Paleontologist Trevor Valle Debunks "Dinosaurs Never Existed" Conspiracy

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Trevor Valle ( ), also available for download via iTunes \u0026 Stitcher ( ).




  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 He's going sic hahaha I'd be the same in my field 🤣

    Sia TequilaSia Tequila16 minutter siden
  • I had a dinosaur fossil When I was very young my mum bought me all the magazines that came with a plastic t Rex bone you fixed together with each issue and a special gift was a little sea fossil in a lovely box I wish i kept it all but we moved so much I love dinosaurs

    Sia TequilaSia Tequila24 minutter siden
    • Does anyone remember the TV series walking with dinosaurs

      Sia TequilaSia Tequila23 minutter siden
  • 9:30 is voice is also annoying lets listen to some more lol

    Tree WispsTree Wisps4 timer siden
  • seems pretty silly to get this upset over something that is supposedly absolute nonsense, this dinosaur dude is a giant douche

    Camelia SabevaCamelia Sabeva6 timer siden
  • Trevor’s more pissed than Al Gore when nobody believed in ManBearPig. Super cereal bout this 🦖 ish

    IronmursIronmurs8 timer siden
  • @4:22 That craptastic explanation doesn't cut it. We need a far better explanation for why no prior civilization knew about dinosaurs with a focus on finding evidence that they did. If you press on insisting they didn't then you're wrapped in denial just like any of the flat-Earthers or others with emotional problems accepting the evidence. At @10:47 he tell us that Mary Anning found an ichthyosaur when she was 12 ... yet he simultaneously believes no prior entire civilization ever noticed.

    BobBob8 timer siden
  • I'd listen to Dubay rather than this filthy sailor mouth chunk-a-la la.

    Brian BucklesBrian Buckles15 timer siden
  • Didn't know Big Bob does paleontology as a side hustle! Cockmeat sandwich!!!!!!

    Supun BandaraSupun Bandara21 time siden
  • Wild to watch Joe shit on the entire premise of why people like him. That is, talk about unchecked conspiracies from NOcds bullshit. Unreal.

    Eli GrossEli GrossDag siden
  • Lol this fat boy has me thinking maybe dinosaurs aren’t real..... evolution 😂😂😂 fuck idiot

    Truth facts and conspiracies Truth seekingTruth facts and conspiracies Truth seekingDag siden
  • Dinosaurs existed. But they walked and lived with man. Not before by millions or billions of years that mainstream science claims

    William RodriguesWilliam RodriguesDag siden
  • look at this guys fucking hand tat lmfaooooo

    JimmyJimmyDag siden
  • I swear it is really easy to find fossil shells by yourself. Like, did this conspiracy guy ever seen children and common people find fossil belemnites or ammonites? They are everywhere. They are in the ancient marine sediments all around us.

    Ланцетник МиноговичЛанцетник МиноговичDag siden
  • I know its old but come on why do people have to argue about did dinosaurs existed or is the earth flat . Man i love america they are so fucking dumb (the majority)

    DIMInaJointDIMInaJointDag siden
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  • 14:10 Joe gets a kick out of watching people's reaction to bullshit😂

    Bowman Brent ToppsonBowman Brent ToppsonDag siden
    • Or there is another monitor behind the big guy.

      Bowman Brent ToppsonBowman Brent ToppsonDag siden
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  • Those big giant mammoth teeth in a museum in Missouri are just I. My imagination I guess lmao

    More Power!More Power!Dag siden
    • Or man made 🤷‍♂️

      Truth facts and conspiracies Truth seekingTruth facts and conspiracies Truth seekingDag siden
  • 12:35 joe opens beer with his breast

    Theron NLOMTheron NLOMDag siden
  • Expert or not, shut the fuck up and let the vid play. Damn dude, you talked so fucking much, I now believe that Dinosaurs never existed. Word of advice, when you're correct about any subject dude...BE QUIET and let the evidence speak for itself... Arguing is the best discrediting tool.

    levance reedlevance reed2 dager siden
  • Imagine joe staring at you like that

    Oscar SOscar S2 dager siden
  • This fat guy looks like the kind of guy to work at build a bear

    VxidVxid2 dager siden
  • As some one who has found a fossil with my own ability , (part time rock hound). This shit gibion has never seen a real fossil up close.

    Buck VBuck V2 dager siden
  • what an idiot .

    Marcel BregmanMarcel Bregman2 dager siden
  • Love what this Paleontologist is doing but getting so heated only makes him look foolish and takes away from his arguments.

    Jake JutrasJake Jutras2 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan made Trevor Valle into an Internet star.

    Lyonel LaverdeLyonel Laverde2 dager siden
  • Never thought someone can out-swear Joe on his show. This man is really angry at this jackass of a flat earther.

    tango dmantango dman2 dager siden
  • I want to watch Ancient Aliens with a guy like this

    benjamin3290benjamin32902 dager siden
  • Hillarious, good on Trevor for his passion, he's so right!

    Stephen LaneStephen Lane2 dager siden
  • Flat earthers are the same as bloggers who take Comedians, Christians and (hate them, but) Politicians out of context. Clip out everything but what suits your narrative.

    b0ss Beer Reviewsb0ss Beer Reviews2 dager siden
  • As someone who believes in Christianity and Dinosaurs… can I ask you not to equate us with each other. The bible talks about dinosaurs and a time before Adam and Eve. Read Genesis literally first book… Also Job, that guy went through some Shiiiit

    b0ss Beer Reviewsb0ss Beer Reviews3 dager siden
  • Dinosaurs were being reported and seen and documented as far back as the 15th century

    Robert HuntRobert Hunt3 dager siden
    • Source?

      R BR B3 dager siden
  • I'm glad I brought a lot of beer....

    CobraMike 13bravoCobraMike 13bravo3 dager siden
  • Joe talking about how it's detrimental with people going unchecked on NOcds or a blob... Is this not the Joe Rogan Experience?

    Travesty StudiosTravesty Studios3 dager siden
  • Huge human with a single eye ? What ? Lol

    OHBOHB3 dager siden
  • Dinosaurs are fake, prove me wrong. 😏

    Tom BreckinridgeTom Breckinridge3 dager siden
    • Femurs come from legs

      Tom BreckinridgeTom BreckinridgeDag siden
    • What are you suggesting giant femurs could be from? Besides an inch in species of animals

      • Ok• Ok2 dager siden
  • Y u mad tho

    MamaMielkeMamaMielke3 dager siden
  • Why is this guy so angry that someone doesn't believe in dino's?

    Bad BradBad Brad3 dager siden
    • Because people are fucking idiots

      • Ok• Ok2 dager siden
  • Close to where I live there’s a mountain in the dolomites ( part of the alps) where you can just go and look for sea fossils. You find one every other time you go there.

    Marco TardiniMarco Tardini4 dager siden
  • *Alternative tittle:* Joe pisses off paleontologist for 37 minutes

    Jeff SmithJeff Smith4 dager siden
  • This guy sounds like such an idiot. The most egotistical asshole I’ve seen on Rogan.

    mattmanmattman4 dager siden
  • why does Joe even give Eric the time of day? It was tiring to see Trevor so upset especially since he is the one with valid arguments. We know there were dinosaurs. Eric is a no one, no education, no job, just a no one that sits on hills in Thailand meditating on how to scam people out of their money to support his psychotic life. Trevor: "calm down, have some dip..."

    Ramble OnRamble On4 dager siden
  • De antwoorden zijn altijd al aanwezig

    Tomi Addison7Tomi Addison74 dager siden
  • I love how people on youtube can make complete and utter bull shining videos about subject they have completely no knowledge or true understanding about and think they are intellectuals. This video they watch is honestly terrifying to me to think that there are people out there who are so cynical that they would belittle many people's lifes work from 15 minute google searches. Its pathetic and sad at the same time.

    Alexander PlummerAlexander Plummer4 dager siden
  • Sorry, I can't listen to the dumbass on the recording anymore. Stupid pisses me off. Biden and Kamala produce the same feeling for me.

    Thomas CarringtonThomas Carrington4 dager siden
  • The fat beer drinking glutton mentions the discovery of bones by classification of lands where Dinosaurs are unearthed but yet gives no merit to Tartaria anthropology and structural architecture. My argument stops here by asking all of these museums to cease purchasing fake bones and fake Carcasses of Dinosaurs from China. Who the f#ck is the shill now.

    Llewellyn EnterprizeLlewellyn Enterprize4 dager siden
  • I love Bam Bam Bigalow

    JimmyRage78JimmyRage784 dager siden
  • Seriously, these people will argue in bad faith no matter what, so the correct response to this and flat earther nutjobs is "shut the fuck up." End of discussion. They don't deserve any energy.

    SlicedBananasSlicedBananas4 dager siden
  • This weasel !! U wish you had the brains of eric !! Why do nasa involved idiots keep this crap up seriously ?? The world is waking up !!

    Charlie MaiCharlie Mai4 dager siden
  • They still never found a full complete fossil/skeleton, they have been making it up as they go along!

    Bill BoardmanBill Boardman5 dager siden
  • Fat guys so annoying

    Scott MccawScott Mccaw5 dager siden
    • Go to the gym and you clearly have more neck fat and brains

      • Ok• Ok2 dager siden
  • Release the Kraken

    birds fanbirds fan5 dager siden
  • Is this guy wearing goalie gear??

    SaltyTate04SaltyTate045 dager siden
  • I'm not positive, but I believe it was the ancient Greeks the found dinosaur bones piled on top of each other input mismatching Parts together and discovered the Pegasus or Griffin or something like that I'm only halfway through this but I hope they say something about it?

    Gary GGary G5 dager siden
  • I think green beard is missing the point. I think he’s saying why did ancients never hold on to said bones m, teeth, etc. regardless if they knew what it was the Indians could’ve used the teeth for arrowheads. Or cutting tools.

    wunkrazyazian 808wunkrazyazian 8085 dager siden
  • Did he make an Austin Powers joke? Anyone else catch that?

    Zachy PooZachy Poo5 dager siden
  • This is the angriest toddler I’ve ever seen

    Ben OBen O5 dager siden
  • I mean...all these bones n shyyyt

    Evan AmoEvan Amo5 dager siden
  • The best part of this is his face when joe opens the bottle on the table.

    Calvin LiebermanCalvin Lieberman5 dager siden
  • idk his argument is weak the question of why hasn't any other people ever find trex heads and make shit out of them you know they woul have! and they did plenty of digging

    nate cotenate cote5 dager siden
  • What the fuck where do you think Dragons come from fossils. People have always found fossils they just didn't no it...

    Andrew Jones HistoryAndrew Jones History5 dager siden
    • Dragons never existed and if they did they would have bird bones that wouldn’t survive over the years

      • Ok• Ok2 dager siden
  • Hey Dr Chunk, we're allowed to question the evidence of anything you call 'extinct', I had no idea the 'bones' in museums are PLASTIC!! Any rational scientific mind would have questions, put the fork down and try debating rather than barking.

    Danial MorganDanial Morgan5 dager siden
  • This guy has never seen a dinosaur just like no one else has

    Luke LangLuke Lang5 dager siden
    • I also can’t seem the winds or atoms. Still doesn’t change the fact that they exist.

      Diego VelazquezDiego Velazquez3 dager siden
  • These are Trump supporters about January 6th. Holy shit

    Soul FinderSoul Finder6 dager siden
  • I didn't know Bam Bam Bigelow had a brother

    Jake Ryan MusicJake Ryan Music6 dager siden
  • You know full well this geek was NEVER bullied at school 😂😂

    Joe BJoe B6 dager siden
  • Well in all fairness the Scientists are looking for the 9th Planet because some object other then our Sun is pulling on all the Planets so I believe they are fairly certain Planet 9 exists and these cultists will call it Niburu.

    RED VIPERRED VIPER6 dager siden
  • Have this guy back joe!!

    Darian WillisDarian Willis6 dager siden
  • Joe getting a rise out of his rage lol

    jebusm86jebusm866 dager siden
  • Calls bullshit only to follow up by technically confirming Dubay. This is funny. Objective viewer here, BTW

    Gordon JonesGordon Jones6 dager siden
    • @Mustafa Tırpan As someone who has no dog in the fight, it’s very interesting from a psychological standpoint.

      Gordon JonesGordon Jones5 dager siden
    • @Mustafa Tırpan They’re all cherry-pickers

      Gordon JonesGordon Jones5 dager siden
    • correcting would be the better term. Dubay is not 100% lying but he is bending the facts. He is not doing "Is the dinosaurs real? Here's what i found in the Web guys.", he is closed minded. He is saying "Dinosaurs are not real and heres why"

      Mustafa TırpanMustafa Tırpan5 dager siden
  • Someone who has spent years in Academia couldn’t face the cognitive dissonance of possibly having wasted all of that time. It’s a very well orchestrated system. I don’t know or really care which side is correct, but this guy paints an important picture of academic character and their insistence on being right or an “expert”. This guy is also greatly exemplifying his own point of Eric Dubays’ confirmation bias tactic. It’s human nature when making a point or adamantly defending a stance.

    Gordon JonesGordon Jones6 dager siden
    • @Benjamin Franklin Boy, do I feel imbued of wisdom after reading this zesty take! Thanks, $100!!!

      Gordon JonesGordon Jones3 dager siden
    • There is most certainly a rigorous standard of checks and balances in academia. There is no checks and balances on a NOcds video.

      Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin3 dager siden
    • I’m pretty sure the evidence from decades of scientific observations and thousands of peer reviewed journals is much more reliable than a random NOcds video. “Academia” being a well orchestrated system is a great thing. That way clueless conspiracy theorists who don’t know anything about the scientific method don’t slip by the system since they would fail every exam. The argument has never been “everything an expert says is 100% accurate”. It’s just logical to listen to someone more knowledgeable about a particular. If I want new carpet , I’m going to listen to a carpenter. If I want medicine recommend to me, I’m going to listen to my doctor. If I want to know about the fossil record or about extinct organisms, I’ll listen to a paleontologist.

      Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin3 dager siden
  • “You’re M-PHASIS can be on a diffrunt SILLAHHBULL.” - Fat guy in a little coat He sure just proved his own point, to himself at least.

    Gordon JonesGordon Jones6 dager siden
  • My best friend is a Paleontologist, and he's a real asshole, as well. I wonder if that's a thing in that profession. I love it.

    Vaughn BlaylockVaughn Blaylock6 dager siden
  • Trevor needs to talk to my parents

    Hasher SultaniHasher Sultani6 dager siden
  • #wealthyjoerogan talks a bunch of sh#t every podcast. Now if you choose to believe it's on you.

    gamekingkilergamekingkiler6 dager siden
  • wow joe rogan works for the masons, absolute no doubt

    No Copyright StudiosNo Copyright Studios6 dager siden
  • CONFIRMATION MASTUrBATION is what videos like the video about "dinosaurs don't exist" are called. For example, videos created for the purpose of generating more confirmation for one's own belief because that confirmation makes you feel good... but its all in your head. You build together a fantasy in your head then play it out. Mas Tur Ba Tion. Masybe thats why watching something like the disnosaur dinailist's video are so annoying. Its like watching something 'splain to the world how their fantasy they create is as legitimate as real body on body sex. Sure... believe that if you want. Please don't annoy the rest of the world by creating bullshit videos about it. "Didn't discover a dinosaur bone before"... ya, moron. We hadn't even categorized such as thing as a dinosaur bone... so how would know something we found was called a "dinosaur bone" when the term "dinosaur bone" hadn't even been coined yet? God do people like this ever critically review their own thoughts and belief, or do nothing but look for why the narrative they WANT to believe must be true?

    chipsalomchipsalom6 dager siden
  • "Why were there no native American discoveries"? Because things may have been found that were given no significance and therefore don't survive in a cultural narrative as knowledge that got passed along and equated that too evidence something else must be false is such a stupid, lazy argument that its just aggravating. Well, why don't we see massively deep Native American ore mines? Does that mean that ore mining doesn't exist? Native Americans weren't digging enormously deep pits, and were on an entirely different level as far as what they were interested in or looking for in the world around them. So effing stupid listening to the overuse of words like "dubious", "myriad"... How about a litmus test for everyone. I guarantee you that anyone who uses the words dubious and myriad in the same sentence trying to be super serious should have the entire statement containing grating vocabulary porn just flat out blown off. Someone taking themselves and what they're saying THAT seriously is living in an echo chamber.

    chipsalomchipsalom6 dager siden
  • Only once in my entire lifetime did I meet someone that believed (and wanted everyone to believe) that dinosaurs didn't exist. He was a muslim. I never really got to know that guy. Plus I was very much against such crazy shit.

    jojolafrite90jojolafrite907 dager siden
  • I don't care that people have platforms to voice their echo chambers, let people spill information, and allow the public to decipher through it and allow them to form their own opinions.

    GraveraiderGraveraider7 dager siden
  • wow "fuck you" is a really good argument

    GraveraiderGraveraider7 dager siden
  • I can't believe in the XXI century there are idiots like this guy. I won't call him a paleontologist because even if he has a title he's not a scientist. He's obviously serving another interest than science.

    Daniel BeckmanDaniel Beckman7 dager siden
    • Who?

      Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin3 dager siden
  • Islam teaches us that beast roamed the earth before man.

    CueCue7 dager siden
  • He said it at the biginning aquatic reptiles. I'm not impressed with his responses.

    Reree DReree D7 dager siden
    • What?

      E.T.A. is NOWE.T.A. is NOW7 dager siden
  • Not real forsure

    Jes FlowJes Flow7 dager siden
  • He didn’t do well in school but they eventually passed him..

    Vegas ChampVegas Champ7 dager siden
  • They weren’t discovered because no one was looking for them specifically until then. You don’t go mine for gold in your back yard. You have to go to places that are able to preserve items over many millions of years. Permafrost, tar pits. How surprising is it that we can find what we think exists when we really look for it. Humans are pretty smart you know. Well except for some. Eric

    Will BootheWill Boothe7 dager siden
  • For this guy to get so mad over this, is the flat earth no dinosaur thing really this big of a deal? I always thought it was a bit of a joke we made fun of crazy people for believing. Is this really gaining ground?

    Will BootheWill Boothe7 dager siden
  • The fact that he's a bartender and a paleontologist is actually hilarious

    Nathancheek12Nathancheek127 dager siden
  • This is what happens to a beard when you get enough bile flowing down a chin 😊

    michael eagermichael eager7 dager siden
  • That's Passion.

    BlayhawsonBlayhawson7 dager siden
  • I'd rather confront a T-Rex than this paleantologist.

    CoderGrammerCoderGrammer7 dager siden
  • @26:53 this guys motivation is purely to be a nay-sayer just to stir up some shit and be an asshole. And I don't say that as a direct insult.. I'm saying that's actually his intention.. to be an asshole and stir controversy and hopefully annoy people in the process. And the fact that he also champions the "Flat Earth" charade shows his M.O... Negative attention is better than none at all. Edit: @36:36 Bingo!

    nodaysbacknodaysback8 dager siden
  • This never gets old.

    Lady KatsaLady Katsa8 dager siden
  • The vengeful doubt microbiologically murder because fuel culturally calculate toward a willing pigeon. tremendous, soggy trip

    Edwardo TrujilloEdwardo Trujillo8 dager siden
  • This guy looks like he fights dads at hockey games professionally. All jokes aside this guy makes paleontologists look fucking badass, defending his life's work so passionately.

    kevinrox666kevinrox6668 dager siden
  • Went and watched this dudes video (It's on Vimeo now) and wow. I'm with Trevor on this dude. Dubay is a loony.

    VirlomiEntreriVirlomiEntreri8 dager siden
  • The way he describes the uncovery/removable process of the bones and the age of the bones at millions of year old is more then enough to convince me as to why they haven't discovered a 100% fossilized skeleton. 98% is absolutely insane when you really think about what they're dealing with when escavating these bones.

    Blue RuneBlue Rune8 dager siden
  • Joe is loving this

    Slim ISlim I8 dager siden