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George Knapp is an author, speaker, and the chief investigative reporter at KLAS TV in Las Vegas, NV. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.




  • "They see them all the time." Cattle mutilation, magnetized barns, stripped calf's. Photos? Videos? It's in the movie.

    Gabriel LeeteGabriel Leete5 timer siden
  • We definitely cannot handle it people would lose their minds

    UltimateBeast59UltimateBeast597 timer siden
  • Bruh im trippin right now he just describes the black n blue orb that freaked out my wife n daughter one day..i thought it had something to do with electricity or a ghost or something but the way it disapperead upward shouldve warned me

    The OutletThe Outlet8 timer siden
  • My name's George

    C. I. AC. I. A8 timer siden
  • The element 115 thing can be theorized by physicists and it was. They just have not ever seen it or made a stable atom of it.

    Sean BSean B11 timer siden
  • how do you get a phd in something we have no proper proof of?🤣

    DJ BulletsDJ Bullets12 timer siden
  • never believed in UFOs. I started looking into these things after the tweets from pentagon and the 2 radam videos.. watched JRE episode with David Frevor. me: wow, alright.. heard David mention Bob Lazar saying he seems legit. then watched JRE episode with Bob lazar. me: hooo, what ? really ?? Then heard about George Knapp who helped Bob go public. I wonder what this George guy thinks of Bob. Watched JRE episode with George Knapp. me: ohhhh my god, all of this really happened

    Pavan B RPavan B R12 timer siden
  • Joe: “Are there official reports of these UFO over nuclear sites?” George: “Yes” Jeremy: “it’s in my movie”

    thematicthematic13 timer siden
  • How can the dude that recorded element 115 lose the damn tape? Idiot.

    thematicthematic13 timer siden
  • Excellent podcast 👌👍

    Dr John DeeDr John Dee14 timer siden
  • Straight 🔥 🔥🔥

    S3GA AnhurS3GA Anhur14 timer siden
  • Ok i seen something like 6 months ago that made me instantly lay flat on the ground. 1st i was is it a metor no it was a mf eye on lord of the rings bouncing across the sky. It was a molten ball of metal or liquid on fire at that. I seen another light that looked like a satellite and i shined a high power flashlight at it and 1st it blinked. Than it shined an intence beam back at us. This happened in the far se corner of az. At 430am it looks like dozens of satellites crossing all directions.

    PaulPaul15 timer siden
  • Iol, 20 years in this ranch, and no proofs...

    AlexAlex15 timer siden
  • Somebody should look into why sharks migrate to a spot out in the middle of the Pacific (1200 miles east of Hawaii)...when it is essentially a desert. Something is drawing them there. My theory is a underwater base is discharging waste of some kind, that attracts either the sharks or the prey they eat. Google 'White shark cafe'

    C. S.C. S.16 timer siden
  • Such a stupid conversation . STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE . ITS CLEARLY UNEARTHLY! A five year old can see this is not ours . We are too stupid to build something like this . We barely can use a tv remote, fools

    Scundoor SupScundoor Sup17 timer siden
  • 33:16 - I think the issue is that you can't understand English 👍

    delatroydelatroy19 timer siden
  • Assuming all of this is true, here's my theory : the peak of power(basically weaponry) of all humanity is, essentially, the US military and Russian military right now.. so these beings are visiting military bases. to do : A. monitor them. B. keep them in check. or C. show themselves to let them know they are not the most powerful around here. either way, we as human beings are TOTALLY at they're mercy.. but no known major attacks have been done by these beings, so we can assume they are not as immature as us human beings i guess.. Looks like there is absolutely nothing we can do to them, or even challenge them in any way.. thats scary, but nothing has happen to us, yet

    Pavan B RPavan B R19 timer siden
  • Thank you Bob Lazar Genius I can't get enough!!! George Knapp, Jeremy even Joe Rogan, thank you for getting this out there. There are things we can't explain, that are out there. The conversation has more importance than ever before amongst Heads of States. I think only time stands between what Bob Knew and would have known by now....cause all that matters is the science as the true prize..."Roswell" declassified will help everyone's thoughts and feelings.

    Theatre of Dreams Old TraffordTheatre of Dreams Old Trafford21 time siden
  • The illegal client pathogenetically calculate because software singly pinch athwart a wild blinker. tenuous, literate chronometer

    Jayden BellJayden Bell22 timer siden
  • We are the aliens they are talking about, from the future traveling back in time to witness our evolution as a race.

    Joey HoffaJoey HoffaDag siden
  • Skin walker ranch is prolly on worm hole where past present and future all are intersecting... U think 30 minutes has passed while in the past indians are skinning ya cows over hours of time... And the UFOs are just future vehicles who know how to travel the worm hole and enjoy messing with u

    Jack BynumJack BynumDag siden
  • right on about caged animals- I saw an ape in a cage and the animal made eye contact with me and I was so bummed out about it. It was as if he was asking me to let him out of that cage. Killing the animal might have been doing it a favour. I don't think I can handle seeing that again.

    Cameron KrauseCameron KrauseDag siden
  • at the ranch , they should about 500 cameras running 24-7. then we get some answers. maybe

    jdj10078jdj10078Dag siden
  • Sounds like a whole bunch of BS. I like the topics and implications, but almost no evidence, data, or anything other than testimony. Who gives af about testimony if it's not supported with data, videos, photos or something.

    Chicano AztecaChicano AztecaDag siden
  • Been objective is important but a lot of people are straight up wackos

    XXDag siden
  • Nearly every one has a mobile phone and all have a cameras so to deny about there no UFO. Is mad there are pictures from around the world the cats out of the bag so tell the American government to stop lieing and all other governments .

    Don CarmichaelDon CarmichaelDag siden
  • Idc what they say about Jeremy and bob and George these dudes have been through alot they have too had seen or know something they're bring something to the light and they're not to sure what but its gotta be something

    Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonDag siden

    angelito lagmayangelito lagmay2 dager siden
  • All I read was George and then I saw the guy and for a second I thought Joe had George Lucas on

    Christian BermudezChristian Bermudez2 dager siden
  • I was in the Air Force Min 59:45 There is no artifact of FLIR thermal you dumb ass. It is exactly the concrete evidence. When we fly though the temperature gradients in air is what causes turbulence. The fact that this craft takes a temperature field with it without being washed away in flight is something that could only happen in for example a meteor and would leave a trail. This has not trail but takes is 'cold spot' with it in flight is not known to be possible even if it were a flying ice cube.

    patwxdaddypatwxdaddy2 dager siden
    • I kind of get what you're saying, it's like reading a coded message.

      Charles DeadCharles DeadDag siden
  • Swearing is not just the sign of low i s also a sign of one trying to one trying to sound important when they are not.

    AdmiralPerry WoodyAdmiralPerry Woody2 dager siden
  • UFOs are massive drone fighters that the Untied States invented.

    Tski BrownskiTski Brownski2 dager siden
  • The fact that they have known this long is a clear sign that the government is manipulating EVERYTHING WE KNOW

    Jahmal DavidsonJahmal Davidson2 dager siden
  • Just a hunch or opinion but the stealth bomber is the best we could do in our attempts to replicate what we have in Area 51

    J****_F*****J****_F*****2 dager siden
  • Even if an advanced alien civilization exists at the same time as us... they have never visited earth.

    Buford PusserBuford Pusser2 dager siden
  • Barney hill told the first abduction story. Get it right

    Lee DurhamLee Durham2 dager siden
  • the opening to this is too fuckin funny Im such a huge fan and Jeremy!? lmao

    Capt TokkiCapt Tokki2 dager siden
  • George Knapp is an incredible storyteller. Keep it up in telling the truth and interviewing people like Bob Lazar.

    HYTT FilmsHYTT Films2 dager siden
  • John Lear is as mad as a box of frogs

    Duffs 9Duffs 92 dager siden
  • This Corbelll guy doesnt seem creditable at all. His eyes. A gutfeeling.

    göran göranssongöran göransson2 dager siden
  • I think the gem of this is around 2:30 when Joe speculates about the physicality of the aliens. I love it!

    gafunk4000gafunk40002 dager siden
  • I live by Indian Springs and there’s lots of activity sometimes I think the storms hide them I’ve seen one move with a storm it was like a net of lights that moved in a smooth flow like a web of lights in the sky but first appeared like lights in a row

    Independent ThinkerIndependent Thinker2 dager siden
    • Do you have any video footage ?

      Alexi Mazique-StöcklinAlexi Mazique-Stöcklin16 timer siden
  • "They're telling us, these are your most powerful weapons......and we're not impressed."

    Gamma SmashGamma Smash2 dager siden
    • Maybe they're saying "Hey! Don't use this, c'mon kids. It might hurt you for real" Why is it that fear is everyone's immediate response?

      Guilherme SoaresGuilherme Soares2 dager siden
  • What ceases to amaze me is the amount of people that love to travel all over the world. but dont and wont want to go to another world like Mars.

    Jamie HollambyJamie Hollamby2 dager siden
  • WHAT IS JEREMY DOING WITH HIS MOUTH 1:15:20 In the podcast?

    james jonesjames jones2 dager siden
  • I bet the aliens have been using the meat to feed abducted humans. If the aliens asked me what I’d like to eat, it’d be steak. Did they take the potatoes too?! Lol

    Elizabeth WatsonElizabeth Watson2 dager siden
  • He said that he knew a woman who recorded a meeting between Gov officials and military but as soon as the meeting was done they destroyed the recordings......hmmmm.then why was she there?.....true or un true I need answers!😆😆😆

    Bobby ConwayBobby Conway2 dager siden
    • @The Sammy Jenkins Experience I’m just going off of what has happened before: govern meetings being redacted afterwards is actually common. Remember when they made a big deal about trump meeting w/ Putin and having the whole conversation scrubbed afterwards?

      Alexi Mazique-StöcklinAlexi Mazique-Stöcklin2 timer siden
    • @Alexi Mazique-Stöcklin Nobody is buying that nonsense. If the information was sooper dooper secret and shouldn't be recorded it... wouldn't have been recorded.

      The Sammy Jenkins ExperienceThe Sammy Jenkins Experience15 timer siden
    • Its was the woman’s job to be present and record official meetings where at least one of the attending parties was not aware of what was going to be discuss and later on decided to get rid of the evidence?

      Alexi Mazique-StöcklinAlexi Mazique-Stöcklin16 timer siden
    • Yup, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      The Sammy Jenkins ExperienceThe Sammy Jenkins Experience2 dager siden
    • Yeah these guys are straight up liars 🤥

      TrustTrust2 dager siden
  • Does anyone else go outside at midnight and look up to the stars wishing they saw a ufo?

    Little DevilLittle Devil2 dager siden
  • I want his hallucinogens. But I do believe in aliens sincerely.

    james harrisjames harris2 dager siden
  • The cow mutilating aliens should go to one of our animal factory farms, they’ll get the excitement and rush they need.

    Tanvir AhmedTanvir Ahmed2 dager siden
  • Anybody got the nuclear codes? Jeremy - they’re in my movie?

    T BoT Bo2 dager siden
  • I can't find the tape. I've used it in different productions, none of those are anywhere either. Its only the most important thing ever recorded to verify my whole existence so, yeah I can't find it.

    Mike STUDIO 1106Mike STUDIO 11062 dager siden
    • Haha, yeah, so there's two copies of the tape and one is in George's house but can't be found, and the other copy was taped over with episodes of The Golden Girls... Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      The Sammy Jenkins ExperienceThe Sammy Jenkins Experience2 dager siden
    • Yup, you can tell it’s all BS

      TrustTrust2 dager siden
  • Why is George Lucas talking about Bob Lazar? tbh Knapp is more reliable than the NYT.

    DraskangDraskang3 dager siden
  • Bob Lazar is going to be written about in the history books.

    Tanvir AhmedTanvir Ahmed3 dager siden
    • As a straight up liar

      TrustTrust2 dager siden
  • CANNOT WATCH VIDEO EPISODES ON TUE TV on Spotify. Totally sucks. I’m done . Enjoy the cash

    pmbarry497pmbarry4973 dager siden
  • The only thing I want to say about "disinformation" or the reason for it is this: 1. Area 51 was not a secret. You can clearly see it from satellite photos. There are sliding structures to cover whatever is being readied to fly, to keep it from being seen during satellite passes. 2. The US has/had MiG-21s, 23s and 29s at Area 51. Obviously experimental aircraft, as well. Who knows what other military aircraft be out there? So a distraction such as an "alien story" isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

    Ken WebberKen Webber3 dager siden
  • Apparently this threesome needs to read your bible.The answer is there, These beings are called Nephelim.They live to around 120 years. When they do die, if they fertilized a women your probably looking at a genius very intelligent. Read your Bible. They are not human!

    Juanita ShiplerJuanita Shipler3 dager siden
  • Corbell knows nothing really only half and bla bla bla

    The AlternativeThe Alternative3 dager siden
  • Jeremy Corbell tells Stories without evidences...terrible guy...his hands also telling the Story hahahha this guy is a bad joke

    The AlternativeThe Alternative3 dager siden
    • Yup, these guys are full of it

      TrustTrust2 dager siden
    • he seems like he's came up with a bunch of random stories and is lying

      dan sdadan sda2 dager siden
  • Jeremy is just so cringe. Idk what it soon as he opens his mouth

    detroitforeverdetroitforever3 dager siden
    • he sounds exactly like someone who is lying and trying his best to sound like a genuine person which comes off as extremely cringy

      dan sdadan sda2 dager siden
  • It’s not that we would use the nukes on them, but that we would use them on ourselves in a global way, screwing up the pristine DNA they have worked to modify. Or harvest. Spoil the apples

    Doug GDoug G3 dager siden
  • How can they profess to be Americans and hate freedom so much !!! Ya know everytime I start to like rogan,he opens his fucken mouth and spits out something so fucken stupid it's amazing.

    Mark HjelmMark Hjelm3 dager siden
  • 11 M Views WOW!

    compressedfilmscompressedfilms3 dager siden
  • Joe “it looks likes wolves” Rogan

    Ocho 55Ocho 553 dager siden
  • any watch fans out there? What watch is Mr. Corbell wearing here? it's kinda an unidentified object ;-)

    Miro PribanićMiro Pribanić3 dager siden
  • Interview RICHARD DOTY

    Dante BlevinsDante Blevins3 dager siden
  • Don’t be disrespectful to Your president Donald J Trump

    Adrian EyreAdrian Eyre3 dager siden
  • 56:52 Here is an experiment: go outside, wearing clothes (no bare skin) measure the temperature of the ground (Dirt or water) and measure the temperature of your clothes. In many instances you will get temps that, by his logic, would be impossible. Wearing black in the sun would yield you results that would indicate you should be dead by heat. If winter your results would indicate that you are dead by cold. IIRC that bird is up pretty high above the water (Would have to be if it is a bird, to get the illusion of speed) flying through the cold air, which is chilling its feathers. So yeah, would it not be colder than the ocean? We are not seeing the core temp of the bird, just the surface. 1. He does not start by laying out the argument he is disputing. 2. Good practice is to demonstrate that you understand the argument, by steel manning it, to ensure you are arguing the strongest interpretation possible. This guy is capable of thinking through his own bias. He is demonstrating how he thinks, which is a process called motivated reasoning. He knows the conclusion he wants to end up with, so his process of thinking takes this into account, and ensures that only ends up with arguments that fit his worldview. This episode is just an endless pearl string of logical fallacies and poor reasoning skills

    Esben RasmussenEsben Rasmussen3 dager siden
    • facts

      dan sdadan sda2 dager siden
  • They’re on the wrong show with this ape minded person. Yes you Jo . I’m sorry but this is above you. And the way you treat Jeremy at times.

    Adrian EyreAdrian Eyre3 dager siden
    • People who say “way above you” do so just to portray their own silliness as instead being some kind of special intelligence You believe nonsense with no evidence, you are not special or intelligent

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dager siden
    • They are liars…

      TrustTrust2 dager siden
  • 20:52 Appeal to popularity - "Other believe this too - And they were skeptical but were convinced.... " 36:23 "I've got a Ph.D in ufologi" - Here he displays a a total ignorance of what PhD is. A PhD is not "just spending a lot of hours on a subject". I don't know what a PhD is, in terms of what you have to achieve to get it (I imagine it is different in different fields) But I know that I don't know. That is the huge disconnect here. These people don't know what they do know and what they don't know. They conflate knowing with believing or thinking. And I love UFOs - Nothing would make me more exited than finding out we have recovered real alien spaceships. I was deep into UFOs when I was younger. But I took the time to self study epistemology. And I came to understand the criticism from the skeptics. But it took some basic knowledge and a lot of learning, and I think these people have the same problem. They understand the fundamentals of knowledge, or howscience works nor what it is.

    Esben RasmussenEsben Rasmussen3 dager siden
  • 13:10 Three adults talking about how they know some is a genius.... Their proof? He built a UV lamp and a laser gun....... How freaking sad and funny is that??? These guys think that this is genius level stuff. Dunning Kruger effect is strong with these guys. They need to be taught some humility and realism

    Esben RasmussenEsben Rasmussen3 dager siden
  • Bet?

    Miguelon RamosMiguelon Ramos3 dager siden
  • The u.s will fake an alien attack to try and unify the world

    Miguelon RamosMiguelon Ramos3 dager siden
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    Sophia RomaSophia Roma3 dager siden
  • I believe this to be one of the most important conversations of all time

    Miguelon RamosMiguelon Ramos3 dager siden
  • Jeremey is annoying ...

    The white MexicanThe white Mexican3 dager siden
  • Here is a possible non-UFO explanation for Bob Lazar's story: This, plus the "migraines" upon being asked certain questions about it, makes me doubt Lazar to say the least TLDR is that what Lazar may have actually seen at S4 was a proton accelerator being developed that was above the legal power threshold (they can be used as weapons), and that's why he has to keep telling the UFO story - he would get in trouble if he mentioned the proton accelerator. It also explains the UFOs themselves - a proton accelerator can create an isolated beam of light in the sky that can move around and change direction very rapidly.

    Edward RayEdward Ray3 dager siden
  • Joe is such a low key professional troll

    dbassir87dbassir874 dager siden
  • Bill cooper aint the only one that said there was Alien bases on the moon they all did Joe. John lear said the same!

    Mykel GreeneMykel Greene4 dager siden
  • Michio Kaku interview please

    Joseph CavanaghJoseph Cavanagh4 dager siden
  • Joe: Jeremy: It’s in my movie

    Geek CastGeek Cast4 dager siden
    • Xd

      ZefZef3 dager siden
  • Aliens would go on TikTok & immediately try to destroy us

    Geek CastGeek Cast4 dager siden
  • Just finished watching this. Mind blown. You killed it Joe!

    Carla ReillyCarla Reilly4 dager siden
  • 2:36:25 dimension where time travels backwards

    David ParkerDavid Parker4 dager siden
  • id love to see them do a podcast again

    El DonEl Don4 dager siden
  • Well done!!! Updates please!

    Carla ReillyCarla Reilly4 dager siden
  • The vacuous vibraphone feraly return because call quickly shelter off a organic geese. second, scandalous hate

    Albert ZarillaAlbert Zarilla4 dager siden
  • Jeremys the only guy that doesn’t know. And he wants to know. Respect that

    MacT 1MacT 14 dager siden
  • Jeremy is a douche!! When asked if he has footage the bastard is more concerned with promoting his movie he wont share footage.

    Jeremy AdkissonJeremy Adkisson4 dager siden
  • Hank Johnson thought Guam may tip over if we put too many troops on it. He's a senator.. I'm open to ideas. Just saying Harry Reid isn't anything to go by.

    Fred BowlesFred Bowles4 dager siden
  • The exultant holiday unquestionably spare because grade informally stuff per a aspiring bestseller. sophisticated, odd edger

    Emily DelaplainEmily Delaplain4 dager siden
  • Did we ever wonder if they are just hungry, they are clearly eating these cows

    WhyT3 SupremeWhyT3 Supreme4 dager siden
  • Why exactly do they expect us to believe that NONE of these ufo's are owned by the U.S.? There are literally black patents that have been seized by the invention secrecy act over the years. Meaning the U.S. can seize anyone trying to whistleblow about any secret military technology via a patent and can't let the public know. Yet, none of these UFOs have the chance of being owned by the U.S. itself...? Sources: and

    John MillerJohn Miller4 dager siden
  • 1:15:13 I think Jamie was drunk and wtf was Jeremy doing 😂

    JrocksburrJrocksburr4 dager siden
    • 💀

      Joe MackayJoe MackayDag siden
  • @49:10 OMFG!!!🤯🤯🤯

    Mr. NYCMr. NYC4 dager siden
  • I wonder why the only 2 possibilities being discussed are wether the US has captured a UFO and hiding the fact or not! Why not consider this could be a stunt to convince others that the US possess some sort of a super weapon or have knowledge of an extraterrestrial life.

    MM4 dager siden
  • 1:30:00 and 2:07:00 Michael Heiser stuff.

    cmorr70cmorr704 dager siden
  • i wish i have had a close encounter all i have is a picture of one i took when shooting a sunset...

    n2gtarz 510n2gtarz 5104 dager siden
  • George Knapp needs to be protected at all costs

    DGDG4 dager siden