Joe & GSP Talk About Aliens, Lost Knowledge

Taken from MMA Show w/Georges St-Pierre:




  • Human beings are the only thing on this planet with free will. Animals have instinct .

    Exiled EntityExiled Entity26 minutter siden
  • 14:46 eternals trailer

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  • I miss the youtube days, spotify just doesnt work as well, last time i tried to watch the podcast (i prefer full podcasts to clips) spotify glitched and just played endless ads after no joke over 5 minutes of ads without the podcast even playing I just gave up on watching

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  • So, if we were altered by alien beings, maybe they have video of some of our ancient history so we can actually see what was going on back then! One of my passions is to witness our lost history. Probably never happen, but that would be awesome.

    Old manOld man7 timer siden
  • They was talking to him But not with words They must have those D.W skillzs

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  • Gsp with hair😭😭😭😭

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  • Those who have been abducted by aliens have been really abducted by the human group formerly known as Majestic 12 in recreation UFOs, reverse engineered like what Bob Lazar did. real ETs don't need us. although, they want us to stos tests of thermonuclear weapons in space. As for Walton's situation i don't know. i've heard about it though on Ozark Mountain Publishing's NOcds Page.

    Angelina RobertAngelina Robert23 timer siden
  • Joe has 100.000.000 reason to say fuck NOcds

    Greg FromanGreg FromanDag siden
  • I like how he said that withing the supposed 300,000 years of homosapians existence that within 12,000 to 10,000 greatworks and actual evidence of design structures appear. Almost as if the Bible is accurate. I believe the earth is about 150 to 200k years old. Not billions. Possibly even less than the numbers I gave. But archeology doesnt lie

    William RodriguesWilliam RodriguesDag siden
  • In that song "The Sound of Silence" there's a lyric... people talking without speaking.... why would that be in there... there's a lot of little anomalies like that in culture... I always think why's that there is it a clue for something....

    Kylene GouldKylene GouldDag siden
  • Who's to say Jesus wasn't an astronaut from another planet - AKA an alien . It's all about interpretation .

    Dee ThompsonDee ThompsonDag siden
  • Not only the library of Alexandra but there's a old Chinese emperor that burnt a whole library as well..

    ApotheosisApotheosisDag siden
  • In every little lie (from the government) is a little bit of truth

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  • Greek fire or ancient Napalm

    Scott McaneneyScott McaneneyDag siden
  • How can ANYONE believe the ancient EGYPTIANS 4,500 years ago built the Pyramids of Giza. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They are NOT 4,500 years old. They are MUCH OLDER.

    Michael TammaroMichael Tammaro2 dager siden
  • Greek Fire has been replicated. It was a secret naval weapon that was used to set ships on fire, and was able to burn on top of the water similar to oil but sticky like napalm...

    Wormillion OWWormillion OW2 dager siden
  • George is a fighter and a thinker what a interesting man.

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  • No idea of when Gobekli Tepe was built. They only tested the dirt an found it was buried 12,000 years ago

    Phillup AbowlPhillup Abowl2 dager siden
  • So the Eternals movie is based on a true story.

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  • Joe, let's go on a an exposition, check out the Incas structures, etc. Everyone are offspring of aliens my dude.

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  • Anyone that says the word alien is looked at as crazy so people who have made contact won’t talk,I understand now.

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  • gsp is such a goofy character. lots of layers to his personality

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    • Totally the worst to talk about this topic

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  • F that horrific platform you are on now joe.

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  • Fuck he talks so much shit lol off topic made up scenarios to argue and too many mushrooms 🍄

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  • I was told that the truth of the library of Alexandria is that it did burn but it was was lake of interest and money that brought it's original end. Most of the text had been repositioned to other libraries and what had remained were text that could not be read because of the degradation and age. Lack of interest killed it not the burning

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  • Don't worry the anal probes won't hurt. You'll enjoy it.

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  • Joe's new studio looks like the gravitron, the carnival ride when we were kids.

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  • The book is called "when world's collide. "

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  • Joe “I’m not coming back to NOcds because you guys give me middle names” Rogan

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  • Spotify is free go get it and stop saying come back to youtube its never going to happen they paid him a 100 mill.and still made it free fuck man its free ,free

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  • Greek fire is pretty fascinating. GSP is a smart fella. I have even more respect for him after listening to this short blurb and hearing about the things he’s also pondered over time... good stuff!

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  • Joe Rogan ; you'll get literally 10X - 20X the amount of viewers & a WAY more engaged viewership on THE DAMN NOcds THAN THIS OUT IN THE STICKS SPOTIFY . You've alienated more than you've gained

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  • As a general contractor, I chuckle anytime someone starts claiming any structure is perfect. Nothing is perfect. The pyramids weren't either and yes you could absolutely makeup differences at the top if the foundation was off. You cheat dimensions on each course. They knew what they were doing. Aliens didn't build it.

    LibertyLiberty3 dager siden
  • Whatever they smokin! Must good be stuff

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    • Good stuff, lol

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  • This makes sense at about 5:30. Earth isn't a fit habitat for humans - we're always invasive to it. Maybe "Eden" is really the destroyed planet we came from? The first "day" (era) of creation in the Bible introduces us to a world before the sun, and later the story says mankind was thrown out of their native world into a harsher and less suitable one.

    My2CentsMy2Cents3 dager siden
  • There's research being done now saying the pyramids probably generated electricity and that's why they were made the way they were.

    My2CentsMy2Cents3 dager siden
  • and how specific genes have been seamlessly added about 300,000 years ago that help us maintain a higher level of thinking and better physical characteristics better suited to manual labor.

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  • I have spotify, how do i watch them live?

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  • Aha clearly GPS has listened to every Graham Hancock episode for sure (as we all did too!)

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  • Joe "yasss" Rogan

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  • Ill go with you to see the Pyramids Joe. Get the tickets

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  • Joe, just wait til you see the Valley of the Kings, and Queens!

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  • Think of earth species present on a pyramid chart, the levels below have limited comprehension of more intelligent species higher up on the pyramid, we are not at the top, it’s not aliens ✌️

    Matt PriceMatt Price4 dager siden
  • For the people who are interested in learning about our ancient history as well as the Anunnaki start researching Sumer, Assyria, and Babylon. Also, listening to Erik Von Daniken, Gerald Clark, Matthew LaCroix, and of course the GOAT himself, Zacharia Sitchen.

    BabylonkidBabylonkid4 dager siden
  • What if the pyramids were just modelled all the way to the top by using a mixture of these stones and pouring it into a rectangular shape? What if the workers used a stair or something like scaffolding and built the stones up, maybe that's why they are so perfect P.S. sorry for my bad English

    Radina AgaevaRadina Agaeva4 dager siden
  • What Joe was talking about in the first minute about the future on our communication is in Warhammer 40k universe lore on how the Adeptus Mechanicus people+machines of Mars communicate with each other somewhat. It is wireless, and it is in digital code, and it is instant.

    TheAverlornTheAverlorn5 dager siden
  • Telepathic or good ears. Which ever is which. They or who ever it is communicating and give instructions

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  • Why did you go to Spotify? Spotify is awful. Just bite the bullet and come back to your home. You need your home.

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  • Let's really really hope the aliens aren't like us!!!

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  • An alien ant farm!

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  • GSP has seen all of Joe's videos on this topic, ha

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  • Dude Joe is a jacked up dude I didn't realize how big he truly is until now lol

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  • 1:38 -- It took him more than two minutes to finish his point. That was painful.

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  • Every stoned conversation

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  • Gsp is soo smart its just the way he talks makes him come across slow or something but nah he far from it. He was soo smart even whilst fighting..

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  • They used scarab beetles 🪲 the wings levitate.....

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  • THE MERCENARY NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ........................................................................................................MARCH OR DIE

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  • Miss ya Joe! Spotify 👎

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  • I am literally unable to watch any of Joe's videos on Spotify. Especially on mobile and ps5 Spotify app.

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  • What did I do this time?

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  • I've had telepathic communication with ets since November lol

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  • Humans aren't capable enough to build the pyramids, they can't even come close today with all they're modern day 'technology'... it was somebody else..

    M BM B7 dager siden
  • Joe is making a big deal about element 115. it is not that big deal. We are always trying to get more heavier elements. What Lazar described was a stable version of 115 and we don't have that. I can also prophesize element 119 for example and one day some lab will synthesize it. Does it mean alien told me this element exist?

    Giovanni SantostasiGiovanni Santostasi7 dager siden
  • There are extraterrestrials/inter-dimensional beings. With that said, the whole Sitchin theory has issues and I question his translations. If humans were seeded on earth to mine gold then why is all the gold that humans mined STILL ON EARTH AND IN THE POSSESSION OF HUMANS THOUSANDS OF YEARS LATER? Lol.

    1231231231237 dager siden
  • I believe that we human beings are Alien-Human hybrids and there are a plethora of evidence to point to this being possible.

    Victor Theocharides EntertainmentVictor Theocharides Entertainment7 dager siden
  • Imagine all the knowledge we lost during the Holocaust. There was a Jewish scientist who was doing good research on dementia, but he got smoked, and Dr Alzheimer got to carry on and make his mark on so many broken brains. You need to interview Jason Karlawish if you haven't already

    Kendra HollidayKendra Holliday7 dager siden
  • Drugs

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  • Very impressed with JSP!

    Miloš GvozdenovićMiloš Gvozdenović7 dager siden
  • Gsp is a real genuine guy.

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  • there's high tech hidden very deep in the ground... from long long ago.... they used to mine on the moon, if you look at the moon you will see excavated areas that are completely flat, and you can see giants inside some of the craters; covered with a bunch of dust and such; it was bombed and they were trying to hide. humans wiped themselves out before.......................... humans are silly...........humans are the degenerates of intelligent species. ^_^ haahaa i play

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  • someone cut off one of the heads at abu simbel. someone knocked over stonehenge. someone knows time travel

    ZeaL OrDyLZeaL OrDyL8 dager siden
  • Wow how he’s changed, just a few years ago he was roasting Tom Delonge for believing the videos he got the fed to admit were real and how conspiracies are dumb, now he’s all waxing poetic about them

    Gabriel SeguraGabriel Segura8 dager siden
    • @UltraSteelios2010 sorry for lack of context, it was the Travis Barker interview where he was roasting him and trying to get Travis to bad mouth him.

      Gabriel SeguraGabriel Segura6 dager siden
    • He wasn't roasting him for believing anything. He was roasting him for his incredible lack of conversational skills.

      UltraSteelios2010UltraSteelios20107 dager siden
  • Well fax machines and stealth fighter jets and more came from area51 so maybe they were reverse engeneering something.. or they have very2x smart guys in there that just comes up with smart shit every other year

    leslie alcantaraleslie alcantara8 dager siden
  • The sun powers and enriches everything on this planet it is the most important life source besides water... if the sun hurts you or causes you harm in any way you are not from here👨🏼☀️👽

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    • do you understand ultraviolet rays and how they could be harmful to your health lol 😂

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  • Baby come back!

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  • I would pay a significant amount of money to have a 30 minute conversation with joe Rogan

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  • you say telepathy is the future.... i'd go as far as saying we're the only creature on earth that doesn't already do it as a primary method of communication.

    WisekoffWisekoff8 dager siden
  • Ion fux wit spiKKKs lyk dis dude 🤷🏿‍♂️

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  • It’s a 6,000 year old religion that is practiced today such as nasa. Babylonian

    M EM E9 dager siden
  • Thinking that special kind of fire they used in Game of Thrones (Forget the name) is most definitely based on Greek Fire.

    Dan DelVecchio - GuitaristDan DelVecchio - Guitarist9 dager siden
  • What LOST knowledge?! There is who knows how many books in the Vatican Palace,ur restricted to see the actual secret library.

    brick teabrick tea9 dager siden
  • Just Like Alexandria, Nalanda in India was burnt..9million books were burnt in 1193 ...You know who were they....enemy of all wisdom..Even in current times same philosophy is the cause of maximum unrest all over the world

    Pranav TendulkarPranav Tendulkar9 dager siden
  • Maybe we keep getting wiped out by the aliens because we are a failed science experiment. Percentage-wise, our species is a virus. We kill everything without thought to any other species or think beyond any future other than our own lifespan.

    John TexanJohn Texan9 dager siden
  • Greek Fire was just a huge magnifying glass. They focused on the ships sails and would catch fire.

    Kronos BladeKronos Blade9 dager siden
  • Didn't Captain America kick this guy into a coma?

    Skynet1Skynet19 dager siden
  • wisdom from the bobble head

    Joshua A MartinJoshua A Martin10 dager siden
  • The Greek fire recipe we can do without !

    Lorraine Enman-EldredLorraine Enman-Eldred10 dager siden
  • Lmao, i remember this "sex with yourself" guy from years ago.

    AllostasisAllostasis10 dager siden
  • Humanity was not less intelligent in the past. We have not evolved in the past 10 thousand years. Technology is different today, but one technology builds the next.

    CuriousCollectionCuriousCollection10 dager siden
  • GSP is like the Van Damme I wanted to witness as a fighter. Js

    Judith EsparzaJudith Esparza10 dager siden
  • The scriptures (I noticed he neglected the biblical flood when speaking of an astriod or disease wipping out the people of that time) speak of angels disobeying God, falling and making children with the daughters of men. They are called the nephilim, human and spiritual being hybrids that were on earth before and after the flood. Imagine the understanding and what they could share (pyramids are all over the earth, another stonehenge is under lake Michigan) if they were in the presence of God. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ, entertaining these things as good is unwise.

    Jordan WeirJordan Weir10 dager siden
  • Look at the artificial fusion in Human Chromosome #2. The Anunnaki did that.

    Matt SaperoMatt Sapero10 dager siden
  • It’s actually 200,000 year old humanity which matches perfectly to the Anunnaki creation of humankind in south east Africa, along the river where the gold was processed and sent back up to the sacred cities where Iraq is today. Read Sitchin.

    Matt SaperoMatt Sapero10 dager siden
  • Gobekli Tepe is another Anunnaki construction. The same goes for Puma Punku.

    Matt SaperoMatt Sapero10 dager siden
  • The Great Pyramid is an Anunnaki construction. It encodes dozens of earth and space mathematics.

    Matt SaperoMatt Sapero10 dager siden
  • The debunkers at Sitchin is Wrong are lying quacks. Sitchin was right. His critics nitpick BS and most of them think that aliens are demons and angels. Just complete garbageheads.

    Matt SaperoMatt Sapero10 dager siden
  • Didn't recognize GSP with the hair. Living the goodlife post mma clearly a big ancient archeology fan.

    BigMug BobBigMug Bob11 dager siden
  • Some deep shit! Crazy the technology they had millions of years ago 👽

    Misael PartidaMisael Partida11 dager siden
  • I can watch these two all day!! Also, I found about some incredible ancient scriptures like Mahabharata, and the lost Ark, Egyptian History, Ramayana and Pomaponcu or something GSP said. These are just things that are unknown and very few people actually opens their mind to dive into these vast ancient knowledge .

    EthanEthan11 dager siden
  • Good listening!

    craig cascraig cas11 dager siden