Joe & GSP Talk About Aliens, Lost Knowledge

Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:




  • I believe we can communicate telepathically, we just lack any training. Basically like learning to walk. Ever had a close friend you could just give a look and know what they were thinking?

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  • Gsp gonna fight in the octagon with the most ripped alien, that all he wants 🤣🤣

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  • I think we can all agree that the main takeaway here is that Spotify may, or may not, be free.

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  • How does Joe literally maintain interest for hours of intense specialized conversation every single day

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  • the problem with spotify is that it's not available in my country

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  • Lmaoo element 115 just like bo3 zombies haha

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  • Just a thought but you know when weights are put on your car wheels to balance them out well that’s what I always thought the pyramids function is for to balance the spin of the planet it’s weird how precise they are to the longitude and latitude being dead centre of the earth don’t know just something I’ve always thought since I was a kid who knows

    Who Am iWho Am i14 timer siden
  • This also this metal Obelisk in I think India that has been there a really long ⌛ and hasn't rusted at all. They said from how old it is it should be rusted completely. Just another thing that we've lost over time.

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  • I will get Spotify yeah

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  • GSP wow! Mind blowing to know he will take this subject. Very cool

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  • Marduk orbited and hit TIAMAT...which created the HAMMERED BRACELET of the HEAVENS...the EARTH (new?) then captured the MOON...

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  • Just a couple of years ago humanity was so advanced that they knew there were only two genders!

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  • If I meet 👽 GSP better be next to me.... Cuz we're fucking it up. If it makes move its on. That probably why they won't show themselves cuz we will fuck them and our beautiful planet up at the same time Hoh Rah

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  • ok my thoughts.. Anyone challenge me. I believe some civilizations were so advanced and connected to source that they literally banished by means of ascension. they literally ascended physically by transmutation into a different dimension. Like the stories of the Buddha.

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  • Talk about Greek fire they still can't recreate the concrete

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  • Buddy needs to practice on his English

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  • joe im from russia and i cant watch ur podcasts on spotify🙄🙄😔😔

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  • research Billy Meier, joe rogan will never mention it

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  • Hearing the way GSP talks and and his looks you would think he is a teacher or something. Never judge book but it’s cover✊

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  • Joe knows fookin everything 😎

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  • Get Luis Elizondo on here please!! He is the most important voice on ufo's/uap's! Hit like so Joe sees this!

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  • *Joe maybe you never are going to read this but that your mic sound not good if you compare with electrovoice re20, you have to test it*

    Resumen de Noticias con Steve BocarandaResumen de Noticias con Steve Bocaranda2 dager siden
  • We compare that would have trouble and maybe not at all be able to build the pyramids today with our technology. Think of building the pyramids with our technology just 140 years ago. So being able to build the pyramids thousands of years ago. There is so much we do not understand

    Lester MurrayLester Murray2 dager siden
  • What if it was the NEFFA limb in the book of Genesis chapter 6 who built all these structures? 🤔

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  • alien ? huh ? so i don't need to talk any more and yeah no more word just information

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  • Who else is googling or youtubing Greek fire

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  • Why can’t we get in there 😂

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  • I'm still not downloading Spotify

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  • 10:33 by the nephilim, they were giants anywhere from 12 feet to 30 feet tall, they had six fingers and six toes, watch: L.A. Marzulli's on the trail of the nephilim series (video #3 seems the most informative)

    357 Magnum357 Magnum2 dager siden
  • 9:59 the pyramids were part of a electronic grid system, I saw a video where they located a signal emitting from the top of the pyramid, they used an electronic sensor, they also attached a sensor to a drone to measure the width of the signal and just above the pyramid the signal gets wider and then thins out again(kinda like the opposite of the wife when you get married 🤷🤭🤢)

    357 Magnum357 Magnum2 dager siden
  • 9:45 some rulers in those days were nephilim, they had elongated skulls, that's why some wore headdresses 🧐🤯 Watch: L.A. Marzulli - on the trail of the nephilim (video #3) They had six fingers and six toes, they were bi-sexual giants that eventually hunted and ate humans, that's why the native americans approached each other with an open hand, to show five fingers and not six (l.a. Marzulli) P.s. that's why God flooded the earth, to get rid of nephilims

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  • Bob lazar replaced a guy who died cutting into the u.f.o.'s power source.(they were reverse engineering a u.f.o.) Watch: bob lazar area 51 s4

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  • 2:36 REVERSE engineer

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  • 1:23 watch : bob lazar area 51 s4

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  • 0:31 telepathically ? -_-

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  • 0:03 joe couldn't find a clean shirt to wear so he wore his little sisters 🤢🤮

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  • What if greek fire is actually napalm.

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  • Shit Let the man talk joe Rogan

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  • Whata ridiculous hair

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  • But.. if we are the product of aliens accelerating our evolution.. why? What do they get it of it? What's the point?

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  • Water was used not just to float rock up the pyramid without a ramp (using inflated animal skins), but also used to perfectly level each stone. Still water at the top of a stationary cup is perfectly level. Float stones to the top, fill water to the stone line, level accordingly, repeat. Aquaduct construction remnants around pyramids fuel this theory.

    Ryan AvalosRyan Avalos3 dager siden
  • I've been there and trust me the pyramids are far bigger than you imagine also inside them I've never experienced heat quite like it

    John RaffertyJohn Rafferty3 dager siden
  • The question I have with Bob's account of seeing the alien through the window - if it was compartmentalized why would they have a window in that room

    A ZA Z3 dager siden
  • Gsp LovePeoplesVoicesHolyWorldReadPsalm120_134SelahStopPauseMeditateSongOfDegreesGivesLife15YearsAhazSunDailSolarSystemWeapon2Kings20_9ApexTecBiologicalSpiritaulEngineeringLostDayCalendarsMoreDieByeHailStoneThenAnyFightOfManJOSHUA10:11_14Amos3:7SecretsConvertOrExaptooOpenBibleReadAsUspeakAngelStoodInTheMistOfUsEspoAllDimensions24:36LUKE24:31_32VanishedDidItBurnAsOpenTheScripturesExpatooLiesWhoresLiveItUp17:REV10:7_11ButteryFlyEffectsMomentosEventsMercuryRetrograde3FullMoon30daysEvery50DayCrosticsSpringEquiox20th15DayCountChirstBecameArePassover5:7!1COR13:CharityApirl1FoolsHaveHoliday!Stephen7:ACTS2:Petecost50dayAfterChirstDefeatedDeath7:HEB2:14SummerSolsticeJune21TemporalPsychosis20thRelativityVisionsPerfectDayNoPremeditatedAnything!SayInFlesh5%Put2Words95%Trust2:4!1THES5:3SignOfTimesDiscernWorldsincreasinglySpiritualLaborPainsNoEscapeBellysTrvailingLimitsTimePlanetsEclipsingSolarSystemWorldWideEffectsEveryTimeForfulled!Notes2SisterCalledU66:4!ISA43:26ReadBibleStuffButteryFlyEffectsSpecialBiblesTechnologiesWerewolvesVampireVehicleUFO!TimeTravelAllThe9:AMOS3:7SecretsUntoServantTheProphets!Challenges18:!2KING2:7_8ComeBackRead!Elijah!Elisha!SmoteThe(Water)!TimeTravelGetThisDoneReadEZEKIELchapter1WholeThingGetInRiver(Water)River(Chebar)meansHebrew(LENGTHofTIME)ExplainNowMonthLaterWatchEveryBodyNextToYouForFullMoonsOkBeSafeLoveYouWellWorkOnSomeOfThing Entertaining Angels 13:4 Hebrew 12:29 Elohim God Consuming Fire Had No Power 3:27 Daniel 4:33 Babelon Kings Lycanthropy Werewolves genetenic WeaponsFu BillgatesFU All Possible 9:23 Mark 10:27 with God all Possible Spirit Intercession 8:26 Roman 13:1 higher powers ordain of God so Advanced today can explain hybrids Ribs Helix Curve 2:21 Genesis 3:3 Exapatoo Beguiling Touch Sex Satan Screech owl Vampire Lilith 34::14 Isaiah 3:4 Minds Of Children Baby's will lead them worlds Perversions transformed works 12:2 Romans 12:20 Heap coals Fire Foreheads they Think Globel Warming Speaking Consciene Seared Hot Iron 4:2 1Timothy 2 2: 1-15 Soldiers devouring flaming Fire Round About 2:3 Lamentations War 144 Psalms 68:17 Gods 20000 Vehicles 1000 Angel Stab anyone any where any place any time 4:12Hebrews 10:7 Volume of God Scorpion Sting Enemy Break Back Bones world wide Ezekiel 9:1In Hand Destroying Weapon Elohim Jedi Tav Zeal Seal of God In Forehead 9:3-4 Revelation 9:11 Angel of Death Isaiah54:16:17 Blood On the Wall No defences millions reading world wide Enemy Is Dead are u under water too 26 :8Leviticus26:36 Sound of shaken Leaf Will Chase you Angel follow to your death 4000 curses plauges Will Fall Isaiah 43:26 Justified ur dead this killed billions Go head Say anything Double Destruction 17:18 Jeremiah 20:12 Read The Minds Vengeance Cut Down Enemy 37 Psalm 120-134 everyday My God Never Sleeps Psalms 121 ur Only hope is too Study Only read The letter your father wrote you 1john 4:18 Perfect love case out fear good luck Daniel 3:29 Mark9:23 :14JOHN20:2 ShepherdChapelUTubeEvacStayDontBurnHousesLeaveNWOWill!BeSafeAllCoronaHivCantEnterWomb89SarahBabytime21:7GEN49:TribesJacobConsimateMarriage16:8EZE38:22AsteroidsRacesKillUrRapistWorldWideFuturePastGEN19:24BrimstoneFireRainOutOFHeavenVoid4:22_28JER51:25_29DestroyingMountainVolcanoes100mgZinc Stop Covid is HIV from Entering the womb take Everyday Example friend pregnant got Poison ivy baby 30 year now immune to poison ivy world wide all women need to be with child read everyday 15 years to have kids Love Gods Promises Read study's My theme Song My Way ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Be a man and make your fuggin mind up Joe!,You where making fun of gsp last year but you believe Bob ???

    mark jonesmark jones3 dager siden
  • George in deep on his Ancient Discoveries YT channel membership 😎

    Jaime LJaime L3 dager siden
  • 14:25 if preserving your own eco system isn't enough proof of the superiority of other animals over contempary humans, I don't know what else you need Joe... :)

    Thanos H.Thanos H.3 dager siden
  • I think they’re have been very large civilizations before our own and it was completely wiped out

    The Short YautjaThe Short Yautja3 dager siden
  • It’d be a really fuckin big ramp

    The Short YautjaThe Short Yautja3 dager siden
  • It wasn’t a million years but it was like a thousand years of knowledge supposedly burned up as no one is alive to tell the tale of what exactly was in there we will never know how much knowledge we actually lost but I’m willing to bet we’d be across the stars had it not burned

    The Short YautjaThe Short Yautja3 dager siden
  • i think aliens are much stronger than humen

  • Instantly ‘Travis Walton story is so compelling’ No. He’s one of the worst liars and biggest phonies ever known to man he’s a joke

    jman sephodjman sephod4 dager siden
  • Okay so everyone’s on same page here and GSP is really Benjamin button ?

    Peter ShmurglePeter Shmurgle4 dager siden
  • GSP is not only a great fighter but a brilliant guy.

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  • Gsp looks like a gay terrestrial 🤔

    srthatejeepsrthatejeep4 dager siden
    • One of the worst jokes in the history of comedy

      BloodOrangeBloodOrange3 dager siden
  • I met him and heard him speak in person. He's telling the truth. I sat 10 feet away and you could see he's still dealing with some mild PTSD from the event. I have his book which goes into greater detail. We are not alone. Solid video, Bruh. Been researching this for 2 decades. FACTS: 1. NASA is A MILITARY entity, not civilian. They are under no obligation to tell you or me ANYTHING we want to know. 2. SOLDIERS follow orders, that's it. The guys are not hiding anything. When they become fully retired from the military they open up since jail isn't by then an option... but death can be. 3. Cooper was adamant that we are not alone as every mission in space he was on there was craft not from this planet tagging along... watching? Maybe. Keeping tabs on him? Maybe. Keeping him complaint to protect our first journey off the planet? Maybe... 4. Every astronaut who's been to space concurs exactly what Cooper days .. WE ARE NOT ALONE. 5. Space Fleet IS already in existence. Why else would the Navy be advertising for recruits who are already in the military. No, a civilian will NEVER get a job in Space Fleet. Most civilians can't handle the fact we are not God's only creation. Space Fleet was started in 1979, was a senior in high school then. There were shuttle missions we knew nothing about to carry the pieces of the vessels up. As time went on I believe we were able to build them in the ground and fly them up using anti gravity tech. The Phoenix lights could've been one such ship. Look that up in YT. 5. 1979 was also the year a massive battle took place inside an underground alien base beneath one of OUR military bases. It happened in Dulce, New Mexico near a Native Indian reservation. Look for Phil Schneider videos on YT or look up the Dulce alien battle. 70 plus humans were killed and an unknown number of tall Grays, 8 foot, were shall killed. 6. Less than a year after Phil went on a speaking tour and was exposing the facts that the US military and shadow GOVERNMENT have been involved in a trade with non human entities he "committed suicide" by cooking himself with an electrical cord.* The aliens give the breakaway society futuristic tech that they hide from the rest of humanity in exchange for?..... .... the right to ABDUCT HUMAN BEINGS FOR THEIR UNHOLY EXPERIMENTS.😳🤔😡 WHO TH gave them the right to sell OUR right to live free of their interference? Look up the Greada Treaty... bring toilet paper cos you WILL schitt yourself. 7. NOTHING we have been taught in the last 2000 plus years is the truth. The ONLY truth is Jesus Christ. Everything else is the adversary's attempt to push your away from Him. Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life... 1. Jesus birthday was September 11th, that's why the demonic zionists and secret society nutters chose that date to scar and scare humanity. They are big on symbolism. May they be damned to eternal HELL. 1A. Yes December 25th strings FROM a pagan ritual but let's look at the why. Christianity was once ILLEGAL to practice, we were fed to lions and killed on the spot for sport. So when Constantine adopted it as the official Roman religion, like today's corrupted, ass kissing politicians, he looked for a way to not exclude the majority of his followers which would've cost him his position. So he co-opted Christianity into the then-current pagan practices. If one has Jesus on his mind and in his heart I don't believe the celebrating of His life in December diminishes that love and Grace. I pray on Sept. 11th and wish Him Happy Birthday on that date, but I celebrate in December as well because for a few weeks the world seems to stop the nonsense and just chill out. 🙏🏿✝️🙏🏻 2. The same thing with Easter. It's sensible to KNOW the origins of the celebration but again we have to remember we Christians had to slide into the mainstream consciousness sideways... we were vilified and murdered in the open so at one time WE were the secret society worshiping the One True God in secret. If ones heart and mind are on Jesus' resurrections I see no harm in any date chosen to celebrate God's incredible powers. In fact, every act of prayer is a celebration to the LIVING Jesus. 🙌🏼🙌🏾😇🙌🏿🙌🏻 3. I'm in total agreement that the RC Church is satan's domain. Bowing and showing reverence to wooden statues, idols made of gold, and temples made with hands are all ANTI Christ. Elevating mere mortal men into positions of godhead is breaking the FIRST and most egregious Commander, 'Thou shalt have no others gods before Me. '. The Pope is just a man, he is NOT the chosen emmisary to Jesus Christ.... there is no such thing. We have A DIRECT LINK to Jesus through prayers. Catholicism is indeed satanism-lite, leading masses of well meaning but misinformed people on a slide down to hell. When Catholics who did the research and found out the radical changes the early popes and VATICAN leaders made to God's Word would immediately remove to themselves from such idolatry. You CAN'T BUY your way into heaven or God's good graces. Mother Theresa didn't go to Heaven because of what she did... she went because of what JESUS DID. I catch flak from some of my White friends who think I'm being bigoted when I say that all of the OT heroes were Black and brown. I believe this to simply be fact. God took the very earth's clay and fashioned a body, then blew the Breath of Life into it and it came out looking like a Swede? 😳🤔🤭. GTHOH All life was Black as you keep showing in the cartoons, but after the split at the Tower of Babel when the tribes scattered we evolved into what we see now. Black, red, white/tan, yellow, and original brown. One question, you say Jesus is from the line of Shem whereas I read He was from the line of Ham. I've read where Mary hid with her family in Etheopia, as dark a country as any other in Africa. Also missing from the Bible and study today is the Book of Enoch. When the masses overstand who he was and what he had to say, much of the rest of the Bible makes sense because with that knowledge we understand the adversary's army of demons and what exactly a demon is. Here is a witness testimony from a recent post operation walk. (cancer surgery) Listen carefully, the message is for ALL of us INCLUDING me.

    vetb882vetb8824 dager siden
    • @IDKFPV HAHA, I sought help. His name is JESUS CHRIST. you should try it instead of putting other men in pedestals like you do Joe. Notice how NONE of the worldly popular people you are putting on pedestals are telling you what I'm trying to tell you... That's because they serve strange gods and think their god will defeat God. SMH. These are the things JESUS says: * What good is it to win the world and lose your Soul? * If they hate you for My sakes, know that they hated Me first. *If I tell you of earthly things and you do not understand how can I tell you of Heavely things? **If you don't know that these are things Jesus says I suggest you ask Him for help, like I did. Here is my Witness Testimony. I'm 33 days post cancer surgery. I'm still standing BGG, by God grace. 🙏🏿✝️🙏🏻

      vetb882vetb8824 dager siden
    • You should seek help

      IDKFPVIDKFPV4 dager siden
  • I never know who like 70% of your guests are tbh.

    Dreary DrummerDreary Drummer4 dager siden
  • George "BELIEVE" St. Pierre

    HisRoyalMajesty 08HisRoyalMajesty 084 dager siden
  • I'm so glad I got to find this guy....never would have found him without you

    Patrick HauptPatrick Haupt4 dager siden
  • I just want to sit there every Episode and just listen to every conversation without saying anything.. 🤷🏽‍♂️♥️

    Ayoub ChalghoumiAyoub Chalghoumi4 dager siden
  • seeing GSP with hair is tripping me out

  • They took a hell of a lot of of information from the library at Alexandria was taken and stashed in the Vatican secret archive never to be seen ever again! Crime against humanity

    John-Paul JordanJohn-Paul Jordan5 dager siden
  • This the guy that fought captain America

    anselmxoanselmxo5 dager siden
  • Joe's an alien

    Seth TsosieSeth Tsosie5 dager siden
  • im bring up greek fire everywhere now

    M3RKS_ON_YOUM3RKS_ON_YOU5 dager siden
  • I've got a spare minute tell me everything you know

    Rick SmithRick Smith5 dager siden
  • I'd like the Aliens I meet to communicate by fart. The Alien would let one rip and I'd instantly know, you've just had a Macca D's Cheeseburger..

    The Whore's WhispererThe Whore's Whisperer5 dager siden
  • Smart guy gsp

    BertVegasBertVegas5 dager siden
  • Absolutely, more research

    Space Exploration Program Ansas L37Space Exploration Program Ansas L375 dager siden
  • Greek fire is pretty much or is just napalm, was lost but rediscovered

    John HenryJohn Henry5 dager siden
  • GSP is very informed I wonder if his country is aware of what we know?

    EdgeXeD Sick_BurNaHEdgeXeD Sick_BurNaH5 dager siden
  • Wanna hear Joe talk ? , This is your chance. LOL.

    rushedandlostrushedandlost5 dager siden
  • Messi would be a great guest on JRE

    The Vibe StationThe Vibe Station5 dager siden
  • I wonder, does GSP have *any* flaws? At all?? He's one of the best MMA fighters ever, has a great personality *and* character, integrity, great love for his family, works hard, disciplined, is extremely generous, sexy-French accent, *and* he's *_Hot_*_ as Hell..._ There must be *_something?!_* 🤔😗 Maybe a (hidden) crappy taste in music? Like, a penchant for Polka? Celine Dion? K-Pop?😁 Edit: I found one. The Kanji tatt near his collarbone.😔 I can only hope it doesn't turn out as meaning something like chow mein with fried rice, spring rolls, sweet 'n sour pork, etc, whichever way less _'airy-fairy spiritual'..._ (There's always laser removal oc.)

    Faladaen 1009Faladaen 10096 dager siden
  • black ops

    g moneyg money6 dager siden
  • One of the greatest fighters in the history of mma, and they're talking aliens. Rogan is the best

    Mike KingMike King6 dager siden
  • Your a tool. Sad that people need you. Your hurting reality. Consider what you say and how ignorant people take it and run. Grow up bro

    CATastrophic ExplosionCATastrophic Explosion6 dager siden
  • Stop thinking that we are smarter than our ancestors. Perhaps there was more advanced civilizations than our modern technology

    Preacher And the way of the CloudwalkerPreacher And the way of the Cloudwalker6 dager siden
  • #SafeMoon

    D JD J6 dager siden
  • Love you Batroc!

    baby Jesusbaby Jesus6 dager siden
  • It’s actually element 116. When you bombard 115 with deuterium it shortly converts to 116 and has 1 free electron that will travel at 1.86 times relativistic speeds. E=mc^2 This means it’s traveling at the speed of light, but it has as much energy as if it was traveling 1.86 times the speed of light… If you balance the equation you get E=1.86C^2=M Mass increases Mass increase = bigger bend in Space-Time The faster they move particles by transmuting 115 to 116, the more they can bend space time

    K AK A6 dager siden
  • Aliens buttholes always face the direction they travel in while in their spacecrafts.... We've been doing it wrong all along!

    Happy CamperHappy Camper6 dager siden
  • Never had a anti vaxer on

    brian palmerbrian palmer6 dager siden
  • What if gsp accent was a total fake 😂 and he was really from California

    Sam SneadSam Snead6 dager siden
  • Come back to you tube!!!

    Sam SneadSam Snead6 dager siden
  • There a thought about using magnetism to get these stones to levitate and being able to move them while they still levitating if you look in to coral castle and the maker of it Edward leedskalnin he talk about it to

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith6 dager siden
  • About 15% of the Library of Alexandria was saved................. Emperor Constantine and his historians burned that all 15 years later when they rewrote human history to fit our modern narrative

    Crom CCCXVICrom CCCXVI7 dager siden
  • Not aliens, it's demonic.

    The Art & Adventures of Timothy WrightThe Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright7 dager siden
  • how much were you payed to promote this agenda , God help you all

    Anthony CullenAnthony Cullen7 dager siden
  • bull squirt

    Anthony CullenAnthony Cullen7 dager siden
  • Joes wife needs a NOcds channel 😂

    Jonny BeatsJonny Beats7 dager siden
  • V thor will sky rocket to asgard V chain Millionaires 2024

    richd8581 Huntrichd8581 Hunt7 dager siden
  • If you dont go to Egypt now you never will

    Zach HartmanZach Hartman7 dager siden
  • Humans are the only creatures that are SELF AWARE. That is the difference.

    Factman AmericanFactman American7 dager siden
  • Quiet a lot of bro science...

    datossendatossen7 dager siden
  • Clearly GSP has watched Brien Foerster’s channel. He is very knowledgeable on megalithic sites.

    Rebecca LeeRebecca Lee7 dager siden
  • I lived at Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands in the 80's & 90's. There's dozens of 1930's/WW2 Japanese buildings, bunkers, gun emplacements, and torpedo testing pools constructed of "Saltwater Concrete". These structures withstood direct hits from the big guns of American destroyers, battleships, and aerial bombings during the Battle of Kwajalein in 1944.... with barely a dent. Unfortunately the formula for Saltwater Concrete, including ground up coral blasted from surrounding coral heads, has been lost. Even with modern chemistry every effort to duplicate Saltwater Concrete has failed. When the method of making this super strong concrete has been lost just since the 30's & 40's, who knows what kind of methods have been lost since the building of not only the Egyptian Pyramids, but Pyramids & other structures all over the world? Neither the Aztec nor Inca empires had knowledge of the wheel when they constructed pyramids & entire cities from perfectly (cut?) stone. What if ancient alchemists had a method to liquefy stone, and simply poured it in place? Sure would take a lot of mystery out perfectly cut stones.

    PirateChuckerPirateChucker8 dager siden
  • Everything he is saying about quarrying stone is bullshit........the pyramids are built from liquid polymer limestone concrete mixed and poured ON SITE......any concrete engineer could walk through there are show you the evidence.

    campguycampguy8 dager siden
  • Somebody should tell Joe to watch a video called "Great Pyramid 2019" or "K 2019".....TOTALLY explains the construction in a way that makes sense to me and I have been studying it casually for my whole life.......ONLY WAY that makes sense to me.

    campguycampguy8 dager siden
    • ANY concrete or liquid polymer engineer could walk through ALL those pyramids and point out the places where the forms were built and supported....there's even old wood still embedding inside the rock in the shafts of all of them.

      campguycampguy8 dager siden
    • rows of liquid polymer concrete mixed on site and poured block by block into and around forms (for shafts)......NO ROCKS QUARRIED or moved on the Nile river NO rocks lifted up giant ramps......just pour those courses of block one by one every year when the Nile floods up to bring the water.....mix that concrete and pour in into those forms.....self-leveling as wonder the blocks on the pyramid are so tightly packed together.

      campguycampguy8 dager siden
    • Built using the exact same method we used on the Hoover Dam.

      campguycampguy8 dager siden
  • Joe must be reading “Man Being Volume 1”. Everything he’s saying is in that book...

    Rocco SageRocco Sage8 dager siden