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Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book “Mentors” is available now, and his podcast called “Under The Skin” is available on Luminary.




  • This was awesome.

    Edoardo CippitelliEdoardo Cippitelli10 timer siden
  • I've been learning that the possible real problem with the world is mental health. The people in power are sociopaths & psychopaths. Until humanity can rid itself of these mental health issues it seems that we are doomed.

    Mediocre SpectatorMediocre Spectator11 timer siden
  • WOW! Absolutely amazing conversation between 2 incredible people. Incredible in the sense that I had no idea the depth of these 2 individuals. I had a tiny bit of their knowledge in the past but this was beautiful. Conversations like these are what I would love to have with other people, but it seems like I can't. I fail miserably trying to tap into a person. They usually immediately lose interest in the conversation & change it to something dumb or about themselves. Truly inspiring this particular experience. This was my first podcast. I believe I chose wisely.

    Mediocre SpectatorMediocre Spectator12 timer siden
  • Russell is so smart.

    N KN K12 timer siden
  • GRE I beg to differ when you shoot an arrow and there has been studies done with this that the second you focus on that point now with hunting that may be different but when you're doing actual archery hitting on a paper Target or whatever the second your eye sees that Target is the second you should release and 99.9% of the times and they did that with multiple Sports you will turn around and hit the target II you don't do it is when you fail and it was a show with Alan Alda and he did it with scientists and they put brain caps on all these people every time you second-guess your first move you're wrong

    Nomad Dave's tiny homesNomad Dave's tiny homes14 timer siden
  • This conversation is perfect he's allowed to be a vegan and just allowed to go hunt animals why is that so hard to coexist it's coexisted for years and centuries and who's to say one is right or the other is wrong this is the problem with our conversations and until we get better with our conversations which I applaud both of them for having this beautiful conversation you're allowed to disagree but also to when it comes down to factory farming that's a corporatist thing and I don't agree with it now can we do a better job with forming of course of course we can no animal that you're going to eat should live a bad life

    Nomad Dave's tiny homesNomad Dave's tiny homes14 timer siden
  • All the bread and rice and all these carbs we're filler food food that's what you use because me was something that was scarce or something that was very valued that was not something you had every day

    Nomad Dave's tiny homesNomad Dave's tiny homes14 timer siden
  • Russell still shopping at the Plunging neckline store, I see. 🙄

    Benny2ToesBenny2Toes21 time siden
  • third time watching, still relevent

    Robin MazeRobin MazeDag siden
  • From where these 2 guys were as a person earlier in their lives where I came to be know them and to just see their personal growth and breadth of curiosity and ability to open oneself to new perspectives and experiences is a monumental thing to see most especially in our day and age where I didn't know I needed to be even to see that in others l,in famous dudes, in men. That It gave me framework of the license to do the same.

    Mijo_Shrek Ivan AvilaMijo_Shrek Ivan AvilaDag siden
  • Russell is channeling 1970 Jim Morrison.

    WatchoDoin'WatchoDoin'2 dager siden
  • not anymore

    E SKIE SKI2 dager siden
  • awesome! up there with the best of Joe Rogan interviews

    CrazanCrazan3 dager siden
  • You gotta love these two guys.

    Rick BeachamRick Beacham3 dager siden
  • Ideologically there must be segregation, we are beyond unity. These talks are informative, but they get utopian in some parts. Half of this country believes that our government is a joke, has been infiltrated for generations by Communist and they decide to minimize Government power, while Progressives and Communists sit on the end of speeches about how corrupt Washington DC is, yet they vote for them to have more power to progressively tax. What Unity are you expecting to find, when too many people haven't realized that RED and Blue is an illusion of choice to begin with? There is no unity to be had with people who are so stupid, they can be divided by race, sexuality, and fuck all...and then march to give Washington DC Federal Power to confiscate property and progressively tax. If that wasn't personal enough, letting ur Transexual and Gay neighbors live their lives in their bedrooms isn't enough, we have to let them sit our children on their laps in schools for "story time"...People have no boundaries anymore. This is beyond personal, fake natural harmony is more detrimental than anything. We've had wars about this already. And now we have to watch Black people become so woke, that they believe that since they haven't had the opportunity to get Generational Wealth, they should endorse Socialism, which guarantees the same government that married them to welfare, can now tax Black middle class members out of their tax bracket to become lower class, thereby they have a lesser chance at amassing the generational wealth they feel they're owed, THESE PEOPLE ARE TOO BLIND AND WOKE TO REALIZE HOW THEY'RE BEING PLAYED. THE REST OF US ARE WATCHING A TRAIN WRECK. We are beyond unity. I would honestly rather die than live with people who vote for any black, brown or white puppet in Washington DC to become more emboldened. Those people don't work for us. They remind us everyday. We put them in power and when we have questions about anything, they remind us of our stations. If people are too dumb to realize that, then no, there's no fucking Unity to be had. We are beyond that.

    jasmyne contoursjasmyne contours3 dager siden
  • Unfortunately the rich nerd the poor to stay rich

    G MG M3 dager siden
  • Love watching but both these guys granted have worked and are working for their millions... so their out of the rat race... give it back to the poor ...give up your driver etc go bk to basics but the realty you wont

    G MG M3 dager siden
  • This was for me arguably one of the best JRE episodes I’ve checked out.

    ColorBlindBoxingColorBlindBoxing4 dager siden
  • Joe thank you for understanding the reality of food for the low income works. The theory of how things should be I agree with as a hunter and how meat is processed. This is a awesome decision and can open up a way for all of us to eat healthy rather what our income is.

    Keith WeihsKeith Weihs4 dager siden
  • I bet he never shuts up for a mn even when he's having a shit...

    Juniper Wood GreenJuniper Wood Green4 dager siden
  • Where's Dave Paulides...

    Juniper Wood GreenJuniper Wood Green4 dager siden
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    Emily DelaplainEmily Delaplain4 dager siden
  • "no hunting at night" even with night vision??

    Tactical Tommy Tactical Tommy 4 dager siden
  • Just realised that this is basically a conversation between two thought-leaders telling people how they should think and behave.

    John ØstensenJohn Østensen4 dager siden
  • I have experienced Dimethyltryptamine several times. What I call "blasting off". Even though I have very little experience with meditation other that what I have learned on my own through psychedelics and meditation. I have experience the same calming out of body experiences with patterns and objects explaining things without words that I will only come to understand later. While I meditate often with Buddhist monk mantra playing in the background. I believe once you have been to "the other side" (for lack of a better term) you know the way back and it's much easier to find. I hate to disagree with joe but I do not think being an expert in Kundalini yoga is necessary to reach the realm dmt shows you. Considering I have (if only on a small scale compared to when taking dmt) while being a novice in meditation. It just takes being able to let go of self (ie wants, desires, fears) and focusing on that point in the center of the front of your hair line(approx.) While meditating the room pixelized and separated, in an instant I was no longer me or here. While I wasn't here the thought of this plane never entered my mind as if in a dream where you don't remember your "real" life. Very profound, while still just a fraction of what I have experienced with the chemical to amplify the separation of mind and self.

    Lyle WellsLyle Wells4 dager siden
  • When JR came to topic of selling meat & hunting ... I realized where his IQ is :(

    nejc45nejc454 dager siden
  • It's great that Russell isn't a punk anymore.

    Kitten KorleoneKitten Korleone5 dager siden
  • Russel Brand, what an amazing communicator.

    luthmhorluthmhor5 dager siden
  • Rogan and Joe the Sequel God of Sequels needs to happen.

    Emancipation TvEmancipation Tv5 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan vs Russell Brand 2 on ppv please.

    Emancipation TvEmancipation Tv5 dager siden
  • Russell is like the Cool Hand Luke version of Jesus.

    Emancipation TvEmancipation Tv5 dager siden
  • I've watched the documentary called "What the hell" Ok, now I know this guy is totally clueless :)

    KushanKushan5 dager siden
  • I need a dictionary when I’m listening to Russ 😱

    Black MoonBlack Moon5 dager siden
  • America’s version of “ G.O.D. Gold ,Oil,and Drugs... that’s the belief our government has...

    Cesar VelasquezCesar Velasquez5 dager siden
  • See he’s toned down his ludicrous COCKERNEE drop me aitches tosh !! He is actually quite well spoken when he forgets all his condescending pretentious down with working class nonsense !! Come on Russel you are actually taking the piss out of people who speak badly !, Get over yourself !!!

    Wendy CarterWendy Carter6 dager siden
  • mushrooms like lions main helps with cognitive and high in protean.

    Jason BarfieldJason Barfield6 dager siden
  • Some one should make a rap of Russell’s rant from like 17:00 :”)

    André RichardsonAndré Richardson6 dager siden
  • Wow. Amazing truths being broadcast, the sort that politicians dread. Power to the people.

    politicians and doctors are LIARSpoliticians and doctors are LIARS6 dager siden
  • This dude is a moron, can't stand him; his voice and appearance are unbearable

    J SJ S6 dager siden
  • Love Russell Brand👍👍👍

    Oogii OyuOogii Oyu6 dager siden
  • A child’s born, biologically programmed to adapt to its environment, it grows, inching through formative years, shaped by the traditions and beliefs of culture. Institutional education introduces structure, creating comfort with authority, regimentation, status, nurturing social schema and a fundamental insecurity forged by a deeply unequal world, a world of sanctioned indifference, where compassion is weakness and domination is virtuous, this is what society equires in the present system And this early sense of insecurity has a unique effect, once childish tendencies, we humans are supposed to grow out of, attention-seeking, spoiled self-interest, manipulativeness, bullying, competition become ingrained, maturity stunted, setting the stage for yet, another disciple in the cult of narcissistic individualism. By the time higher education is reached, formalized academia, the stronghold of the status quo, what natural curiosity may remain is now further constrained by specialization, myopic focus, detached from the pursuit of knowledge, existing only for the sake of commercial utility, to define their product and ultimately their identity, becoming little more than, yet, another agent of trade. A civilization reduced to the goal of endless striving, to sell something to someone else The world is a business So the cog turns While in those fleeting moments, economic stress does subside and when the shackles do come off, existential turbulence blooms as they desperately search for a deeper meaning in the daily grind. And this emotional void, this state of loss, leads to pathological escapism, distraction and self-medication become the hobby, so they turn to their screens, windows of projected normality, equating freedom with the unattainable delusions of wealth, fame, while constantly being reminded that they are the authors of their own misery and success can only be a matter of winning versus losing, since the vast majority will no doubt lose, they live vicariously If their sports team wins the game, so do they. If their country goes to war, they wave the flags as if they were at war While following their celebrity heroes, feeling as though somehow that success mirrors their own and when that doesn’t work, they move inward, seeking self-help retreats, therapy, medication, drugs, anything to avoid the identity crisis That the society they mirror just might be deeply flawed, so the masses remain complacent, short-sighted, bigoted, primitive, delusional, manageable InterReflections - P.J.

    madrededeusmadrededeus7 dager siden
  • Civilization - survive and prosper sustainably and peacefully over generational time High levels of public health and peaceful coexistence Humans are not meant to exist in an economically stratified society It is always interesting to review the work of mainstream scientists at the turn of the 21st century, as they desperately try to convince themselves, that a competitive, exploitative viably status seeking mindset was an inalterable expression of human nature, when the fact is, our genes, our biology and how the environment interacts with our evolved selvs allows for a vast range of orientations with narrow self-interest, greed, merely part of that range If we’ve proven to be anything, it’s adaptable. There’s certainly no blank slate. We’re not infinitely malleable, but, it has been grossly underestimated historically, just how wide our range of adaptive potential really is, and what most determines, which behavioral traits will define a society’s culture is its social structure or more specifically, that structure’s economic basis, the method by which, we must survive If that structure rewrds competition, dominance and narrow self-interest, then the culture will predominantly express those values. If it rewards collaboration, empathy and pro-docial concern, the resulting culture will predominantly express those values For the majority of human history, before the advent of agriculture, we lived in non-hierarchical, non-competitive social arrangements Why..? Because the economically basis of survival actually incentivized sharing and collaboration, and not the opposite Maladaption is while humanity, did successfully adapt to the survival requisites born from the Neolitic Revolution, the resulting social structure, the system that became codified, proved maladapted The economic system was simply incompatible with what was required for humanity to be sustainable in the long-term, failing our need to integrate property with the ecosystem, while limiting our ability to coexist peacefully with each other (Higher rates of hate crime are tied to income inequality) (World faces ecological collapse, unless urgent action taken, says devastating global assessment) And by the time of the Industrial Revolution in 19th century, these flaws were rapidly coming to the surface, conditions had changed and if it wasn’t for our dramatic transformation to break out of that system, there is little question, society would have seen total ecologically collapse combined with catastrophic global war As much as we like to believe that we’re rational, objective beings, we’re actually bound by dep social vulnerability. We are social beings first and intellectual beings second What do you see back then, it’s a kind of mass hypnosis that paralyzed society, keeping people short-sighted and fearful, prone to conform to the values and practiced of those, who happen to be winning in the contrived economic game. One glance at the media from back then, gives it all away, Status posturing, people obsessed with appearing affluent, accomplished, loved, damous, beautiful, all a kind of pathological emulation of those of high socioeconomic status, billionaires, celebrities As one notable philosopher stated long ago, “It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to profoundly sick society” What actually defines success in the human condition..? What kind of culture is most optimized to sustain itself, over time, while, of course, being happy and stable..? And while there’s plenty to learn, we do know, what doesn’t define it: the escessive materialistic wealth and status driven neurosis so characteristic back then, has literally zero positive relationship to long-term species sustainability and optimized public health In short, the values were dead wrong. The greatest failures were he ones who own mansions, drove over priced cars, wore luxury jewelry, aintained extremely lucrative, yet completely meaningless occupations, while hoarding great wealth. What kind of sad, insecure creature needs to flaunt such excess..(?) clearly signaling opposition to other people’s well being..? True success is reinforcing harmony, balance,. The goal is not necessarily to become something, but to find out who and what you truly are and how you fit inside the ecosystem of nature that gave birth to you. The most successful people, the true winners, are never the ones striving for celebrity and material excess, they are the humble minimalists valuing how they can contribute to the well-being and health of everything, realizing the world is one system, and the more they optimize that contribution, the more truly successful they actually become The most tragic is the spiritual loss of the individual, how people are fundamentally alienated from themselves, their identities hijacked by competitive insecurity, trying to conform to some acceptable profile that would serve their advantage best, not what they actually are but what the system requires them to become- P.J. - InterRelections

    madrededeusmadrededeus7 dager siden
  • there are two types of people in general; the haves and the have nots. That occurs because of our competitive market societies. Eliminate competitive market societies and you will simply have "people." I want to see the downfall of Capitalism and will do everything I can as a developer to work toward that end goal why the vast majority are normies, blissfully ignorant, self appointed guardians of the status quo and why the vast majority assume that human society is largely sane, acceptable and rational. It's more or less an involuntary instinctual tendency of the species which is then reinforced through severe indoctrination and peer pressure. So in fact those of us that more so question society and critically analyze the world in generally are actually genetic outliers, that have also likely had unusual upbringings with more opportunity and encouragement to actually question things and wonder about alternatives etc.

    madrededeusmadrededeus7 dager siden
  • When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or Christian or European or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see, why it’s violent..? Because, you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When yu separate yourself, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence” J.Krishna Psychological and sociological, it’s a very difficult problem, because our minds are organized, our mental schema gravitates towards categorical separation.That’s how we organize life, reality, We are wired to categorize and separate for comprehension.It’s also the way our language works and hence we create associations, define properties to thse categories, and often superficially so, forming opinions about whatever,and it becomes reinforced through community and suddenly you have gender, race, and group bias But at the same time, it’s not inevitable, if people are aware. Nothing is inevitable in the human mind if people choose to be aware of it We are born into cultures, programmed by this biological tendency to adapt into the prevailing characteristics of that culture, and hence, who we think, we are, is inevitably related to some preexisting culture and tradition and ultimately some group We have created sort of a systemic inverse racism or inverse group antagonism, and we try to compensate for that by saying; “Well, we should have tolerance” or “we should co-exist”. But all that is actually contradictory. There are really only two levels; -You are an individual that embraces all sorts of diversity of influence in your life experience. you might like Chinese cuisine, Buddhist philosophy, New Testament scriptures and so forth.All of that defines eho you are But the moment you start to group is when everything goes haywire. Groups just fuck everything up. To believe in something that’s been associated to a group, doesn’t mean you should be now part of that group. Your personal, philosophical, cultural, or whatever identity should not be associated to any group. Stop the labels And hence the second level, there is the human club. There’s you as an individual and then, there’s humanity as a whole. And of course, we have to be sustainable and in harmony with our ecosystem. And to reiterate the fact that ven though we are stuck in a nasty condition of group antagosnism and we do need to bring groups that are historically oppressed to the forefront to help draw attention to the problem and resolve the issue, at the same time we have to remember that the whole point is inclusion and equality and seing people eye to eye And hence , it’s time . people stop this soft bigotry of goup identity, thinking that you can be a separatist in a group and somehow not create negative chain reactions, whether it’s religion, gender, race and beyond. Stop it. The only group you belong in, is the army of one, coupled with humanity as a whole And, finally, remember, the greatest agitator, the greatest perpetuator of group division is capitalism itself This is why the vast majority are normies, blissfully ignorant, self appointed guardians of the status quo and why the vast majority assume that human society is largely sane, acceptable and rational. It's more or less an involuntary instinctual tendency of the species which is then reinforced through severe indoctrination and peer pressure. So in fact those of us that more so question society and critically analyze the world in generally are actually genetic outliers, that have also likely had unusual upbringings with more opportunity and encouragement to actually question things and wonder about alternatives etc.

    madrededeusmadrededeus7 dager siden
  • Conscience is the knowledge of feeling; a knowledge connected to imagination, energy, and force. What we usually call knowledge - reflection, division, categorization, dissolution, and reassembly - only reigns when conscience is weak This is what defines our times. Our times are times of low energy and a lack of confidence, of waiting rather than experimenting and creating, of sluggishness rather than motion. The longer these times remain, the more abstruse the science and theory of society and its laws will become. As a result of our inability to head towards the dark, the unknown, and the impossible, we have philistinism instead of reality, speculation instead of life, abstraction instead of fulfillment

    madrededeusmadrededeus7 dager siden
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    Alex AaronAlex Aaron7 dager siden
  • Love the show! But Joe's point @ 3:11:30 is often cited by anti-tax people. And it's wrong. The greed in people is so powerful, they're not going to simply stop if they reach a certain tax threshold. He cites "70%." Corporations used to be taxed over 90%! That didn't stop them from trying to make new innovations or make MORE money. It spurred them on to make EVEN MORE so they could keep more. Even if they did stop, others would fill the vacuum. That's what the free market is all about.

    Pitchfork Party!Pitchfork Party!7 dager siden
  • Russel is our modern Jesus.

    Jurnalul unui ne-bunJurnalul unui ne-bun7 dager siden
  • I'm not sure why anyone would click the Thumbs Down👎 on this episode. This is by far one of the Best interviews on this Show. Russell Brand had some insightful ideas/thoughts on his world views. I'm surprised on how well spoken & thoughtful he is. I owe him an apology for thinking he's nothing but a movie comedian with No clue on what's going on in the world. This man has changed himself for the Best and it shows.

    How I Drafted Your MotherHow I Drafted Your Mother8 dager siden
  • If Jesus was a pirate 😂

    Nichole WillshereNichole Willshere8 dager siden
  • So much insights blowing toward each and other.

    TheGuyNamedSamTheGuyNamedSam8 dager siden
  • Enlightened Brand!

    Able OneAble One8 dager siden
  • This podcast was on Duncan Trussells birthday.

    afronasty2000afronasty20009 dager siden
  • Which one do you prefer? Russel is Vegan, has lots of hair, his skin is like a vaby and speaks 1 million words per minute about ethics, history, spirituality, martial arts... He is awesome! Joe eats pigs hormones, has no hair, he looks like a German in Mallorca and speaks 1000 words per minute about his teenage life. And he is awesome too!

    Yoga & ScienceYoga & Science9 dager siden
  • I'll never forget when I saw Russell brand at Disney land I got a picture with him. Super chill.

    RJARJA9 dager siden
  • 3:30 very Heideggerian

    Jeremy EllisJeremy Ellis9 dager siden
  • I've come back to rewatch this interview several times throughout the last year. Just a fun great grounding conversation. Great stuff!

    J ReevesJ Reeves9 dager siden
  • Russell Brand... what a bloke.

    Joe NorrisJoe Norris10 dager siden
  • Russel brand really is great

    Mk3 Vr666Mk3 Vr66611 dager siden
  • The interviews I have heard Russell talks so much without really saying anything. He can make self indulgent nonsense sound almost compelling

    2020 ELECTION FRAUD2020 ELECTION FRAUD11 dager siden
  • "I understand american culture Joe Rogan" 😆😆😆

    Tasha BrewerTasha Brewer11 dager siden
  • Russel for President of USA.

    Joseph RodriguezJoseph Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • Had to come back to this one because it’s just an awesome interview 👍🏾

    Anthony JonesAnthony Jones11 dager siden
  • Russell talks Ben Shapiro fast.

    Dawn M GernerDawn M Gerner12 dager siden
  • English Dave ?

    Arturo VidaurriArturo Vidaurri12 dager siden
  • He right yessir honoring

    blacktyublacktyu12 dager siden
  • Favorite episode yet 🙌🏽

    Necalli Del LagoNecalli Del Lago12 dager siden
  • His verbal IQ is off the charts

    Fancy AnimalFancy Animal13 dager siden
  • 34000 a year would be INCREDIBLY EASY to live on. At least here in Missouri where I live. I’ve purchased an acre and a three bedroom house and I only make 13000 a year

    Nick WestNick West13 dager siden
  • Dont trust Russel Brand he is part of the establishment. He is a member of the fabian secret society. And has links to Jacob Rothschild. His kids have no genders !!!!!

    puglian0puglian013 dager siden
  • Wow I might watch this whole video.

    9 9 9 4L9 9 9 4L13 dager siden
  • Love

    Danielle GarciaDanielle Garcia13 dager siden
  • I have been saying these very things all my life, for multiple decades. Relieved to hear this spoken of here in agreement.

    TJ TampaTJ Tampa13 dager siden
  • I think Russell has maybe done more psychotropics than what does that mean? I don't know...maybe a more spiritual/intellectual take per say? Then again... Joe has had so many people he has interviewed on his podcast and has gained so much knowledge. Well I like both of their perspectives. So a win-win!

    Clay SanfordClay Sanford13 dager siden
  • 2 years later, late to the party

    Gavin BlainGavin Blain14 dager siden
  • 34:15

    azallaazalla14 dager siden
  • Ugh drug talk again, I'm out

    Boosh TingBoosh Ting14 dager siden
  • “Laughter is to shame, what grief is to sadness” Woah Russell Brand (or rather his therapist).

    xj0461 clankityxj0461 clankity15 dager siden
  • I like how Russell Brand pushed back a little against Joe’s “some people are just lazy” argument.

    Paul McMinotaurPaul McMinotaur15 dager siden
  • Use to love Chapelle, now he's just a dumb racist

    Mama GodzillaMama Godzilla15 dager siden
  • If everyone were like Russell, in the spiritual sense, we'd live in as close to a perfect world as it could get

    Michael VukovicMichael Vukovic15 dager siden
  • Russell asking Joe questions as if Joe is on the same level, lol... he hight be more famous and successful but he is nowhere near Russell's intellect

    Mama GodzillaMama Godzilla15 dager siden
  • Talks about racist southern states, uses Baltimore as an example. Get the F out of here with that yankee northerner BS! Keep your mouth closed about the south if you don't know what you're talking about!!!!!!

    Scareface79Scareface7915 dager siden
  • this is an amazing insight to russell

    Colby HannColby Hann15 dager siden

    Ron CherryRon Cherry15 dager siden
  • HEY JOE ROGAN. I've seen one of those Faberge/ machines after being beamed up. Terrance mckenna called the beings I also met machine elfs. After years of wondering what intricate, alien technology I witnessed I came to the conclusion that it was a Bela and perpetual motion machine that probably generated the amount of energy to have our Consciousness travel through these wormholes, to these vast galaxies light-years away.

    reinman1987cancerreinman1987cancer16 dager siden
  • This is great stuff!

    Jessica custerJessica custer16 dager siden
  • just caught up with this one. Discussing sexualisation of women. They missed the point that a lot of the ' brainwashing' of how women should look is down to advertising.

    Ian SimpsonIan Simpson16 dager siden
  • The only reason these things are happening because of the programming has not changed. Until we make the change. Change the story. Our story we must change our story.

    Zeus NowZeus Now16 dager siden
  • Thinking and thought. How mportant do your really think it is? Lol yes

    Zeus NowZeus Now16 dager siden
  • What’s with Joe’s shirt with the Devils sign. The horn ?👹 Joe. Are you a Satanist 🍥😢?

    QCanonQCanon16 dager siden
  • NO, Joe, Bill Gates is not a good example of altruism. He feathers his own nest with his philanthropy: Gates donates to his own myriad interconnected foundations, organizations, and influential charities all to his benefit and long-term financial gain. And it has bought him just the type of wholly underserved brownie points you just gave him. It'd be funny to ask Russell his views on Gates after his sessions with Vandana Shiva.

    Renn Ho'aloha LorenRenn Ho'aloha Loren16 dager siden
  • omg hes so right about the spider thing. i made tthat exact mistake,and now my 5 yr old suddenly is a whiny little bitch and wont stop being ridiculous all the time

    MOO- SnuckleMOO- Snuckle16 dager siden
  • I went from hunting rabbits for dog food to hunting birds with a camera, same skills, same thrills, and wouldn't matter if 'everyone did it'.

    Tapecutter59Tapecutter5917 dager siden
  • The aliens in my DMT trip know who Joe Rogan is, they mentioned him

    ShennyShenny17 dager siden
  • Well this is how all the people should talk. In a polite, respectful manner despite different opinions on some topic.

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden17 dager siden
  • loved the show, but you lost me at Bill Gates

    David Jeffrey LacombeDavid Jeffrey Lacombe17 dager siden
  • I think that Russell is intimidated by Joe Rogan....he never speaks this fast on his pod casts and it is so hard to his ego getting in the way or is he excited? Joe slowed his speech down to compensate for Russell, and try to get Russell to relax, sometimes it worked. We do understand your words Russell and your concepts, but your views are rehearsed, and your words are chosen carefully and we are listening for the first time. Its exhausting and there is no time to question. You aren't the God you think you are and not above reproach.