically null; the US advantage Is that they control de minds of the people with their star system and brainwash pop culture

    Sergio GonzalezSergio Gonzalez4 dager siden
  • Only thing is is that china doesn't have to steal anything, it's given to them because they make everything. They have to know how to make it. Then after making it for a customer they make it for themselves.

    Anthony CarlisleAnthony Carlisle4 dager siden
  • They've already won.

    Joe CabJoe Cab4 dager siden
  • Joe needs to lay off the alcohol. It’s showing in his face and his inability to think critically. He now believes every correlation equals causation. That’s logic 101 shit.

    rmp1809rmp18094 dager siden
  • Blazing erbs with a CIA agent 🤣

  • it looks like they’re sitting in a toaster oven.

    Lora BidnerLora Bidner4 dager siden
  • The Germanic tribes ended up using Roman technology and military tactics to defeat them, leading to the fall of Rome, same situation here.

    Jamie mcgarryJamie mcgarry4 dager siden
  • Why the F are these critical infrastructures connected to the internet! You need a dedicated nation wide network only used by critical infrastructure NOT connected to the Internet.

    angzc Dollardqzrangzc Dollardqzr4 dager siden
  • The plain lion subjectively hop because cupboard proximately fold beyond a colorful decision. truculent, wiggly timer

    Charles NewtonCharles Newton4 dager siden
  • Cant stand this guy

    Frank BarrieFrank Barrie4 dager siden
  • I think china will make a better world leader than america ever was they never dropped any nukes on anyone and never bombed any civilians

    Seti4077Seti40774 dager siden
  • So we are crashing Russian and Chinese power grids? This Baker guy is more full of sh*t every time he's on. And the Chinese have "tried hard " to not pollute? That's 100% bullcrap. Nearly all the pollution in the oceans comes from 7 or 8 rivers in Asia and Africa and they don't give one crap about it obviously. They open more new coal powered energy plants belching out death every day than Starbucks opens coffee shops. Seems like all these fools feel a need to apologize for China for some reason. John Cena, LeBron Lames and all the democrats are in Chinas hip pocket.

    Sir GlocksalotSir Glocksalot4 dager siden
  • I think it's only a matter of time before the US goes down the shitter.

    Mr ChadguyMr Chadguy4 dager siden
  • Ban Chinese students first

    Nial RedNial Red4 dager siden
  • America will crash and burn if they don't do something about this China issue. Half of the country is focused on retarded stuff that isn't important at the moment while China is meticulously planning its next move. It is quite sad and baffling to see how things are turning out.....

    Mr ChadguyMr Chadguy4 dager siden
  • Can't blame China's approach, the American approach to gathering resources they can't attain quickly is to bomb a country to oblivion or bribe and overthrow existing leadership even if democratically elected.

    Mizanul HoqueMizanul Hoque4 dager siden
  • I thought socialism makes people poor. lol

    Keenan SchoutenKeenan Schouten4 dager siden
  • U guys ever think that the government WANTS this guy out here telling us his credentials and giving us certain info to throw us off? Just a thought. It’s just you NEVER hear from ex CIA right? Or am I just not looking in the right places ?

    Flip WazwazFlip Wazwaz4 dager siden
  • American dollars at work

    Jason LinnJason Linn4 dager siden
  • And we have John Cena apologizing to them... we are fucked

    LoganLogan4 dager siden
  • the only reason joe smokes cigars is because they are a phalic pathetic is that.

    Brill SmithBrill Smith4 dager siden
  • China didn't steal anything, American aristocrats sold out American workers for profit, fully expecting to reach this tipping point.

    bjpcorpbjpcorp4 dager siden
  • This is by far the biggest threat to the US. You anti gun cats need to start arming and learning how to use them. Also, learnd how to love your country. Youll have to defend it soon enough.

    Connor JacksonConnor Jackson4 dager siden
  • No proof that Russia hacked Solar Winds has been proffered by anybody. China's navy is patrolling off of China's coasts as opposed to ours roaming the 7 seas at will and throwing our weight around where ever we go. Americas making all the threats and breaking all the international laws. We have created 5 failed States and murdered millions in the past 20 years. Our oligarchs have helped make China rich by offshoring industries there and impoverishing our own countries citizens and now that they are taking advantage of their wealth and organizational prowess to offer developemental aid to other countries in a non- predatory way instead of the world bank loans conditioned on austerity and subservience that we dole out they're supposed to be some kind of "threat" to somebody according to the "earnest" C.I.A. bro' ! Give me a break! If this wasn't more propaganda ginning up a possible 3rd World War I would find it hilarious!

    Richard SawickiRichard Sawicki5 dager siden
  • Only had guys I see in America are Americans. China is the eldest brother of humanities nations. A lot of racism.

    Spiritual€@nofwup@$$Spiritual€@nofwup@$$5 dager siden
  • I love China.

    Richard BatesRichard Bates5 dager siden
  • China always waits until their enemy is distracted to attack.

    Anthony O.RAnthony O.R5 dager siden
    • @Anonymous American we choose to close them down btw do you keep up with any international news ?

      robert kimrobert kimDag siden
    • That's why CHINA are quietly pouring fentanyl into the US. Nobody asks why that's allowed? They moved to actively weaking their targets. Also, tge amount coming in has skyrocketed once COVID hit. Lockdowns, no rehab open, no support groups, no parks, no recreation, jobs rare, and now flood in a drug to OD the users/hook more to weaken the population.

      Anonymous AmericanAnonymous American4 dager siden
  • "The us does it to" is literally the equivalent of someone saying you cheated by using a gun for self defense.

    ak assasinak assasin5 dager siden
  • Recently watched the Snowden movie and they’ve been doing software update hacks way before solar winds- I don’t trust this guy deflecting this issue to JUST Rust-ya and Shyna

    I'm ShodaMeyerI'm ShodaMeyer5 dager siden
  • Nothing against the Chinese people but hate their government..

    arun kumararun kumar5 dager siden
  • The U.S Enermies list is so long... wonder why

    Marcos BurgMarcos Burg5 dager siden
  • This guy talks like bill burr😂

    JeffJeff5 dager siden
  • I’d like to believe that we have the ability to shut them down as well but our moral compass doesn’t allow us to do so at this time. We very well could be testing it on our own people with recent events, which throws morals out the window in my eyes. I’m torn on this whole thing. China is becoming a nuisance and it seems a major event is on the horizon.

    C. WoodC. Wood5 dager siden
  • why are cyber attacks not considered acts of war?

    RigEMacRigEMac5 dager siden
  • We in the west need to boycott buying products made in china

    Anthony DugganAnthony Duggan5 dager siden
  • Currently much rather have China than US as most powerful country 😜

    mikeboy0001mikeboy00015 dager siden
  • It’s not been going on for decades. It’s been going on ever since human civilization began. In fact trade with China has literally been the central focus of every western nation that’s ever exist. This only stopped around the time America was discovered. Help even the discovery of America occurred from trying to find another trade link to China. The last 300 years have really been the exception rather than the norm around that time trade shifted to an American centralized trade routes that substituted for Chinese goods. If we would shift some of our defense budget towards actually defending our infrastructure we could probably eliminate the cyber threats especially if we’re just wasting the money to design a new airplane for fucking China’s future military. Money spent on America will help America money spent to project American spheres of influence on places that don’t want American influence won’t do fuck all for us in the long run. It’s ironic that Trump ran on an America first platform and the Chinese simultaneously called him the Empire builder because his policies literally literally help them grow by about 30% they acquired 15% of all European ports they damn near own all of Africa and there new Silk Road infrastructure plan will turn Africa into China at China’s benefit.

    Marshall WolfeMarshall Wolfe5 dager siden
  • China is the best thing to have happened to military industrial complex

    Dlinx SacksDlinx Sacks5 dager siden