Joe Calls Gordon Ryan "The Greatest Jiu-Jitsu Player"

Taken from JRE MMA Show #109:




  • Joe couldn't call out dunkin doughnuts.

    KRL ProductionsKRL Productions20 timer siden
  • Joe "Subliminals, but the greatest at nothing" Rogan

    Sand DunesSand DunesDag siden
  • White people age horribly, he's only 25? He looks 35

    Chris BlackChris BlackDag siden
  • Gordon Ryan would have been the best at 25 no matter who his coach was. That is how good GR is.

    Heb59Heb592 dager siden
    • Please, keep it down. I’m trying to sleep. -Walter

      WalterWalter2 dager siden
  • He’s like a mix of Josh Barnett and Ben Shapiro.

    MR.MR.3 dager siden
  • Inside his fanny pack is...back up rash guards

    Leo NguyenLeo Nguyen3 dager siden
  • I'm so glad this guy smokes everyone, competition jiujistu was getting so dumb

    Andrew KakaliaAndrew Kakalia3 dager siden
  • Just ran through dudes highlights & holy fukkk

    Joseph GreenJoseph Green4 dager siden
  • Gordon is the best bitch slapper and very good BJJ but far from being the best subgrappler .

    angel666angel6664 dager siden
    • @SomeRandomGuy don't get me wrong , I am Fan of Renzo and Ryan is the product of his Gym .

      angel666angel6663 dager siden
    • @SomeRandomGuy marcelo Garcia(He said he wants to comeback to competition) , Felippe Penna , Viny Magalhaes .

      angel666angel6663 dager siden
    • who's better than him in submission grappling?

      SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy4 dager siden
  • Is anyone listening to these on Spotify?

    Mark MMark M4 dager siden
  • 1:07 😂🤣🤣😂 yoooooooo that was so funny but so accurate!

    IzzyIzzy4 dager siden
  • phenomenal podcast

    Michael Maher ShowMichael Maher Show5 dager siden

    Jason Rangel87Jason Rangel875 dager siden
  • Gordon out here exposing JD's rashguard secrets

    abraham niangabraham niang5 dager siden
  • Joe rogan is more of a fan boy than anything else, how can you say he is the best ever only competing in no gi

    Alfons Porro i MartorellAlfons Porro i Martorell5 dager siden
  • If Gordon wants to be bigger than Roger Gracie, first he needs to win an ADCC by submitting all his opponents, and he needs to be world champion 10 times in Gi.

    EduardoEduardo5 dager siden
    • @Jesse White In a Roger Gracie vs. Gordon Ryan fight I put my money on Roger Gracie. Roger was only submitted one time in a jiu jitsu championship, when he was a blue belt and a juvenile

      EduardoEduardo4 dager siden
    • Where did you read that he wants to be bigger than Roger Gracie? The sport had evolved. The pioneers will forever be the greatest. But Gordon would destroy every single Gracie back to back to back to back....all Fkn day. He has attained a technical level far superior to anything we’ve ever seen.

      Jesse WhiteJesse White5 dager siden
  • Rickson by armbar

    3sidesofeve3sidesofeve6 dager siden
  • You know John has a rash guard in his fanny pack

    Adam moundAdam mound6 dager siden
  • He is the canelo of the bjj world. Seems to be unbeatable for eternity

    yilguyyilguy6 dager siden
  • I just discover that Gordon and Forrest galante have the same voice and similar faces they could be brothers lol

    Chris SullivanChris Sullivan7 dager siden
  • He is 0-2 against Felipe Pena...

    Bj ButtarsBj Buttars7 dager siden
  • How does Gordon stack up against Danis?

    Ed GhentEd Ghent8 dager siden
  • Did John danaher really wear a rashguard to Matt serra's wedding ? 🤔

  • I look old for 25 but goddamn hopefully those roids or hormones well balance out when his 35

    The DowThe Dow8 dager siden
  • Rogan turned on all of us, and should never be forgiven

    Stephen PrescottStephen Prescott8 dager siden
  • I’d put money on Jacob Bornemann taking him...he’s 18 or 19 and nobody can stop him. With right training you’ll be talking about him in the mma world

    wesley bornemannwesley bornemann8 dager siden
  • if Gordon learns his standup from Danaher I am calling him getting KO'd in the UFC, or becoming another Maya (submitting dudes but shit standup)

    M DM D8 dager siden
  • Marcelo Garcia is the BJJ goat.

    Go go Go goGo go Go go8 dager siden
  • Joe T-shirt is 3 sizes below his size....

    DMCM6DMCM68 dager siden
  • sucks you gotta have spotiy to watch full vids...shit lags like crazy

    HUSTLIN1139HUSTLIN11398 dager siden
  • Dinner date rash guard 💀I can't I just can't

    Alex TranAlex Tran9 dager siden
  • Felipe preguiça’s bitch !!! 😂😂😂😂

    matheusmpmatheusmp9 dager siden
  • So a wrestlers mind set? finish? copy..

    Brian BarbionBrian Barbion9 dager siden
  • I guarantee there is a guy somewhere in an obscure gym who would rip this guy's arm off or choke him into nap time.That's a fact!

    Djenne SirusDjenne Sirus9 dager siden
  • He lost to Felipe “Preguiça” twice. How is he the GOAT?????????

    Felipe CarvalhoFelipe Carvalho9 dager siden
  • Not yet

    Maria Eugenia PinheiroMaria Eugenia Pinheiro9 dager siden
  • Without John and steroids let's be real......

    CIACIA9 dager siden
  • Till the kid loses....than he is not anymore. He already lost as many times as the certain top guys. Twice for the same guy on the same way saying the same shit he always say.Rogan is such a nice guy and the way he gets passionate about certain things sometimes is funny.

    LucasBDCLucasBDC9 dager siden
    • how many of the top guys have been submitted only once in their entire career other than Gordon?

      SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy4 dager siden
  • I've been following Gordon for about 2 years but I gotta admit, he was an internet troll there for a bit... And he came off that way in the podcast as well.. one of the best in the jiujitsu world for sure tho..

    RawnRawn9 dager siden
  • John and peds,don’t forget to thank them too

    Garcia PedroGarcia Pedro9 dager siden
  • Guy looks 33

    Michael A.I.Michael A.I.10 dager siden
  • who tf is this one cares

    LiamLiam10 dager siden
  • - "that's crazy" - "yeah" (stops the video)

    Alvaro RodriguezAlvaro Rodriguez10 dager siden
  • Is Gordon considered the best for both No Gi and Gi or only No Gi? I know he competes No Gi but idk if he does any Gi or not.

    Shaun BangShaun Bang10 dager siden
  • Too bad he loves the Q

    Jakub HofstraJakub Hofstra10 dager siden
  • Alright alright lol

    Zachary MitchellZachary Mitchell10 dager siden
  • Gordon Vs. Werdum. Submission ONLY...

    Art King Of WholeFoodsArt King Of WholeFoods10 dager siden
  • I've been watching some Gordan Ryan vids, and I am freaking impressed.

    C DavisC Davis10 dager siden
  • 25 ? “Nigga ya look 30 “

    Emma HEmma H10 dager siden
  • Haha Danaher stories are always hilarious.

    Pro Fights InfoPro Fights Info10 dager siden
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      Jellybea thenewoneJellybea thenewone6 dager siden
  • There's more to life than fuking ju jitsu

    Chris OrobelloChris Orobello10 dager siden
  • learn from John Danaher, dont try to be someone else be yourself

    CMDR MawortzCMDR Mawortz10 dager siden
  • Do y’all think there was a friendly roll after the show?

    Ivan ValenzIvan Valenz10 dager siden
  • Is it just me or did Joe kind of act like the chunky high school girl talking to the star quarterback in this pod?

    Tom HearnsTom Hearns10 dager siden
  • Rumor has it John Danaher doesn’t own a single shirt.

    ArodArod10 dager siden
  • PENA statement "i won 2x why would i fight him a 3º time"

    Rico MonteRico Monte10 dager siden
  • You can tell he hangs out with Danaher all the time because he's picking up the accent.

    Andrew CahillAndrew Cahill10 dager siden
  • joe "he's such an odd duck" rogan

    LisleLisle10 dager siden
  • Yankees forgot about Vieira, Barral, Lo, Roger Gracie, Marcelinho Garcia, even Galvão. But yankee tarnish Br reputation because new kid slapped someone and got away with it and he yankee like yankee Joe Rogan so he the best p4p because america.

    Peanut butter in the arm pitsPeanut butter in the arm pits10 dager siden
  • Date rash guard hahahahaha

    joey degsjoey degs10 dager siden
  • Get Connor On the Podcast

    The NorthEast GuyThe NorthEast Guy10 dager siden
  • Didn’t get head last night so I asked her “why would you ignore 50% of the human body “

    Alex BlankenshitAlex Blankenshit10 dager siden
  • So for the uninformed person such as me, where does prime Roger Gracie rank now on the all time list?...

    flatlinerkingflatlinerking10 dager siden
  • Definitely need a date night rash guard. Cause we rollin!

    Mr. SelfMr. Self10 dager siden
  • Greatest Jiu jitsu player who doesn't dare to fight with a Gi? What a joke

    Camilo VadilloCamilo Vadillo10 dager siden
  • Been out of the loop with the show So he left NOcds in LA and went to Spotify in Texas? So where is he now as this isnt the studio I saw a few months ago??

    lee Tlee T10 dager siden
  • I'm always hesitant about Rogan's praises after calling Rousey the greatest he's ever seen and his constant boner for Cain Velasquez.

    Andrew LeAndrew Le10 dager siden
  • Maybe John gets really bad rashes 🤔

    Hunter ThompsonHunter Thompson10 dager siden
  • Is he better then marcelo At his prime

    E MelE Mel10 dager siden
  • I didn’t realize he was 25, holy crap

    Matt DurbinMatt Durbin10 dager siden
  • Felipe Pena 2-0

    Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson10 dager siden
  • Didnt he also praise ronda?

    Maurice overheulMaurice overheul10 dager siden
  • No way he is 25

    Piyush GaudPiyush Gaud10 dager siden
  • Marcelo Garcia is p4p the best ever in grappling. Rickson is equal if not next, then Ryan.

    Luis ClaudioLuis Claudio10 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂 no

      SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy4 dager siden
  • Prob insulin in that fanny pack

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith10 dager siden
  • Gordon Ryan vs Khabib in a grappling match. Who wins?

    Dias ZinurinDias Zinurin10 dager siden
    • Ryan

      SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy4 dager siden
  • Essentially what Gordon Ryan described when he was describing the difference between their jiu-jitsu and everyone else's, is jiu-jitsu with a wrestling mindset.

    M.S. BartM.S. Bart10 dager siden
  • John definitely doesn't care if his people do steroids, but to be on the level you need them because everyone does them at the highest level.

    GrappIerGrappIer10 dager siden
  • I wish joe would get degrasse Tyson and Eddie bravo on for a podcast. That would be absolute chaos

    Poppy HarlowPoppy Harlow11 dager siden
  • So...there's definitely two rashguards inside John's fanny pack, right?

    puffyshirt681puffyshirt68111 dager siden
  • Ryan hall too

    Royal FlushRoyal Flush11 dager siden
  • mate you need to bring Travis S. Taylor in your show and talk skinwalker ranch ...

    ARIFARIF11 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan you must host Garry Wills. Upvote please

    Ed OrwenEd Orwen11 dager siden
  • Joe get rudy reyes on your podcast

    John DePaoloJohn DePaolo11 dager siden
  • Fuck he's saucy. J.D is a james Bond villain that does not die at the end. Gordon your the best brother, the best. Blessings from Seattle

    Merihim SolomonMerihim Solomon11 dager siden
  • Ryan "Kind of Natty" Gordon

    Amir HAmir H11 dager siden
  • Been waiting for this for years. Joe please do a podcast with the entire Danaher death squad in the podcast. I think group podcasts could be fun

    optimusprime699optimusprime69911 dager siden
  • Ryan is the best right now but Roger is the GoAT. I would like to see Gordon face Buchecha again. Reminder: Roger came out of retirement and destroyed Buchecha in 2017

    dudeLaurencedudeLaurence11 dager siden
    • @Carpinmerlo Loza 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

      angel666angel6664 dager siden
    • Gordon beats Roger in No Gi. 10 out of 10 times

      Carpinmerlo LozaCarpinmerlo Loza7 dager siden
    • Roger is the Gi Goat..... Gordon is the NO GI goat.

      Carpinmerlo LozaCarpinmerlo Loza7 dager siden
  • How about Ryan Hall?

    Journeyman JeffreyJourneyman Jeffrey11 dager siden
  • Joe Rohan fuck you’re trashy content

    Daenarys TargaryenDaenarys Targaryen11 dager siden
  • its cute that joe rogan still think people care about jiu jitsu

    donald pumpdonald pump11 dager siden
  • No way he's better than Travis Lutter, the Michael Jordan of BJJ

    Fedor FergusonFedor Ferguson11 dager siden
  • Joe is a 100% wrong, he is a Submission wrestler, Roger Gracie is the Greatest, you have to wear the Gi.

    Jake RyanJake Ryan11 dager siden
  • Gordon Ryan ain't all that good.... now that dude dillon danis that's a real fighter he's the real p4p fighter on earth

    Skyler WSkyler W11 dager siden
  • Why does everyone say this guy is on roids? He's not obnoxiously big or anything. Weird.

    C CC C11 dager siden
  • Forgot Roger Gracie?

    H NordmanH Nordman11 dager siden
  • Dillon Dannis somewhere punching the air right now

    Michael HenriksenMichael Henriksen11 dager siden
  • Terrible personality tho lol Not someone you can look up to

    Vercingetorix AvernianVercingetorix Avernian11 dager siden
  • WOt? WhO is this Gordon Ramsay? Khabib will maul him

    d3monMnk3yd3monMnk3y11 dager siden
    • @SomeRandomGuy it's a imitation of Khabib fans you dumb casual

      d3monMnk3yd3monMnk3y4 dager siden
    • Casual

      SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuy4 dager siden
  • Dillon Danis is fuming

    Rolando NavarroRolando Navarro11 dager siden