Jonathan Zimmerman on The Importance of Free Speech

Taken from JRE #1643 w/Jonathan Zimmerman:




  • Get Luis Elizondo on here please!! He is the most important voice on ufo's/uap's! Hit like so Joe sees this!

    Dds8Dds82 dager siden
  • Right?

    whipsnade13whipsnade132 dager siden
  • That's right Joe if nobody comes to your comedy shows then we are suppressing your free speech.

    biologyprodigybiologyprodigy3 dager siden
  • Having free speech and having no consequence for free speech are two totally different things. What Joe wants is to be able to yell the N word in the middle of BLM and have zero consequences.

    biologyprodigybiologyprodigy3 dager siden
  • I wish i had a professor like him

    uploadfingeruploadfinger4 dager siden
  • We need Alex Jonesssss!

    Lil HardKnuckLil HardKnuck5 dager siden
  • Thought this was a great podcast but almost turned it off when guy said “the border isn’t really a crisis right now” lol like what

    Macon MillsMacon Mills5 dager siden
  • We live in a society *CONFIRMED*

    Corrinthian MichalCorrinthian Michal6 dager siden
  • Teachers can send whoever they like home if they don't like what they say nowadays. Now tell me there's been progress, and not just the completion of a circle.

    Rick McGinnisRick McGinnis7 dager siden
  • imagine if phone companies were cutting off your line if they heard you say something they didnt like. Basically what every social media platform is doing today, and hopefully florida's regulation bill is a start to checking them

    M.AM.A7 dager siden
  • There is a reason it is the 1st Amendment.

    Real Talk With The KingReal Talk With The King7 dager siden
  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    Jessica MillerJessica Miller7 dager siden
  • What? Free speech is “important”? GTFO

    Cnazty 63Cnazty 638 dager siden
  • Someone's right to not be offended does not trump someone else's right to free speech

    Jake BradleyJake Bradley8 dager siden
  • Dude they brought in “hate speech” laws over here in Scotland... an attempt to stop hate crime. I think it’s a hate crime that they expect us not to offend someone now and again. We’re Scottish man, that’s like...culturally insensitive or something. You may as well build a prison wall around the whole f*cking country cause we’ll all be behind bars by Christmas at this rate.

    Kinky WinkyKinky Winky8 dager siden
  • This dude said the riots that lasted all summer did not matter.🤔

    Skip FluckSkip Fluck8 dager siden
  • I came here for the free speakch

    Tim RohanTim Rohan8 dager siden
  • His lisp makes my head hurt

    BNZO NDGOBNZO NDGO8 dager siden
  • this is so basic and missunderstood it feels bad really. People just because you are offended by an opinion doesn't always mean the opinion was meant to offend you, hell even clear offenses sometimes are not meant to offend context is losing ground quick its sad.

    Denis DražetičDenis Dražetič8 dager siden
  • the slight lisp is hittin me in a bad way

    Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson8 dager siden
  • You’re presuming the left has any good intentions in their actions against speech. The left doesn’t want an equal society, they want to be in control of society. And kill as many blacks as they can along the way.

    wowalinbiewowalinbie8 dager siden
  • I have a problem with this guy's speech. Say it don't spray it bro.

    Joshua CalvertJoshua Calvert8 dager siden
  • Lol just try and comment something politically conservative on an app like Bleacher Report and you’ll find that free speech don’t really exist anymore

    Nat BurnsNat Burns8 dager siden
  • Mr Sir, hats off to ya first off and kinda off subject but I couldn't agree with U more about the vaccine for the bs virus that was just a power reset button. But really they can't even label nutritional facts on our food and ingredients have names I've never been able to read or pronounce. That said, what is in the vaccine and how can they come up with that in what did they call it project warp speed? Why don't they treat all illnesses the same way and warp speed a cure🤔 is it bc we're all test dummies for medical science to keeping hospitals open and running,to keep people sick and act like they're there to help. I haven't ever had a flu shot or the flu, I really question all the vaccinations we had to get growing up. Drs and weather forecasters and mechanics are all good guessers and not always right. When my Mom started to have health issues,the first house of quacks called in the family and told us to prepare for a funeral. Thank God my Aunt went out and got her a second opinion on which she fought for 18 more beautiful years and this is the place we trust delivering our kids, how do we know if they aren't responsible for more than half of the problems women go through at birth or have a special needs child bc a Dr wanted to try something on his patient 🤔 people don't think and let others think for them

    Alf R jrAlf R jr9 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed the conversation these two had and this particular portion was very good but I do not know why it was cut down so much

    Leslie VelezLeslie Velez9 dager siden
  • Omg this guy doesn't need speeekch

    Mike BMike B9 dager siden
  • Joe “Vaccine free speech” Rogan

    The Last UyghurThe Last Uyghur9 dager siden
  • Good, an episode not about UFOs, fuck me Any degree of legal liability for expressing a notion is equal in form to having to submit your thoughts for review to an authority. In practice; every notion censored out of public conversation generates an equal potential to force everyone to have to claim its opposite. I.e: If I can't say "I hate cats", then the best I can say is "I don't hate cats" And if an evil cat mafia ever takes over, then they can chip away at more and more notions until I am forced to proclaim how much I love these fuzzy little fiends. Protecting free speech is, in an ironic way like having to protect the right to "Ugly Speech", and ugly speech is always by some measure (to their recipients) an abuse of that freedom. And words can hurt, they hurt, but they don't kill those you say them to. More importantly if you consider the majority of people to be of reasonable intent, then by adjusting the scale of sensitivity in the culture, you influence social pressures in ways that remediate and reform, the mores and behavioral norms of that culture without having to take legislative action. And by that process, you safeguard freedom, and limit abuse. If you believe the majority of people to not be of reasonable intent, and therefore the concent of that majority unachievable to carry out this process, then you must take the inverse action. You must limit said freedom through legislative means. That involves submitting the proper norms of action to the judgement of a judicial commitee, and enforcing there ruling through the authoritative agencies. An authority applies the ruling of a law, that means (in theoretical absolute) that even at its softest, it does not look to generate concent, but submission to the legal application of that law. This process compounds as follows: firstly, forbidding someone from saying something does not dispense them from thinking it. Rather they will feel the oppression of a permanent moral judgement against their personal values. Once you put that judgement into law, you will loose their consent into feeling like an equal member of that society, and you will be forced to take authoritative measures to enforce these principles. These authoritative measures will be felt as an oppression to those subjugated to them and they will look for ways to free themselves from said oppression. Within this reasoning we have reformed Free Speech on a legal level because the majority of people could not be trusted to speak (and therefore think) within our reasonable boundaries. So what is the most peaceful thing the majority may look to do if they do not find themselves completely elated from the oppressions of Free Speech. Probably change the government through a referendum, and that can go really well. A movement begins, a new party comes up, claims they will reform the current government, they win, take charge and make people happy. Or it can go like this This is a student movement not so different from a modern day BLM. Once you've crossed that threshold, and by no means are we anywhere near that. You are officially in a system that can only survive if it forever keeps increasing oppressive measures against its own people like (as they say in ancient China) "filling a cup with no bottom". In that system, your words still cannot kill those who hear it, but they are now lethal to you. Try saying "Winnie the Pooh" in China, and I know what you're thinking, "Winnie the Pooh" is banned, why don't I say "Fuck Winnie the Pooh". That's clever, try that Write me from prison Increase Freedom -- generates consent -- reform values to limit abuse Limit Freedom -- generates distrust -- increase oppressions to enforce submission

    Conrad GattoConrad Gatto9 dager siden
  • This guy was just laughing about everything the whole episode.

    Jaz SwishJaz Swish9 dager siden
  • This guy and his slurping smacking speech is killing the point

    Dave DangerDave Danger9 dager siden
  • He’s a very bright guy bur he has a speech impediment that made it difficult to listen to

    Alex LandryAlex Landry9 dager siden
  • This new generation doesn't seem to think free speech is that important.

    Some SurferSome Surfer9 dager siden
  • Spotify listener, but had to make it over to NOcds to see if I was the only one distracted by the guest’s lisp

    Chester CopperpotChester Copperpot9 dager siden
    • Me too! It was driving me nuts- looks like I’m not the only one feeling that way

      Alex LandryAlex Landry9 dager siden
  • What's the name of the speech inflection this dude has?

    Jack Dorseys MomJack Dorseys Mom9 dager siden
  • People who dislike Free Speech dislike having their Ego wounded; Simple as.

    T HT H9 dager siden
  • "Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master." - Commissioner Pravin Lal

    IIII9 dager siden
  • I wonder if this guy is related to Rich Vos

    Echo Delta TangoEcho Delta Tango9 dager siden
  • Anyone who ends their sentences with “Right?”, “You know?” are never to be trusted IMO. They are all trying to sell something. If you are telling the truth effectively, you person listening should be saying “Right!”

    John FarrisJohn Farris9 dager siden
    • @Tim W for you maybe, but not for me. But you live by your rules and I’ll live by mine. This guy is a salesman.

      John FarrisJohn Farris8 dager siden
    • That's a nice intuition but it is far from a rule

      Tim WTim W8 dager siden
  • Careful sir, before you get labelled a nazi and Gen Z "cancels" you.

    Sam PSam P9 dager siden
  • First time in a looooong time I couldn't listen to the full podcast because of this guys speech impediment... sounding like Walters Son in breaking bad. Cringe worthy

    Josh BroadyJosh Broady9 dager siden
  • You must interview this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd who can talk about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab.

    Chilly WizardChilly Wizard9 dager siden
  • 🇺🇸💯💯🙌

    NCWCENTNCWCENT9 dager siden
  • What!? I can't even share a centrist point of view. The left is empowered with absolute authority over what we think much less say.

    penelope hilsdonpenelope hilsdon9 dager siden
  • Louis Theroux in an alternate universe

    Brad LynchBrad Lynch9 dager siden
  • Don't ban speech. Educate those speaking.

    Dd ODd O10 dager siden
  • Bla bla bla get Alex Jones back in the studio joe! Get some real free speech goin 😁 u dig

    J LandJ Land10 dager siden
  • Bruh wtf is this nerd trying to say

    Skev BeatsSkev Beats10 dager siden
  • I'm on my 3rd ID because NOcds didn't like my comments. This was during the election. They were doing everything to silence anyone asking basic questions. In fact creators aren't even allowed to talk about covid or the 2020 election. Big Tech's behavior is obviously that of every evil corporations & government in history.

    2BannedAccounts&Counting Blow2BannedAccounts&Counting Blow10 dager siden
  • He says "right" more often than Adam Conover

    MrStojjoMrStojjo10 dager siden
  • This UW History Professor Chad Moody makes a BRILLIANT case for the primacy of free speech

    Sarah WestonSarah Weston10 dager siden
  • I remember in high school I couldn’t even wear a hat with the school logo on it without the teacher’s and supervisors throwing a fit.

    InstapizzabmxInstapizzabmx10 dager siden
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      Muhammad BilalMuhammad Bilal7 dager siden
  • how can a society be unequal if the participants think its a utopia

    rick rossrick ross10 dager siden
  • Smart guy.

    Pro Fights InfoPro Fights Info10 dager siden
  • Words do not hurt wtf is this nonsense hahaha 😂

    King of EnglandKing of England10 dager siden
  • Andrew here from Canada . You should see what they are proposing with Bill-C10 . I cant believe this is the country I love so much. Psychopaths currently in parliament here.

    Andrew SlatterAndrew Slatter10 dager siden
  • I literally came here just for the comment section

    aehcocen nitsugaaehcocen nitsuga10 dager siden
  • Can't believe Joe is a fan of the Twitter douche Dorsey...

    Jonathon BroughJonathon Brough10 dager siden
  • I didn't like this guest overall though I appreciate he is fighting for free speech

    luli salulaidluli salulaid10 dager siden
  • know................right...................

    udxpierreudxpierre10 dager siden
  • Sometimes we just have to many rights...

    William AWilliam A10 dager siden
  • "Jack Dorsey wants twitter to be the wild west"... this is BS Joe. SMH

    KindPowderKindPowder10 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro 2024

    Ross J. WickRoss J. Wick10 dager siden
  • I liked Joe because of his revolution vibe.

    Dustin PriestDustin Priest10 dager siden
  • Wait wait wait. In another part of the podcast Jon pushes on joe about his dad and their relationship which clearly joe doesn’t really want to talk about, however he does say that his dads name is also joe rogan.. does that make rogan.. Joe Rogan Junior??

    The Sunday’sThe Sunday’s11 dager siden
  • There is a new documentary out- similar to SOCIAL DILEMMA, even better. I wish Joe Rogan would check it out and tell what he thinks of it.

    A AA A11 dager siden
  • Every single time I watch one of your videos I get a commercial for Gaia. Why isn't Spotify advertising on your videos?

    Shaun FedShaun Fed11 dager siden

    Liza SiqueiraLiza Siqueira11 dager siden
  • This man is excellent❤️👍!!

    Sh HuSh Hu11 dager siden
  • Geeesh

    TeePeeTeePee11 dager siden
  • We had free speech, and the right was winning. The alt-right was taking over youtube when we had a true free-speech environment. We are right, so that's why they have to censor us. People who censor and ban are never on the right side of history, never. Wake up leftists.

    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff11 dager siden
  • This podcast on Spotify, the guys weird asf asking personal questions about Joe organs dad and shit

    KillaCamKillaCam11 dager siden
  • You hear this NOcds

    Joe MoronesJoe Morones11 dager siden
  • Who the hell are these guests

    Quick MMA clipsQuick MMA clips11 dager siden
  • This guy has use the word right at least 107 times in this clip alone

    Scott XavierScott Xavier11 dager siden
  • Those in power don’t want free speech, the group in power is one always trying to restrict speech to maintain their control. Every single great movement over the last two hundred years occurred because of free speech. In turn, all of the world leaders that murdered, tortured, and enslaved their populations restricted speech in order to control the public.

    Brendan ThorntonBrendan Thornton11 dager siden

    David DelatejaDavid Delateja11 dager siden
  • Right

    Dustin hDustin h11 dager siden
  • @jonathanzimmerman you are so wise and interesting. Throughly enjoyed your point of views. You should try and stop using the verbal pause “right” in between your words. Just a suggestion.

    myasgurmyasgur11 dager siden
  • this guys lisp should not be allowed to be apart of free speech

    wes olsenwes olsen11 dager siden
  • Sure wish Joe didn't let spotify dictate what episodes had to go.... likes to say he hasn't changed and thing and won't for anyone yet it happened and he just downplays it. I guess who cares about your fans when you're a millionaire 🙄

    l bl b11 dager siden
  • Listened to this whole episod. This guy likes to say that we have to come together and we have to listen to everyone. Then turns around and makes fun of the side he doesn't agree with, says that the other side is just wrong and they need to change. What happen to acceptance? He also laughed a joe talking about things he doesn't agree with several times. This guys is so full of himself, huge narcissistic.

    l bl b11 dager siden
  • Why would u interview george’s dad

    Hunter TelnesHunter Telnes11 dager siden
  • The dudes got a lisp like Daffy Duck which is mildly infuriating to listen to but he has some brilliant insights.

    Brendan LorenzoBrendan Lorenzo11 dager siden
    • No kidding. It drove me crazy the more I listened to the the guy. His condition is fixable With a linguistic speech therapist.. I don’t understand why someone with a PhD who makes his living speaking wouldn’t get this corrected

      Alex LandryAlex Landry9 dager siden
  • Conservatives (and fascists) love to cliam they are 'pro-free speech' and 'anti-cancel culture', but it's the opposite. That's why the Republicans are proposing a bill that harshly targets and discriminates against protesters and absolves motorists who hit them with their vehicles. Yet you won't find Carlson, Hannity, Shapiro, Pool, Peterson, Rubin, Crowder, or any of the conservative 'free speech warriors' talking about it. Just like they wouldn't touch the unfair treatment of pro-BDS speakers. And it's the same here in the UK with the government's Policing Bill and their Neo-McCarthyite drive in the education system, including tackling 'anti-British bias' which is a pro-colonial, pro-empire propaganda and revisionist drive. To be free speech you have to defend the speech of those you disagree with, but conservatives only care about their own free-speech, and are therefore infact anti-free speech.

    Mutual Aid WorksMutual Aid Works11 dager siden
  • It's like he is podcasting Mort Goldman from family guy.. right?right?right?right?right? One of the worst people he has had on his show

    Taylor LownTaylor Lown11 dager siden
  • If your hurt by words so much that it harms your life, there’s something wrong with you or you need to grow a pair. Just sayin.

    Tristan GriffittsTristan Griffitts11 dager siden
  • If you got no free speech that ain't america.

    J ManJ Man12 dager siden
  • PLEASE PUSH THIS TO CANADIAN POLITICIANS .... We're being taken advantage of and losing everything!

    AllWeatherAllAllWeatherAll12 dager siden
  • Or we just let the commies burn it all down. I mean who are we even defending... women?.. DO THEY EVEN DESERVE DEFENDING ANYMORE? nah

    Feminism is CancerFeminism is Cancer12 dager siden
  • Too late

    Brian MBrian M12 dager siden
  • Any comment on Julian Assange ???? Anyone, anyone?

    Bill SmithBill Smith12 dager siden
  • This dude is awful. They started talking about the fascinating Iran-Contra affair and this cheese ball immediately steers the conversation to tennis.

    grayson 311grayson 31112 dager siden
  • Jamie should've doubled his volume instead of flicking it. Dude talks so quietly.

    the nazthe naz12 dager siden
  • The only thing tat matters is Military might everything else is irrelevant if ur military is superior u can do wataver fuk u want literally

    milin milinmilin milin12 dager siden
  • Couldn't listen to this one his lisp really bothered me

    Ham BurglerHam Burgler12 dager siden
  • " There's a difference between hate speech and speech that YOU hate" Tom McDonald

    KillThemAllKid DelanoKillThemAllKid Delano12 dager siden
  • You say right one more time I’ll scream

    LEGIN 6LEGIN 612 dager siden
  • The problem is, that the motive behind silencing people, is not a genuine desire to help or change anything.

    Manny CrackerManny Cracker12 dager siden
  • I will never make a spotify account you sellout piece of shit. love you bro

    wxlywxly12 dager siden
  • Right wing in the 90s: Violent video games make kids want to kill people, ban them! I disagreed and thought that made me left wing Left wing today: Edgy jokes means you're a nazi, ban them! I disagree I guess that makes me right wing I don't follow politics much I just have basic principles that I've always believed in. Weird how the power sides have shift but not the idea of silencing people.

    KROGANKROGAN12 dager siden