Joe List's Scary Altercation in Downtown Austin

Taken from JRE w/Joe List:




  • did he say "vernacular"? Wow, Joe!

    Weblight StudioWeblight Studio5 minutter siden
  • That's what happens when you tolerate everything.

    taytoe cheepstaytoe cheeps46 minutter siden
  • Joe rogan please pull some gear heads on and talk about the RPMact

    Trevor FitzTrevor Fitz7 timer siden
  • Red river st is lit lol

    H8yden cha0ticH8yden cha0tic8 timer siden
  • My last two years on the road I was trucked. In late, out early, big savings. My wife didn’t like me saying I was homeless when we had two homes. 😂

    Seriously You jest?Seriously You jest?9 timer siden
  • Leave it to libtards to ruin a whole town in Texas.

    marna lammarna lam12 timer siden
  • Black guys bullying nerdy white guys at night? Never heard of that before.

    James PowersJames PowersDag siden
  • Run if you can. Get F out of the unpredictable zone.

    9 Of 99 Of 9Dag siden
  • Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

    TheModer8terTheModer8terDag siden
  • And people wonder why cops treat blacks like shit, treat people how you want to be treated

    MrRubixOfficialMrRubixOfficialDag siden
  • These type of people never act alone! Always 2-4 on 1 (my personal experience).

  • Joey Rogan said it was ok to wimp out ??

    paul VONpaul VON2 dager siden
  • Glad I experienced downtown Austin before it turned to complete shit

    Steven RandallSteven Randall2 dager siden
  • it sucks how shitty down town atx has gotten in the last few years.

    r0cd0xr0cd0x2 dager siden
  • My teachers always said the best self defense coach is a track coach

    Dczero50Dczero502 dager siden
  • By the way, you're also racist if you walk down the sidewalk and don't move.

    Gary SugarmanGary Sugarman2 dager siden
  • No housing insecure is what Democrats are calling them homeless loser crack heads

    j johnsonj johnson2 dager siden
  • Joe really has it out for the homeless eh?

    L ML M2 dager siden
  • It's nit a scary story compared to shit everyday people go through everyday. I just realized what if L.A. is dope right now? Ik joe and all these comedians say it's dead, but aside from the Store, when did Joe walk the LA streets?

    T ObeT Obe2 dager siden
  • Austin... ruined by democrats. Just like how they ruined L.A which is now a toilet. Everything the left touches turns to crap..

    robert wheatleyrobert wheatley3 dager siden
  • Welcome to liberal promoted racist America.

    brasco96 wiredbrasco96 wired3 dager siden
  • Why did i watch this?

    Gonzo DeekGonzo Deek3 dager siden
  • Don’t go down there looking normal with no tattoos or anything lol. You gotta look like you ain’t taking any shit , then they won’t bother with you . Good times in the ATX ! 😂

    Shawn R WShawn R W3 dager siden
  • "He who learns to run away... lives to fight another day" Bob Marley

    Thru the VeilThru the Veil3 dager siden
  • Walk like you've been there. Also, don't be tiny like him.

    bpstylesbpstyles4 dager siden
  • It's good. He was aware, he got away.

    John 427John 4274 dager siden
  • Geez come to Portland Oregon...its way way worse and an unhappy place. The shootings here are unbelievable.

    Lisa DLisa D4 dager siden
  • lol vote the jokers out of local offices and this crap will fix itsself magically

    matthew williamsmatthew williams4 dager siden
  • OMG he almost died, really scary when black people get so close to you like that.

    ChrisChris4 dager siden
  • White Guy: sees 2 black guys and gets scared. Black Guys: immediately violent confront white guy for no reason. White Guy: runs away (I HOPE IM NOT RACIST)

    McDuffy O’ConnorMcDuffy O’Connor4 dager siden
  • Wow moves out of CA for the same reasons. I find it hilarious.

    N MarrsN Marrs4 dager siden
  • Look Brah I'm As Black As They Come, Locs An All But If I Get The Wrong Feeling About People Approaching Ima Move Around If Possible. That Isn't Racism, Thats Human Instinct. It Definitely CAN Be But I Feel 90% It's Probably Not

    Cortez The InfiniteCortez The Infinite5 dager siden
  • Rogan, you left California, but you moved to San Francisco! Of all the great places to live in Texas, you chose the worst.

    theycallme hoipilloitheycallme hoipilloi5 dager siden
  • Chris Hedges wrote a book about the hollowing out of America. This has been going on incrementally. There are homeless camps everywhere. Just remember, we were busy spending trillions on unconstitutional warfare making the Military Industrial Complex rich!!!

    DutchessDutchess5 dager siden
  • what wimp he ran? he should have stayed and got his ass kicked.

    Inside JobInside Job5 dager siden
  • Sounds like this guy ran into some typical thugs, your martial arts won't help you kid! Grow up & become legally armed citizen to defend yourself from those typical thugs!

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson6 dager siden
    • Those people are typical thugs!

      Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson6 dager siden
  • they're called BUMS

    The Man Who Killed KennyThe Man Who Killed Kenny6 dager siden
  • yay. This sounds like America , for sure . ( wt actual f?)

    jeffery van williamsjeffery van williams6 dager siden
  • classic Rogan siding with a guest. We know Rogan would be a hardo if it was an mma guy or Jocko lmaoooo

    Kainoa's DadKainoa's Dad6 dager siden
  • All of the bleeding hearts who support defunding the police and block tough measures for violent street criminals should be made to spend a long night in a place like this trying to go to a bar or restaurant. They should bring their kids too!

    Jonathan WJonathan W6 dager siden
  • Sounds like a beautiful place to move your family to.. stupid af

    Mr JMr J6 dager siden
  • This is why I don't go downtown anymore. It's crazy!!!

    The VeGunnThe VeGunn6 dager siden
  • Offer booze and drugs, Joe new he would have to lievin this interview up somehow.

    Squash HeadSquash Head6 dager siden
  • What a surprise, another liberal dominated city overrun with homelessness and crime.

    Zach MartinezZach Martinez6 dager siden
  • Black folks been on some racist shit lately

    Dj_Crazy TorroDj_Crazy Torro6 dager siden
  • Glock or Sig ? Never go anywhere unless you’re carrying. EDC WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE & ANYONE WHO IS WITH YOU. Fuck these degenerate scumbags, carry a firearm & force them to move out of your fucking way.

    DogSoldier777DogSoldier7777 dager siden
  • Great story It made me smile 😃

    Eric SmithEric Smith7 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan is not welcome in Texas. Do you hear me, Joe ?????? Move the fuck back to California.

    Konservative Kirby VIKonservative Kirby VI7 dager siden
  • Way to go liberal Austin! Good fucking job turning a great town into L.A.

    Adub DubblAAdub DubblA7 dager siden
  • Don't think it qualifies as an altercation though.

    CasparCaspar7 dager siden
  • Trust your gut. It is the result of millions of years of survival. Despite the love everybody message of liberal media

    yootoober49yootoober497 dager siden
  • The useful beet atypically attract because building generically cough via a thoughtful freezer. rural, brave crime

    mydo nerlermydo nerler7 dager siden
  • Austin went to shit in 2013.

    Chad WheelerChad Wheeler7 dager siden
  • *Texan here... We don't claim Austin*

    john Draperjohn Draper7 dager siden
  • When you can't even walk down a public street, especially an iconic street such as Sixth Street in Austin, TX it's time to shut it down and get the hell out. America is becoming a shit-hole.

    Peter RutkowskiPeter Rutkowski8 dager siden
  • Captial Shithole, Texas

    Wendy KnoxWendy Knox8 dager siden
  • The Vulcan Gas Co. I was there in 68 or 69. 18 ~ I thought that club was the bomb. I was like a want to be little hippie dipshit from Memphis.😂😂😂😂.

    Larry ProfferLarry Proffer8 dager siden
  • Well that is stereotyping

    Charles AlstonCharles Alston8 dager siden
  • I've got giant security in my shoulder harness.....I will cap a pos at the drop of a hat...last time I hesitated, I lost the use of my legs for 18 months due to the beating....Yea Baby...I'll be your huckleberry

    John CampbellJohn Campbell8 dager siden
  • Ne'er do Well = Starving. Slowmfknlearners....

    Atomus BlissAtomus Bliss8 dager siden
  • You guys don’t get it… the poor disadvantaged people need our help…. Say rich people who can avoid ever having to walk downtown while the average person suffers from this horrible policy

    Brian TerryBrian Terry8 dager siden
  • I found a website about 13 years ago called No Nonsense Self Defense from a guy who called himself Mac Animal Miller. He said he rumbled with street people on Sunset Boulevard in LA in the 70s and 80s, knew first hand how dangerous and how quickly any given situation could turn, and had worked with police departments across America and Canada on how to hone their street smarts. His advice was - and I'm paraphrasing - It doesn't matter how tough you think you are, it doesn't matter how skilled you think you are, it doesn't matter what martial art or fighting style or combat technique you know or think you know, the best thing you can do is learn how to tell when a situation is dangerous and then GET OUT. He always made the point that even if you win the fight, there will more than likely be legal ramifications that can potentially impact you for life. It's just not worth it.

    Klaus MüllerKlaus Müller8 dager siden
  • A good ending to the story would have been he tells Joe that he fucked up the 2 black racist dudes

    Girthy 10 incherGirthy 10 incher9 dager siden
  • Just call them lazy,worthless parasites.!

    misterx1978misterx19789 dager siden
  • You cant fight bullets

    Girthy 10 incherGirthy 10 incher9 dager siden
  • Texas is turning into California - Way to go.

    bioxplodebioxplode9 dager siden
  • to think i was on 6th street summer 2019 and had a great time.

    Dennis GordonDennis Gordon9 dager siden
  • The problem with running is that feeling of helplessness and cowardice that comes afterwards. I did a similar thing years ago and the feeling stayed with me for years. Literally. I ate at me daily. I developed anger issues and paranoia. I just couldn’t shake it. I promised myself that I would never run from anybody or anything ever again. I found myself in a similar situation in a pub years later after getting cornered by two guys in the toilet cubicle. They wanted my phone and my money. I instantly head-butted the guy directly Infront of me and followed with and elbow immediately afterwards. Dude was out cold with a broken nose before he even hit the ground. The other dude literally ran and left his friend on the floor. I was raging so bad I chased the dude out of the pub and down a mile long road until I just couldn’t run anymore. Dude was some long distance runner or on speed or coke or something because he was not stopping for anything. He got away. All my feelings of paranoia and anger were completely cured that night. Never had a problem with it since. Running is good for some people, but make sure you can handle that feeling that comes with it. I was not prepared for it. It literally controlled my life for over a decade. If there’s no weapons involved in the altercation and you’re not massively outnumbered, sometimes it’s better to take a beating fighting for your pride than run with your tail between your legs. For me personally, running was the worst decision I ever made.

    A3ePhonyA3ePhony9 dager siden
  • Jeezus Christ. Learn to be a Texan. We will handle these jack holes

    Spartan SwerveSpartan Swerve10 dager siden
  • Usually a grown man on a BMX is a sure sign of impending doom. It's every junky's favorite ride.

    DerrickDerrick10 dager siden
  • If the locals tell you to avoid an area, AVOID THAT AREA.

    Keith SargentKeith Sargent10 dager siden
  • Smart and cheaper to run

    GunfighterGunfighter10 dager siden
  • I wish I had that level of, I guess I'll call it, maturity. If I get accosted or harassed by some dudes who I size up and feel I could take...I'm probably gonna throw down even if there's an opening for me to escape. Will probably cost me one of these days.

    David PatrickDavid Patrick10 dager siden
  • 3 on 1 is pretty typical for our urban bros. Should have pulled out your 357 and blow their faces off. I am so sick and tired of filth running rampant.

    Dan KoleDan Kole10 dager siden
  • Homeless, street people, unhoused.... oh you mean bums.

    Larry CanepaLarry Canepa10 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan!!! Bring Monster Michael Todd on your channel brother! One of the greatest arm wrestlers in the world! Born and raised in Arkansas!!! 31 year career! Numerous titles in both right and left hand! My boy got hammered 6-0 in Dubai last week…but he handled defeat like a true champion! he needs our support!

    Sheng LongSheng Long10 dager siden
  • Over run with Liberal ideology, which ironically equals less safe.

    Meh 2Meh 211 dager siden
  • Beta

    Alan KeenanAlan Keenan11 dager siden
  • 6th street is safe, 7th street is homeless chaos

    E.E.11 dager siden
  • is happiness subjective? someone tried to convince me heroin = happiness.. I'm not so sure ..

    Ninja MovesNinja Moves11 dager siden
  • Everyone moves to Austin: 2019 Everyone wants to leave Austin ASAP: 2021

    J Sin DzLJ Sin DzL11 dager siden
  • You know who came up with house less? Joe's so called hero George Carlin. He said a home is an artificial construct, these people aren't homeless, they're house less. Rogan more detached than ever from the people he use to claim to represent.

    Vinyl Forty FiveVinyl Forty Five12 dager siden
  • They’re Called bums

    Rottin SoldierRottin Soldier12 dager siden
  • Dammit As a Texan. Im embarrassed by that. Sorry you had that experienced. Those idiots do not represent what Texas is all about . Id say bad parenting. Defently has me shaking my head. Most natives avoid downtown. In any Texas city. Maybe they are plants not sure.

    knuckletherapy serve others first before yourselfknuckletherapy serve others first before yourself12 dager siden
  • You should get devon larratt and/or michael todd on the podcast. Armwrestling is growing like crazy right now and both of these champions are definitely your type of guests. Devon is ex canadian special forces and both of them love all things combat sports related. I think they would be great guests and would love to get on your podcast.

    John BabitsJohn Babits13 dager siden
  • only if you can actually run fast, dude was on a bike l0l. sounds like they were messing with him or testing him.

    HoweirdHoweird14 dager siden
  • "We can't afford to pay people a living wage!" "You're already paying for it"

    David StewartDavid Stewart14 dager siden
    • @Schrodinger's Snuffleupagus Nobody said minimum wage has anything to do with healthcare. I never even mentioned minimum wage at all. And your "I'd rather have" speech is why you have a shit country. Simple as that.

      sabbracadabrasabbracadabra5 dager siden
    • @sabbracadabra The minimum wage isn't healthcare. It's an arbitrarily determined burden imposed on businesses, which find ways around it by laying off workers, not hiring new workers, raising prices, automating, or just going out of business. It hurts small businesses the most, which is why large companies like Amazon advocate for it. And can we afford healthcare? Sure, I'd like to see people who can't afford it supplemented via something like healthcare vouchers, but a single payer system for the entire country? Yeah, no thanks. I'm happy with my private healthcare. I'd rather have more choices and competition and he in charge of my own healthcare as opposed to a federal monopoly being in charge of allocating funds for my healthcare. Single payer, universal healthcare works for basic care, but in Canada and Sweden for example, people can experience ridiculous waiting times to see specialists. And as for being able to afford it, we're going on 30 trillion in national debt, and a medicare for all system would be 10's of trillions more. Not to mention we're at around 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities with things like Medicaid and SS. Well then, let's slash our defense spending, right? Nahhh, not with China on the rise. And sure, places like Scandinavia have a very generous social welfare system, but average people pay out the ass in taxes. No thanks. Not to mention, US ubiquity on the world stage allows many European countries to slack on defense spending, giving them more money to put toward entitlement spending.

      Schrodinger's SnuffleupagusSchrodinger's Snuffleupagus5 dager siden
    • America can easily afford healthcare and welfare. It will never be done while a large part of the population are just too ignorant to understand how that works, even though there are other countries doing just fine for hundreds of years. They are far away and foreign n shit so it sounds like some commie bullshit that my grandpappy told me was a bad news and his grandpappy before him and his before him.

      sabbracadabrasabbracadabra6 dager siden
    • Drugs.

      CA DriverCA Driver8 dager siden
  • Don't let anyone outrun you!

    Brazilian Podcast SubtitledBrazilian Podcast Subtitled14 dager siden
  • If you are white then you are racist. Unbelievable that this is the social context from Liberals now days. Blacks are using their open politics to hurt any whites or police at any time without reprisals from the criminal justice system. I am sick of this shit and many others are fed up. When the lid blows it will be bad for Liberals

    Second ThoughtSecond Thought14 dager siden
  • I'd like to hear the other guys side of the story.

    G LupoG Lupo15 dager siden
  • I always think of that flashback scene in the Kung Fu series when a student asks a teacher what the best way to deal with force:

    SmokeRingsPipeDreamsSmokeRingsPipeDreams15 dager siden
  • I fight when corned with no other options. Then it’s crazy mode.

    Jackson BrownJackson Brown15 dager siden
  • Everything north, south, and east of Austin blows. Consumer capital of America. Childhood obesity capital of the world. If Texas sank into the ocean, it wouldn't be soon enough. Have another burger, fat shits. They act like nuh uh, that's not us. It is not fun to be around garbage people. It's not safe to be around people who have no culture. Carnivore problems.

    Pancho VerdePancho Verde15 dager siden
  • That's when the second ammendment comes into place.

    Rodrigo BorgesRodrigo Borges16 dager siden
  • In 2021, America appears from the outside to be an utter $h&!#0le to live in, and more dangerous than many third world countries. There are still places in the world where children can play in the streets even after dark, places where the only crimes recorded are for an unregistered vehicle, where you can live a full life without ever seeing a gun, places where the only time you see a policeman is at a car accident, places where dark alleys are used only for short cuts or making out. I saw all of those Austin streetfight videos. Every woman visible in those videos was way overweight, and weed is illegal there so it wasn't the munchies. To me it appears to be a hell hole. Rogan should move somewhere like New Zealand, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam or Australia. Fly his guests in to stay at his rainforest bungalows at his retreat in the mountains. It could be a positive life changing experience for his guests as opposed to a scary story about evading bashings and muggings. I just don't get it. Joe could be marlin fishing off a luxury yacht with whales breaching in the distance and a pet monkey on his shoulder right now.

    David chill guyDavid chill guy16 dager siden
  • Anyone here from mizkifs stream? oof

    huss alohuss alo16 dager siden
  • I don't think the like that? Lol no one gives a shit what they like. Call it like you see it Joe. Stop tip toeing around reality.

    Vet MoovesVet Mooves16 dager siden
  • The cities in the United States have become a version of Snake Pliskin in Escape From New York.

    P SP S16 dager siden
  • Tell us you 💩 your 👖 without telling us you 💩 your 👖

    ErickErick16 dager siden