What Jonathan Zimmerman Learned Living in Nepal for 2 Years

Taken from JRE #1643 w/Jonathan Zimmerman:




  • Interesting what he said about how we have marriage and divorce and love but in that culture it’s not necessarily about that, it’s more of a community, bond, friendship thing. So if you don’t marry for love and just marry for partnership, you can’t fall out of love. Not sure if that’s true there but it’s an interesting way of looking at marriage

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  • Joe has a tough time understanding cultural relativism.

    Charmi ShahCharmi Shah9 timer siden
  • hopefully nepalese

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  • He learned that living in Nepal sucks.

    Dean MartinDean Martin23 timer siden
  • " The worst human attribute is self certainty " AMENNN

    Senthil VelanSenthil VelanDag siden
  • Joe, you are one of my favorite famous and influential people on the planet. Your podcast is without peer, and your legacy will be a vast wealth of insight into the minds of some of the greatest because of your talents...but this... Archaic. Barbaric. Sorry, disagree with your guest whole heartedly. Not funny. It's difficult to watch two people who won the life lottery, by being born into a relatively free society, being so flippant about truly dire circumstances built into another countries social system. Anyone know a sixteen year old who's really ready for marriage? Anyone?Life is pretty empty without sentiment. This caste system is a sad leftover of a third world exploitation of ignorance and constitutes human oppression and abuse. This guy has America to come back to, those poor souls have no chance of ever reaching beyond their individual misfortune of simply being born into a particular station in life, without any hope of ever overcoming it. Interesting but it's too serious to be taken too lightly.

    tray Stonetray StoneDag siden
  • I would NEVER want to live in a place, were people see it as an hilarious joke, that someone would ask for my opinion, as a woman, about who I should share my bed with for the rest of my life.

    Calista LandaCalista LandaDag siden
  • I mean, I admire how open minded he is but...having no say in what guy you are marrying is some messed up ish that should just disappear world wide. Your brother picks the man you have to sleep with then? No.

    Eszra FalcontailEszra FalcontailDag siden
  • Funny how Nepalese ppl here are so quick to point out that these things happens only in rural Nepal...as if rural Nepal is not Nepal... I know what you all are doing.. btw 90% of Nepal is rural...

    NepaliYuvaNepaliYuva2 dager siden
  • Listen man, Who ever this is, he is selling you a lot of BS. I think, he may have visited India or Nepal under British rule. Joe, this is an open invitation, come to India and See for your self. See if you can verify his BS. Listen, in the south USA, some do marry their sister, but that doesn't mean it's an American thing or Christian thing. And Hindu society had caste based system, don't be hypocritical, during the era, it was a common practise, and every society at the time had it in some form. Tell me what surf and manor system was! Even to this day, you have monarchy, which simply means that he is a more than human and fit to rule and become royalty of the rest of the humans of that nation. And mind you, here is no social mobility w.r.t monarchy of that nation. And no one eats rat except for paupers. We do respect them for being the animal of choice by Lord Ganesha. Do you know, like Laws for Afro-Americans in USA, we have SC/ST act, which have turned Lower caste people into new masters with brown skin. But i can't complain it, their forefathers had suffered a lot. But now, no one can call a shoe maker a shoe maker or by name of his caste, he will go behind bars in no time. Do you know that there is a system of reservation for them in the Delivery of Justice. Due to Sc/St act, if a person of this community does something inhumane to you or your wife or daughter, and if you go to police station, the police will stop lodging the complaint as soon as you mention that the person belongs to a Sc/St community. Because, in this case, that person has to be the first one to do the FIR and you can only be the accused since you belong to caste higher than his, and this will create a level social plain field. So it simply means that the Courts of India have assumed that person of such community can never be an aggressor, they will always be the oppressed one. So their FIR should be first. And this is best of the scenario possible; and after that, both of you will be produced to court. From here, you can have level plain field in terms of justice. That person may get punished. But a lot of the person backdown becouse the process of court is so slow in India that it is a punishment in itself. It will take 9 years, 20 years, or you may die, your harassed wife may die, the culprit may die, and the judgement will come. NOW PUT YOU HAND ON THE HEART AND ASK YOURSELF THAT WOULD YOU LIKE THIS KIND OF LAW IN USA FOR Afro-American PEOPLE AGAINST REST OF YOU AMERICANS. This man is feeding you a load of BS. Many of you may have visited India or Nepal, believe in your experience, have faith on your eyes and reasoning ability.

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  • This was such a refreshing podcast, just like the good old days !

    Yuvraj SharmaYuvraj Sharma2 dager siden
  • Get Luis Elizondo on here please!! He is the most important voice on ufo's/uap's! Hit like so Joe sees this!

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  • Arranged marriages make a lot of sense.

    BurialBurial2 dager siden
  • Nah, in arrange marriage the is given choice too. She chooses too. So we don't have problem with it.

    Kriti MandalKriti Mandal2 dager siden
  • Nepal is home to many cultures so you can't know how Nepal is just by living in one village. Nepal is more evolved now. The bad old ways have been eradicated in the past few years because of education and technology. I don't think there is a cast system anymore. And indigenous people never followed cast in Nepal.

    Kriti MandalKriti Mandal2 dager siden
  • I stayed in pokhara for a year, the cast system is disgusting it was a shock to me, i started to know about it when the worker was not allowed to eat with them at the same table, i was what ??? I was really shocked still shocked, the cast system should and must come to and end, as far as i know they told me different cast can’t even marry each other… + it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my time there, there is a reason i stayed for a long time, i just cannot get a long with this cast system I don’t care it’s religious or not it won’t change the fact that it’s disgusting

    Taste of LeavingTaste of Leaving2 dager siden
  • i love this guy hes so cool i must look into his work

    LeeRoy HeisenburgerLeeRoy Heisenburger2 dager siden
  • Ah yes marrying off young girls to a provider. I'm pretty sure in the west we move past this, because marrying for love is better, but we have higher standards of living so it's not necessary. Don't tell us this is not worse or better. It's worse.

    John DenaciJohn Denaci2 dager siden
  • I am from nepal..and western culture has started to change our prespective about love marriage and divorces as well (internet i guess) ....love marriages are totally acceptable nowadays....and having a partner is totally common in cities , but less likely they are to be engaged in sexual activities or livein together before marriage (coz we live with our parents)....the thing he's talking about are from the rural parts of our nepal and are still heavily practised in urban areas as well.... but abt " son stays and daughter leaves" and caste system has been true and ongoing through out the nepalese culture..and yes the society is patriarchal and casteist..

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  • The spirit of liberty is the one that's not so sure of itself.

    Nenad JuricNenad Juric2 dager siden
  • I'm glad he said rural Nepal. Urban Nepal is modernizing rapidly. Women in cities and suburbs are better educated today. Most young women in these areas have access to the internet they get to see other cultures. Most young girls(Teenagers) want to be independent of their parents.

    Alin RajbhandariAlin Rajbhandari3 dager siden
  • The Hindu religion in it’s core very racist. It’s the most inhumane illogical ideology out there. A elephant idol, a woman idol with 6 arms, yeah right!

    C. A.C. A.3 dager siden
  • Creepy

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  • Actually, there was no caste system and untouchability in Nepal or India until 500AD. Untouchability developed from the concept that the so-called 'lower caste' people work with materials that spread diseases

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  • Rogan asked him “how old were they?” And he didn’t answer 🧐

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  • I'm from Nepal. NAMASTE everyone 🙏

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  • Black culture created everything good in humanity!!! #blm

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  • Joe: "Did it make you uncomfortable they were doing that?" (Having arranged marriages) Yikes

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    • Yea pretty normal question

      Brett MortonBrett Morton2 dager siden
  • Fuck finally Joe Rogan about my country nepal.I'm from nepal its fucking exciting 😂 hahaha🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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  • Plz jow we want you to talk about the situation in Palestine

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  • he didn't learn shit

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  • Zimmerman: "The shoemakers are untouchable" Joe: "Because they deal with shoes" Zimmer: "Because the deal with calfs, leather"

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  • Does he ever answer the question of how old was the guy that married the girl?

    Lea BueLea Bue5 dager siden
    • Of course not. Cant tell that a girl is basicly sold by her brother to an old man and they consider it a hilarious joke if someone asks for her opinion.

      Calista LandaCalista LandaDag siden
  • This guys a nut

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  • I learned that those CASE sweatshirts are EVERYWHERE, from the thumbnail. Take THAT, John Deere!

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  • Do you really think we use cows leather for anything that is stupid...Learn more about culture of whole nepal first..

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  • Finally Nepal.

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  • A hello from Nepal♥️

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  • He did not answer how old was the guy who married the 16year old lil girl . Smfh

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  • 2 points. There is a caste system in the US when a black girl gets nothing for murdering an uber driver in DC, and another one gets potentially 16 years for rigging a homecoming election. 2. How do the untouchables move out of their caste? They can't. No matter what they do, they live and die there. That is fundamentally unjust.

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  • On PS4 Spotify only plays audio.

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  • The main thing holding Nepal back at this time is caste discrimination. I hope one day Nepal will be free of caste system. #छुवाछुत_मुक्त_नेपाल

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  • दरो नेपाली

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  • Can someone give me the cliff notes? I fell asleep trying to listen

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  • There is a nuanced version of caste system that exists all over the world which can primarily be broken down into the haves and the haves not(people living on less than 1$ a day). However, arranged marriage is common even in the urban landscape of Nepal and even highly educated, independent women and men opt for it.

    The Himalayan HereticThe Himalayan Heretic7 dager siden
  • This may or may not be the type of guy that smiles and laughs at everything said

    Camo WiseCamo Wise7 dager siden
  • reminds me of louis theroux

    True FactsTrue Facts7 dager siden
  • In the west we automatically disqualify arranged marriages and we believe the freedom to choose is inherently better. Unfortunately the percentage of stable families is rapidly decreasing and we are feeling the consequences of broken homes in the society. It makes you wonder...

    Rob VQRob VQ7 dager siden
    • No it doesnt make you wonder. The reason is simply lack of morals and spirituality. Hedonism is the problem and not love marriage. Many people in countries where arranged marriages are a thing, have cheating going on sooooo much but people dont divorce out of status issues. Dont be fooled. I would NEVER want to live in a place, were people see it as an hilarious joke, that someone would ask for my opinion, as a woman, about who I should share my bed with for the rest of my life.

      Calista LandaCalista LandaDag siden
  • Rrrreally did some verbal Kung fu and sped right past that question of how old the male was.

    eyewarshipsatineyewarshipsatin7 dager siden
    • Loool 💀💀💀

      Brett MortonBrett Morton2 dager siden
  • This dude is 50s+ (based on appearance) and has never heard that a significant section of Christians in America reject divorce and do not marry exclusively on mutual love?

    SohuSohu7 dager siden
  • Who’s the cruel bastard that put an ‘s’ in lisp?

    Tony WilsonTony Wilson7 dager siden
  • This guy is super interesting and open minded

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  • I mean, if we just dropped all laws tomorrow, all cultures all norms, across the entire planet....wouldn't human females and males revert to this exact same kinda thing? (I'm genuinely curious, not taking a moral stancc) Nature vs Nurture etc. Females value men who are strong, who have resources and get more. Men value good looks, minimal fat and given our druthers we pick younger rather than older insofar as what we find attractive. Again I'm not defending or criticizing any particular tradition. I'm just saying before we judge too harshly, isn't it possible, highly likely even, that were they to suddenly have the choice to be with whomever they wanted, the girls would pick slightly older guys with stuff and muscles and a mildly-specced C Class with leather seats? And us dudes would pick (ideally more than one, to our caveman brain lol) younger, fit, attractive girls that seem healthy? Someone worth giving up some of our resources, one survival instinct competing against the other? I'm not sure it just made me think of that, that while no one should be forced to do anything in an ideal world, we don't live in one of those and it just seems like this would still frequently happen

    Jacob LJacob L8 dager siden
  • Love from NEPAL Joe!!!

    Subek KhadkaSubek Khadka8 dager siden
  • Nepal sounds BASESD AF!!!!

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  • I really like listening to the guy.. he’s so open, non judgmental, and smart

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  • Don't like him

    DuPpYmAnSDuPpYmAnS8 dager siden
  • Typical westerners talking about our Hindu culture. That's not how actually it is folks. Zimmerman sounds like a typical American who failed in his missionary activities. Lol

    Satyam MishraSatyam Mishra8 dager siden
  • I don't know whether he has read some ancient books or really have gone for a trip in Nepal, this is not how it actually is. People have become modern in their thoughts.

    Satyam MishraSatyam Mishra8 dager siden
  • imagine JOE wearing Nepali dhaka topi (HAT) and running this show.

    ashok humagainashok humagain8 dager siden
  • Right?

    Mountain LifeMountain Life8 dager siden
  • It's funny how this made me realize how the western way is very primative. We go strickly based on emotions and hormones, like goats.

    Oh KayOh Kay8 dager siden
  • I really liked and appreciated the way that Jonathan talked about Nepal, looking at it with an Open Mind. Thank you and Joe for giving your views upon such a small country like Nepal.

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  • I've met many people who had arraigned marriages. I didn't find them to be any less satisfied or happy than people from America. I think since their expectations were very different, often their marriages were better than they expected and were satisfied and happy. One woman told me she didn't meet her husband until the day before the wedding. She said she was very disappointed because he was short and she always imagined a tall husband during her marriage fantasies. But she became very happy to be with him. He became a university professor and got a lot of money when he retired, they had a wonder house, and had build a very nice life and family together.

    erad67erad678 dager siden
    • @Eszra Falcontail > based their happiness on material things mainly My point had zero to with them being happy because of material things, nor was that remotely what I was saying. I was saying they built a great, happy life together. Growing up in America, it never occurred to me that people who had an arraigned marriage could actually be happy together. I found it was and it was more common than I had ever guessed. There are a variety of arraigned marriage styles. One style I've seen in more recent Japan is the couple do meet and both have to give an OK. Most people prefer to look for love, but if that doesn't work out and they want to be married and start a family, it's an option.

      erad67erad67Dag siden
    • Well, good for them if they got lucky and based their happiness on material things mainly, but I cant imagine getting intimate with someone I dont even know, who I have no attraction or any deep romantic feelings for. Thats just not physically possibile to me and a nightmare. I am super conservative in many ways but women not having any say in who they should be with for the rest of their life and getting partners picked by parents and brothers....hell no. This is like playing lottery with your life. The dude sees a picture of the woman and decides only based on looks if its a yes or no...not giving a damn about personality and brain and the woman sometimes doesnt get to see anything beforehand. That aint it for me.

      Eszra FalcontailEszra FalcontailDag siden
  • i talk about this stuff with my family n they tell me to shut up lol

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  • This is why i tune in to this podcast, thank you !!!

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  • JRE 🇳🇵🙏✌️🕉☯️☮️

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  • Great interview!

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  • “You know?” Yes I know.......

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  • aayo gorkhali haha..Joe rogan is fun to listen to

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  • Does anybody know where "Belles Canyon" is?

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  • Divorce and the ill's it causes to mens mental health and children. I think the Nepalese and Eastern system is superior. Love is overrated, fickle and the 7yr itch is fact.

    Tej GillTej Gill9 dager siden
  • Wonderful episode!

    Sophie KSophie K9 dager siden
  • Now days It is sick way to judge people, where it bourn, judging what it is ! Girl leave her home and make grooms home her own, in India she have half share in husband's property plus some share in fathers property.

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  • Up

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  • That is called an open mine.

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  • I’ve noticed people from Nepal eat very fast, why is that?

    Oscar stylesOscar styles9 dager siden
    • Idk im also frm Nepal.. i also eat very fast

      Nani LamaNani Lama7 dager siden
  • JR selling HARD for folks to come over to Spotify...

    Anthony GibsonAnthony Gibson9 dager siden
  • Zimmerman skipped the age question of the husband...

    Youtube VillainYoutube Villain9 dager siden
  • Listening to this doesn’t shock me at all since I’m living in that kind of culture (Hmong). Bring me in Joe and I’ll tell you about the “secret” war of Vietnam too.

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  • facebook.com/watch/?v=352474406210046 why COMMUNIST want to DEFUNDED our POLICE SHARE THIS VIDEO?

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  • I didn't learn much

    Jon ZimmerJon Zimmer9 dager siden
  • Love happens after marriage and it lasts till the last breath, that's the social structure we have inherited and it's good. The divorce rate is very low approx 1-2%.

    Mukunda SapkotaMukunda Sapkota9 dager siden
  • You must interview this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd who can talk about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab. open.spotify.com/episode/3K59YNpZZZ5azVJ6ifQs6d?si=x_pPACD_Q2Oc9VEoSbOGyg

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  • Guy sounds like a dope another country where women have no voice.

    Markus gordonMarkus gordon9 dager siden
  • I was in Nepal for 1 week but I'm definitely going back....

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  • Joe " gaumutra " Rogan

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  • 🇳🇵❣️

    Abhisekh BarailyAbhisekh Baraily10 dager siden
  • Western culture is still superior. It boggles my mind that this "progressive" can make excuses for a system that ACTUALLY oppresses it's people via a caste system.

    J MJ M10 dager siden
  • Interesting but a little too liberal. Doesn't seem to be bothered by arranged child marriages or consent or illegal immigration.

    T WarnerT Warner10 dager siden
  • Joe needs to travel more and experience cultures outside of his bubble. He believes himself to be more open minded and accepting than he actually is.

    Irshad AzeezIrshad Azeez10 dager siden
  • This guy captures my imagination with his style of storytelling.. and reminds me of Louis Theroux..

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  • I am from Nepal big fan🇳🇵

    AshutoshPurushDhakalAshutoshPurushDhakal10 dager siden
  • We are practicing cast system in a wrong way. Aa per bhagbat geeta - cast system has to be driven by work of the individuals for instance if i do a work which is related to giving knowledge or wisdom( i.e teacher) then im a brahmin, if im am involve in a servicing activities (i.e cops, army etc) then im a kshatrya. If im a businessman then im a vaishya and if i work on a salary or do a job then im a sudhra. Cast system is not permanent stamp. It has to driven by our work but people are giving priority to cast not there work. And sad reality is most of us didn’t know about the system.

    fleX YTfleX YT10 dager siden
  • I love the new background, It reminds me of Roger Rabbit 🔥

    Coast2Coast360Coast2Coast36010 dager siden
  • Maybe some one should inform joe rogan that thousands of Nepali students flock to usa every year for education. This guy is talking 50 year old crap. Nepali students make top ten list on international student population, they don't just go to uae. This guy learnt nothing, he was simply there to push his crap on the innocent people.

    San PandeySan Pandey10 dager siden
    • Relax, we dont really give a fuxk abt Nepal... he can say what he wants. Get over it

      E P RamosE P Ramos10 dager siden
  • Not all of us nepali have to choose arrange marriage this family is the more traditional ones out there. But this is really amazing to listen to

    RAJERAJE10 dager siden
  • People need to understand that there is a rural Nepal and there is an urban Nepal with multi ethnic groups, tribes, practices and culture. One might not be applicable to another. But what he is saying is true with regards to a specific community or indigenous/nomadic people. Not the society as a whole

    Cops MamaCops Mama10 dager siden
  • The sign behind Joe is distracting.

    Mark From TexasMark From Texas10 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed the conversation between Jon and Joe. You could tell Jon has such a deep respect for Joe. He took such a deep interest in Joes life and beliefs, even showing genuine compassion and concern when Joe mentions he grew up without a father.

    Tyson ReesTyson Rees10 dager siden