The Military Industrial Complex and CNN Being Exposed

Taken from JRE #1639 w/Dave Smith:




  • Obama was the worst prez in history i know this even though I'm canadian

    guitarz04guitarz0421 minutt siden
  • They see those things coming. They just don't care. Why the fuck do we take what politicians say at face value? They plan everything on intelligence then say some other bullshit to the people.

    dwinosamdwinosamTime siden
  • When you’re trying to get laid line is I’m a dirty reporter...

    Major Moxy BabylonMajor Moxy Babylon2 timer siden
  • Dave Smith didn't kill himself!

    Sven Josef MüllerSven Josef Müller4 timer siden
  • Nothing wrong here with this video. But you better do a piece how MSNBC and Fox News are just as guilty... WTF?

    Marlon PaganMarlon Pagan5 timer siden
  • They had a plan and wait for an excuse. Scare the people and make them hate. They follow along. Aliens will be the next manipulative tool.

    JohnJohn6 timer siden
  • Next they will use aliens to manipulate and scare us. Don’t be scared! “fear leads to the dark side.” Yoda

    JohnJohn6 timer siden
  • Our leaders are blinded by emotion and power.

    JohnJohn6 timer siden
  • I saw that Wesley vid, then watched Libya and Syria unfold. No doubt 9/11 isnt what we were told, no way.

    Dick TingleberryDick Tingleberry7 timer siden
  • Glad they spoke on Timber Sycamore

    ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ9 timer siden
  • Dear American people: You are at war with the Biden administration. Or at least they are at war with you. They are trying to destroy you. Good luck! Do you miss TRUMP YET?????????

    Yuda PihaYuda Piha10 timer siden
  • Hive mind = loss of individuality = rebels who kill.

    Benjamin Stewart-GaricBenjamin Stewart-Garic10 timer siden
  • Makes you wonder how in the f**k did Obama win the peace prize ??

    Leonard MacAulayLeonard MacAulay10 timer siden
  • 45th administration increased US bombing by 350% ...about time you noticed what Ike warned of in his outgoing speech. A documentary of it is free on youtube called "Why We Fight".

    Matt RobertsMatt Roberts10 timer siden
  • Stop watching the news and learn about geopolitics!

    West CoastWest Coast11 timer siden
  • You can’t call cnn out for propaganda and not call out Fox News for theirs. This is how Joe Rogan maintains his position with the right

    Ja FootJa Foot14 timer siden
  • So the premise that when sudden and drastic change occurs, mostly by nefarious means, the change that follows is almost certainly worse, and at least for a lengthy period of time. And what lengths will they go to in order to prevent intelligent progress from taking hold, especially when it will have a negative impact on their financial interests, even if it has a positive influence both ecologically and financially on a global scale? That is a frightening scenario, because no one for a second thinks they will go peaceably into the night. So the question then is.. in our lifetime?

    Edward Ames CastellanoEdward Ames Castellano14 timer siden
  • Like Joe's reaction to misstreatment of Trump from media he's said that guy was a blabbermouth in otherwords shhh Dems rigged the election don't talk about

    crackbomer 22crackbomer 2214 timer siden
  • why where those countries attacked? because they refused to accept the federal reserve controlling their country's money!

    Crazypjk 1973Crazypjk 197315 timer siden
  • Man this shit aint new. Dirtbag shit in anything u do. Just dont be apart of it. And hopefully if u call it out it wont kill u or "cancel" u.... Lol. People cant think past they nose. Meaning they cant foresee.

    dookie stain208dookie stain20816 timer siden
  • There is only ONE serious threat: the Atomic Bomb components brought into USA across border by terrorists. The military target is Fort Bliss. The FBI has been hiding this massive program for yrars.

    Byron ArnasonByron Arnason16 timer siden
  • Look at “ The Plan for a Greater Israel “ that lays out the events that have come to pass in the Middle East in the last twenty years, I.e., Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya , Yemen, Syria and now Iran . Financed by the Saudis, Israel and the USA , and to some degree England and France . This is supported by the acts of the CIA , the NSA the DIA and Naval Intelligence and, of course the various special forces of the USA and our allies such as the SAS and Israel’s Mossad .

    Clint TaylorClint Taylor16 timer siden
  • Iran next

    the Manthe Man18 timer siden
  • and then there is FAUX NEWS.... EVEN WORSE THAN CNN.

    PEPE EL MACHOPEPE EL MACHO18 timer siden
  • His timeline is wrong. The covert funding and arming of the various groups in Syria didn't happen until after Al-Assad did indeed start killing unarmed protestors. The anti-Assad Syrians were not engaged in violence against the regime until weeks/months into the unrest. The infiltration by the religious extremists came later. But otherwise, his perspective is pretty good.

    jsquared1013jsquared101319 timer siden
  • Joe secretly works for nsa

    KRL ProductionsKRL Productions19 timer siden
  • Life is a grift

    Grizzly AdamsGrizzly Adams19 timer siden
  • The Illuminati the largest government in the world owns and controls over 2/3 of it. Biden = Illuminati. Trump = Illuminati. Obama = Illuminati. Clinton's = Illuminati. Bush's = Illuminati.

    Paul KociaraPaul Kociara20 timer siden
  • Read the book, economic hit man.

    couchpoet1couchpoet120 timer siden
  • America needs more wars

    hoover 1066hoover 106621 time siden
  • Anyone who isn't paying attention to every falt and every positive of a person is trapping themselves in a dream.

    Rory MRory M21 time siden
  • I heard Bush was obsessed with finding the spear of destiny

    Sierra PepinSierra Pepin22 timer siden
  • Yeah, CNN is an absolute joke and I don't take anything they say seriosly, but why aren't right wing media sources called out too? Where's the outrage over Fox, Newsmax, National Review and nearly all talk radio? Why is there a double standard?

    William HauserWilliam Hauser23 timer siden
  • Is this a new studio? What happen to the airplane type set they were in? This looks like a different set they are in???

    Mr Cut FolksMr Cut Folks23 timer siden
  • Whats the difference between shoes and icicles?

    t st s23 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan is on CNN now, cmon Joe come back to America. She needs you, leave the communist news network alone

    t st s23 timer siden
  • America....." Joe biden would make a great leader"

    BrentMB79BrentMB79Dag siden
  • Wait, you mean to tell me CNN is one sided?

    kmfizkmfizDag siden
  • You see Rogan jump to Mike Baker's defense so quickly? I bet Baker is the US govt back channel to Rogan. when Rogan flipped years ago (from anti-authority to govt shill), I think it was Baker who sat Rogan down and delivered the message. Start playing ball (supporting the US govt propaganda) or you might lose everything. Rogan used to question the govt, now he supports every govt narrative.

    Dag siden
  • But Assads father did purges in the same cities. People there hate the family, they are different tribal group. . But then again it ain't the first time US makes people fight their war to sell them off later to the enemy.

    Piotr JeskePiotr JeskeDag siden
  • I love the JRE videos about Fox being exposed as a traitor adjacent propaganda rag.. oh wait...

    David FaustinoDavid FaustinoDag siden
  • Brilliant

    Boothie nzBoothie nzDag siden
  • CNN is a bunch of sociopaths. Filming the bombings of Iraq with zero compassion and trying to help candidates cheat in presidential debates. They constantly spew their propaganda while pretending to being unbiased. The channel has lost most of its credibility a long time ago.

    DavyCrockett888DavyCrockett888Dag siden
  • They don't have to blabber about how they report propaganda. Everyone that knows how to think already knows fox news and CNN both are propaganda.

    CarlosinfiniteCarlosinfiniteDag siden
  • Hey Joe! Talk about Trump having 88.9 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER and Biden only had 18 million followers on Twitter??? This was a fraudulent election!!! FACT!!!!

    D RD RDag siden
  • remember its your peoplle doing this

    Jacek WasilukJacek WasilukDag siden
  • Monarchies in name only? Like Saudi, Morocco, Emirates, Thailand...haha, try again. Those are what we call absolute monarchies guy. Ideological dictators are also just usually the figureheads doing the banking cartel’s bidding, even North Korea which does China’s. Oh yeah, Ji Pooh is not a monarch, just President for life. Woodrow Wilson was a joke, by the way.

    Gregory MillerGregory MillerDag siden
  • Lolll wow, people enlightening themselves with the musings of a shitty comedian (no not Joe, I’m talking about Dave). The only entertainers who could capture and legitimately enlighten an audience were George Carlin and Frank Zappa. And a million Joe Rogans and million Dave Smiths would fail to equal one Zappa or Carlin.

    Matthew MartinezMatthew MartinezDag siden
  • CNN will eventually get theirs...traders screaming treason.

    howard mattshoward mattsDag siden
  • My likes disappears 5 minutes later...NOcds trickery?

    Scott CarrScott CarrDag siden
  • Americans on the rest of the world

    AndreasAndreasDag siden
  • Sometimes the void is filled with much worse people.

    Shane TowneShane TowneDag siden
  • CNN is rediculous

    CJ MountianCJ MountianDag siden
  • The reason regime change was planned for back in the 2005ish was because a Russian backed leader of Syria was never going to allow the massive pipeline to run through Syria because that would jeapordize Russia's monopoly on the trade of natural gas to the entirety of Europe. This is widely known just like it's pretty widely known Iraq refused to allow the wests oil corporations into the country to 0rofit off of the massive oil fields that's why we were lied to by the intelligence agencies because the intelligence community runs the world and they are allied together with just about every global corporation since if you refuse to be a friend to these globalist power they will stop at nothing to destroy you and your company to make an example out of you. This is why btc is being investigated and potentially banned in many countries because it doesn't give these globalist powers complete and total control over the money supply like our current fiat currency system does. Even if btc is banned by the USA that would only add to the mountain of reasons why a revolution looks unstoppable at this point. You shouldn't be able to create crisis after crisis due to your own policies and inaction with out even apologizing or even dignifying the people you represent by honestly taking responsibility for the havoc you created. Soon we will see an overthrow of this administration because we are getting closer and closer to proving the election was tampered with in order to ensure someone who bows down to the globalist military complex and soon those "terrorists" who took action on January 6th will look like the smart ones and we were all too dumb blind and controlled to see that was the only way this country can possibly move forward cut off fro m the rampant corruption and abuse of the free people of this country.

    D wizzleD wizzleDag siden
  • Government is Evil. Stop going along with it.

    HandyMan 101HandyMan 101Dag siden
  • All for a pipeline

    MrCMrCDag siden
  • James O'Keefe telling it like it is:) Bhahahaha!!

    geico1975geico1975Dag siden
  • Its all propeganda.

    lonestarrlonestarrDag siden
  • That’s a Denver Nuggets hat, I have that same one

    Derek JohnsonDerek JohnsonDag siden
  • Everyone knows this already 🙄 It’s so sad that the guest thinks that Obama was serious when he said they didn’t have a plan for the day after. Obama said that so that you wouldn’t have any idea about the plan to slowly creep to a totalitarian world government. What a noob.

  • Rogan is a sellout of the highest order!!! How many dozens of his guests did he allow to be silenced?? His own opinions erased by his new owners!! I wonder if those guests that Spotify erased the shows of are ever allowed back on? Do they have to watch their mouths and tow the same line that Joe does?? I have lost 100 percent of my respect for Joe. He doesn’t give a fuck about any of what I just said I promise. As long as he can afford his stem cell treatments he will do as he is told and stay within the lines. YOU SUCK JOE.

    Kevin ArcherKevin ArcherDag siden
  • CNN and NY Times are propaganda machines. Exactly what Pravda was in Soviet Union.

    Sith LordSith LordDag siden
  • The covid/climate change narrative is total BS

    lewis estlewis estDag siden
  • But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." And what happened was that the corporate press lost their monopoly on information... now they are flipping out losing their grip on power and become more and more insane about it...Corporate press vs the Devil...and the difference is????

    Carlos MantillaCarlos MantillaDag siden
  • ya don't talk about fox crazy news or anything joe or the fact the republican party is full of crazy people no lets attack cnn and the left blah blah blah

    DarrenDarrenDag siden

    Don RuarkDon RuarkDag siden
  • Ppl still watch Rogan? Even after he *gasp* self censored? Must be taking the neutropics that he peddles.

    Ludo LudowskiLudo LudowskiDag siden
  • Here's my issue with stuff like this. We can't change it. And conspiracy theories is a dangerous rabbit hole. Is it fun? Yeah. Could it be true? Yeah. But what's the point? You think you really can change anything in the world? You can't. What you can do is control yourself. And that's all. Live your life. Eat good. Excercise. Get your 8hrs of sleep. Pick up a hobby.

    layzieGuy80layzieGuy80Dag siden
  • Not selling my soul to Spotify Joe sorry. It's not free. There's millions of ads. No skips without paying. And no shuffle???. Hell no dog

    This Is HowThis Is How2 dager siden
  • And yet, half the country bought into the CNN nonsense and voted for this bullshit. (I'm saying this as a Classical Liberal who wasn't a big Trump guy)

    Michael MonteroMichael Montero2 dager siden
  • Bwahahahahahahahahhaa...seriously....

    van nguyenvan nguyen2 dager siden
  • Hey Joe, leave spotify after your deal and come back to your real family my guy...

    Goya BeansGoya Beans2 dager siden
  • Dems still believe Trump was a threat

    The GreatestThe Greatest2 dager siden
  • Assad dude!?

    FonzoFonzo2 dager siden
  • America the biggest terrorist on the planet

    Jose ColonJose Colon2 dager siden
  • time for the people to wake the fuck up

    Joe PaJoe Pa2 dager siden
  • Death to the US government

    Joe PaJoe Pa2 dager siden
  • Meanwhile Mexico and other central american shithole countries are far worse than any Middle East countries

    Joe PaJoe Pa2 dager siden
  • Are you slowpokes calling the shitbag Dems the commie pieces of shit they are yet or ya still in denial?

    holyfuknmolymyshitstinksholyfuknmolymyshitstinks2 dager siden
  • I DuckDuckGod Military Industrial Complex and was brought to a article on HiddenWiki on how itself and other Complexes being the "Real Matrix"

    Nick RileyNick Riley2 dager siden
  • There has never been ethics in journalism

    You TubeYou Tube2 dager siden
  • Make sure you don't mention Oded Yinon's plan for greater Israel that was the blueprint for Clarke's speech

    Chris BChris B2 dager siden
  • Becoming president was Obamas biggest mistake.

    LouisLouis2 dager siden
  • Woodrow Wilson worst US president of all time

    HighlifeHighlife2 dager siden
  • CNN spin is news? Baby darling my love everybody has an agenda. All cable news is the light in your face so you can't see what's going on behind the scenes.

    cabebetcabebet2 dager siden
  • Rene Russo told us in the documentary freedom to fascism

    michael pikemichael pike2 dager siden
  • Powerful Joe Rogan, truth being told. Edit: still...after all these years...

    BirdDawgBirdDawg2 dager siden
  • if the public make enough noise to cancel all wars, the government will then focus its might upon the public for a while....say such as through a global pandemic? so perhaps the public ought to focus its efforts to countering those efforts by government(s)??

    ivan schafeldtivan schafeldt2 dager siden
  • The talk about left fascism is literally entertaining Karen. With Karen and Ken in charge we will have constant short-sighted problems. Little adderall machines spouting BS theory. Everyone at this point knows that religious extremism and intolerance is the problem. Maybe we should stop promoting those people to leadership positions just because their parents made them financially prosperous. Tucker, Rush, Drumpf, etc

    Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson2 dager siden
  • Like seeing real talk about American empire.

    Kristen AcunaKristen Acuna2 dager siden
  • Now.....Ukraine

    Rob HRob H2 dager siden
  • And yet he is on Spotify lol

    Brandon ConnerBrandon Conner2 dager siden
  • The USA did not over throw the monarchs Europe pre WW2.

    Left HookLeft Hook2 dager siden
  • These regime changes were not planned after 9-11. 9-11 was part of the plan set up by the u.s. government.

    Dennis FournierDennis Fournier2 dager siden
  • Oil pipe lines, drilling in USA = no profit for the mid east oil corporations owned by the American RINO AND DEMOCRAT ELITE

    John W. PopiJohn W. Popi2 dager siden
  • Very obvious.....4 years of peace = no profit,

    John W. PopiJohn W. Popi2 dager siden
  • Dave is great. Was a guest on Gutfeld last night. Should be hosting Gutfeld.

    Martin MacdonaldMartin Macdonald2 dager siden
  • Joe " PH.d " Rogan

    Tony GilTony Gil2 dager siden
  • I've been saying this shit from the beginning. The actual guys whose job it was to know if Assad was using chemical weapons said he wasn't and the only people who said he had were intel assessments from out of the Obama WH and the news media. CIA and DNI never even said Assad definitely used them. Ex intel people were saying they recognized the stuff in the Obama WH assessment that was old shit they'd known about that had nothing to do with what the WH was saying. Also, look at the auto crisis BS and how Obama put Carlyle group guy and another guy from Exxon in charge of GM. Look at who Obama's parents, step dad, and grand parent all worked for. These fuckers are all DEEP STATE. Same fuckers who were involved in Sukarno/Suharto, Iran-Contra, etc.

    ReticuliReticuli2 dager siden