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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show




  • Clean coal is CAP

    Isaac MarksIsaac Marks4 minutter siden
  • The one thing Alex was wrong about, and so many people are wrong about is US debt and China. The vast majority I'm pretty sure like 78% of the US Debt is owned by the American people actually. Things like Social Security. China actually owns less debt than Japan funnily enough. Now I'm not saying this to be pro China I am actually extremely anti China. I just want people to be informed, and actually have the facts.

    Dalton CappsDalton Capps13 minutter siden
  • I need Rogan to make the rest of the snowflake staff at Spotify to leave by having a 6hr superpod with a panel of Alex Jones, Jordan Peterson, Milo, Shapiro & eddie/dillon/or joey diaz for the hell of it 😂

    Matthew AkinMatthew AkinTime siden
  • Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?

    C JayC JayTime siden
  • Great to see this episode up. In sense.

    Robert-Bocanegra FiTHC-llcRobert-Bocanegra FiTHC-llcTime siden
  • Lmao Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes, I relate to Alex too much hahaha he's just super ADHD. Got that stream of consciousness hyper focus and I respect his passion.

    YallAcceptEBT?YallAcceptEBT?2 timer siden
  • Fat guy who mimic wwf wrestler voice is a example of empty vessel makes loudest noise. He has zero knowledge about anything besides making his point right.

    setiopsetiop3 timer siden
  • SBC is a hack.

    BuckfiftyBuckfifty5 timer siden
  • I'm annoyed at Joe trying to leash the animal that is Alex Jones

    Billy RayBilly Ray5 timer siden
  • “I’m going to get some apple juice and pray to Jesus” -Alex Jones

    Ryan RubleRyan Ruble6 timer siden
  • This whole thing feels like joe is here trying to derail good insight into conspiracy. Not a voice of reason.

    Dirt OperaDirt Opera7 timer siden
  • I love it when bill hicks drops in on joe

    Mic ViliMic Vili7 timer siden
  • does anyone remember once upon a time when alex jones said he was in direct communication with Q? why did he flip flop? now he says Q people believe in dinosaurs and underground tunnels? get your story straight dude. ive been following the Q thing from the beginning, and i can tell you that its def a gov. operation. dont know if its good or bad, but def a gov. op.

    Unsaved ProjectUnsaved Project7 timer siden
  • Trump , also, took Ivermectin!

    123goca123goca10 timer siden
  • he should have ended sober october for this one

    Not A StoneNot A Stone10 timer siden
  • “Relax, we are here”

    Wandering GypseaWandering Gypsea11 timer siden
  • Alex Jones is insane...bye

    Gone FishingGone Fishing12 timer siden
  • C-10 🇨🇦

    Misty Brooke MartinMisty Brooke Martin13 timer siden
  • How can a billionaire known for being for being a shit person, making deals with mafia, and other things, can be a good politician. 😞 I don’t know what to say.

    Raymond FerreiraRaymond Ferreira13 timer siden
  • I remember loving this just like any episode with Alex Jones in it. Watching now several months later is very hard because of how Joe is behaving.

    SladeofdarkSladeofdark14 timer siden
  • Laughed out loud when Joe started talking about correlation and causation in regards to AGW.

    troy mashtroy mash16 timer siden
  • CO2 was not 20-50x higher while mammals existed bud

    Brett KomisarekBrett Komisarek16 timer siden
  • We, The Aliens, walk and have walked among you for thousands of years. Your governments have conditioned you to ignore this information and not believe it.

    David WithingtonDavid Withington16 timer siden
  • Joe acted way more different in this Alex podcast than the last one. I’m guessing it’s because he’s held by Spotify now?

    seriouslymasonseriouslymason16 timer siden
  • Being a Black Man I always heard this guy was a racists etc so I never gave him a chance, I've been watching him on this Joe Rogan interview and this guy is DOPE idk if he's racist or not but I love his passion because he's right on a lot of things.

    Klub MemberKlub Member17 timer siden
    • No he’s not a racist at all. It’s just another media lie they tell to steer people away from listening to him. He has his own show on

      seriouslymasonseriouslymason16 timer siden
  • Joe is a liberal so why is he moving to Texas? Stay in Cali...take in the homeless etc..loves Texas....lmao

    G MG M18 timer siden
  • Love Alex...I hope he finds some peace

    G MG M18 timer siden
  • “Oh by chopping our sons balls off” Lmaoooo I fucking died of laughter when Alex said that

    HusseinHussein19 timer siden
  • Joe is a hack for spotify now

    Nick HaldenNick Halden20 timer siden
    • He really is. He acted so much different in this one than the last Alex podcast

      seriouslymasonseriouslymason16 timer siden
  • You gotta love the fact that Tim had enough respect for Alex that he clearly researched before coming on.

    John MillerJohn Miller21 time siden
  • The closed voice willy mess up because revolve immunohistologically warn of a spiritual inch. malicious, rough coke

    Jayden BellJayden Bell21 time siden
  • Alex is so bad at pronouncing names. Fweintes

    Prodigal SonProdigal SonDag siden
  • looks like they tried to hide this from me i’ve never seen it

    rlrlDag siden
  • Lmfao 😂 @ 1:34:35 he low key sounded just like Alex how dare he 😆 😅

    Donald FloydDonald FloydDag siden
  • List all the things he (Alex) was right about.... I wanna check something :

    DJ Kampo HardawayDJ Kampo HardawayDag siden
  • Wait till some Russians hack autonomous vehicles and there’s a 95 car pileup in LA. It’s been proven these fucker can already hack any car with parking assist and make it drive off a bridge.

    Dizzy KincadeDizzy KincadeDag siden
  • Joe, playing devils advocate woth alex, pretending his podcasts with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson never he wasn’t absolutely on Randall’s dick as Randall dropped truth bombs.

    Dizzy KincadeDizzy KincadeDag siden
    • Then 45 minutes into the the debate, he remembers his talks woth Randall.... very selective.

      Dizzy KincadeDizzy KincadeDag siden
  • Alex definitely got deep water crap wrong. I know I Been out there n done that water was not used in place of mud.

    Jeremy SteppJeremy SteppDag siden
  • Did Spotify make Joe Rogan fact check Alex

    The Maverick MindThe Maverick MindDag siden
  • Just came back after hybrid and ufo news

    Black beautyBlack beautyDag siden

    Diego TellezDiego TellezDag siden

    squeeze ya nosesqueeze ya noseDag siden

    Jack of some tradesJack of some tradesDag siden
  • They brought Alex on the show just to keep pulling stuff up on the internet let Alex talk stop trying to slow him down

    Orlando HunterOrlando HunterDag siden
    • It’s because he’s owned by Spotify now and he’s not independent so he shut him up constantly cause he doesn’t want to her in trouble.

      seriouslymasonseriouslymason16 timer siden
  • Joe should get Jordan Peterson on this podcast with Alex

    Patrick DossPatrick DossDag siden
  • This is chaos 🤣🤣😂 lmfao

    Lil JordyLil JordyDag siden
  • Something very fishy about this one. Joe seems to have a gun to his head

    Davis T.Davis T.Dag siden
  • So much to comment on but what Alex maybe got wrong was the election. Contesting the election was back-up for if they didn't get away with election ballot fraud

    Luis ValentinLuis ValentinDag siden
  • The history books will show that Joe Rogan moving to Austin was the progressive downfall of Texas

    - JustMaxPirk- JustMaxPirkDag siden
    • It’s starting to seem that way. Seems like he brought the worst parts of LA with him.

      jo hnjo hn5 timer siden
  • Joe: isn't it true carbon dioxide raises the temperature of the planet. Alex: no it's 98% the Sun. And carbon dioxide is making our planet more green and bring back our atmosphere. Joe: but isn't it true carbon dioxide is heating up the planet. Fucking idiot.

    - JustMaxPirk- JustMaxPirkDag siden
  • It would be great if Joe and let him f****** talk.

    - JustMaxPirk- JustMaxPirkDag siden
  • "Hold please"

    Scott HayesScott HayesDag siden
  • I’m two minutes in and Alex is already going on about some crazy conspiracy shit. LOL

    Gary S.Gary S.Dag siden
  • 44:50 that wasn’t a quote by the w.h.o. It was a quote from Donald Trump😂 idk why it’s so hard to give credit to Trump lol

    Micah LMicah LDag siden
  • Joe was great on this one just great

    SamesamemanSamesamemanDag siden
  • This video is a f*****g hurricane . How do these guys brains work so fast ?! I,m impressed with this Alex Jones dude . Full tilt. Its 2021 , June , when was this recorded ? Is there a current Joe and Alex view on the present moment vid. up ? Questions , questions etc etc

    Bart WisseBart WisseDag siden
  • “These people are in the woods with hoods on!!” Very very underrated comment lol

    C DC DDag siden
  • Why does Joe believe ANYTHING Alex Jones says? He's a lunatic

    m00tmikem00tmikeDag siden
    • @Willam Snyder 👏👏👏

      EggOnBeansOnToastEggOnBeansOnToastDag siden
    • Oh sleeper. How much CNN you been watching recently

      Willam SnyderWillam SnyderDag siden
  • Jeeeeeesussssss! Alex is jumping from one thing to the other and goats ate the Saharan rainforest 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Tuia OjalaTuia OjalaDag siden
  • Joe, you lose so much my having Alex on your show. Literally everything he says can be debunked.

    m00tmikem00tmikeDag siden
    • You're lost and I feel sorry. Pull yourself out of the trance and try critical thinking, you have Stockholm syndrome to society, the establishment defines your reality. You should make your own through logical thought but you're not capable

      Willam SnyderWillam SnyderDag siden
  • Joe is such an amazing diblomat😅👍

    Tuia OjalaTuia OjalaDag siden
  • Omg every one who understands the this science is hurting inside

    Tuia OjalaTuia OjalaDag siden
  • Holy shit. This is all so far off base. Why can't Joe just talk to Duncan every episode? Fuck Alex Jones

    m00tmikem00tmikeDag siden
    • Keep confirming your own bias, maybe it will become true

      Willam SnyderWillam SnyderDag siden
  • Love alex jones, but him always interrupting people gets on my fucking nerves.

    GusGusDag siden
  • 54:15 has serious meme potential

    Sam LastnameSam Lastname2 dager siden
  • You really don't think that they don't have people in bed together Joe

    Zack JondroZack Jondro2 dager siden
  • Alex was trying to tell us some stuff for 10 or 15 years and yet single things he says joe acts like he's nut

    Zack JondroZack Jondro2 dager siden
  • 32:00 is the moment joe decided he doesn’t want Alex Jones on his show anymore

    Sam LastnameSam Lastname2 dager siden
  • This is an Alex Jones was right about everything montage....

    Dizzy KincadeDizzy Kincade2 dager siden
  • Tim Dillon - These people are in the woods with hoods on!

    Dizzy KincadeDizzy Kincade2 dager siden
  • I believe it’s pronounced “jizz-lane”

    Dizzy KincadeDizzy Kincade2 dager siden
    • Who the hell said that? I heard it the other day lol

      Brian RodriguezBrian Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • bill hicks wake up

    Daniel WilsonDaniel Wilson2 dager siden
  • Joe needs to just shut up and let Alex talk. HOW MANY TIMES HAS ALEX BEEN PROVED RIGHT?? QUIT ASKING ABOUT FACT CHECKERS!! ALEX JONES is a human fact checker!!!

    Ms. Knowledge ALLMs. Knowledge ALL2 dager siden
    • Amen

      Willam SnyderWillam SnyderDag siden
  • I would LOVE your show more IF YOU HAD Alex Jones on your show more.

    Ms. Knowledge ALLMs. Knowledge ALL2 dager siden
  • I fucking love these 2

    Colin JonesColin Jones2 dager siden
  • Much rather hear Joe's perspectives because he hears both sides this guy actually believes things it sounds religious coming out of his mouth and it shouldn't science isn't.

    Joe JiggingJoe Jigging2 dager siden
  • "What are trees made of?" "" I lost it.

    Jousty BirdingtonJousty Birdington2 dager siden
  • HUNTER BIDEN!!! I’m outraged! 😂

    Charles PetersonCharles Peterson2 dager siden
  • 1 Hour in. Alex is dropping the bombsssssss and its still on NOcds while the holocaust is literally happening

    Willam SnyderWillam Snyder2 dager siden
  • “The young turds” Lol 😆 Tim Dillon is right, Alex Jones might be the most entertaining person in the world!

    Little Mo PeteLittle Mo Pete2 dager siden
  • I'm sorry Alex know it wasn't you in the act with all those conspiracy theories or facts.thanx from humanity

    Antonio LopezAntonio Lopez2 dager siden
  • Joe really ruined this whole interview. Don’t know when he became such a snowflake. Constantly backtracking Alex’s points trying to prove him wrong.

    Ty ShermanTy Sherman2 dager siden
    • He’s a liberal media shill and disinformation agent

      Shane from KentuckyShane from Kentucky14 timer siden
  • Funny hearing joe rogan speak out against big tech sensorship. Hey spotify you missed a clip

    Estrada603Estrada6032 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that hopes that rogan gets booted from the Spotify deal? Not to harm him or anything, but so that he doesn’t have a corporation looming over his shoulder.

    PJ GPJ G2 dager siden
  • I wish Alex would stop talking over them thats annoying, quit drinking

    DmnitCarl  DmnitCarl DmnitCarl DmnitCarl 2 dager siden
  • Joe should know about the carbon dioxide when talking with Randell carlson

    Eric GionetEric Gionet2 dager siden
  • While Alex is wrong about a lot of the coal stuff, there is some truth to what he is saying. There’s been a lot of research into scrubber technology and what to do with the CO2 that is produced.

    I am phantomI am phantom2 dager siden
  • Have watch alex for along time love most of his work to have him on your podcast is epic man love it!!

    Travis WalkerTravis Walker2 dager siden
  • If anything covid shows how the most powerful government can crumble with just a flu

    Big Beef89Big Beef892 dager siden
  • Alex is soooo drunk lmao

    Cody JamesCody James2 dager siden
  • This is heavy stuff

    Siddharth AgarwalSiddharth Agarwal2 dager siden
  • Alex is definitely eccentric but hes also genuine. He should be allowed back on you tube. Censorship is wrong

    Shaun WaltonShaun Walton2 dager siden
    • @Sir P yeah he has his own site. or banned(.)video. They banned the second link but either one will work if you remove the “( )”

      seriouslymasonseriouslymason17 timer siden
    • Does he post on another site or what’s he doing now, I’m a bit new to Alex Jones and want to catch up on what I missed

      Sir PSir PDag siden
  • “I identify as Jennifer Aniston” 😂 Alex killed me

    DevDev2 dager siden
    • Time stamp

      David KoDavid Ko11 timer siden
  • Same hear bro

    Sean ChambersSean Chambers2 dager siden
  • Joe sucks. You don’t have to interrupt and fact check everything. You don’t do that for all your other guests. Everytime you stop him and look it up you find out Alex is telling the truth. He is a reliable source. And Alex is right, Joe plays dumb as a front.

    Ray MillerRay Miller2 dager siden
  • The naive resolution byerly buzz because patch hemperly offend opposite a staking cheek. awful, unsuitable climb

    John GillespieJohn Gillespie2 dager siden
  • Still going strong no Spotify 😎

    choobchoob2 dager siden