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Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps is available now everywhere. @Ben Shapiro




  • You have to give credit to Rogan, he knows exactly what his guess want to hear.

    death 69 reaperdeath 69 reaper3 timer siden
  • I like Ben. But to imply Colin Kapernick had this plan of kneeling during the National Anthem so he could make money is a stretch.

    Stephen McDaidStephen McDaid3 timer siden
  • 30:00, thank you for calling Ben out and saying his view is too simplistic because it very much is

    Jesslyn FoightJesslyn Foight4 timer siden
    • Nah family needs to raise their kids. The only friend I ever had who didn't gang bang or never went to jail had a strict family who was poor but raised him right and taught him morals valise

      te cte cTime siden
  • At speed 1.25 joe sounds normal Ben sounds like Eminem

    Official RamzyOfficial Ramzy6 timer siden
  • This Jewish dude only eats Kosher but cant elaborate more on why eating Kosher is beneficial... what a moron

    Vitamin ZVitamin Z7 timer siden
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    Jayden BellJayden Bell11 timer siden
  • The Wood Wrights Shop thats the name of the old PBS show

    Mushroom ManMushroom ManDag siden
  • Anyone eles strongly disagree with joe on this one as someone who's WHOLE family has been in and out of prison i seen that and ddnt want it for me and my kids and decided to copt out, i just got a JOB like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING and stayed away from bad ppl🤷joe makes it seem like its impossible to remove yourself from negativity 🤦

    jeff_ the_killerjeff_ the_killerDag siden
  • Too much freedom to know what to do with. How fare you Trader Joe’s lol

    Joe RiceJoe RiceDag siden
  • Ben actually was semi respectful. Probably because he knew he was on a show he can't play his jew card and win. Unlike when he goes on TV.

    Sacredheals TVSacredheals TVDag siden
  • He voids everything he says and stands for when he gives validity to covid. And he claims to be a free and critical thinker

    Robert HaizlipRobert HaizlipDag siden
  • Walking through Portland, OR was actually my first time seeing human feces on the sidewalk, horrible city.

    Dennis MillerDennis Miller2 dager siden
  • "What do you do when you have a medium rare steak?" "You salt it very heavily" You still eat the blood idiot. Its in the salt you put on the steak. Your entire "non blood" bs is non existent if you eat animals.

    Cannabis Express 420Cannabis Express 4202 dager siden
  • Shapiro’s voice tells me he doesn’t have balls. He talks like a little squirrel.

    Lene RingLene Ring2 dager siden
  • Bens argument for the point of view for black poverty is incorrect and simplistic. You have to deeper than what he is trying..

    Joshua BJoshua B2 dager siden
  • If slavery was the driving factor in the way stated then what about all those with slavery in their lineage and even those from broken homes making it in society? Woody Harrelson's father was a contract killer.

    Ray LRay L3 dager siden
  • The only city that didn't riot during those George Floyd protests was Flint, MI. Top 5 murder rate in the US and we were able to keep the peace and Police Chief even marched with us.

    Dewayne TaylorDewayne Taylor3 dager siden
  • Ben shapiro gives marriage advice while marrying his wife after 3 months of dating... OK Ben. OK.

    frikky99frikky993 dager siden
  • If our Congress and political leaders could only have constructive discussions like this…In which we can find commonality and concerns over the same issues troubling us now…America would definitely be stronger and it’s people better off.

    JT StrategiCapitalJT StrategiCapital3 dager siden
  • Ben is wrong about one thing. It is TOTALLY FAIR to blame Cuomo for the unnecessary deaths because this guy STUPIDLY put Covid infected elderly into nursing homes instead of using the hospital ship that Trump sent to NY.

    Rick PontificatesRick Pontificates3 dager siden
  • And yet, lefty cities keep voting for Demon-RATS

    Rick PontificatesRick Pontificates3 dager siden
  • Majority of people are not racist. There are some laws and a few bad apples that are racist which are usually in democratic cities. I make choices every day Joe. I choose not to beat the shit out of someone for being disrespectful. I choose not to shoot someone. I CHOOSE! therefore whoever chooses to shoot up a school or shoots someone deserves to be dead for that choice they made.

    LandoSecurity710LandoSecurity7104 dager siden
  • 1:09:28

    Georg JungleGeorg Jungle4 dager siden
  • Bro I don't like police, they jump in to everyone else's buisness, but they also step on guys necks. Not ok.

    Lloyd BradlyLloyd Bradly4 dager siden
  • Just think about the MASSIVE impact broken homes have had on children and society...

    Calie VorsterCalie Vorster5 dager siden
  • Ben makes a, Jerk the Movie, reference... very impressive as to how he is actually very funny and just a normal dude.

    BLOCKNITBLOCKNIT5 dager siden
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    Charles NewtonCharles Newton5 dager siden

    ahmed najmiahmed najmi5 dager siden
  • @Joe Rogan, you should check out the activities of Julius Malema and his poltical party, the EFF in South Africa...

    Calie VorsterCalie Vorster5 dager siden
  • FükaLah Footlocker

    Jacob VittoneJacob Vittone5 dager siden
  • Ben: "I'm not a huge fan of naturalistic explanations for religion" Also Ben: *After less than a minute later, proceeds to use a naturalistic explanation for Moses parting the red sea 😂😂😂 Basically Ben in a nutshell: "I can use facts and statistics to win any argument except when it comes to my religion because it threatens my beliefs"

    Sun BliethsSun Blieths5 dager siden
    • Yeah there isn't a reasonable religious person who doesn't struggle with this topic, we all go through it but its like gambling, there is a buy in to the culture and community and were all hoping its worth it.

      Space MonkeySpace Monkey4 dager siden
  • his ears are avoiding the headphones as much as he avoids peoples valid points

    TinkTheTankTinkTheTank6 dager siden
  • hey does anyone have the time stamp on when Joe Rogan begins to explain systematic racism

    Nathaniel LevyNathaniel Levy6 dager siden
  • 31:53 Rogan is living in some stupid utopia where people actually get off of their ass and change their life.

    Dr Fu MinshewDr Fu Minshew6 dager siden
  • Simon from Neebs gaming sent me here. I'm glad he did!

    Luna_KhaleesiLuna_Khaleesi6 dager siden
  • Me thinking about how they had skat packs in 1619

    rhysrhys6 dager siden
  • Is dmt kosher

    young mysteryyoung mystery7 dager siden
    • Good question

      StefStef6 dager siden
  • This was the greatest dialogue ever. Shapiro has the stats and the solutions and a very fact driven ideal, but he has a tendency to be harsher than he needs to be... You know, he's passionate! It's nice to hear Joe backing some very realistic, and human perspective on some of what otherwise would have been just controversial, as per usual with Shapiro. What a healthy conversation. I'd like to see more of Shapiro toned down like this.

    Matthew BurgnerMatthew Burgner7 dager siden
  • Definitely can tell Ben doesn’t understand the true experience of poverty but that isn’t his fault. It’s really a deep endless well of sorrow. As someone whose dad used to help people in every way including living at home with us, of different races, most of them did not take advantage of the opportunities. From what I could perceive as a child/teen the environment these people come from has a tremendous affect on people and follows them no matter where they go. In a way you need luck along with a singular focus to rise above poverty. Then the problem of high risk high reward mentality in men also factors in. Great video, especially at .75 speed 😝

    Rickesh PatelRickesh Patel7 dager siden
  • 1:09:23 - Wife's a doctor count: 1

    chadhienzchadhienz7 dager siden
  • Lol Joe supports porn but gets mad about an app that objectifies his daughter...hmmmm someone doesn’t see the irony.

    Kara & GraemeKara & Graeme7 dager siden
  • The 4th chipmunk in the Alvin gang

    Ryder MosesRyder Moses8 dager siden
  • Joe:"People are silly." Ben: "People are indeed silly."

    M NorthM North8 dager siden
  • Giving your children access to the technological systems that connect everyone in the world is a mistake. Everyone isn’t meant to connect with everyone. Can’t believe parents give their children smart phones

    Jim CrowJim Crow8 dager siden
  • Get Chappelle to discuss systemic racism w/ this child. He’s a lost cause. I can only hope he’s robbed at gunpoint to add real nightmares to his racism & theories.

    Erika BErika B8 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is woke asf read y’all’s books people

    andres fonsecaandres fonseca9 dager siden
  • May GOD bless you all

    GoatGoat9 dager siden
  • Sooo can you explain how we can verify the 40 mln white Christians who were killed and starved but the other Genocide has zero evidence and is protected by United Nations Security council and is illegal to question?

    Lord Matthew-WalkerLord Matthew-Walker9 dager siden
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    mydo nerlermydo nerler9 dager siden
  • Dude is just a fast talkiing robot! Real life experience vs reading a bunch of books and regurgitating it, thats all this dude does. Someone needs to take his ass to the hoods of Chicago for a day and have him shadow a 15 year old good black kid and i bet his rhetoric changes. He is clueless! Joe you tried to school the big Dummy!!Lol

    Theodore PetersonTheodore Peterson9 dager siden
  • Ben saying that he was a virgin before marrying his wife makes him completely unfit to give relationship advice. Also, in terms of open relationships, it's my belief and experience that it's mostly to do with being in a relationship for the moment with the idea that maybe someone better might come along, but until then, it's nice to have someone to fill that role.

    Exitof99Exitof9910 dager siden
    • @rafi sanders Because he's inexperienced in having had multiple relationships. He only has his one relationship experience to pull from.

      Exitof99Exitof994 dager siden
    • Why, he's in a stable loving relationship. Just because he's old school, doesn't mean it isn't sound advice.

      rafi sandersrafi sanders5 dager siden
  • I see the difference in kids that parents pre 80's have had diciplined their kids vs. kids beyond that not only won't but can't.

    steve lozanosteve lozano10 dager siden
  • At .5 speed Ben sounds absolutely blasted

    2K GOD2K GOD10 dager siden
  • Hes completely different in his own show. He almost seems decent here

    Mike McmullenMike Mcmullen10 dager siden
  • "how to use a bbq" I didn't think I could dislike ben more but yet here we are

    Joseph JeffersJoseph Jeffers10 dager siden
    • Why, because he’s learnt how to use a BBQ?

      Red Brick DustRed Brick Dust8 dager siden
  • I can't believe Ben did not say his wife is a doctor.

    finanzas en acciónfinanzas en acción10 dager siden
  • Protesting is allowed for only black lives matter. That is so racist so racist yet nothing could be said cuz every white person is racist. Smh

    Todd HughesTodd Hughes10 dager siden
  • 💜

    melody hallelujahmelody hallelujah11 dager siden
  • this is disagreement that furthers humanity. everyone watching this took something away from both ben and joe’s view. show this to our kids instead of one sided propaganda

    Mr. Schwifty BeatsMr. Schwifty Beats11 dager siden
  • Was a culture shock for us. We flew from Hungary (well, technically Wien, but originally from Hungary) to LAX and spent a few days in L.A. We were so disappointed by how terrible it looks. The place smelled, it was dirty, full of hobos - I am guessing we probably saw a dead one as well lying on a futon with his eyes open. We checked out the stars, walk of fame, but it looked like a back alley gutter in Budapest. We were stunned... it was an incredible surprise.

    DigitalEtriganDigitalEtrigan11 dager siden
  • “I gotta get you some ELK meat” 😂😂

    KyleKyle11 dager siden
  • coming from a gheto-ish area I wouldn't be surprised seeing someone smoking crack, thats the kind of stuff that happens at 3 am down the street or as people walk by. During the day they are at least civilized and do it in one of many of the local crackhouses

    Keegan smetankoKeegan smetanko11 dager siden
  • I generally agree with Ben Shapiro’s politics but I can’t listen to him because he gets me riled up about stuff that really doesn’t affect me other than the fact that he’s telling me about it

    Andrew Scott EamesAndrew Scott Eames11 dager siden
  • We have 0 community- we have to rebuild a community

    AkaNemoAkaNemo11 dager siden
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    shakir smithshakir smith11 dager siden
  • Meanwhile here in the philippines, cops regularly slaughter people just bcoz they're either intoxicated, pissed off with their neighbor or just wanted to show off! Cops in this god forsaken country is worst than a rotten corpse 🤮

    Team phArCTeam phArC11 dager siden
  • Can I get the time stamp for when Ben drops the F bomb

    MegaGug 95MegaGug 9511 dager siden
  • Creepy it ends talking about ccp

    Undercover KittenUndercover Kitten12 dager siden

    Undercover KittenUndercover Kitten12 dager siden
  • Ben, Do You run with the The lil cap that I didn’t realize that you have always worn until recently? Sorry I forget what it’s called ! Will or do you die your hair to match it so well? Shapiro/Owens 2024

    David BallDavid Ball12 dager siden
  • Joe mentions elk meat, Ben mentions his wife being a doctor. At this point, I’m thinking both are contractual obligations.

    TexanTexan12 dager siden
  • A gentile should start an bdsm yamika fashion line with studs and leather just to see what ben actually thinks of cultural appropriation

    WanderOutdoorsWanderOutdoors12 dager siden
  • One shot, no cutting the throat… wow lol 😆

    Paddie HPaddie H12 dager siden
  • Joe won him so hard ben started stuttering lmao

    a Stealthy guya Stealthy guy12 dager siden
  • Community centers is a great idea. When I was a kid, I didn't grow up in a terribly poor location, but there was a lot of drug use and crime, and I remember signing up at the Boys & Girls club, and I spent a lot of time up there. I honestly believe that the Boys & Girls club kept me from going down a much worse path than I did.

    Jason BossardtJason Bossardt12 dager siden
  • you stand instead of kneel because the founding father didn't want you to kneel to your country, they wanted to show self sovereignty is superior to government

    Sawyer TankersleySawyer Tankersley12 dager siden
  • Whats going on in LA is what happened in Mumbai in the 1980s we had a small slum problem which started in 1961 , SJW got involved and we had the Olga Tellis & Ors vs Bombay Municipal Corporation judgement which said Slums will be protected and see what happened to Mumbai , Hollywood even made a Movie about it - Slum Dog Millionaire .... its pay back ... karma is a bitch

    vivek nairvivek nair12 dager siden
  • Nearly 2 hours of wanting to sort Joe’s headphones out 😅

    GBucksGBucks13 dager siden
  • I thought Ben was a smart guy, but he is so brainwashed by dogmatism I fear he's unreachable.

    Matthew HeinleinMatthew Heinlein13 dager siden
    • I fear sharks

      William HWilliam H13 dager siden
  • Lemme no about that love and friendship when people are starving. Human beings are beasts. Sry its horrible but true

    kk13 dager siden
  • Ben: "The problem with inner-cities is the drugs and the crime." Me: "The problem is criminalizing drugs ya nitwit."

    Matthew HeinleinMatthew Heinlein13 dager siden
  • 34:14. I understood the comparison to sport... Joe is taking this too literally. Basically, black or white.... If you worked and got on, achieved and have a good attitude people say well done for what you worked for. (black and white)... but only one group, when they fail can say its due to racism and not culture and attitude... and personal choices and personal responsibility..

    ROY FRROY FR13 dager siden
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    Trevor HarperTrevor Harper13 dager siden
  • Every time i check the comment section of Jed videos there’s a dork going ... Joe “blah blah blah” Rogan

    Zee ZamiaZee Zamia13 dager siden
  • Damn joe sounds so wired on this one

    iliyass14iliyass1413 dager siden
  • I don't believe that cop shouldn't of gone to prison, only due to the fact that they have been trained to do that. So I blame the police training. I do believe he should be punished, but it's not fair to lock him up to prove a point then 1000s of these incidents have happened and still happen today, but no one is kicking off about those issues. I believe the whole system should of been blamed and not just the officer on the street.

    David FowlerDavid Fowler13 dager siden
  • First thing I did when I got an iPod was watch porn lmaooo

  • unlimited empathy is the highway to hell

    Bill MoyerBill Moyer14 dager siden
  • 1:26:00 NOT THIS ONE

    Edward VelezEdward Velez14 dager siden
  • You have to have a mother and father for things to work out better ...thats statistical truth...teach people to stay together and stop using glorifying gangsters and garbage music

    Steven UnkelSteven Unkel14 dager siden
  • 48:15, interesting point by Ben.

    Jason BJason B14 dager siden
  • @49:35 Ben says the word “that” in the most Jewish accent I’ve ever heard 😂

    Butcher BoyyButcher Boyy14 dager siden
  • Sorry 😊❤ mọi người phải nghe em nói quá nhiều mà toàn đều không hay không tốt về những người thân ruột thịt của em và tất cả những người đã và đang giúp đỡ cho em cũng bị em lôi ra lôi vào chuyện ở đời sống mà chính họ chưa từng tiếp xúc với em lần nào...nhưng em vẫn lôi tất cả vào chửi họ,trong khi em đang sống được là nhờ họ...Ok em biết họ là những ai,em biết được lý do họ tốt với em,em hiểu được lòng họ tốt xấu lúc nào,em biết được họ lúc nào đã thay đổi và lý do họ có hành động và thái độ khác khi nào lúc nào,họ đều có lý do và cả kịch bản trước và sẵn và họ tính cả đường đi nước bước của họ hết,nhưng họ nghĩ họ sẽ hướng dẫn em theo họ,hay ép em phải làm đúng ý họ,thì nhìn lại đi,có ai đoạt giải chưa???ai thắng được gì đoạt được ý gì từ em chưa???😁😁😁còn em có đúng là người dễ dãi,ngu ngốc,hay điếm thúi,xấu xa hay dễ học hư,làm sai với ai không?EM phải là người vong ân bội nghĩa,thất hứa,hay người xu hướng,xu nịnh,người không biết kiềm chế,không có suy nghĩ,thiếu chính chắn,dễ mắc bẫy và gài bẫy người khác và bị người khác gài mà không biết trả lại cho người khác đều xấu của họ định trao cho em mà em không trả lại liền hay không?😁cái tốt cho em em để lâu quên luôn thì có thể,còn cái xấu trao em em trả lại lập tức không cho phép người xấu làm đều đó với bất cứ ai nữa,chỉ em dám làm và không muốn ai liên lụy và phải biết tránh ra cái em đang làm không tốt thì tốt nhất tránh xa ra,mà đứng xa quan sát chứ không phải đứng xa ra bỏ mặt mất tiêu nhớ kỹ...đó là kỹ năng tốt nhất để duy trì hậu quả hoặc đều xấu ít thiệt hại nhất,giữ lại người kế nhiệm người tốt bài học vượt được đều xấu đang có trên đời này bằng cách nào,triệt tiêu được nhiều người hơn khi mất đi ít người...

  • What I got from Joe: crutches are okay if the loudest voice demands it. What I got from Ben: crutches are not okay but you can still have a loud voice... just back it with action.

    WhitehorseParthouseWhitehorseParthouse15 dager siden
  • demoncrats

    locke colelocke cole15 dager siden
  • Way better at.75 speed Joe stoned Ben normal lol

    bluecamarodriver94bluecamarodriver9415 dager siden
  • What do you think about it all now? May 2021.

    Joseph GilliganJoseph Gilligan15 dager siden
  • Ben why don't tell them it's the way they vote???

    Jessica custerJessica custer16 dager siden
  • Who else sees "Joe Rogan the one and only" veins popping out of his shirt on his biceps 💪 he's a fucking beast

    Travis CranfordTravis Cranford16 dager siden
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    Maddi EdenMaddi Eden16 dager siden