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Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” \u0026 “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23.




  • Don't worry Graham, Nationalism is on its way out.

    MegaSMegaS24 minutter siden
  • All these people here to learn, & taking the time to leave some comments and no GODDAMN TIME STAMPS 🤔

    channeldirty7channeldirty73 timer siden
  • Im one of the worlds firts half scandinavian and half middle eastern woman. I look scandinavian but I also have some indian looking feauteres like hight cheekbones. I was always sad not looking like anybody until I hung out woth real indian people. Then I saw the high cheekbones,almond thin eyes,thin lips and strong long nose. Really weird

    Isabella MIsabella M7 timer siden
  • I love his mind

    The Boy Who Chased The SunsetThe Boy Who Chased The Sunset10 timer siden

    James PettyjohnJames Pettyjohn12 timer siden
  • I feel like I've learned more in the last 3 hours... than all of my last 2 hours combined.

    chu8chu814 timer siden
  • Would Graham be open to looking at the Aryan looking remains found in South America, Polynesia, even Egypt? I'm not so sure that he will, because of muh n a t s e e s, but I've seen some stuff and I can't shake it, I need answers dammit. Also, Antarctica while we're at it, are there signs of civilization there yes or no? The hypothesis that I've heard to explain all this is the polar shift 12 000 years ago, Antarctica shifted from around the equator to it's current position, it all makes sense to me but I'm obviously no expert.

    Rudy BoshoffRudy Boshoff16 timer siden
    • He doesn't "look into" anything. He sells books to people who don't know any better. He's just a profit seeking "alternative history" book author. He profits from selling made up stories in his books which he sells to inexperienced people who, because of their lack of real experiences in life, fall for his stories. He exploits the public's ignorance and their willingness to believe him. The more interesting his stories sound to them, the more money he can make. He is not an archeologist, or a scientist. In fact, he only has a degree in sociology. I looked into his claims years ago....and I can tell you quite plainly, that he is full of crap.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley3 timer siden
  • Why do you have to wear headphones when you're talking on a podcast?

  • If you start with the premise that there’s a large portion of the population that is and will always be simply dumb then the idea of no government and everyone becomes a leader a pretty dumb idea.

    Davin AndersonDavin AndersonDag siden
    • "Just imagine how stupid the average person is...then suddenly realize that HALF of them are even stupider." -- George Carlin

      Carlitos WayCarlitos WayDag siden
  • I come away from this wanting to smoke a joint for America 🇺🇸

    Davin AndersonDavin AndersonDag siden
  • Yeah there are only a few guests on JRE that I really enjoy. Graham is at the very top. So cool.

    Fuzzy EwokFuzzy EwokDag siden
  • As a system's builder this Ayahuasca sounds like a backdoor or a debug mode or port, i.e. a mode where you get to access the innards of the system that is usually hidden

    miraculixxmiraculixxDag siden
  • I smoked some pot and drank some pretty dirty DMT and now I think there’s a telekinesis and all the archeologists are stupid… Wow how cool - let’s smoke more pot and talk how elves built pyramids while those poor bastards dig that stupid dirt.

    noise voyagernoise voyagerDag siden
  • I'm on weed and this shit's making me expand so much now I'm freaking out. Help!

    Kaung MyatKaung Myat2 dager siden
  • 01:21:11 This is basically what the Animus from Assassin's Creed does.

    Mecha ManMecha Man2 dager siden
  • Any Indian archeological sites that Graham looked into?

    reuban rajanreuban rajan2 dager siden
    • @reuban rajan I'm 59 years old and I've been traveling since I was 18. I'm fortunate enough to have traveled on my own to Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominica, Panama, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Micronesia, Turks and Caicos, The Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, St. Martin, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Terre-de-Haut and several other small island nations in the eastern Caribbean when I lived on a sailboat with a friend in the 1990s. Ive been robbed at gun point by crooked police in Mexico, ship wrecked and rescued from the island of Saba, and had all of my belongings stolen near the Panama/Costa Rican border. I have dozens of books on various subjects I enjoy and I am moving to start living full time in southern Egypt starting in October, someplace I have already visited on multiple occasions. While living there, legally for 90 days at a time, I plan to visit Ethiopia, Sudan, Jordan and Palestine.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley2 dager siden
    • @David Leo Morley haha, how old do you think I am. And how old are you to have accumulated such vast experience.

      reuban rajanreuban rajan2 dager siden
    • @reuban rajan I have a lot more experience in life than you currently do. Just because your ego is feeling wounded doesn't mean you have to lash out at me. I'm trying to help you..and you attack me. Facing the fact that you are being taken advantage of might be hard to accept, but it is required if you ever hope to escape from your current ignorance. I wish you Good Luck....yet again.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley2 dager siden
    • @David Leo Morley well if you don't know anything about archeology then how would you know if Graham knows something or not😂

      reuban rajanreuban rajan2 dager siden
    • @reuban rajan I know when someone is getting scammed...and that's more than you deal with it. I have never claimed to know about archeology...which is more than what your hero Graham tells you is true...because he seeks your money. You are welcome.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley2 dager siden
  • Jeez, this man can talk :) He'd out-talk my mother, and she'd be able to represent Ireland in the olympics if it were an Olympic event. Grahams ability to recall data and detail is exceptional. Joe's laid back style makes excellent interviewing look easy ... all the questions are informed and progressive, and engagement with Graham comes with opinion without being "opinionated". I am quite envious of how talented they both are. I learned so much, thank you Joe and Graham.

    Tony HeneberryTony Heneberry2 dager siden
  • I feel like my vocabulary is expanding just by listening to him, he's so well spoken

    mckamymckamy3 dager siden
  • I think this 7.5 thousand thumbs down people believe the earth is flat. They shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

    DDJDDJ3 dager siden
  • I love listening to Graham Hancock

    Doc SalasDoc Salas3 dager siden
  • Graham you seem very sour.

    Gerald PdeGerald Pde3 dager siden
  • Graham is like a modern 'Greek philosopher'. Hes amazing

    ThorThor3 dager siden
  • reading magicians of the gods snd watching this again 2 years later and holy shit 54:00 joe is spitting such facts

    B- RockB- Rock3 dager siden
  • bring mr handcock back again

    alfredoconsalsaalfredoconsalsa4 dager siden
  • There is way too much lying by those in power and those who can make money off of those lies.

    KETO Diamond ChannelKETO Diamond Channel4 dager siden
  • Nothing is impossible and you should always dig deeper. I can't wrap my head around science locks into one theory and wont accept evidence that might change the theory.

    KETO Diamond ChannelKETO Diamond Channel4 dager siden
  • Nobody:...... Graham: Soya bean

    Tom BombadilTom Bombadil4 dager siden
  • Graham, I'm from a place called Meghalaya, in India. It's very unique with many many caves etc. We have three main tribes here, the Khasis, Jaintias and Garos. The geological community is calling this age that we are currently living in "The Meghalayan Age " due to some findings. We have many many caves that show a lot of history dating back eons. Here language is passed on. And stories keep those alive, the tradition of story telling. Our peoples mythology or maybe reality has a story and it's about this exodus from Myanmar and Combodia that happened a long time ago - about this great exodus ( maybe to get inland to higher ground). In our language " iaid khatar snem lynti" or literally walk for 12 years. Listening to your hypothesis and putting things to perspective, it could be that 11600bc , that great exodus might have been due to a great escape from a global Tsunami that started in the Americas. We were always a cosmology and mythological tribe... The knowledge ( supposedly) was lost due to the script being lost when someone had to the shore. I hear you. It is only natural to question tribal mythology with regards to your hypothesis. Thanks agian. Just wanted to reach our to say, we are all connected. Cheers, Gerald Meghalaya, India

    Gerald PdeGerald Pde4 dager siden
  • I'm from Meghalaya in India. We are living in what is called a Meghalayan Age now..due to geological findings. There is a mythology here about the khasi people walking for 12 years from the lower areas like Myanmar and Combodia to get to higher ground. This is old mythology. Maybe because they want to get inland to the hills to be safe from a global cataclysmic event as described.

    Gerald PdeGerald Pde4 dager siden
  • Maybe your theory is viable. If a comet event happened 11600 bc happened...and the fact that the Andamandedese hunter gatherers are still surviving...maybe the topography of the earth might have protected them that they are living still today.

    Gerald PdeGerald Pde4 dager siden
  • How could the Andamans hunter gatherers in the island of the Andamans and Nicobar...small island survive to this day.

    Gerald PdeGerald Pde5 dager siden
  • Probably one of his best interviews. Especially at 54:50-59:15.

    Salty SurferSalty Surfer5 dager siden
  • What about the dinosaurs?

    Jesse LopezJesse Lopez5 dager siden
    • What about them?

      DDJDDJ3 dager siden
  • What about the people who move to America and love it type nationalism

    ericsalinas98ericsalinas985 dager siden
  • Joe is the definition of humility. Him complete completely grazing by the comment that Hancock made about him bringing him back into the cannabis world and just acknowledging how amazing Hancock was was such a moment of modesty and not even taking a relishing compliment in the fact that he brought him back into it was beautiful. Good on you Rogan. We need more men like you in MMA and everywhere else.

    Jesse DayJesse Day5 dager siden
  • Anyone have the link and timestamp to when Hancock had that first joint with Joe? Haha I gotta see this this man is amazingly intelligent

    Jesse DayJesse Day6 dager siden
  • 7.7k people believe in nationalism and governments 😂 We’re all the same.

    Magnificent GamingMagnificent Gaming6 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan! You should act as the mediator in a debate between Niel deGrasse Tyson and Lu Elizondo, on UFO's. Or, Brian Cox vrs George Knapp - Scientific Sketptics vrs Informed Believers. This would be gratifying, enlightening and awesomely entertaining!

    Leo NapierLeo Napier6 dager siden
  • You know a dude is well liked when he can call out nationalism on JRE and still everybody loves him

    Well Hel O’DeerWell Hel O’Deer6 dager siden
  • btw, this is audio only on spotify, hence my distaste grows for it day by day.

    SuS. GAMINGSuS. GAMING6 dager siden
  • His thought at 1:20:05 is literally the crux of the book Origin by Dan Brown. It centers around the mystery of where we came from and where we’re going as a species.

    M PM P6 dager siden
  • All time best rogan podcast.

    Claire VClaire V6 dager siden
  • Megaliths were designed to last forever to prevent another collapse on the level of the younger dryas

    Jared AndersonJared Anderson7 dager siden
  • He talks shit

    That GuyThat Guy7 dager siden
  • Now I can't help but think if this guy start to dig through my country's history what would come of it.. Lol. I would die to read such a book.

    esterzachesterzach7 dager siden
  • 34:18 The Amazon

    toad support grouptoad support group7 dager siden
  • Shame he never mentions Newgrange/ Knowth, which predate Stonehenge considerably

    Michelle ChannelMichelle Channel7 dager siden
  • Civilization has repeated itself over and over

    Jacob RubioJacob Rubio7 dager siden
  • bring him back on the show!

    Captain HookCaptain Hook8 dager siden
  • Well think about how many wars drugs have funded. And the war on drugs and how much money the government makes off the endless cycle of incaceration .

    Shaun McmanusShaun Mcmanus8 dager siden
  • Man I really totally agree with this guy! I would change term limits and vote Graham for president. I wonder what he thinks of ufos and aliens!

    Shaun McmanusShaun Mcmanus8 dager siden
    • He doesn't. He dont think they had shit to do with shit. That's my only problem with Graham. Dude is the shit . But I'm sayin humans didnt build all this wild shit around the world. Schools in Mexico teach the kids that aliens built all that Aztec shit. I work with a Mexican that has his citizenship now and he said to this day they are still tought that.

      DDJDDJ3 dager siden
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    INPKielceINPKielce8 dager siden
  • I studied Anthropology it isn't a science or it would be classified as such, its listed as a humanity subject. There us too much speculation involved and untestable elements

    Donald CampbellDonald Campbell8 dager siden
  • The true mystery of all this is the more we think we know, the more apparent the reality is that we actually have no idea. We need to all just accept this fact instead of standing on the shoulders of others to assert our beliefs. 🐒+🍄=❤️

    Jesse LJesse L8 dager siden
  • Graham owns Rogan!! Even with the insane bullshit, Rogan drinks it down!

    Gyles BrownGyles Brown8 dager siden
  • You gain true knowledge just by listening to this kind of discussion especially if it’s involving Graham Hancock than attending this so called prestigious ‘educational institutions’ like Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, and other universities in the world.

    Francis RiveraFrancis Rivera8 dager siden
  • Professors do this same thing in college. My organic chemistry professor had an incorrect SN1 and SN2 chart. It was only 95% accurate, so I corrected it since it didn't match with one of the optional homework problems. I was respectful and went before class started so I wouldn't cause a scene. She got angry and basically tried to mock me in class later that same day. Then 2 weeks later, she uses my exact chart, and never apologizes to me. She also purposely set me up with a lab partner who was a dumb frat bro who was notorious for never doing his lab work, even though I had the same lab partner for two semesters. She literally chose my lab partner for me. I had to go to another professor to get a new lab partner, because she would just ignore me at office hours.

    GaisericGaiseric8 dager siden
  • I wonder if Eiichiro Oda was referencing Atlantis with the "void century."

    GaisericGaiseric8 dager siden
  • Best JRE guest of all time; Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a close second.

    J man JJ man J8 dager siden
  • this is legendary

    Lily slimesLily slimes8 dager siden
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    Candyman IlkleyCandyman Ilkley9 dager siden
  • thanks for making science more "cool" and bringing it to the main stream. You are opening more and more peoples eyes and pushing people out of their comfort zones, which has been covered on your show, is needed for progress. What you and your guests are doing should and will go down in history.

    tom maguiretom maguire9 dager siden
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    Vauwbw HsiensVauwbw Hsiens9 dager siden
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    Vauwbw HsiensVauwbw Hsiens9 dager siden
  • Not to mention and you probably haven't gotten to it at this point in the podcast it's only 20 minutes and 36 seconds in but that doesn't explain the cave over in I think it's New York that dates back almost 20,000 years.

    matthew sigbornsonmatthew sigbornson10 dager siden
  • sleepy joe trippin balls with an amazonian shaman lmao

    Seth StewartSeth Stewart10 dager siden
  • najs, love grahm and his enthusiasm :D

    jaxshroomjaxshroom10 dager siden
  • At the best. Graham Hancock at a dark winter evening with a nice fireplace and good wine.

    MauriceMaurice10 dager siden
  • whats wrong with not trusting people i dont trust anyone its pure paranoia but its paid off a lotta times🤷‍♂️

    colo -colo -10 dager siden
    • "The paranoid is never entirely mistaken." This guy had a point

      esterzachesterzach7 dager siden
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    HomealldayboredHomealldaybored10 dager siden
  • The bombs never stop! So these American sites must've been made by native Americans yet I've never thought of them I'm another way than Cowboys and Indians but they had cities and millions of people for sure

    LSLS11 dager siden
  • You say that controlling controlled substances on a federal level is a mistake? No it's no mistake, it's 100% part of an agenda. You think propagandist government wants people altering their states of consciousness? They want to be the ones to keep you in a low vibration state easy to manipulate as a consumer.

    N AN A11 dager siden
  • That’s the first time I’ve heard someone refer to the notion of fully-formed packages of ideas, and to associate righteous and intolerant behavior with insecurities. This is an outstanding, thought-provoking interview. I’m grateful we still have access to content like this.

    Stephen MahlstedtStephen Mahlstedt11 dager siden
  • 2:06:00 “my wife Santa”

    Austin MetcalfAustin Metcalf11 dager siden
  • When's the next time he's on Joe?

    J.Pabz91J.Pabz9111 dager siden
  • I like everything’s Graham says but I don’t believe we can go to asteroids and mine them

    Tetra Rama NourTetra Rama Nour11 dager siden
  • Joe listening to Graham talk in detail about the special DMT that is digested through the all know he's like, "I gotta try that shit".lol

    Adrian MorrisAdrian Morris11 dager siden
  • Graham Hancock is one of my favorite humans.

    Clandestine BrandClandestine Brand11 dager siden
  • Norway is a country were yes its ruled by politicians but if there is enough peacful protests they listen. They a wing in the goverment wanted to remove the choice to abort if you had a down syndrom baby discovered before 12 weeks and people said (inluding me) that its the parents choice not goverment and they listened. It was suppose to go threw to å law but they removed it from the program. Same happend to some other stuff. They listen almost all the time to big peacful demosstration.

    Isabella MIsabella M11 dager siden
  • God bless these great minds!

    LSLS12 dager siden
  • Consider it a book sale Mr.hancock

    LSLS12 dager siden
  • The trees told the amazonians how to make the recipe

    LSLS12 dager siden
  • Really enjoyed this one

    jeffcon123jeffcon12312 dager siden
  • How many archeologists disliked this video?

    Brad CzernikBrad Czernik12 dager siden
  • Hey dude, let’s get high as a kite and lay around and stink the room up as we listen to Joe ... lol. Let me get a hit off that glass penis dude, we’re bettering ourselves with knowledge.

    johnbee209johnbee20912 dager siden
  • We might be able to "compute away" the future, based on the current conditions and the knowledge of physics and causality. But we won't be able to "compute" the past (like Joe is suggesting) because there can be multiple ways of getting to the present. (ref. Inert Historical Facts)

    Arshil AbbasArshil Abbas12 dager siden
  • I have literally watched this four times and it's still a strong 💯

    Rob AskinsRob Askins12 dager siden
  • If Rogan gets Hancock back on, I hope he also brings in an archaeologist as well (assuming Hancock doesn't cut and run from the debate). Shermer does his best but he's out of his depth and lets Hancock get away with things that any qualified archaeologist would challenge immediately.

    TankUniTankUni13 dager siden
  • Graham. You the man. Joe, u 2..

    Gypsy FcknleeGypsy Fcknlee13 dager siden
  • If the Joe Rogan podcast has taught me anything, it's that the professional university/government academic 'experts' are often wrong yet remain arrogant about their stance.

    J MJ M13 dager siden
  • If people can't be trusted with their own body, then they can't be trusted (using governments) to control the body of others.

    J MJ M13 dager siden
  • Who are these 7.7k people? And what is wrong with them?

    NirbanNirban13 dager siden
  • He needs to get graham and Paul stamets on

    Justin ShepherdJustin Shepherd13 dager siden
  • .....brought here via the JRE Andrew Santino podcast.

    Travel HogTravel Hog13 dager siden
  • let me pose an arguement against grahams restart theory...... the industrial revolution......society/civilization can advance very quickly.....a little more than 100 years ago we were still riding horses and using candles for light.....

    jon jenkinsjon jenkins13 dager siden
  • Hancock sees what archaeology glosses over. The Olmec carrying a bag. It's very odd, but the correlation with Sumer similarities is somewhat shoehorned - so we can leave the argument there. Nonetheless, the bag man still has intrigue. With a bird shaped helmet and looking at the square above him while cradled within a snake. Quite bizarre and defying explanation. @1:44:50

    MisterNewOutlookMisterNewOutlook13 dager siden
  • anyone who claims to know everything knows jack shit..i love individual researchers like graham hancock...we need more of them

    sid gsid g14 dager siden
  • I loved Graham so I'm super pissed off I listened to this one!!!!!! You don't like walls or borders? Get fucked hippie. Every other country on the planet has stricter immigration laws than we do.

    Richard RockhoundRichard Rockhound14 dager siden
  • Probably the best ever on JRE

    Sheil MehtaSheil Mehta14 dager siden