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Louis Theroux is best known for his documentaries in the television series "Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends" and "When Louis Met...", as well as his Louis Theroux's BBC Two specials.




  • Louis is so funny.

    Abhijith MadabhushiAbhijith MadabhushiDag siden
  • Hey look it's Louis "Everyone's a Nazi Except Me" Theroux.

    Matthew HopkinsMatthew Hopkins4 dager siden
  • Louis Theroux is a total brainlet, his hit pieces are so nauseatingly forced.

    Matthew HopkinsMatthew Hopkins5 dager siden
  • Wow, that guy is so interesting, and funny!! Great conversation!!

    lnc1210lnc12106 dager siden
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    Pure ProxiesPure Proxies6 dager siden
  • Hubbard pillaged the system of OTO (Thelema not Satanism, that's Anton LaVey not Crowley) and fabricated an allegorical story to fit his system, he was friends with Jack Parsons and married Jack's first wife whom I assume is who he learned secrets of the OTO from as from what I know he never did degree work within the order himself.

    RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkErRoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr6 dager siden
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    Edwardo TrujilloEdwardo Trujillo8 dager siden
  • Watch this movie and you'll see one of Harvey Weinstein's accusers come to their apartment drunk

    James BostJames Bost8 dager siden
  • There's good reason the military uses abbreviations and acronyms it's for speed and ease of communication. If you was on the radio on the frontline and you used all the full terms it would take forever

    sam ettosam etto8 dager siden
  • Louis is the main man.. You too Joe! Haha. Love from the UK

    LegitLegit8 dager siden
  • I here a definitive similarity to our abusive Healthcare System when he's speaking at 36.22. At 1:16 he describes how Scientologist use Dehydration to death to cure mental illness. That may be true but Americans would be surprised at how many deadly cocktails are given to the mentally ill

    Scott S.Scott S.9 dager siden
  • He wasn't joking about that pool sex scene in Showgirls. Its fucking ridiculous. She is flopping around like a fish. Fuckin hilarious actually.

    Science is HardScience is Hard11 dager siden
  • Aren't all religions all secret in one way or another? I'm not a religious person and didn't even know anything about religions till i was older. Wasn't raised knowing about religion at all. The first time I went to a catholic church, which was for my girlfriend's family, I thought everything was so silly. All the readings of this 1800 year old text, the traditions, the guys walking around in robes, candles, cross with a dead guy pinned to it, it all just seemed like theater. So when I hear people talk shit about Scientology the first thing i think is that they must be able to remove themselves from how silly all religions are. Because coming from me, with zero religious upbringing or experience, Scientology looks the absolute least threatening, scary, or obviously complete lie out of all the religions. Scientology actually is probably the most probably religion if a religion were to be true. I don't believe it, but If i was forced to bet which is true I would 100 percent go with Scientology, not even a doubt in my mind.

    Science is HardScience is Hard11 dager siden
  • Joe: Do you know what a beard is? Louis: Yes 2 million subs: No, wtf is a beard?

    DrGonzoDrGonzo12 dager siden
    • i getchu bro, its the thing my face to me.

      SuS. GAMINGSuS. GAMING9 dager siden
  • Why does Louis look kinda hunky here

    Gavin BarnesGavin Barnes14 dager siden
  • Louis with Max Clifford was the best. Totally exposed the little tosser!!!

    Marjory Proops-TinklebottomMarjory Proops-Tinklebottom15 dager siden
  • To according to Buddhism, you could not experience rebirth as a chipmunk lol. This is a very complicated part of the teachings but, all and all, I think there is no human to animal rebirth. (43:20)

    A PFA PF16 dager siden
    • I think that is Hinduism, they have a much more rebirth established by life acts type of hierarchy in the animal kingdom. Once you reach the human level you then get reborn in higher and higher status of human. Its what drives the caste system they have, or "used" to have (its totally still there and never going anywhere). But we can't talk shit really, our class system is almost just as brutal. I should remember because I had to read 5 different books in college for a Hinduism class I took for a stupid art credit, but i don't, probably because it was some of the dumbest shit I have ever read.

      Science is HardScience is Hard11 dager siden
  • Political correctness is fascism in disguise. as long as people are not calling for violent acts to be committed against others then free speech should always prevail Another thing, the "liberals" who run the likes of Twitter are NOT left-wing, they refuse to admit that class is the real divider and are mostly middle-class twats who actually hate the working class. I have utter contempt for Trump for instance but allowing Twitter to ban the elected president of the USA cannot be right. Who the fuck do they think they are?

    steve brindlesteve brindle16 dager siden
  • Yeah, Trump turned out to be absolutely terrible, not to say Hillary would've been better but at least she wouldn't have sounded like she was mentally disabled. I think both of them were corrupt along with this years election with Biden and Trump, both of them were bad options as well. The 2 party system is set up to pretty much keep things how they are, and they all are in the back pocket of corporations. We also need a cap on funding so the huge companies can't just bankroll candidates and get exactly what they want, because it is completely destroying the planet and ruining and dividing society in a major way. We make it right vs left to keep us distracted from the real issue, which at the moment is 99% vs the 1%. We need to make them pay with the insanely ridiculous money they have that they couldn't spend in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!! They NEED to pay their part, it's absolutely criminal the way we have it set up, and Trump only made it worse for all of us, the middle and lower class citizens, while bankrolling and bailing out million and billionaires and honestly it's sick. Bernie was our only hope, the only one brave enough to speak up against this bankrolling of candidates and say its wrong to let huge corporations control our politicians and avoid the real big issues in our society. And what did they do? They scared the hell out of lower and middle class citizens with disinformation about how Bernie was a communist and wanted to take everything from all US citizens and spike up taxes for everyone which was a huge lie. And the sad part is that it works, because here we are. We need a revolution, we need to abolish the two party system, and put a cap on the bankrolling of politicians and make it a crime to spend millions or tens of millions or more to get what they want and when they want it. Our system will continue to crumble if we don't make a change soon and let our history repeat itself. If we can get the left and right to put aside our differences and stop labeling and insulting each other we have a chance to beat our real enemy. But until that point, we will be trapped in this hateful and flawed cycle that is destroying the country we love.

    Isaac MarksIsaac Marks19 dager siden
    • And people will just ignore me because of how long this is or make fun of me because they are so drawn in to their "side" that they won't listen to anyone that doesn't cater to their "beliefs" that were fed to them, not realizing we can come together on ALL of these issues and actually make REAL progress, but I don't believe that the people are ready for change, because that is what scares a lot of folks the most. We need more peaceful conversations about these issues without writing off others, and without de-platforming people that aren't truly dangerous. Love to all, lets come together and make a change, and better decisions people, we CAN do it, for ourselves, for others, for the children, and for the many many many generations that will come after us if we don't destroy ourselves through hatred before then

      Isaac MarksIsaac Marks19 dager siden
  • Scientology Hates Raymond: The Spin-off

    alex gavaghanalex gavaghan19 dager siden
  • at about 1:50:00 Joe and Louis start to drift off from each other intellectually. Louis starts asking questions multiple times as Joe starts to become more teenage and make jokes that Louis is so over, then he misunderstands finding isis, sad, just sad!

    OT SOT S19 dager siden
  • LMAO The Tom Cruise impression

    Benevolent GhostBenevolent Ghost23 dager siden
  • No one has ever said anything specific about the Clinton foundation. It’s really rather fucking lame. Joe said nothing.

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIe24 dager siden
    • Yeah,Getting 12 million people Hiv medication is as scandalous as it gets!

      Doug WendelDoug Wendel22 dager siden
  • Hello 😊✌

  • “Fuck that,this is our car. USA USA “ lol. But true.

    TheEarl777TheEarl77725 dager siden
  • come on Joe! Tom Cruise, a great actor?

    barfly tombarfly tom26 dager siden
  • this is more about Scientology than Louis.

    barfly tombarfly tom26 dager siden
  • 42:30 secret squirrel

    Trevison ClarkTrevison Clark26 dager siden
  • What was this guys cool show again?

    Andrew SolieAndrew Solie28 dager siden
  • It’s curious that Scientology turns away potential members because of past mental health treatments. They apparently aren’t desperate for new members?

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIe29 dager siden
  • █─▄▄▄▄█▄─██─▄█▄─▄─▀█─▄▄▄▄█─▄▄▄─█▄─▄▄▀█▄─▄█▄─▄─▀█▄─▄▄─█ █▄▄▄▄─██─██─███─▄─▀█▄▄▄▄─█─███▀██─▄─▄██─███─▄─▀██─▄█▀█ ▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▀

    FlawlessMMAFlawlessMMAMåned siden
  • Jo laughing so idiotically at completely inappropriate times is not only annoying but quite rude to Louis.

    Ziga ZagaZiga ZagaMåned siden
  • I feel zero attraction to the sureness of religion and the scale of religious architecture. Check out Hitler’s dream city government center

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIeMåned siden
  • i dont understand how everyone thinks scientology is bullshit, but then believes in all the Jesus stuff? It's the exact same thing? What makes what Hubbard wrote any more bullshit than the bible?

    C MajorC MajorMåned siden
    • @L Martin So essentially, The bible is lord of the rings. and star wars is scientology

      C MajorC Major26 dager siden
    • We’ve had a longer time with Jesus being in our (Western) society. We just haven’t had as much time with Hubbard’s scifi characters.

      L MartinL Martin26 dager siden
  • theroux's biggest weakness is the fact he sees the west as intrinsically evil. he picks apart the behaviour of white americans, british etc with a much finer toothcomb than he does with those of other nations and demographics, even with the likes of violent criminals. he plays identity politics and it tarnishes most of his work to some degree in my opinion. i think it comes from an empathetic place, but empathy doesn't equate to goodness and in fact sometimes leads to the opposite.

    shrimpanzee001shrimpanzee001Måned siden
    • what shows has he done on “other nations and demographics”? I think he did one in the UK on terrorism, but has he done much else on typical “id pol” subjects?

      L MartinL Martin26 dager siden
  • I would pay good money to watch Joe kick the living shit out of David Miscavige. Can't think of a more deserving douchebag.

    Painted HorsePainted HorseMåned siden
  • Why the fuckety fuck did Poopify remove this one? Makes no sense...

    Dávid NagyDávid NagyMåned siden
    • Scientologists have infiltrated their ranks

      Headburger LaxHeadburger Lax26 dager siden
  • there was a Will Sniff

    Joe ReidJoe ReidMåned siden
  • I love Louis but he is totally incorrect about Leah Remini at 01:19 as she was born into the sea org and grew up in the sea org. Scientology helped her get into her acting career and then she was allowed into celebrity center etc. But, prior to her leaving Scientology, she was a life long member

    123 Neiloborne123 NeiloborneMåned siden
  • Neil Patrick Harris pulled that shit off didn't know he was gay till like a year ago.

    Athena WilliamsAthena WilliamsMåned siden
  • Why is it that Twitter; a private corporate entity is wrong in banning a right wing troll, but a homophobic baker is correct in banning a couple for being gay? 🤔

    Robert BengtssonRobert BengtssonMåned siden
  • The dumb lead us

    Rich WeatherfordRich WeatherfordMåned siden
  • Troll or die .... they see me trollin they hatin....they trying catch me writing dirty

  • 1.52mins it’s kicking in

    Scott McphelimScott McphelimMåned siden
  • Many generations ago, my past family started the Mormon's religion. Am amazed it is apparently a growing group now. Here in London, we never hear of it, see it. Its not . Not even from a family who started it years ago.

    alexandra charlesalexandra charlesMåned siden
  • Scientology, the game that was played to evade taxes.

    D WorkD WorkMåned siden
  • 1.58 joe just knew something crazy would go down

    yuna48910yuna48910Måned siden
  • So odd. Joe does understand that there's no ultimate truth. That there's spin doctors who will suck you in and that once you're in,they try to break you. Yet,he signed the Spotify contract.

    Michael ValorMichael ValorMåned siden
  • @ 55:26 WTF is Joe whispering after Louis name drops some Billionaire?

    Bruce MelhornBruce MelhornMåned siden
  • How can I say your Satan without saying your Satan....Ahaaa! Thatan

    Bruce MelhornBruce MelhornMåned siden
  • you're wrong joe, the poor communications of that era wasn't ever seriously considered a reason for representative government.

    joe stewartjoe stewartMåned siden
  • As a clarification, if you practice polygamy you are excommunicated from the LDS (Mormon) Church. There are many break-off churches which practice it, but it's very forbidden in the main one.

    Rachel ParksRachel ParksMåned siden
  • I was a Mormon (LDS) missionary, and the very first lesson we taught people was about Joseph Smith. So Joe I don't know where you're getting your information, but FYI you aren't allowed to be baptized into that religion without knowing about the story. It isn't "deep" stuff.

    Rachel ParksRachel ParksMåned siden
  • God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow...

    laverne beautylaverne beautyMåned siden
  • What's a beard?

    Tim fondiggleTim fondiggleMåned siden
  • You can be naturalized at birth/dual citizenship if one of your parents is a US citizen at the time of your birth. The law states a person must be born an American citizen to run for president. The law does not state you need to be born in the US.

    PetaniferPetaniferMåned siden
  • I REALLY didn't think I would watch this 'til the end when I started it.

    KrisKrisMåned siden
  • thank you guys..Louis especially. This is an epic episode and gives us all an insight into how any powerful ideology can captivate and snare, and financially exploit unwitting, vulnerable people,

    GlassEyedDetectivesGlassEyedDetectives2 måneder siden
  • I didn’t know Ray Romano was British.

    GuttermouseGuttermouse2 måneder siden
  • i love Louis ,he is a great investigative journolist

    Kribo MsandawanaKribo Msandawana2 måneder siden
  • Joe Rogan laugh = Mutley laugh Theroux a total genius.

    L. A.L. A.2 måneder siden
  • I agree Nick

    Dane RyanDane Ryan2 måneder siden
    • 4 years late but I agree

      Dane RyanDane Ryan2 måneder siden
  • The UK leaving the EU has already shown to be a smart move. Unless you're an anti vaxer.

    Scifi geezerScifi geezer2 måneder siden
  • If i was a caterpillar i would definitely choose to be one of Louis' eyebrows, such an adventure during every conversation.

    S CS C2 måneder siden
    • But then you wouldn’t be a caterpillar? Wtf

      Greg FisherGreg Fisher11 dager siden
  • This got banned from Spotify??? What?

    Joshua TrembleJoshua Tremble2 måneder siden
  • JOE... DUUUDE... @2:23:00, Loose women? The f&kn term is Permiscuous!! Are you an 80 year old man living in the 60's or something? Who do you know that says that? Asking so I can avoid them. I've literally watched hundreds of your shows, and definitely don't have thin skin, but something about that term just made me wanna punch you.

    RichusbabeRichusbabe2 måneder siden
  • Bring him back

    Mohammed AbdullahMohammed Abdullah2 måneder siden
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    Dedra LinaDedra Lina2 måneder siden
  • I think Matt Bomer has done a great job playing straight characters.

    Jennifer DeLucyJennifer DeLucy2 måneder siden
  • I don't think Joe has laughed like that with anyone else....and Joe's a pro comedian ..!

    steve colemansteve coleman2 måneder siden
  • 1:58:35 This didn't age well

    Jon WhiteheadJon Whitehead2 måneder siden
  • When Louis was talking about reincarnation and Buddhism, it reminded me of an incident I witnessed many years ago. I was working in what was the heroin capital of Sydney at the time and I saw a cop arresting a Vietnamese drug dealer and he was lecturing him about selling drugs and he asked the dealer if he was Buddhist, to which he said yes, so the cop said “the way you’re going, you are going to come back as a cockroach.” It wasn’t mocking but it was a lecturing tone and it’s something that’s always stuck with me.

    Dany’elDany’el2 måneder siden
  • i like those podcasts; i don´t have anyone to talk to, so it´s nice that at least somehow , i can follow some intellegent conversations..

    Beatrice VerailleBeatrice Veraille2 måneder siden
  • as he told the story about on what authority slavery is bad, i just kept on thinking "common sence"..

    Beatrice VerailleBeatrice Veraille2 måneder siden
  • M , n,, n mmn Mm , Mm ! Mm mm ? N , . . , , , , . , , , , mm , , . B Mm . . . , , k. N . N B . . N N , mm N ;nnn ,?? M mm /, hmm bk!,/k.. /bk n ;hmm /.nb. Mm / M n ;b N ;;m. N Mm / Nn M Mm I n mm;hmm n . B/ ;hmm ;n ml hmm N N mm /n Mm hmm B hmm hmm I n /n B /hmm mb/n hmm hmm M hmm . .

    Sean HalliganSean Halligan2 måneder siden
    • what?

      Beatrice VerailleBeatrice Veraille2 måneder siden
  • At 2:16 ANDREW YANG!!!!!!!👍

    Steve LangsdorfSteve Langsdorf2 måneder siden
  • Tax? Deductible?

    Peter RobertsPeter Roberts2 måneder siden
  • Ironic isn’t it

    Jordan CarrollJordan Carroll2 måneder siden
  • Louis Theroux is an absolute gem. His work is vital. Thanks so much for this gripping podcast X

    Miff MorrisMiff Morris2 måneder siden
  • Their thoughts on Trump are fascinating with the benefit of hindsight. Nobody could have ever imagined just how disfunctional and chaotic Trump could be, and how ignorant, uneducated and just how poor his judgement would be. Talk about someone out of his depth.

    Roger FroudRoger Froud2 måneder siden
  • If you wouldnt want it done to you or your loved ones then YOU become the authority on if its right or wrong. You convict yourself and that is why "evil carries its own seed of destruction".

    Sh HuSh Hu2 måneder siden
  • Battle field earth book was enjoyable but the movie SUCKED

    Justin McclainJustin Mcclain2 måneder siden
  • Hiring a beard ....?

    THEREAL McCOYTHEREAL McCOY2 måneder siden
    • a boy or girl hired as a celebritys boyfriend, girlfriend by that celebritys management, usually for publicity

      Beatrice VerailleBeatrice Veraille2 måneder siden
  • You start dating dudes and you're like "I'm not even gay, but I'm gonna trick these dudes." - Joe Rogan

    greenningreennin2 måneder siden
  • I love the sound of Joe... what's the microphone he's using?

    Dariusz KkkDariusz Kkk2 måneder siden
  • who calls him "Anthony Robbins"?

    Infrequent FlyerInfrequent Flyer2 måneder siden
  • 1:58:40 hahahahahahaha

    Mike CampenMike Campen2 måneder siden
  • All religion? This is the first video of Joe's I disliked. It's not polite to stumble over your words to "try to put it nicely" implying they are all as bad as the worst.

    adminscottjadminscottj2 måneder siden
  • scientology is not a "religion" its a fucking cult! Same as any institution that claims to be a religon

    TK TrooperTK Trooper2 måneder siden
  • Do u know elephants at Chester zoo in the northwest of England were cought playing pontoon with a pack of playing cards. Trumpy the matriarch is believed to have smuggled the pack in to the zoo in order too gain more food as he has a c in maths which he got while temping at mill Lane high school in Ellesmere port. The town that got paul macartney hooked on smoking Joshua's sticks.

    Scott EarlamScott Earlam2 måneder siden
  • Hot priest from fleabag is a gay guy who plays straight men who loads women are obsessed with

    WhatWhat2 måneder siden
  • Years later and who would say Obama did not support Isis?

    J to the C CJ to the C C2 måneder siden
  • I love how often Joe just bursts out laughing when Louis is just talking about random stuff and Louis just keeps talking like Joe isn't even Laughing. Joe: Where they Getting the money Louis: Well interesting it is run like a Mc Donalds... Joe: LMAO Louis: Continues like nothing happened

    LochlanistLochlanist2 måneder siden
    • I found Rogan to be really odd and almost daft in comparison with Theroux. Clueless? Insert laugh. Feel awkward? Change topic to MCT oil. I like the way you say it better than my way. Less offensive.

      L. A.L. A.2 måneder siden
    • Agreed, it is funny. I think it's because of what Louis said earlier: he tries not to gratuitously make fun of Scientology to retain some distance as a journalist.

      Jon WhiteheadJon Whitehead2 måneder siden
    • @1 New Notification he's right it's funny.

      common logiccommon logic2 måneder siden
    • This vid kinda blew my mind actually

      Mike BaMike Ba2 måneder siden
    • Yea

      common logiccommon logic2 måneder siden
  • I didi think Louis Theroux would know who Flavor Flav is

    LochlanistLochlanist2 måneder siden
  • Louis Theroux could make a documentary on a pile of bricks and still make it interesting.

    Pat The Wild Goose!Pat The Wild Goose!2 måneder siden
  • 4.2k current Scientologists have disliked this

    George PanagosGeorge Panagos2 måneder siden
  • Scientology is a fools cult written by a moron.. people are so easily persuaded to dismiss logical and basic common sense .I think ,well hah i mean I don't have to think at all or hardly at all or pause to notice the obvious and anyone who is intelligent should laugh and move on ...yet on the other side it's sad although as they say to each his own lol yet still common sense isn't so common

    Bart NorthBart North2 måneder siden
  • I find it curious that Tom Cruise appeared on the Graham Norton show considering that Graham Norton is gay and Scientology is against homosexuality.

    Donna GarsideDonna Garside2 måneder siden
  • 1:31:00

    Robin HannonRobin Hannon3 måneder siden
  • I wonder if Tom turned up the next Monday in the end

    Luke HarrisLuke Harris3 måneder siden