Police Visited a Person Who Criticized AOC on Twitter

Taken from JRE #1634 w/Jack Carr:




  • AOC is exhibit A for why the 19th Amendment needs to go.

    HandyMan 101HandyMan 1012 timer siden
  • This is not a fucking joke. This girl is getting serious death threats. These guys are just yapping about without and cherry picking.

    Saman SiddiquieSaman Siddiquie7 timer siden
  • Lol i dare a highway patrol 🐷 to come to my door over a tweet

    Alexander KvitrovnAlexander Kvitrovn9 timer siden
  • This innocent guy could have been easily shot. AOC called A critique from Jimmy Dore "Violence". AOC is A complete fraud when it comes to the issues she campaigned on like MED4ALL, A $15 an hour Minimum wage and student debt relief and runs cover for her Corporate DNC overlords, but she will call for police protection and censorship if anyone points this out.

  • Persecution of people with braincells 🤬

    Whatutalkn BoutwillisWhatutalkn Boutwillis17 timer siden
  • fuk'in boy gets more right wing by the hour.

    bernard simsicbernard simsic19 timer siden
  • Yea that's right Joe you are living in Communist China aka The USA and you helped get there by making excuses while it happened for money. Congratulations

    sennkilnersennkilnerDag siden
  • Its a big joke that big brother is watching.you have no idea its worse then you can even imagine

    Sean BrennanSean BrennanDag siden
  • Some cops want to defund themselves apparently.

    Raymond DowlingRaymond DowlingDag siden
  • If police think you threatened an official they'll visit you...they saw he didn't...end of story

    Dale GribbleDale GribbleDag siden
  • Joe says all this about progressivism/socialism and yet passionately endorses Bernie Sanders 😂

    Brian KerwinBrian KerwinDag siden
  • So basically the Capitol Hill and California cops got doxxed and didn’t even watch the evidence yet responded and contacted the “under-whelming Suspect.” Lol. This is an embarrassment times 5.

    Maddog RobMaddog RobDag siden
  • Get Luis Elizondo on here please!! He is the most important voice on ufo's/uap's! Hit like so Joe sees this!

    Dds8Dds82 dager siden
  • "He's a liberal journalist... Or a podcaster" basically the same thing!

    taistelutomaattitaistelutomaatti2 dager siden
  • Her name is CORTEZ! Her ancestors were the oppressors, not the victims! Where does she get off hating on Columbus?

    Sneering ImperialistSneering Imperialist2 dager siden
  • Minority report 🎞 is based on a true story 😂🤣😂

    silvia dunchsilvia dunch2 dager siden
  • Not exactly true. If you think the police have the resources to go around checking on anyone criticizing someone's policy on Israel, then you indeed have drank the Kool-Aid. “A Capitol police official further clarified that the podcaster came on their radar not for the tweet on Ocasio-Cortez’s Israel policy or anything else that he wrote. Rather, the Californian was tagged in a tweet authored by another user that was deemed threatening. They were tagged in a tweet that was perceived as threatening that prompted us to look into this,” the United States Capitol Police official told Fox News. That tweet has since been taken down from Twitter. “Obviously as you can imagine, anytime there’s anything that could be a perceived threat, we’re going to talk to everybody involved, whether they’re directly involved or indirectly involved,”

    stylz1stylz12 dager siden
  • The guy's name is Ryan, his podcast is called "Left Bitches/SOAPBOX" & he is NOT a liberal, lmao He'd likely be as offended as 90% of Joe's audience if you called him that. It's the "If you go far enough left, you get your guns back" crowd....JS

    CheronamoCheronamo2 dager siden
  • It's already happening . My friend criticized my mayor and the police came to our houses. Its ridiculous but American people don't give af. Its fcked up.

    diann hdiann h2 dager siden
  • The day Rogan has the balls to declare the democrats fascist I'll be impressed.

    Bradley RilesBradley Riles2 dager siden
  • Sounds like something China would do.

    Trumen RodrigueTrumen Rodrigue2 dager siden
  • Joe has changed.... 😔

    JayJay2 dager siden
  • FK! 3 months after I delete my Twitter account and I find a use for it

    Reg BowdreyReg Bowdrey3 dager siden
  • you mean like a regular day in India ?

    Aviroop DharAviroop Dhar3 dager siden
  • Forget who kicked this BS off. The important story here is that federal and State police pursued a citizen to the point of showing up unannounced at a journalist's home -- with (apparently) NO prior investigation, not even research that is quick, cheap, and easy.

    Beau JaxeBeau Jaxe3 dager siden
  • Meh. Fuck Spotify.

    Kharimi NougatKharimi Nougat3 dager siden
  • Are you kidding me? Why you giving AOC the benefit of the doubt? Of course she had something to do with it, she’s a communist and that’s what communist do

    Leo MurilloLeo Murillo3 dager siden
  • And if you really cared about health you'd push/promote healthy eating, exercising, vitamins etc instead of aggressively insisting everyone takes a vaccine.

    John PruettJohn Pruett4 dager siden
  • We are communist China if you haven't noticed Joe, you'll get it when they cancel your show due to your free speech.

    John PruettJohn Pruett4 dager siden
  • My mother was visited by local Investigators on behalf of Gavin Newsom bc she criticized him online... and we live in Pennsylvania.

    Evan BoernerEvan Boerner4 dager siden
  • phenomenal podcast

    Michael Maher ShowMichael Maher Show5 dager siden
  • Listen to this interview here the CIA agent talks about how he survived in prison and his career through 9/11 was freaking awesome nocds.info/border/video/ZK2NgpGsaKxmrMs

    Kelley MuroKelley Muro5 dager siden
  • Don't Joe Rogan and AOC have support for Bernie in common?

    8House8House5 dager siden
  • Don't call that lady AOC ... She's not a fucking pro wrestler... C'mon

    Kyle HoffmanKyle Hoffman6 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Matthew MMatthew M4 dager siden
  • Welcome to the USSR

    George CameroonGeorge Cameroon6 dager siden
  • based guest is based...

    Alain C.Alain C.6 dager siden
  • when you had a long statement about the dangers of humans and realize fuck it these assholes ain't worth talking too anymore they keep slamming the rage button like some asshole mcguyvers.

    C.JC.J6 dager siden
  • AOC is a legit ignoramus

    Grant HendrikszGrant Hendriksz7 dager siden
  • Police state much??

    Gabe LGabe L7 dager siden
  • I love jack carr!!!

    Sierra SixSierra Six7 dager siden
  • Joe: “I think it was a crazy person - not AOC" Since when is that mutually exclusive? 😂😂😂

    rlachermeierrlachermeier8 dager siden
  • Stop F'in defending the left, they are batchit crazy and enemy of America

    John JonesJohn Jones8 dager siden
  • Just another example of Joe Rogan spending time on his platform to point out something against liberals. I think he was right to do so but if you look at the bigger picture, he puts so much time and energy into pointing out when a liberal does wrong, and practically no time in pointing out things that right winger's do. What is this evidence of?

  • That would definitely be the doing of AOC

    DMC StrongDMC Strong8 dager siden
  • 🤍🕊Joe id love to see u interview Vandana Shiva, Joel Salatin ( again) & Gabe Brown, to discuss THEIR agricultural efforts, the benefit to detriment factor of their systems in contrast with Big Ag thats supported by the largest governments in the world. Net Zero Agenda, The Green New Deal, and Rethink X Sector Disruption written in September 2019 by Catherine Tubbs and Tony Seba outline some " necessary " future that MUST be IMPOSED upon us all in order for the Earth to be saved. The ultimate goals are DEPOPOULATION, according to all of these agendas, and this message NEEDS to be brought to the forefront of attention. I know this sounds very Alex Jones like but this is actual in real time happening right now. Ur platform has already brought Joel Salatin to an audience that would otherwise not have ever heard his name. Their agricultural practices can spur economic local growth, as they see agricultural business models being smaller to offer the best produce locally. More business opportunities for people that enter agriculture to feed local communities, we need urban farming and smaller scale business models in agriculture that stray far from the Big Ag models which are sesspools of germs, toxic waste and chemical contamination. The DEPOPOULATION prophecies can be mitigated & denied their fruition by smaller scale agricultural business models. Farmers aren't represented as heroes or warriors, but I assure u WE ARE BRING OUR VOICE TO A BROADER AUDIENCE & LETS GROW SOMETHING GREAT BY WORKING TOGETHER. 💚🌱 Thanks for all u share 🤍

    andria blueandria blue8 dager siden
  • "Harrowing"

    Gerard MaherGerard Maher9 dager siden
  • Dems love police, conservatives can't get it through their thick skulls, the dems want the police, for Party enforcement, and the blue will comply for the dems.

    Ben BrysonBen Bryson9 dager siden
  • I’ll say it here. She’s hellbent on destroying our democracy and needs to be stopped by any means. They want to stop anyone who is a danger to them, no concern for the population they seek total power over.

    treyRfifteentreyRfifteen9 dager siden
  • Democrats are the 4th Riech

    Metal8BallMetal8Ball10 dager siden
    • @Philip J Fry not caught up on current events, huh?

      Metal8BallMetal8Ball8 dager siden
    • they don't seem very nationalist communist maybe.

      Philip J FryPhilip J Fry8 dager siden
  • America is a failed state.

    Robert WalkerRobert Walker10 dager siden
  • Talk about abuse of power.

    christopher hennesseychristopher hennessey10 dager siden
  • You know what happens then? You got it wrong. What happens then is someone, an individual, office worker, bureaucrat, decides how much of your stuff they are gonna take. The needy dont get jack.

    Dan FarbeckerDan Farbecker10 dager siden
  • People are lazy. They do not spend time to create own opinions. They just parrot other opinions.

    RedOktobar War Thunder VidsRedOktobar War Thunder Vids10 dager siden
  • This guy is hilarious😂 protecting yourself and your family is your right at birth. He is oblivious to the whole rest of the established world that has restricted guns for 30 years where rights are not restricted, where crime is down. You want guns, I respect that. But don't dress it up to be a God given right, it's your preference and it's obsolete in most of the world that doesn't have the same issues the US is suffering from

    Roy JenksRoy Jenks10 dager siden
  • Mr Rogan , Your podcast is almost like a line in the sand between logical thinking on freedom and spoiled elitist pushing there idiotic agenda that always fails.

    Damon GreenDamon Green10 dager siden
  • Has this ever happened with Republican politicians or President Trump? Trump received the most negative media in the history of politics yet he never once sent the police after someone for their political views.

    DieselDiesel10 dager siden
  • We had a "kinda" similar incident in denmark. A guy(streamer) watches a video during a stream, of an officer unlawfully manhandling and arresting a guy, and the streamer calls the police officer "what an idiot", closes the video and moves on with the stream. Couple of days later, police shows up to intimidate him, by claiming he needs to come with them down to the station(in handcuffs) for questioning, and that they need urine samples, fingerprints and DNA.

    Some-Pasty-Scandinavian-PaganSome-Pasty-Scandinavian-Pagan10 dager siden
  • narcissist

    ατάκα.ατάκα.10 dager siden
  • Yeah America is destroyed.

    IraIra10 dager siden
  • If you watch the clip you can see how your IQ drops

    imiccaimicca10 dager siden
  • You cannot criticise communists , thats how it works

    imiccaimicca10 dager siden
  • leftists are pro gun for the masses, how else will they revolt? its the establishment dnc types that want to grab your guns

    Tristan KrohnTristan Krohn10 dager siden
  • Jesus fucking Christ Joe! Just get yourself a mouse so you can move the screen how you want.... for fuck sake.

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith10 dager siden
  • Hey Joe, all your episodes aren't on Spotify. Certain ones are missing, why is that?

    slappy xslappy x10 dager siden
  • Joe “fact check” Rogan “This is just my opinion” Joe Rogan Your a sell out Joe Rogan Spotify sucks

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith10 dager siden
    • @Phil Peterson hahaha the dude it the man

      Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith7 dager siden
    • "That's just like your opinion, man." ~ The Dude

      Phil PetersonPhil Peterson8 dager siden
  • But it's ok that these "protesters" say we're gonna burn this city down

    j in AVLj in AVL10 dager siden
  • I would love joe to interview one of the black people getting out of jail for white people lying on them

    Samson 402Samson 40211 dager siden
  • Leftists sure do love cops when they want to intimidate people.

    SaphrixSaphrix11 dager siden
  • This guy wants people to put down phones and open books. Clueless.

    Sam FisherSam Fisher11 dager siden
  • “I don’t think AOC did it, i think it was some crazy person”

    Alex MisiaszekAlex Misiaszek11 dager siden
    • Lol

      The save spaceThe save space5 dager siden
  • There's no proof of the incident..just social media bs that Joe bites on.

    Seths Bike HacksSeths Bike Hacks11 dager siden
  • A.O.C. is a crazy person.

    Skylan HSkylan H11 dager siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/ZbWNaXqCoHd2qKk

    2muchjpop2muchjpop11 dager siden
  • Omfg I puke in my mouth a little every time I hear "people died for your freedom"

    Plautus SatirePlautus Satire11 dager siden
  • So do we just believe whatever anyone says on Twitter now?

    Plautus SatirePlautus Satire11 dager siden
  • Awesome show

    Hades PurgatoryHades Purgatory11 dager siden
  • Because they don't do there job and don't ever investigate. Why do you think we have all these no knock raids issues with hitting the wrong house what other job can you do this without repercussions

    Jason ZagaroliJason Zagaroli11 dager siden
  • It’s one thing to ask and think about changing the way we do something. It’s another to think about what’s happening and think we don’t need to do anything about it,

    GABX PGABX P11 dager siden
  • Here is something nobody is noticing. We are suppose to be an Independent Nation, but the Communist United Nations seems to be controlling America now, a little bit more each day. I think since 1992 when the UN Agenda was signed, 29 years ago, and 179 Nations signed on. The UN is using that document as the right of authority to dictate to every Sovereign Nation. They are making International Policies requiring Nations to adhere and contribute taxpayer funds for their radical idea. This is a big problem, cause they secretly went in to an agreement and never told the Citizens about it. And we are an independent Nation, and “We the People/Taxpayers” never agreed to this arrangement. Time for this shit to stop now.

    Betsy RossBetsy Ross12 dager siden
  • Criticize.. threaten with violence.. what’s the difference?

    Gregory BraunGregory Braun12 dager siden
  • its not only communist china type shit now its standard totalitarian america type shit

    sean lockesean locke12 dager siden
  • I went through mitch mcconnell's Twitter and commented "🐢 Turtle Boy" on every tweet he had, my whole twitter account disappeared no trace.

    InFaMoUsOn3InFaMoUsOn312 dager siden
  • She is the new americana

    James ChoatJames Choat12 dager siden
  • Liberals and leftists only have disingenuous arguments that sound good. That's the whole basis of their ideologies and American youth has been slurping it up. Let's see how many of those same people are conservatives by age 35. People usually come around at some age, but some are dumber than others.

    Joji SamaJoji Sama12 dager siden
  • AOC is a crazy person though 😂😂😂

    James Robert Clark IIIJames Robert Clark III12 dager siden
  • This is Little China,Jack Burton nowhere to be found,and people voted for David Lo Pan.

    Erik HelleksonErik Hellekson12 dager siden
  • I think Joe is a good guy, he means well but the Spotify thing ended up being worse than YT. Spotify actually just deleted a bunch of his episodes 😸. I think Joe could've just said, "Hey guys, I'm moving to a different platform CAUSE THEY'RE GONNA MAKE ME FU LEVEL RICH", and save the YT censorship BS.

    Leo MadsenLeo Madsen13 dager siden
  • Yeah she sounds about like a 7th grader...

    Jhigh TutntupJhigh Tutntup13 dager siden
  • Not him making fun of her answers when he told people not to get vaccinated 😴 what a joke

    dirty toweldirty towel13 dager siden
  • He didnt 'criticize' her, he openly and blatantly threatened her. There's a huge difference. I can't stand AOC or her politics, but its not like the cops visited this guy because they are becoming the 'thought police'. The story referenced was inaccurate, the cops weren't there because of the tweet they referenced, it was because of the tweet, that he later deleted, where he actually threatened her. When u think things dont add up, and there's got to be more to the story, there likely is more to the story.

    TheSugawulfTheSugawulf13 dager siden
  • Failed attempt at SWATing

    Spring BloomSpring Bloom13 dager siden
  • Is there any evidence they came to his house? Or are we just taking his word for it? I’ve fallen for too many attention seeking social media whores lies to fall for something without tangible credible evidence.

    Aaron KamakazeAaron Kamakaze13 dager siden
  • They should call them selves stalinist. They pretend to be marxist until they have all the money they they keep that shit for themselves 🤣 .... coughs blm

    david olsondavid olson13 dager siden
  • I would believe it was her your talking about a lady who claims Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered. And plays the victim for attention every chance she gets

    david olsondavid olson13 dager siden
  • But but ThE pOlIcE aRe oN oUr sIdE🥴🥴

    Brian RandalBrian Randal13 dager siden
  • This is such a good episode

    The Canadian MacadamianThe Canadian Macadamian14 dager siden
  • Yet Joe doesn't speak about false SWAT raids on live streams? He doesn't understand the concept of lying to get police to your door? This isn't cut and dry. This is silly.

    Joshua FordJoshua Ford14 dager siden
  • You know how many people have angrily criticized AOC on Twitter regularly without any conspiracy police showing up? A ton. It’s unfortunate so many modern right wing Americans lump in every loud liberal with all Democrats then use the extremist lies and isolated incidents to validate their insane conspiracy nonsense. It’s nice that Joe acts reasonably. I’m tired of extremist psychotics.

    ZebulousZebulous14 dager siden
  • She got re elected and everyone hates her. Every time she speaks she sounds dumber

    Kali GodKali God14 dager siden