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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.




  • elon confused and scared the shit out of jr , it was so funny

    tech syndrometech syndrome56 minutter siden
  • Elon Musk is a fraud, didn’t even invent Tesla

    Frozen OverFrozen Over3 timer siden
  • Elon Musk hits the blunt once and his whole entire demeanor lightens up

    Allen The SkywalkerAllen The Skywalker3 timer siden
  • Elon is an alien! WARNING: Do not watch this interview while intoxicated

    rarityrarity4 timer siden
  • The amount of times the word "pit" was said...

    Gracie MGracie M8 timer siden
  • Yea, continues neverending explosion of bullshit, which is just about to hit the fan😂😂😂

    Doubt AnnihilatorDoubt Annihilator8 timer siden
  • Leonardo DaVinci must have been something like Elon... constantly creating... constantly having totally original ideas; but Leonardo had artistic talent and absolutely NO technological support simply because none existed at the time. Unfortunately he lived in the wrong era....

    carlosio5carlosio59 timer siden
  • It's now 2021... what happened with the underground tube idea? Was it ever completed???

    carlosio5carlosio59 timer siden
  • Anyone find this extremely hard to watch because of how awkward he is

    Eoin ConlonEoin Conlon10 timer siden
  • 1:15:40 sooooo the harrier jump jet 😂

    tell it like it istell it like it is11 timer siden
  • 1:12:14 not wise I think 😂

    tell it like it istell it like it is11 timer siden
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    Samuel JohnSamuel John11 timer siden
  • Pp

    Sammi IessaSammi Iessa11 timer siden
  • Please bring logan on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Leila.gonzalez ZLeila.gonzalez Z13 timer siden
  • My phone made me watch this to the end !!!!! Twice

    Julian McweyJulian Mcwey14 timer siden
  • Illuminati

    Dario CourtneyDario Courtney19 timer siden
  • listen on 2x speed, its wild

    JoeChemoJoeChemo20 timer siden
  • I would like to see it in Spanish

    Damy HzDamy Hz20 timer siden
  • Dana white

    Muhammad NazmiMuhammad Nazmi21 time siden
  • Google IS the AI, and we are all programming it everyday by inputting information. He literally said that

    Nick WestNick West21 time siden
  • Joe looks genuinely interested.

    Rylee KuehnRylee Kuehn23 timer siden
    • because he is

      Peyton VascocuPeyton Vascocu6 timer siden
  • phew!!! what a conversation, what a guy !!!

    BhawsheelBhawsheelDag siden
  • 14:48 while he answers that question, watch his eyes. i'm not suggesting anything what so ever, but watch his eyes.. it made me that uncomfortable i stood up and walked to my laptop to write this lol (keyboard needs new batteries fml)

    Daniel MorrisDaniel MorrisDag siden
  • "I'm not asserting that it'll be successful " He's asserting that it'll be unsuccessful. Hobbit homes would not be. R.i.p . Mike Oehler,author of the " 50$ and up Underground House "book

    Josh AustinJosh AustinDag siden
  • A body/mind in motion stays in motion

    Josh AustinJosh AustinDag siden
  • The Boring Company: Building a Hobbit Home neighborhood near you. Bore some houses. Imo

    Josh AustinJosh AustinDag siden
  • I love how whenever Elon finishes talking he gives a little awkward nod to Joe so he can ask another question lmao

    Bob RossBob RossDag siden
    • His nod is saying, yes my mouth said what my brain was thinking.

      Laurie ArnoldLaurie Arnold19 timer siden
  • Would the universe exist without one's thought process ✨🤔

    NorthSIxJamesNorthSIxJamesDag siden
  • JOE NFT this Interview!!

    Glory VisionGlory VisionDag siden
  • 23:50 AI might be good and it might be bad but one thing is sure, we will not control it.

    ClayZClayZDag siden
  • elons laugh kills me. tah ha ha

    LeanaCeceliaLeanaCeceliaDag siden
  • "output got worse with thumbs"

    Rev AlexanderRev AlexanderDag siden
  • We are a ant farm. Building up the farm 🌎 Earth. Build, Build , so when we return . Everything will be Built for the takeover e.t . 👽 And humans can be are pets maybe . And Elon I am from Cyborg technologies going be biggest company in 5yrs . Elon i have delivering system of the future you might want to listen . I sent your people a email get back to me Elon before you miss the boat. 👨‍🚀🚀 I can deliver you a parcel of anything you desire within 5 min. How many people can do that. Beam me up 'Scottie' Cyborg Technologies the future is here . 🙌 And humans have not mastered the power of electrical energy . You don't realize how much power you have. E·lec·tric·i·ty a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current.

    NorthSIxJamesNorthSIxJamesDag siden
    • @João Araújo Your still talking. Lmao Sorry that your intelligence can't comprehend what i am saying . And am crazy ya BUD!

      NorthSIxJamesNorthSIxJamesDag siden
    • @João Araújo Oh didn't realize it was English test. BUD ! Ya ok Elon and me will be friends 100 percent. You jealous 😏 And you took the time to read my comment and respond . @$%^^# Troll you probably look like one also. Big nose hair on your back but we definitely going be Buds , Bud, Buddy ,.hard @$%^ NO . Also It's not my problem you can't keep up with my level of intelligence. Wait did I spell that right Teacher ✅ And if am crazy what does that make Joe and Elon even more crazier. So i like my chances I will hear from them . Now go back to your hole 🕳 where came from . Move along the kindergarten class is down the hall . This is for intelligent people only .

      NorthSIxJamesNorthSIxJamesDag siden
    • @NorthSIxJamesdon't worry bud, I'll be your witness. In 5 years you'll either become our saviour or realize you went a little crazy in 2021. Good luck 🤗

      João AraújoJoão AraújoDag siden
    • @NorthSIxJames but hey, you'll definitely change the world right? You're the chosen one, Elon will read your comment, notice you and you'll be buds, right bud?

      João AraújoJoão AraújoDag siden
    • @NorthSIxJames yep definitely a psychotic break. Have fun with your Eureka moments that only make sense to you ☺️ I'll admit there was some English in there but not even an alien can decode your drivel bud

      João AraújoJoão AraújoDag siden
  • Either this guy really wants to be a robot or he is lol

    Chezzey Fat1Chezzey Fat1Dag siden
  • Joe:So Elon who do you talk to about this stuff Elon:well you know i don’t wanna blow my cover and the way that my bank account is set up I’m go duck that question joe 😉

    Chezzey Fat1Chezzey Fat1Dag siden
  • Is it just me or does elon seem uncomfortable little before the 2 hour mark

    DmnitCarl  DmnitCarl DmnitCarl DmnitCarl Dag siden
    • Elon is definitely a alien 👽 I mean really pay attention to him

      DmnitCarl  DmnitCarl DmnitCarl DmnitCarl Dag siden
  • episode # 1 on 1 69'ing awesome chat!

    Rolly PitzRolly PitzDag siden
  • Lul

    qazilin2qazilin2Dag siden
  • Elon speaks this way to avoid the A.I.

    brastmonkeybrastmonkey2 dager siden
  • 48:35 this is why i love joe

    TinyTiny2 dager siden
  • elon is almost as smart as me

    Ruben RedRuben Red2 dager siden
  • Elon’s bored of joes intelligence 😂😂😂

    Garret LuxGarret Lux2 dager siden
  • I don’t like everything he does, but he really is a special person. I think he’ll be regarded very highly in the future.

    AA A.AA A.2 dager siden
    • @AppleManiagaming the heart matters. This is not communist propaganda. And Jack ma see’s the good in humanity and Elon musk sees the evil in humanity. And Elon musk thinks he can predict the future by judging the evil within humans. But he is wrong, the heart matters the only thing they agree on is on the population growth will suffer, and our school systems need to change. But love is a huge factor with humanity which Elon musk is missing.

      Jennifer CoburnJennifer Coburn12 minutter siden
    • @AppleManiagaming Jack Ma sees right thru Elon musk, made Elon musk look like a jack ass

      Jennifer CoburnJennifer Coburn27 minutter siden
    • @Jennifer Coburn literally the mainstream media does no actual research on this shit they just post unverified things as news and idiots like you lap it up. Check mate liberal.

      AppleManiagamingAppleManiagaming33 minutter siden
    • @AppleManiagaming the heart matters

      Jennifer CoburnJennifer Coburn33 minutter siden
    • @Jennifer Coburn 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you're taking a quote that was used in a Chinese propaganda outlet Xinhua News, "I would like to give an optimistic note and I am very sure that the future of China will be great and that China is heading to be the largest economy in the world," Musk told Xinhua news agency. I doubt Elon actually said anything like that or if he did it was taken out of context.

      AppleManiagamingAppleManiagaming34 minutter siden
  • If you want a flying car put wheels on a helicopter 🚁 🤣

    Joshua GonzalezJoshua Gonzalez2 dager siden
  • Elon musk scares me in the worst and best ways

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez2 dager siden
  • Why does he pronounce it "Tezla"? Am I the crazy one?

    Moshe WeissMoshe Weiss2 dager siden
  • What do you think of flat earthers? 🤔 You mean my labour force ? 😏

    Frank BrankerFrank Branker2 dager siden
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    Vauwbw HsiensVauwbw Hsiens2 dager siden
  • stupidity squared😂 don’t think I missed it

    Destry WilesDestry Wiles2 dager siden
  • they already high before filming this, and elon must have an irritation with tabacco or weed affecting his gums

    taguro etitstaguro etits2 dager siden
  • I normally agree with Joe on most topics but when Joe suggested that there was only ONE Elon Musk with regards to his ability to create ideas that influence the human civilization in a positive way just didn't seem correct to me I agree that he seems to create more ideas than most but I feel like the reasoning behind this is because he has the resources and the discipline to follow through with the idea. He literally has the ability to call upon a "Think Tank" or the brainy version of "The Justice League" and admittedly I'm stretching it on this one, Elon and The Knights of the Round Table. We could even try to modernize the team by calling them something like Elon and "The Scientists of Boring Tesla" doesn't really matter to me just so long as civilization wins. Individuals have idead all the time and there is even a theroy out there that suggests that all idea are already created and we are just waiting for the inventors to recieve the idea. That's why there have been multiple people applying for the sane patent at the patents office for basically having same idea. IDK, figured it would be a great talking point.

    phillbucsphillbucs2 dager siden
  • The worst thing about being smarter than everyone else, people become so boring.

    Nicholas FrazierNicholas Frazier2 dager siden
  • Pit ... pit ... pit ...

    reza aghelireza agheli3 dager siden
  • I respect & love his hardcore love for being recognized as an engineer

    Jocelyn OrtizJocelyn Ortiz3 dager siden
  • 2 and a half years later and hes still not a magnet on wikipedia :(

    TheSpeedyBeardTheSpeedyBeard3 dager siden
    • You win the internet

      alyson ralyson rDag siden
  • If AI will be created with judgement and reasoning , the first thing that they will realise is that the HUMANS must be ERADICATED. We are the only ones polluting the UNIVERSE.

    SagittDarius NoviceSagittDarius Novice3 dager siden
  • Idk about the ai movie crap, a bit exaggerated. Elon smart guy btw

    MasterODizaster100MasterODizaster1003 dager siden
  • its very difficult to put those E car battery elements back in the ground too, while its causing cancer mining them and destroying the environment it surrounds and all the slave labor of children I hope he's not thinking left sided with these issues about the environment its kind of a catch 22 I wouldn't want to be the hypocrite I know is sister is a liberal...

    Free Wheel BurningFree Wheel Burning3 dager siden
  • because we need grease

    Free Wheel BurningFree Wheel Burning3 dager siden
  • This is such a great interview. Joe has an uncanny ability to provide the space usually only provided by old friends. Just by watching you can feel the energy and friendly tension or rather lack there of. Their entire interaction is a beautiful thing. Joe has made interviewing an art form. Giving his guest the feel of kicken it with a close friend.

    Lyle WellsLyle Wells3 dager siden

    Joe RonquilloJoe Ronquillo3 dager siden
  • Regarding trying to get people to slow down AI: As a general rule, people do not want to believe & often flat-out refuse to believe that they CAN be manipulated by someone else & especially not using a machine. Even after they've been told it not only CAN happen, & IS happening, they are still do not believe it or will not admit it even to themselves, much less other people. And if you cannot acknowledge the possibility of something, you most likely will not be able to recognize the thing whenyou do see it.

    Carla RattonCarla Ratton3 dager siden
  • You should have asked him where does he find time to sleep

    Carla RattonCarla Ratton3 dager siden
  • I KNEW IT !!! Elon's an alien !! 😉

    Carla RattonCarla Ratton3 dager siden
  • Hes just like ignorant trump(except musk has real thought) Wont say enough to put blame upon himself yet makes it happen. “Might not work” fk investors.

    hbgrisshbgriss3 dager siden
  • Vague when investor $$??? Hmmmm

    hbgrisshbgriss3 dager siden

    Joe RonquilloJoe Ronquillo3 dager siden

    Joe RonquilloJoe Ronquillo3 dager siden
  • one of the most overrated fucks in the universe!!! LOL

    lilcrocoplilcrocop3 dager siden
  • The thing your talking about at 1:49:39 is happening with Amazon rn. They wanna take away our privacy to make everything more connected

    Michael NeumannMichael Neumann3 dager siden
  • Its weird when Joe is not the smartest dude in the room

    Aleigha DodsonAleigha Dodson3 dager siden
    • His guests are usually smarter than him sooooo....

      Aliana WestonAliana WestonDag siden
  • I did my school project on this lol

    CarlJanzen GaoiranCarlJanzen Gaoiran3 dager siden
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    Gary PardueGary Pardue4 dager siden
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    SIO YesSIO Yes4 dager siden
  • Pretty sure elon musk is tripping balls

    Huge BotHuge Bot4 dager siden
  • Coffee...? Not what you said Joe. Just saying.

    Levi ShadrickLevi Shadrick4 dager siden
  • Why couldn't you exchange the heat from the panels, for hot water? For air also.

    Levi ShadrickLevi Shadrick4 dager siden
  • Love these guys

    Stephen LackeyStephen Lackey4 dager siden
  • Elon musk is a scam his self

    Taishawn TurnerTaishawn Turner4 dager siden
  • Thinking about the worst case scenario..... and framing that..... is what creates it.

    Allan CopelandAllan Copeland4 dager siden
  • Elon must have never been in front of a traffic judge.... they take the cops side based on the fact that they are a cop. No evidence is needed to find you guilty..... how is that justice. It's not.

    Allan CopelandAllan Copeland4 dager siden
  • His deep thought seems foreboding as though he knows something he’s not ready to reveal or cannot.

    Man babies 07Man babies 074 dager siden
  • I don’t know why but when Elon speaks he makes me nervous. He’s a weird guy. Not weird in a negative way, and not necessarily a positive either, just ambiguously strange. Maybe you should be if you’re literally one in 6 billion.

    MarginalizedMarginalized4 dager siden
  • Maybe Elon is already a cyborg, or a borg, attempting to ease us into assimilation, resistance is futile

    E SE S4 dager siden
  • I love Elon Musk. He is so casual about his mindblowing ideas, he sounds like a teenage boy when he talks about them. It's fascinating.

    Filip DąbrowskiFilip Dąbrowski4 dager siden
    • polska gurom

      • Vulture™ •• Vulture™ •13 timer siden
  • Elon's laugh be like: "ha ha"

    Marc OlteanMarc Oltean4 dager siden
    • That’s a courtesy laugh.

      JoseMonkeysJoseMonkeys3 dager siden
  • Elon is using a time machine, who know's?

    Wax JellyWax Jelly4 dager siden
  • I bet I've watched this 30 times and I'm still mind blown every time....

    travis Schultztravis Schultz4 dager siden
  • What about teleportation.. I am tired of commuting 2 hours a day haha

    Leah ManningLeah Manning4 dager siden
  • If you have combined your consciousness with that of an AI you could have various body forms and you can just upload yourself to that physical extension or suit. and this will allow us to go beyond earthly limits. so we could occupy space with Andriod like bodies which can help us explore space and mine from space and protect earth and its resources

    Lourens BotesLourens Botes4 dager siden
  • AI seems to be mostly a bubble which has disappointed a lot of people lately. Publications and discoveries in that field are going down.

    matt lebuttermatt lebutter4 dager siden
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    Emily DelaplainEmily Delaplain4 dager siden
  • Chimpanzee Movie? - I looked that up and found something on Disney+. I’m guessing that’s not the dark scary movie he’s talking about? Anyone know what movie he’s talking about and where to find it? Thanks 🙏🏻

    vipnetworkervipnetworker4 dager siden
  • his wikipedia actually changed lmao

    Jxrry_ nepyJxrry_ nepy5 dager siden
  • Elon is my mind's ET. I want it to be so. Pretty sure he's really a four year old alien trying to help us. Joe is three. I'm a follower, please take me with you...

    yknowgirlyknowgirl5 dager siden
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    Kathryn ShirleyKathryn Shirley5 dager siden
  • Holy shit he is intelligent . Love listening to him

    FifthFingerFuryFifthFingerFury5 dager siden