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Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His podcast, The Jocko Podcast, is also available for download via Apple Podcasts \u0026 Stitcher. @Jocko Podcast




  • Jocko Willink was once bitten by a deadly snake during a covert mission. After two days of agonising pain, the snake eventually died.

    N DN D10 timer siden
  • Anyone who seeks power isn't worthy of having it. Jocko would be an amazing president because of his reluctance to seek power.

    Greg AnthonyGreg Anthony21 time siden
  • Could you imagine if Jacko signed up at your gym? Would you wanna roll, or would it be time to find another spot to train? Definition of intensity.

    Michael BealMichael BealDag siden
  • profits are small huh? I've been building industrial facilities like oil refineries, chemical plants, battery plants, etc. for 15 years. If the profit is that small its because things are so unorganized that they're paying 100+ of us anywhere from $2,000-$4,500 a week to stand around and get sunburned 50% of the time while they try to figure out wtf they are doing lol. Trust me... when you get a team of people who know what they're doing, which is rare, and you have to pay on the north end of that range or higher.... things can go much much faster and profits can go significantly higher. You can not do that on a $500,000,000 job though bc those jobs pay less per hour and you're not going to get 1,000 people who know what they're doing for $30-$32/hr plus $700/wk travel pay. Honestly on these billion dollar jobs the United States simply does not have the number of skilled craftsman to complete something like that in a timely manner.

    Travel ReviewTravel ReviewDag siden
  • This is 2 hours of Joe bitching at Jocko like a woman.

    ThothThoth2 dager siden
  • Don’t care what anyone says...”black face” worn in harmless fun to make yourself resemble a particular black person is not racist.

    John Paul SmithdealJohn Paul Smithdeal2 dager siden
  • I definitely judged a book by it's cover a little bit here. Not that I was judging him negatively, but I wasn't expecting this level of nuance from a fella who's literally named "Jocko". I came in expecting some interesting war stories and some insight into the life of a Spec Ops soldier. And I definitely got that. But I wasn't expecting such an insightful and even-handed take on so many issues, including a number of them not even related to the military. Absolute mad lad, I want to hear his thoughts on all kinds of things now.

    Huw GuyverHuw Guyver2 dager siden
  • HAHAHAH these comments are brilliant!

    Andrew BennettAndrew Bennett3 dager siden
  • Here's the problem with doing a job like I have done for 18 years.. over the years people don't want to pay as much to have something built like a deck built and not only that but they want more done for less money and materials cost more. Us Americans as a whole devour everything we see in sight and we want it cheaper and better.. not want we demand...

    Sean CSean C3 dager siden
  • Jocko is a very impressive person, and he has a great understanding of how to accomplish a goal while working as a team. However, you can't reason with unreasonable people. His suggestion makes the assumption that the endgame for these groups is to better themselves and others and to achieve a common goal. That is not the case. The question should be how do we as a country correct problems while staving off those (race baiters, politicians, etc.) who do not want the problem solved, who weld emotion as a weapon and who's ultimate goal is power and money. I know that inside the military there are conflicts, but they (for the most part) share a common goal and that is the protection of the country and the usual course of action is efficient and immediate, but that isn't the case in regular society. Society is "I want my check" not caring who the government is stealing from to redistribute income. It is "I want to be in charge" so that everyone gawks at me as I walk into a room. It's "I want a driver because I'm too important to sit in traffic." I certainly don't know what the answer is, but I think we are further from the answer than we have ever been.

    K STEELEK STEELE3 dager siden
  • Yeah 30 officers killed and a 1000 civilians killed by other officers, not saying that the majority of them arent dangerous criminals, but i bet that more than 30 of these civilians were killed because of Bad Training or just piece of shit humans as cops, so dont go round thinkin whats happenin if someone starts fighting back just bc u clown have a badge

    999999111111199999911111114 dager siden
  • Jocko+JR = G.I Joe Rogan

    #8737#87375 dager siden
  • Jocko for President 2024

    Tom FoxTom Fox5 dager siden
  • One of the most straight up ones yet with two g.o.a.t’s

    ryan hodgeryan hodge5 dager siden
  • What happened with the COVID test?

    Brian RBrian R5 dager siden
  • Bruh you have got to read the comments. There are so many people who believe that those cops did nothing wrong

    Paul MontagnePaul Montagne6 dager siden
  • There is Roganchamp and Jockochamp!

    BrandtCastBrandtCast6 dager siden
  • I love how Joe calls out all the bullshit!

    StarkStark7 dager siden
  • Police need more training/funding than doctors, teachers, lawyers, fireman, mechanics, technicians, and more.

    Bill RedenbockerBill Redenbocker8 dager siden
  • i didnt know these two went to medical school.

    Sid MelancholySid Melancholy8 dager siden
  • @1:28:00 the jocko sigh

    Josh NelsonJosh Nelson8 dager siden
  • Jocko looks like he got the most perfect curved snake

    EEuphoriaEEuphoria9 dager siden
  • The general public are morons.

    Raymond LRaymond L10 dager siden
  • Jocko doesn't know fear he is fear! When the sun sets it says goodnight to jocko! Jocko doesn't snap into a slim Jim a slim Jim snaps into his hand!

    scott Sscott S10 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure Batman had the same track running through his mind when he was trying to sleep...

    Jesus Of The JungleJesus Of The Jungle12 dager siden
  • Man all this talk about jiu jitsu I need to get back to it !! I got my blue and not to long later I Made some dumb decisions where I can’t afford to pay for training at the moment But I give thanks 🙏 for the fact the I will get to train again I miss it so much!!!!! Hello from Las Vegas

    Erick LopezErick Lopez12 dager siden
  • I like Magic the Gathering and guns Lol you can be a nerd and not a Communist!!!

    Travis BrugmanTravis Brugman12 dager siden
  • jocko saved my life last weekend because of this intervirew when he said you always have the choice to run. i got stabbed by 2 guys in the woodz, and the fact that they took me out there to rob me hurt my ego, and i wanted to hurt them. but this interview saved my life...i ended up getting cut right next to jugular and would have bled out if i fought

    Eric RamirezEric Ramirez12 dager siden
  • just started getting into your podcast Joe. great show super inspirational!... This one especially!... Thank You so much!... your show is the only TV / Radio / internet show that can hold my attention and get me interested in so many different subjects!... Thanks!

    ska oneska one12 dager siden
  • When Jocko was born he came out of the womb wearing a Trident. His mother began crying tears of joy and Jocko told her it was a non factor

    Mike S.Mike S.13 dager siden
  • This guy says the same thing like 20 times in a row

    TornDutchTornDutch13 dager siden
  • 1:49:31 pedal for the metal!!!!!

    Dan SageDan Sage14 dager siden
  • P

    epvrodepvrod14 dager siden
  • corporate kane speaks the truth.

    simon tatesimon tate14 dager siden
  • 57:14 Haa Joe was wrong. Biden won and no cities burned down.

    Alex TatkinAlex Tatkin15 dager siden
  • This dude is a seal, he has a very narrow view of the military. That's the way it is in special forces. Racism still exists very much in the regular military in all branches. These team guys think in a very black and white way that isn't real life outside of the military. Look how many members of the military join gangs or hate groups. Look how many were involved in the riot at the Capitol and to act as if trump didn't push all this to his own benefit is just being willfully ignorant.

    Emerson FavreauEmerson Favreau15 dager siden
  • Using race to call for progress is racist

    jamal washiumjamal washium15 dager siden
  • You are absolutely right

    Dane RyanDane Ryan15 dager siden
  • Jocko pissed on a lizard 🦎 in Japan 🇯🇵, THAT LIZARD IS NOW GODZILLA!!

    vijay singhvijay singh16 dager siden

  • Em thấy tính em không hợp được với ai hết là thật,khi nói chuyện bằng tiếng việt với nhau,mà còn không hiểu nổi nhau mà lòng người ta không muốn hợp tác với em mà thôi...vậy thì em đâu cần giữ cái gốc rễ cũ để làm gì phải không???Khi gốc rễ cũ của người ta với em lại là 1 trời 1 vực rõ ràng rồi ! Em không thể giao đời em còn lại sống đúng lễ nghĩa với những người không đúng lễ nghĩa với gia đình của em luôn mà...em bất hiếu với gia đình của mình,thì em cũng chờ có gia đình em sẽ chính chắn hơn ổn định hơn và em có cớ để gia đình gần nhau hơn lúc đó em bù đắp mà không phải bị người ta đỗ gánh nặng từ nhỏ nên em không hài lòng khi vừa lớn lên là đã nghe đổ trách nhiệm cho em rồi,mà họ không nghĩ họ phải biết lo cho em trước em thương em có là em sẽ lo sẽ cho họ chứ cho ai,lo cho em thì không có tâm,mà cứ sợ em có tiền em không lo cho họ không...em thấy mắc cười quá!từ trong gia đình em ra tới bạn bè tới công việc tới bạn trai tới có chồng cũng chẳng thể ổn định mà không ai lo cho em có buồn không?thất bại có sao không có cần ở gần an ủi không?hỏi thăm không?TOÀN ĐOÀN VĂN BƠ...HAHAHA...CÒN NÓI DO EM ĂN Ở...HAHAHA...Ờ THÌ ĐÚNG LUÔN NHA DO EM ĂN Ở SAI TRÁI KHI TỪ CHỐI NHỮNG NGƯỜI CŨ XƯA YÊU THƯƠNG EM MÀ GIỜ ÔNG TRỜI ĐÃ CHO EM THẤY EM SỐNG ĐÚNG CHỨ KHÔNG SAI,NÊN EM CHƯA LÀM MẤT GỐC HAY BỊ ẢNH HƯỞNG TỪ NHỮNG NGƯỜI EM ĐÃ TRẢI QUA...SỢ QUÁ LUÔN CHỨ,LÒNG NGƯỜI...

  • All lives matter......

    Wolf GangerWolf Ganger17 dager siden
  • when jocko came back from deployment...ptsd got him

    Jah ReadJah Read17 dager siden
  • Social media is the weapon

    Phillip CreelPhillip Creel17 dager siden
  • I’ve been listening for 8 hours and am only 2 hours in

    Faded_specterFaded_specter18 dager siden
  • "Superior human been".

    AnonymoAnonymo19 dager siden
  • Defund the police doesnt mean no police. More to it than that.

    chase1170chase117019 dager siden
  • Even though jocko defeated a pro basketball player in a game of horse, he said later he'll never play again as he didnt realize how much bigger his horse was than the rim

    chase1170chase117019 dager siden
  • One of the few times rogan sits across someone that could whoop his ass.

    Colosseum RumbleColosseum Rumble20 dager siden
  • Jocko is a mortal combat character forsure .

    Jacob CarterJacob Carter20 dager siden
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    HomealldayboredHomealldaybored21 dag siden
  • this man turned this into his podcast....after 30 mins i skipped 4 times and everytime he was talking

    Errl4 saleErrl4 sale22 dager siden
  • Hulk is based off jocko

    Ybw _ RahRayYbw _ RahRay22 dager siden
  • Solid talk jocko continue to preach those words of wisdom

    C.M. HoltonC.M. Holton22 dager siden
  • Joe needs to get KC Mitchell on here!

    Cowabunga BlackwaterCowabunga Blackwater23 dager siden
  • Joe, STFU, and let Jocko speak. You make ignorant comments when describing cops.

    Goku KakarotGoku Kakarot23 dager siden
  • About 2:20 Joe & Jocko begin to discuss what's going on in this country perfectly, to a tee, in my opinion. I think exactly the same thing. I have a saying "nothing happens by accident".

    John OJohn O24 dager siden
  • gawddd I wish Jocko ran for President

    Jesse FloresJesse Flores24 dager siden
  • Sharks cage dive to see Jocko swim

    David TariDavid Tari24 dager siden
  • Corona died after catching Jocko

    Mithil MallyaMithil Mallya24 dager siden
  • It amazes me how out of touch you both are with reality and how cops are the biggest gang in the untied states. My entire life cops have preyed on the public and look for any reason to fuck us over to make whatever money they can and to lock us up for anything they can come up with. Most cops were dorks that were picked on and so they want a position of power and they completely abuse it. All the questions your posing and answers you provide are so far from the real problems with police in America. Black people and brown are killed by police and the cops get away with it. Only when they kill white people do they actually get charged and punished. The fact that most white people refuse to acknowledge this and say "all lives matter" means you don't give a fuxk about the cops killing colored people without consequences. All lived matter when black and brown lives are as valuable as whites.

    Phase VariancePhase Variance25 dager siden
  • Jocko for president, anytime

    Jim WagnerJim Wagner25 dager siden
  • Wait but he made me want to politically support the rock

    Stephen PhilipStephen Philip25 dager siden
  • Jocko always starving... tells hunger itself to go fuck off

    Robert FilaskiRobert Filaski25 dager siden
  • When Jocko had Joe Rogan on his podcast, what an episode.

    Diego BancalariDiego Bancalari26 dager siden
  • Jocko looks like the love child of Tito Ortiz and Matt Damon.

    James MorganJames Morgan27 dager siden
  • They leave those details out of every police shooting narrative.

    Jennifer MommyJennifer Mommy27 dager siden
  • Middle of the road, sometimes Left sometime Right is the sign of an intelligent person but Politics will always be a route of corruptible corruption to control.

    JOHN ASHLEYJOHN ASHLEY27 dager siden
  • That is beautiful

    William GibsonWilliam Gibson27 dager siden
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    Pure ProxiesPure Proxies28 dager siden
  • Big foot took a pic of Jocko.

    Wild BillWild Bill28 dager siden
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    Randall IbarraRandall Ibarra29 dager siden
  • Joe.... I wish you would study the history of black face..... I agree with the overwhelmingly majority of what you said here., But my gosh. You couldn't be more wrong about blackface..... Jocko for president...

    Marlon PaganMarlon Pagan29 dager siden
  • "No one is saying there is nothing wrong with what Chauvin did"...Well let me be the first then guys! Chauvin and the other cops did the job exactly how they were trained to do it! Chauvin and MANY other cops have been thrown under the bus! Anyone who watched the WHOLE arrest video and the trial would know that there WAS clearly reasonable doubt as to why Floyd died! There is NO WAY that anyone can PROVE "beyond a reasonable" doubt that it was Chauvins knee that killed him and that it was likely a drug overdose that killed Floyd! Chauvin DID NOT get a fair trial and was convicted by MOB justice! Even some jurors have admitted that they had already decided he was guilty and were NOT unbiased!...I feel very bad for Chauvin!...Its not right!

    WolfsoldierWolfsoldierMåned siden
  • Dwayne and jocko, the dynamic duo

    SxendSxendMåned siden
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath

    RottenKIDRottenKIDMåned siden
  • I don't like the way he starts the podcast. He should ideally ask the guest to talk about his journey till here and then move on other subjects

    nikhil 225nikhil 225Måned siden
  • When jocko was born Zeus wept

    jack greenejack greeneMåned siden
  • I wish both of these guys were 10X more famous than they are - while I don't always agree with everything they both say and do, there is so much sense being made in this talk, I feel a lot of people could benefit from both of them having more reach

  • What about white on white crime? Or white on every else crime

    DaReal TmbDaReal TmbMåned siden
  • The rock? I respect both these guys but politically. Stupid if you think the rock is the best choice

    Deebo NashDeebo NashMåned siden
  • Jocko makes a lot of sense!!!

    Jens BangJens BangMåned siden
  • Obama is the reason we are where we are and why your talking about the divide now!

    Josh AllenJosh AllenMåned siden
  • I don't like Rogan trying to bait Willink into like political hotbuttons.

    Robert JamesRobert JamesMåned siden
  • Jocko is TRT for my generation (millennial)

    Sean NguyenSean NguyenMåned siden
  • This podcast between these two should be mandatory to listen to every person over age 16. Amazingly honest about everything, including communication! Thank you! ❤️😊

    Sarah DuffeySarah DuffeyMåned siden
  • Jocko & The Rock as independent co-presidents would kick ass for this country

    DougJKDougJKMåned siden
  • Disappointed in this. If he had a guest like Dave Chappelle on, he wouldn't be saying these things about all lives matter or the Floyd issue.

    Page1 Digital MediaPage1 Digital MediaMåned siden
  • Jocko once planted a seed, it turned into the Garden of Eden

    Metallic BladezMetallic BladezMåned siden
  • *I don’t even know what magic the gathering is*

    Harrison BouchHarrison BouchMåned siden
  • HahahHaha hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha and hahahahaha and hahahahaha hahaha hahahaha haha hahahahaha hahahahaha

    Roxanne LalondeRoxanne LalondeMåned siden
  • Jocko and Chuck Norris were cast of the same mold.

    moffittasmoffittasMåned siden
  • The problem is Mr.Rogan that they have the person already under control , and continue to kneel on the back of there neck . It's like someone breaks into your house in Canada and if you do to much damage to that person, then they nail you with excessive force. Well the cops should have to follow the same rules.

    Benny BBenny BMåned siden
  • We need more of these guys to run for office! That is where this country has failed, it use to be run by real men like Jocko, like Shawn Ryan, like Mike Glover, guys that have experience and a square head on their shoulders.

    Toby GarmonToby GarmonMåned siden
  • Amen, TRUMP 2020, DEPSITE THE BS

    dave richdave richMåned siden
  • "The thing that scares me the most is that we can't talk to each other." This dude knows what's up.

    Daniel ApuzzoDaniel ApuzzoMåned siden
  • Jocko is the final super Sayan form of Joe Rogan lol

    vitor Godinhovitor GodinhoMåned siden
  • Hey man I’m no nerd but everyone plays magic, I feel like joe would like it Fr 🤣

    Dylan RoseDylan RoseMåned siden
  • This is a very very good one, a special one, Joe Rogan just gets better and better

    Rudi BothaRudi BothaMåned siden
  • Joe is Gold, people underestimate his intelligence

    Rudi BothaRudi BothaMåned siden