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Brian Greene is a theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist. He has been a professor at Columbia University since 1996 and chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. His new book "Until the End of Time" is now available:




  • Have you been on tiktok ppl ain’t smart

    cold as icecold as ice6 timer siden
  • Bunch of smart people just guessing ☺️

    Jose L. VasquezJose L. Vasquez13 timer siden
  • Thought provoking convo. Thankyou JRE

    rahul magarrahul magar23 timer siden
  • The Big Bang Theory should be credited

  • One thing I have massive respect for is Joe Rogan's willingness to challenge the nature of consciousness to a person coming from a strictly analytical and scientific background this podcast was fantastic.

    John TravisJohn TravisDag siden
  • I like Joe, but fifteen or twenty years ago I never looked at him and thought, “that guy is going to be a billionaire some day”.

    evan pennevan pennDag siden
  • so floor 38 is the reset pt to back to just b4 the big bang? // So, if the universe resets, then gets another big bang, the universe could reform with different particles using the energy from the previous universe? Does the activity of electrons mean that there is low probability of matter reassembling in the same fashion as it did in the previous version?

    CloolissClooliss2 dager siden
  • Interesting conversation but his take on consciousness is so weak. Sometimes these scientists are so wrapped up in their world, they miss forest for the trees.

    colacino19colacino192 dager siden
  • He keeps saying he’s not sure if there is conciseness but yet says 1000 years from now we will look back and say conciseness doesn’t not exist, unfortunately he probably shouldn’t speak on that topic he doesn’t seem super intelligent to talk about.

    Isaias UrrutiaIsaias Urrutia2 dager siden
  • What this guy has to understand is that we aren’t suppose to know if their is life after death, or at least we will never figure it out in this 3 Dimensional world, we are restricted in this body, also I wonder if he knows about the Flower of Life.

    Isaias UrrutiaIsaias Urrutia2 dager siden
    • Are you really this dumb

      Alex GunnerAlex Gunner20 timer siden
  • I wish Joe would have brought up Bob Lazar and his take on his story. I would love to see Bob talk to a legit credible scientist about what he saw.

    MaGn0mePieMaGn0mePie2 dager siden
  • Wow

    Neve ONeve O3 dager siden
  • Brian Greene, what a beautiful human being you are! You are truly a good soul. I enjoyed watching the entire show and listening to you. I am going to watch you talking to Joe Rogan over and over, whenever I am bored with the monotonous routine of life. Thank you Joe Rogan for inviting Brian Greene to your show. Blessings!

    DNN PodcastDNN Podcast3 dager siden
  • Yes I would... Beam me up Scotty

    Shawn SchickShawn Schick3 dager siden
  • Physicists named Brian > physicists named Neil

    Daniel SchöldDaniel Schöld3 dager siden
  • Wow, what an excellent show! Thank you Joe Rogan.

    DNN PodcastDNN Podcast4 dager siden
  • Brian Greene blows my mind. I'll have to watch this one a few times.

    Denis CôtéDenis Côté4 dager siden
  • Crazy cute how us little humans on earth spend allll this time just wondering, thinking, and trying to figure out the Universe & things way beyond our level of comprehension. The aliens in space probably be like “aww”

    S PerezS Perez5 dager siden
  • This was a good one! Couldn't sleep so threw it on to fall asleep to, didn't sleep lol

    Kesslerman1Kesslerman15 dager siden
  • His definition of God is bullshit

    唐师傅唐师傅6 dager siden
  • He makes the stuff sounds so easy!

    A OVA OV7 dager siden
  • What a great interview, love all the topics discussed. I m going to get his book. 👍

    Michael DevitoMichael Devito7 dager siden
  • Brian Greene always find the most accurate word to describe precisely what he’s saying.

    avarmaukavarmauk8 dager siden
  • I feel there can be a net benefit if you are able to be rational when applied to reality, but “religious” for lack of a better word when in certain situations. And really understand when to compartmentalise these two very different schools of thought, and yet wholeheartedly believe in both. But sadly, with being atheist or agnostic you don’t let yourself do that in most instances. But the reality is, placebo has a measurable effect and we should exploit it. But when to exploit it, is key.

    avarmaukavarmauk8 dager siden
  • Stars are born just as others die. It's crazy to hear him say that the birth of stars will just quit. HHHMMMMM more research ahead for me.

    funny guyfunny guy8 dager siden
  • BIG BANG------------------>NOW-------------------->⁇ 13 Billion-------------->Where are We?---------->⁇

  • All that knowledge, yet not one mention of the Christ.....

    cj dubcj dub9 dager siden
  • I can listen to Brian Greene talk about anything. This dude is entertaining and intelligent. Great podcast!!!

    Christopher DiBartolomeoChristopher DiBartolomeo9 dager siden
  • 45:57 kkkkkuucccffff.!!!! whatttt???

    karran raikarran rai9 dager siden
  • Hey, I am actually new here. Now I am wondering weather this is 1428th episode or not as it is written on the screen.

    Nodira RahmankulovaNodira Rahmankulova9 dager siden
  • Best Brian Greene interview ever... All scientists need to do psychedelics to give them more insight, imo. Go further Greene!

    Moon OakMoon Oak10 dager siden
  • this is why i love this podcast bc joe brings people you can have actual intellectual convos with. no matter who it is ...its never a dumby

    alldeeznuttz inyomoufalldeeznuttz inyomouf11 dager siden
  • What happened before the the Big Bang. The universe totally collapsed on its self after expanding as far as it to go. Stars collapsed over and over again. Than got so dense and so compacted again it pushed itself away and expended again.

    Keith WeihsKeith Weihs11 dager siden
  • Once a year... Brian Green, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sam Harris & few others should do a talk with you. What have they learnt this year! What’s new, what can we fix, what should we be thinking about! These videos literally point people’s life’s and thought patterns in the right, or at the very least a positive direction! We need more 🚀

    seb p____seb p____11 dager siden
  • I have an idea of the tik tak propulsion. It may be completely wrong but I don't have the ability to test it. If you have an email I will propose my concept and if it is completely wrong just let me know.

    Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller11 dager siden
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    Pure ProxiesPure Proxies12 dager siden
  • I never knew Bill Maher was so smart!

    Peter from DFWPeter from DFW12 dager siden
  • This guy is so interesting ! Loved hearing him! Everything was mesmerizing!

    Vanessa AnguianoVanessa Anguiano13 dager siden
  • JRE should get @VivaFrei

    Robby GeeRobby Gee13 dager siden
  • 47:20 what movie are they talking about?

    Apoorv AnupamApoorv Anupam13 dager siden
  • He looks like reincarnated Einstein, those eyes!

    Vavavu ShopVavavu Shop13 dager siden
  • gold,

    Ashmeed MohammedAshmeed Mohammed13 dager siden
  • Brian Greene is really smart but also typical of a lot of academics and scientists, full of arrogant certainty and closed-minded towards anything that they cannot currently prove with their mathematics.

    DL_000DL_00013 dager siden
  • I learned that sugar is baisically killing your anxiety thas the chemistry in ur brain or smth

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • Since we humans have sinned

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • We are prisoners in reality

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • The fact you can feel the color red is because of higher technology mate

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • So you can believ with no proof That we are just moving electrons and physics in our brain without proof yet you do not believe in god?

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • Idk i think bing bang began from a spiritual eye looking into this dimention

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • Arent they all you

    shit bhopershit bhoper13 dager siden
  • Can’t believe I’ve missed this! I’ve read all his books!

    Lara KingLara King13 dager siden
  • From the perspective of light, as it traverses any distance (measured in light years by us humans) the light itself "experiences" the journey, or the distance travelled (no matter how far) as being instantaneous; thus no time has elapsed according to the light, so I do agree and understand what Professor Greene meant when he stated that time itself may be an emergent property that (aside from being inextricably linked to entropy and the 2nd law of thermodynamics) only came to "exist" once there were conscious observers, like humans, to make some kind of sequential and chronological sense of our reality (and based on our limited human perception) It almost reminds me of the famous dual-slit experiment. Once the observer makes an observation, or a measurement; the whole wave function collapses (or seems to collapse) and now that previous wave pattern, which had represented a standard probability distribution, can now be "measured" as being a particle - existing in a specific, discrete location (within a high enough degree of certainty for the scientists to at least agree lol.) I find all of this stuff so completely mind blowing! I can get lost for hours contemplating stuff like this... Anyone interested in the "Big Bang" and the Universe, etc. - check out Roger Penrose's video series titled, "Before the Big Bang" (here on NOcds) *I happen to find the CCC Model very interesting/convincing....

    Matthew SkilloMatthew Skillo13 dager siden
  • I want to see Michio Kaku interview

    Joseph CavanaghJoseph Cavanagh15 dager siden
  • I’m just trying to sleep and relax and this helps because of Mr Brian Greene 👌👍👍👍

    ShiftyladShiftylad15 dager siden
  • this was such a good podcast wow

    Ethan LeChevalierEthan LeChevalier15 dager siden
  • My mind is blown 🤯

    Jo JoJo Jo16 dager siden
  • so easy to forget antiquity. Dogons, Sumeria, Kemet, Azetec, Mayan knew so much more about the universe without our technilogy.

    Cartatech SolutionsCartatech Solutions16 dager siden
  • Repulsive gravity makes sense with what bob lazar said about the ufo he worked on.

    Shane ZieglerShane Ziegler17 dager siden
  • So every time line will end eventually, or will timelines further back still be repeated or will something else be, entirely? So what i kinda mean will everything (every time line) die the same time like the whole tree and only the roots will stay or will every universe/ timeline fade out like one Branche of an infinite tree any ideas?

    DeFloXD_ _DeFloXD_ _18 dager siden
  • My new fortnite username - SPACEDADDY

    SaintAngerFTWSaintAngerFTW18 dager siden
  • So in short, nothing escapes death and yet there is rebirth and no one gets out of this life alive, until rebirth of some sort

    claris drouetclaris drouet19 dager siden
  • best cap so far, i fucking love the capacity of abstraction and knowledge of Braian!

    german rgerman r19 dager siden
  • This guy has zero understanding of the spiritual realm. He throws the baby out with the bath water when he dismisses new age occultism, never considering Jesus Christ who is God and who proved it by allowing himself to be crucified for our sins, rising from the dead and then sending us the Holy Spirit by which we cast out demons in his name.

    ichthus1890ichthus189019 dager siden
  • "When you think, you will fry." --Brian Greene

    Guepardo GuepárdezGuepardo Guepárdez19 dager siden
    • yeah but he wasn t talking about living brains though...

      teknoäijäteknoäijä13 dager siden
  • I honestly kind of hate the fact that the guy went to a college and just destroyed a lot of people's views on their own religion when he clearly states that he went to a convention that was full of the smartest people in the world that all believe in God and were all very religious other than him. So for him to know that and to know that many intelligent people don't think the way that he does yet he goes and forces his beliefs Upon A group of impressionable students and of course that he said the students didn't even know the course that they were in and makes them give up on their own religion I think that's kind of a dangerous way to use your power personally

    peoplevsradio317peoplevsradio31720 dager siden
    • He isn't forcing his beliefs he is explaining alternate (logically founded) explanations for the prevalence of religion throughout human history and letting people draw their own conclusions. If presenting these alternate facts is enough to cause the collapse of ones beliefs, maybe those beliefs are not very well logically grounded. What he's doing is actually a very beneficial thing I believe, not forcing his views onto religious people, but actually presenting an alternative view point, perhaps for the first time, to people who have been raised and indoctrinated in a very sheltered religious upbringing. Good on him I say.

      Ben TrzcinskiBen Trzcinski2 dager siden
  • ...this is why America is AMERICA... ...where else but here... ...heavily tattooed dude in conversation with no. 1 or close enough... ...Mr. surprised me on so many levels with so sweet attitude beyond all my expectation...bravo... made me love America even more... ...all the best...stay safe...

    B Trading WarehouseB Trading Warehouse20 dager siden
  • Watching The Joe Rogan Experience is fucking with my head. I don't even know who I am anymore. Is this the matrix? do we come from apes? are we an alien project? are we aliens? are we a mix of alien and human? were we made for their survival or to mine gold to run their spaceships? Do the pyramids produce gold or electricity? is this the Truman show and am I, Truman? Do reptiles run the world or the greys? Is Hitler in South America or in Antarctica? Are we going to be destroyed by nuclear warfare, alien invasion, asteroids, planet x? what is our real history? were there ancient civilizations that had space ships and in contact with aliens? if so where are the buggers? they got some shit to fix... Is Space Daddy real? is it space Mummy/Mommy.

    Dominic TownsendDominic Townsend20 dager siden
  • What if Brian Greene, as intelligent as he is, is wrong, and that the universe takes its conscious cognitions and stores it as the highest values of evolution i.e. the purpose of life to then unfold and build upon in multiple universal expansions and contractions!?!? Woohoo

    tjames22123tjames2212321 dag siden
  • Man, Rogan is not selling himself as a journalist and Brian is obviously a bright guy...but damn, when they stray off physics the misinformation really starts flying. Usually love when math, science, and tech guys are on.

    Wes McCulloughWes McCullough21 dag siden
  • village idiots trying to explain the universe using their spoons and sticks for measurements. humans are hilarious

    Didso LvDidso Lv21 dag siden
  • this guy is wrong on everything & he's so sure he's correct. the ego does the talking. there is no thinking occurring.

    joe stewartjoe stewart22 dager siden
  • Brian Greene is soooo cool to listen to.

    Jaymal GolaJaymal Gola22 dager siden
  • I woke up to this podcast playing with the sound all the way down and I would have bet a shit ton of money that this was Bill Maher! For y’all that don’t know, look his ass up and put them side by side!

    Evan BrubakerEvan Brubaker23 dager siden
  • Joe rogan should be specific to having the wide variety of new ideas on anything. We've never made progress by staying with what we always knew. Its always about what's next

    Joseph StewartJoseph Stewart23 dager siden
  • How has Joe Rogan been on NOcds for a billion years and not heard of Pentatonix

    Darcy BhaiwalaDarcy Bhaiwala23 dager siden
  • This episode is one of my favorites!

    D SuazD Suaz23 dager siden
  • The education system designed to distract the young naturally inquisitive mind, away from our curiosity in discovering our true reality, potential and purpose as humans here in this earthly experience.. something bad and unnatural is controlling us and holding us back in our development, mind control is slowly weakening thanks to these podcasts etc. Thanks Joe and all your guests 👊👊

    M BM B23 dager siden
  • This guy is the answered to "why would they lie?" When it comes to the flat earth theory.

    Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice24 dager siden
  • The super pear hypothetically bury because ceiling interestingly charge beyond a useful mouth. gainful, gorgeous jeff

    Chencho 713Chencho 71324 dager siden
  • i’m so fascinated by this and by einstein’s math. The man did math to find out what we should detect not only then, but 100 years ago. I think space and the universe is the biggest mystery ever, and is not answered by god. It can only be answered by human expierence !

    KniqhtHero_ 10KniqhtHero_ 1024 dager siden
  • 1:09:24 Greene's main argument is easily dispelled by the fact that those 'inanimate' particles came together to create life! So why can't those same particles come together in a different configuration to create consciousness?

    kamma44kamma4424 dager siden
  • Take any hallucination and then done ✅

    Graham PayneGraham Payne24 dager siden
  • Joe keeps straight or not swayed

    Bill SmithBill Smith25 dager siden
  • I got mixed up. Brian Green or Bill Maher. I get mixed up. Just keeps talking

    Bill SmithBill Smith25 dager siden
  • Pockets

    Bill SmithBill Smith25 dager siden
  • fart at 1:46:38 !

    KniqhtHero_ 10KniqhtHero_ 1025 dager siden
  • This dude fucking rocks bruh

    John WilsonJohn Wilson25 dager siden
  • 22:12 My discalcula laden ass feels vindicated. I get physics enough to enjoy it, and appreciate it. I will never get the numbers though. I still have a good idea of what all the funky stuff going on around is about.

    DudepoolDudepool25 dager siden
  • what is the deal with the headphones, it is 2021.. there is no need for that.. any longer.. should get rid of them. the same way jr got rid of darth vaders red scape cavern

    R RR R25 dager siden
  • Time= fully connected and aligned information to connect alignment using positive and negative energy to raise perfect balance to align mind body and soul past present and future.

    Lisa LeLane McKenzieLisa LeLane McKenzie25 dager siden
  • Ofcorse Mr rogan will not comment but thank you sir for the many hours of mental nourishment provided by the geniuses you interview.

    Cory HarlowCory Harlow25 dager siden
  • All energy nothing dies only changes form

    Mark BainMark Bain26 dager siden
  • This is the best podcast on the planet. Thanks Sir Joe 😎

    Holy HellHoly Hell26 dager siden
  • I respect this episode, but this man has never seen a ghost and has never experienced a miracle. I would like to hear his perspective if that should ever change. 👽

    Ojitos Of MineOjitos Of Mine26 dager siden
  • This man is supposed to be so smart and yet he can not fathom that other super advanced life forms think differently then what he thinks they must be like lol , how arrogant and small minded .

    FlashforceFlashforce26 dager siden

    TheEnd GameFLTheEnd GameFL26 dager siden
  • My family is huge left wing people who are horrified that I listen to Rogan. They are so fucking dumb.

    Ivywood RecordsIvywood Records26 dager siden
  • Im trying to figure out who he looks like

    Aurjon KamaliAurjon Kamali27 dager siden
  • 45:30 is entirely true. One time I had deja vu but it was like a 2 parter. Sometimes I used to get deja vu and it was like one sentence someone said or one place I’d already walked or a single moment I had done before. But this one time, I was looking at the wall at my great great grandfather in a photo and I knew what my mom was going to say before she even said it. Like I knew she was about to speak. I literally looked at her jaw dropped and then I kind of freaked out. It was a very scary feeling, because at that moment I realized that there are some sort of alternate stories going on somewhere in the fabric of time. I just knew it. Ive also traveled to space before in a dream and felt the size of the universe and woke up with a throbbing headache, crying. it was so massive my brain couldn’t comprehend the proportions of it all. There is something about our brain that can be manipulated, without a doubt. Ive been shot and impaled in dreams and can remember losing blood, I’ve eaten chocolate cake I can still remember the taste of today, flown through the air in a car and can remember the inertia. There is more to us than we know and the way to see the other “angles” is not so clear cut. It can happen but it can’t be on your schedule. It’s whenever the powers that be want it to happen or if they want to let you in on a little secret. To know what I know wouldn’t even make sense to other people. To have felt the incalculable size of the universe, to have deja vu so strongly where I can feel my placeholder or “slice in time” are two very big moments in my life. I can feel the earth and it’s size in relation to my position on it, it is small. I can see the curve. It’s insane the depth to which this world goes, it is literally effing limitless. You and I are so much more powerful than we know.

    CodyCody27 dager siden