Harvard's Alleged Anti-Asian Discrimination

Taken from JRE w/Russell Peters:




  • Joe rogan please pull some gear heads on and talk about the RPMact

    Trevor FitzTrevor Fitz6 timer siden
  • It was the emperor of china in the 1800's who insisted chinese are always chinese and can never be anything else and trade with china was dependent on american acceptance of that. The wong decision of the supreme court decided that their kids born in america were citizens despite the parents not being citizens because the wongs were subject to the jurisdiction, as required by the constitution, because they had severed all ties with china and were permanently residing in the united states.

    coelho sports & reccoelho sports & rec2 dager siden
  • and anti white. but dont mention tht

    bill clintonbill clinton4 dager siden
  • Fking joe always pretend not to know shit and then later come back as if he's been researching that shit for 10 years, the same when he was talking about HGH and steroids usage lmao.

  • I like that you're being sincere about this Joe, but let's be real. If colleges didn't do the racial balancing everyone would then complain that there are too many Asians because it is extremely obvious that they are more qualified to get into these schools on average.

    Marvel 2722Marvel 27226 dager siden
  • As a European, I want to vomit after hearing this. USA's obsession with race has to stop. How's this any different with the Nazi's preferring blue eyed and blonde aryans? I'm deadly serious here and I know the nazi history very well.

    nxtlvl nlkrnxtlvl nlkr6 dager siden
  • Christianity sucks

    John GoldbergJohn Goldberg6 dager siden
  • china love their muslims

    thomas proostthomas proost7 dager siden
  • Racism in America by Non Natives is a really strange concept for me. My ancestors on my Fathers side are from the Americas, but they were treated as foreigners.

    Theo FungiTheo Fungi8 dager siden
  • For whatever reason (culture?), human sub-groups have differing average personality types. Some groups tend to be more outgoing on average, other groups tend to be more reserved on average. Some Asian candidates for Harvard reported that they felt like their (relatively) reserved personality was regarded by Harvard admissions interviewers as a bad attitude, a non 'team player' attitude. The Asian candidates felt that Harvard's negative assessment of their personality type, which is arguably a inherent group trait, led to them being rejected.

    David AdiwegoDavid Adiwego8 dager siden
  • Well I don't feel like such an idiot for not getting into or applying to get into Harvard lol

    AniaAnia9 dager siden
  • Chinese people have been treated great in this country compared to blacks. Blacks were building the railroads under the same conditions as the Chinese. But had just undergone hundreds of years of sustained genocide and slavery by whites in America.

    sefpsefp10 dager siden
  • I hate Asians

    Red SunsetRed Sunset10 dager siden
  • Alleged? I thought it was out in the open.

    William SmithWilliam Smith10 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan!!! Bring Monster Michael Todd on your channel brother! One of the greatest arm wrestlers in the world! Born and raised in Arkansas!!! 31 year career! Numerous titles in both right and left hand! My boy got hammered 6-0 in Dubai last week…but he handled defeat like a true champion! he needs our support!

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  • 5:09 "Canadan"? LOL

    Robin CorriganRobin Corrigan11 dager siden
  • America didn't want more Chinese because they didn't want America to start being over-populated like China. They were coming over so many so fast. But the liberals will say it was anything but that. Man, they control the narrative so strong and always have. Was there racism? Yes to a degree. But that wasn't the main reason. And with all that. They still came over. So China must have been worse. What ever the fact. No one made them come over. It was all a choice.

    Mike MacMike Mac12 dager siden
  • This is the dumbest conversation I've ever heard.

    Troy EvansTroy Evans12 dager siden
  • Chinese people of that time actually did not choose their hairstyle. There was a mandatory haircut back then. You would shave the top of your head and have a long ponytail. I don't think it had anything to do with railroads.

    Willy MercierWilly Mercier12 dager siden
  • Joe you really have the big balls talk about everything don't you. You slender other host when you just left out the most key issue over the last month. I can see what your doing..... we need the support joe... tou should get riz Ahmed would love to see you talk to him

    moazzam hussainmoazzam hussain12 dager siden
  • 7:00 So they basically sort out Asians because they're not widely respected and lack "likeability"? WTF??? And btw this is *not* the same like the Chinese Social Credit System, because in order to gain points for the latter you actually have to do something, and not just have a certain skin color.

    Yurigan SmithYurigan Smith13 dager siden
  • You should get devon larratt and/or michael todd on the podcast. Armwrestling is growing like crazy right now and both of these champions are definitely your type of guests. Devon is ex canadian special forces and both of them love all things combat sports related. I think they would be great guests and would love to get on your podcast.

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  • and students linked with PLA has to be classified.

    Two WorldsTwo Worlds14 dager siden
  • Everyone gets really vocal on this topic because they assume Blacks are taking their spots. When the numbers show its Whites, especially legacy admissions, everyone gets really silent because it doesn't fit their narrative. You can't reference Thomas Sowell quotes then, so not as fun I guess. Mojojojo or whatever his name is, Mindy Kaling's fat bro, doesn't mention this at all because its not as marketable.

    Jay BlackJay Black14 dager siden
  • This whole personality rating I can definitely see what they are talking about.. so true

    fernydellacruzfernydellacruz16 dager siden
  • In all joe podcast I can see he doesnt like Asian people

    lemonnade Riderlemonnade Rider16 dager siden
  • A "deer shit omelet".......

    JeremyJeremy16 dager siden
  • Admissions decisions at Harvard is Chinese Exclusion Act 2.0

    TheHappychickadeeTheHappychickadee17 dager siden
  • It’s not alleged. It is straight up discrimination

    TheHappychickadeeTheHappychickadee17 dager siden
  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Mr Egg Shen, with this wonderful tour. Sit back and enjoy yourselves, see? Long time ago, Chinese men with gold-rush fever flooded into California. We call Gum Shan - Mountain of Gold, see? Leaving behind their wives and children. Working for years to complete the transcontinental railroad, saving all their pennies. And then they sent for their families to help build this beautiful Chinatown you see outside your window this fine warm day. -Egg Shen Bus Driver San Francisco China Town

    Mike CappelloMike Cappello17 dager siden
  • Okay but as a european we have no such thing as a personality test to get to a university, its so fucking absurd that it blows my mind. Its outraging how the same people who are against racism are against the idea of universities being dominated by asians, who JUSTLY deserve to be there. Those people just want blacks to get elevated to high social positions instead actually searching for reasons why black people are badly educated and helping them through that knowledge.

    kobietakobieta18 dager siden
  • Joe… interview Meet Kevin for California governor 🙏🏼

    BrandonBrandon18 dager siden
  • Russell Peters name-dropped more than anyone I’ve ever heard on Rogan’s podcast. Only one that I can remember even coming close was Neil Brennan. I haven’t watched this clip, nor am I referring to this clip. I’m talking about during the course of the whole episode. I’m currently about halfway through and it seems like Russell Peters can’t go more than a few minutes without smuggling which celebrities he hangs out with into the conversation.

    lvn4xlvn4x18 dager siden
  • I agree with the courage part tho!

    teddyliferteddylifer18 dager siden
  • Thomas Sowell is a grifter, and Joe is completely wrong about the Harvard case. They NEVER were discriminating against Asians. Best breakdown on the topic was by Hasan Minaj.

    Kingston HawkeKingston Hawke18 dager siden
  • On what planet is this? How can they sit there and pretend to not know if admission is based on race? If we can't even acknowledge things that are obvious...

    ThelmaThelma18 dager siden
  • This is all summed up by one word that im not sure how they managed to completely either forget or ignore, and that is mathematics.

    AnthonydoesYTAnthonydoesYT18 dager siden
  • For anyone who wants to know what’s happening at US Ivy League university’s nocds.info/border/video/k8ydi6R7qaKCqrE

    Graeme CreeganGraeme Creegan19 dager siden
  • What allegedly? Asians must have higher score than blacks and Hispanics.

    Kai ZhongKai Zhong19 dager siden
  • This is getting me harder than chinese arithmetic

    Jayyy667Jayyy66719 dager siden
  • American college admissions are a huge complex web of stuff. The lawsuit against harvard seemed to have support from people who wanted to screw over black people. Maybe just focus on grades, make it way cheaper and let in more kids?

    SuperKing604SuperKing60420 dager siden
  • Listen if you ignore the fact that the huge numbers of Chinese people is influencing things in the world I don't know what to tell you. The world can/must cater to the largest player base but a private institution doesn''t have to.

    Dennis GordonDennis Gordon20 dager siden
  • "Warrior" on HBOMAx is an awesome action/drama about SF Chinatown, exclusion act and gangsters in the 1870's. Shows the hardship and mistreatment that the Chinese had to go through in America and how somethings hasn't changed much. Bisping made a cameo in an episode.

    T128T12821 dag siden
  • The fact checking is a bit OTT. Thanks Spotify.

    G PowerG Power21 dag siden
  • The Irish were used in the exact same way

    Master of NoneMaster of None21 dag siden
  • Yo lemme in Harvard son, I got MAD RESPEKT ON MAH NAME, Let me in that bitch!

    Ser Arthur DayneSer Arthur Dayne21 dag siden
  • Fuck Harvard and all those old money schools. The democratized, decentralized, free flow of knowledge and information over the internet will eventually demolish all of the old institutions, old ways of education, and old ways of thinking. The internet is undefeated.

    James MauldinJames Mauldin22 dager siden
    • Yes common core diversity math and sub saharan iqs for all!!!!🥳✡🥳👃

      Jayyy667Jayyy66719 dager siden
  • who cares

    WTFWTF22 dager siden
  • It was the Manchu haircut, they had that in China before they were in America. Wasn't anyhthing to do with the trains haha.

    Mason BryantMason Bryant23 dager siden
  • How's China's discrimination against the rest of the Asia Pacific region

    Trigger TroyTrigger Troy23 dager siden
  • I still ain’t gon forget when CNN called us native americans something else during the election season last year 😭😭😂 funny guys huh

    zero_moon7zero_moon723 dager siden
  • Asian kids do typically score higher on standardized testing but I see that many assume affirmative action means more black kids. That is not true at all. Having formerly working for my university and Alma mater, affirmative action is actually applied to everyone. White kids, Latinos and others have benefited more often than one would think. Having seen GREs, MCATs and other test scores, I will bet money I could find some kids from Africa and the middle east that blow everyone away in test scores. I actually know several personally. The process of acceptance needs to be more transparent but don't just assume a black kid took your spot. I know for a fact, white women took several white guys spots in grad school.

    MartiMarti23 dager siden
  • Look how many dislikes lol Asians lol

    svt283svt28323 dager siden
  • He should get Thomas Sowell on the show

    Christopher CarterChristopher Carter23 dager siden
  • So are we going to speak about the Reparations Ronald Regan gave the Asian community in the 80s but P.O.C are still waiting for our history to be American History and Reparations for slavery.

    Elijah ThorntonElijah Thornton23 dager siden
  • Lol this is low key true. Asians are mad quiet, shy, boring and only about their grades. And black people are not as good in grades, but far louder, interesting, and social .

    djwestbrook36djwestbrook3623 dager siden
    • @Evan scorpio lol im talking about the asians and blacks in universities. Of course its generalizing and a little ignorant, but you do see the trend

      djwestbrook36djwestbrook3623 dager siden
    • Dude , you are generalizing ... There are so many asian countries and people from different asian countries are culturally different... To assume thar all asians are a certain way is ignorant, to assume all black people are one way is also ignorant. Some blacks care about their grades , some dont . Some finishing school is their priority and some not really. It has nothing to do with race , ethnicity. None of that

      Evan scorpioEvan scorpio23 dager siden
  • Forced diversity... they’re forced to let more black applicants in. In a middle school lately, they cancelled a higher learning program because it was primarily white, Asian and Indian students. They feared backlash that it would be falsely regarded as racist against African Americans even though it was just based on test scores 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Juan ScramboJuan Scrambo24 dager siden
  • I mean first-generation Asians are more likely to score higher than second-generation and each generation loses more points due to losing their beautiful root characters.

    Servant Of GodServant Of God24 dager siden
  • Chinese workers were taking over jobs during the the Railroads construction after the Civil War...so they made an immigration law...was it racist or simply a quota?...combination of both...

    CCphotographyCCphotography24 dager siden
  • Yeah you can have the best grades/scores and be in the most extra curricular activities but if you aren’t POPULAR and BRAVE enough…literally whatever that means…u out!!!!

    Its A LaughIts A Laugh24 dager siden
  • Crazy how this video is about Harvard admission practices that some Asians feel are discriminatory against... But somehow so many people in here find a way to write a bunch of ignorant comments about black people.

    Evan scorpioEvan scorpio24 dager siden
  • I'm sure that blacks were given easier tests, as well.

    Arnold Ernst TohtArnold Ernst Toht24 dager siden
  • I’m so glad he finally changed his studio, I couldn’t stand that red rocket bs.

    RaguRagu24 dager siden
  • Let's be clear- Asians were getting in to a lot of schools bc their parents were paying a ton of cash to get them over here and into american schools. The city colleges of New York(specifically designed for free or very low cost education for city residents)and NYU had a huge issue with this years ago. The discrimination was against the lower income kids who wouldn't be paying.

    _ Whatsername_ Whatsername24 dager siden
  • Joe "Imagine if a train comes by and catches your hair (before you've finished building the tracks)" Rogan

    Tony TuttleTony Tuttle24 dager siden
  • They wore their hair on the back their heads as Queue I believe it was because of the authoritarian rule they were under. It was mandated that all men wear their hair like that.

    多李多李24 dager siden
  • "Personal rating" is just a sham they set up so they can have a reason on paper to turn down Asians and accept blacks

    Melchior MagniMelchior Magni25 dager siden
  • A diverse campus just means less white people. They want to turn america into the new south africa.

    Endorphin machineEndorphin machine25 dager siden
  • I am gonna side with Harvard. A lot of those smart Asian kids have no personality and are manufactured good students courtesy of their overbearing parents. It is also laughable they bring up Andrew Yang, whose wife admitted in an interview that he had no game. I can understand why Asian women are into non-Asian men.

    KonaSilatKonaSilat25 dager siden
  • Why are white people not threatened by smart Asians? Do we need more victim mentality or what?

    crowbird213crowbird21325 dager siden
  • Please interview MEET KEVIN for governor of California!!!!!!!!!!!!!👀👀👀👀👀 Please for the future of our state/country!!! He is a NOcds/Entrepreneur

    wierd gamerwierd gamer25 dager siden
  • im convinced since they all look alike they're just sending 1 guy to take the tests for them and he scores100% everytime

    jibba jABBAjibba jABBA25 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan needs to start reading articles like he’s narrating a championship fight.

    Tyler BardTyler Bard25 dager siden
  • It means they require Asians to have higher SAT scores to qualify than whites or blacks, and blacks can have lower SAT scores than whites and still qualify.

    darkomen42darkomen4225 dager siden
  • I’m An Asian American, I went to college 20 years ago, it has been this way for us forever, the only thing we can do is not be bothered by these systemic racist policies and continue working hard, this impacts us getting to colleges, medical schools, law schools and getting jobs. 20 years ago my best friend was a poor Asian immigrant, was not admitted to Carnegie Mellon with SAT scores above their 75th percentile and valedictorian, there was a black guy in my class he was ranked barely in top 10%, with parents who were doctors, he got in with a sizable scholarship to the computer science school, which is their most selective program. I was also admitted with no scholarship, wanting to tour the school, I bought a bus ticket to Pittsburgh with my family and were given a brief 1 hour tour and that was it. At the same time, I saw that they were hosting “diversity weekend” where black and Hispanic people were hosted on campus for a weekend with free food and events, they had a left over box of Carnegie Mellon tshirts for the event, I asked if I could have one, they looked at me and said no. I decided right then and there to not enroll. Deep down I know it’s like this at all top schools. I wish this is not the case, but I had similar experiences going through MBA admissions and finding jobs. I did well regardless but it’s unfair.

    slick_jonesslick_jones25 dager siden
  • Can-A-Din... Canadian

    Adrian CAdrian C25 dager siden
  • How is Joe only finding out about this now?

    HaddockHaddock25 dager siden
  • Who wants to drive across a bridge engineered by a guy that got into college because he was a certain college?

    mothman mothmanmothman mothman25 dager siden
  • It was a form of subjugation placed upon the Han Chinese people after they were conquered by the Manchu people of lower Mongolia aka Manchuria, the Manchus then went on to create the last Imperial dynasty of China called the Qing dynasty which lasted from the mid 1600s to 1911 and they forced all Chinese people to wear the "braid" or queue hairstyle as a form of oppression because culturally the Han Chinese didn't believe in cutting their hair, they viewed long hair as a sign of honour, so it was a way for the Manchus to say well fuck you and your culture, you will now adopt our culture of shaving off half your head and tying the back into a plaited ponytail...hence why during the Xinghai revolution in 1911 when the Hans finally overthrew the Manchu led Qing Empire, they first rebelled by cutting their Queues and growing out their hair

    Waylon HickenWaylon Hicken25 dager siden
  • Some fortune 500 companies use "likeability" scores when force ranking employees for yearly reviews, been going on for years. Key word identifiers are also used as filtering criteria in applicant tracking software.

    Doug MillerDoug Miller26 dager siden
  • Just remember: the Biden admin dropped the cases against Harvard and Yale.

    Johnny AppleseedgateJohnny Appleseedgate26 dager siden
  • Harvard exposed for racist stereotypes, giving Asian Americans the lowest 'personality' scores. This is like 'holistic' admissions to keep Jews out a hundred years ago.

    Alvin LAlvin L26 dager siden
  • If they accepted more Asians they would lose their edge. It’s their distance from traditional Asian culture that makes it attractive.

    mishmohdmishmohd26 dager siden
  • The "black guy" running for NYC Mayor is Eric Adams, the current Brooklyn Borough President. He is a retired Captain from the NYPD.

    Kenneth AlexanderKenneth Alexander26 dager siden
  • Of course Harvard discriminates against asians. If they didn't, their whole student body would be asian. And you know what, thats not such a bad thing. If they earn it, let them in. If you aren't good enough, thats tough shit. Asian families (generally speaking) place a far greater value on education and being studious, than any other group of people in the world. If these white families, black families, latin families, etc, wanna produce Harvard caliber kids, they gotta step the fuck up when it comes to their expectations for their kids.

    Big Daddy RikkaBig Daddy Rikka26 dager siden
  • *In order to artificially inflate the enrollment numbers of less qualified and “under represented” ethnic/racial groups, universities have created new criteria on which to judge applicants which are HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE. In that subjectivity they can give lower scoring and less accomplished black and Latino students a higher rank to help them compete with higher academic scoring whites/Asians/jews. And this way, these elite universities don’t have to literally lower their objective standards of SAT scores and community service work and still get less qualified students in whom they’ve value for their skin pigment. They can just ignore the test scores and give different racial groups a crutch or a crippling disadvantage in the subjective personality style criteria and still maintain the air of objectivity and standards.* It’s racist, it’s gross, and an ironic twist is that it harms the exact people it’s aimed to help while harming many others as a matter of policy. Less qualified students have been proven to drop out at higher rates at elite colleges, when they could have gone to an appropriately challenging school and succeeded there... instead Harvard allows them in because they aren’t white or Asian, and these under qualified students fail more often, precisely because they aren’t qualified to be there. Opposed to the Wokē cults false outrage over faux-racism, affirmative action and any institution that uses race as a criteria for discrimination, are factually and categorically *INSTITUTIONALLY RACIST.* Many people realize this, but think that being racist against whites and Asians in favor of blacks and Latinos is somehow a just and fair kind of racism. We call these people racists.

    MellowtronMellowtron26 dager siden
  • Now the media gaslights with random attacks on Asians to cover up this very real discrimination

    Moss LindenMoss Linden26 dager siden
  • some Athletes GETS F, F , F F and still pass , i know someone that cut for a C- 2 semesters straight

    Takezo SanTakezo San26 dager siden
  • Asians are smart af ... they need a higher bar to jump over, or else Harvard would be mostly Asians. Let's not fake the funk lol

    Alan KentAlan Kent26 dager siden
  • Panderer

    Dominic FrenchDominic French26 dager siden
  • when u have a metric called "personality test" and a specific group of people receives scores disproportionately LOW compared to other group... aint that racism, doesnt that deserve as second look? If it were black... u know damn well EVERYONE would call it racist and discriminatory... and mind you... theres a huge score gap between what the Admission offiers give and what the Alumnis give... on the SAME METRIC... so u can "tell" me it's not racism but we know it is ... its just done behind closed door.

    cj youngcj young26 dager siden
  • I mean Harvard has done black only graduations so it's pretty obvious they are racist

    trever Brandtrever Brand26 dager siden
  • Knowing from first hand experience on how you can and will get treated in Asia I will tell you that you will be facing on a daily basis that passive aggressive and racist attitude they have towards many foreign people here of any race so I disagree on this one Mr. Rogan ... Asians have a clear line on a what a foreign person can and can not do in their country so they need to get treated equally when they are in our countries.... Harvard is going in the right direction on this one no doubt in my mind...!!!!

  • Apparently Harvard has never heard of the Purple Heart Brigade.

    Lance WestveerLance Westveer26 dager siden
  • Wow. What a fix. If any company did this they’d be fined before you could blink. It also does a disservice to the black community because it says even if you worked really hard and had good scores, everyone thinks you got in because Harvard has a race quota.

    Doctor LolchickenDoctor Lolchicken26 dager siden
  • LAST 🤬💩

    Scott SimonScott Simon26 dager siden
  • That criteria is vague… and HIGHLY subjective. But I guess meritocracy is a myth, regardless? Maybe not, just that some want it to be.

    Brett RemingtonBrett Remington26 dager siden
  • Some of the cases related to this you can find here if you wanna know more www.oyez.org/issues/155 Baake vs. California, Grutter v. Bollinger , Fisher v. University of Texas

    J NastyJ Nasty26 dager siden
  • Russell Peters!!! LOVE HIM.♥

    Katty KatKatty Kat26 dager siden
  • 6:46 So that's why the election was influenced in some red states. Guess negativity is infectious after all...

    SimGuntherSimGunther26 dager siden